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We’re sailing somewhere, we’re looking for something

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On September 12 1148 Klaus Monter arrived at the port of Louisville.


Another 3 ships including his brothers ship Werner the Great were waiting for him there.


The fourth ship disappeared into the depths of the sea during the storm as sailors said. All the other ships were badly damaged, and the morale of the crew was disappointing.


Monter stayed at Louisville for a month. Nobody knows exactly the reason for such a long delay. The ships were repaired within a week and flotilla was ready to sail. But Klaus Monter did not give the order to sail. He spent his time pacing around the island, or sitting in a fortress in the company of Louisville Governor Mejyer de Felatren.


Meanwhile, the crews of the flotilla had fun at local bars.


Two weeks later Michael could not stand it and demanded an explanation from his brother. The history silent about the details of that conversation, but obviously it was very unpleasant and had no result.


Then three days later an explanation was demanded by captains of other ships. They complained that the long demurrage is bad for discipline and that the commander of the expedition could have at least the captains to explain the reasons for the delay. But they also did not get clear answer.

On October 14 Klaus Monter suddenly ordered to prepare to set sail. The flotilla left the port of Louisville in early morning and headed for Antida.


They reached Antida on 4th of November. After restock food supplies in Sanderville (Orleanian colony on the coast of Antida), Monter directed a fleet to the north along the coast.


He explained to the crew, that they were looking for a convenient place for founding a city.


But they sailed thousand of miles along the coast, and there was a lot of free and convenient for building a city places but none of this places were suitable for Monter.


When they reached the so-called Laimpers Edge* captains of other ships advised Monter not to go further, because “the sea seethe without stopping there, and rocks stick out from the water everywhere”. But Monter did not listen to captains and ordered to go ahead under full sail. Now he was rather the discoverer than founder because nobody went this direction before. As soon as they entered into unknown waters, the sky darkened and the sea began to seethe, so that even experienced sea wolves were amazed by the power of this disaster.

Monter with his own eyes watched Grant Escuer hitting a reef and broking into pieces. He tried to approach the crash site to pick up survivors, but he nearly crashed into the rocks himself and was forced to leave.


The next thousand miles became a truly nightmare for travelers.

The air temperature dropped to 0 degrees** for which the expedition was not ready absolutely. More and more often they saw snow on the coast – a surprising phenomenon for people from the Ecumene. The sailors often met local Indians in the shore, who gave them blankets and food. It made the suffering of seafarers a little easier, however, the main enemy of the expedition was not a cold wind or snowed coast. Monter still led the fleet to the north in search of a “convenient” place, and sailors asked each other: “does he scoff at us?”


When the temperature became negative and there was nothing visible on the coast except the snow, captain of Queen Aurelius turned around and went back and didn’t even say goodbye. Seeing this all the other sailors mutinied and demanded to turn back too. Klaus Monter had no choice but to agree with the team and turn back.


But the way back appeared to be even more difficult. Three times they were overtaken by storm. One of these storms took Michael Monter, and the other one almost drowned Klaus and only a miracle saved him from death. When the the storms were over, there was only one from three masts remaining undamaged, holes gaped on boards and a couple of shreds were everything that remained from sail.


Klaus was depressed. He sailed thousands of miles, lost his brother, ditched dozens of people and disgraced himself and it seemed that it was all in vain. What does remain to do in such a situation?

But one morning they entered the bay, covered by morning fog...



* - Herven Laimper - a voyager from the Maragorian city of Rossen, who explored west coast of Antida. Laimpers Edge was a conventional name for the place, where he fell into violent storm, after which he did not risk to sail further.

** - I should note that average temperatures of my world are higher than temperatures of our world, so 0 ° C is hard frost for the people living there (especially in the ecumene) and snowy winter is an extremely rare phenomenon typical only for certain regions.

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