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The History Begins

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Now forget everything I wrote about the Viselgorth Empire in the previous entry. Proud green banners, mighty fortresses and valiant warriors – all that really was, but since that 150 years have passed.


Many things have changed over this time. When the empire just was being built three main principles were put into the basis of state: wisdom, piety and Sistorian belief*. Wisdom… What kind of wisdom we can tell about, if the empire was constantly at war this last 150 years? Piety… It was buried at night march 5, 1117 a.f.y.** when the emperor Gerald IV Visselgorth was killed in his palace. The ruling dynasty of Viselgorths was displaced, and the new emperor Vladis I Blaushvel was seated on the throne. This event was called “A Night Revolution”


Vladis I buried Gerald IV with the last principle of empire – belief as well as economy, army, fleet and integrity of the state.

But… “Even in the dirtiest boondocks one always can find a romantic, who wants to change the world”.

In this history the role of romantic is played by Klaus Monter.


In July 1148 a.f.y. Monter with his oldest brother Michael Monter (who also was an experienced sailor) arrived to Keynvald to organize a new expedition to Antida.


He wanted to establish a colony there to show that Viselgorth Empire is still strong and capable of anything. But not all shared his patriotic impulses including his brother, who doubted the wisdom of the expedition until the end. It was a difficult time and everyone was waiting for only one thing: when this rotten state would collapse. With a great difficulty he managed to attract the captains of two ships. One more ship was provided by Ulrich von Zighaer – admiral of Shterley flotilla standing at that time at port of Keynvald. And one more ship was managed to get by his brother.


So they had 5 ships - a little too small to found a city. But Klaus Monter could not expect more, so on 16 august he sailed from the port.


In 10 days the flotilla Sailed through the Tharmonic and the Prepont Seas and came out into the Boundless Ocean taking a course to the east. Monter planned to reach New Caledonia – an island in the Boundless Ocean which was under the control of Orlean. The sea was calm and the wind was fair, so


But a thousand miles from the New Caledonia fleet fell into a violent storm.


When the storm was over there was no any ships around. A powerful wind blew the ship of Monter far away from flotilla. When Klaus figured out the coordinates of his location he found out, that far away means five hundred miles. The ship was badly damaged and there was no sense in returning to place where other vessels could be, so Klaus Monter decided to sail to the New Caledonia.

On 12 september he came into port of Louisville on the New Caledonia where the other three ships of his flotilla were waited for him…



* Sistorian belief or simply Sistorism - a system of moral, ethical and religious teachings based on a number of philosophical doctrines about the universe and the existence. I will tell more about it a little later.

** “a.f.y.” means “after the fall of the yoke”. There was a long period in the history of Ecumene during which it was under the rule of the Kirtysh Empire. This state emerged on the Samary Island and captured many nations in a short time. But the conquered peoples did not wish to put up with their slave status and began the war against the empire. After years of warfare the emperor of Kirtysh made peace with rebellious nations and granted them freedom. This event was so great for the winners that they decided to start new calendar: the day the freedom was received became the first day of the first year of the new calendar.

*** Education level in Viselgorth Empire was very high. Almost everyone could read, write and calculate thanking to system of elementary School. Of course not every town had high school, but every even the smallest village hade elementary school which was contained largely by the villagers themselves.

Any comments on grammar or lexis are welcom

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