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marsh, terring, Area 49 - i'm glad yall are curious about why the water is green..both theories are correct...scientifically it would mean the sky is greenish..and green algae is also present in the water 44.gif

9988, Alejandro, Evillions, sepen, IAM AJAK, Tekindus - THANKS!! 10.gif




NUMBER: 00195





Greetings from the surface of another world. I am sitting in a coarse, yet fine yellow sand. My eyes stare out into a vast, green ocean. I am breathing the air of another world; it tastes bitter. Sweat drips down my face from the sweltering heat. The murky green sky maroons me in my own mind. I must stop being poetic and write like a captain.



Three earth days ago we exited the wormhole in a sudden, forceful jolt of temporary anti-gravity. Whether fate or something else, we exited inside the boundaries of the Alnitak system, close to a Saturn-like gas giant (now known as Alnitak 5, with the number 5 designating the planet as being the 5th from the star). Alnitak 5 has 22 moons, with the inner six being large bodies. In what I can only describe as a tense and overwhelming moment in time, our equipment detected that the fourth moon of Alnitak 5 possibly contained liquid water and a breathable atmosphere. We quickly dispatched a HEX.


After three hours of flying over the surface, Cmdr. Tilwor Ziaeg and his HEX 2 sent back images of a very Earth-like world. One image was of a giant mesa protruding out of a large, green ocean. On top of the mesa were four black and yellow towers of unknown purpose and origin. We caught our first glimpse of alien life as giant birds were seen flying around and nesting in these towers. We have no reason to believe these towers are of natural origin. Further pictures confirmed a large presence of these around the moon.

Our sensors detected faint radio waves emitting from the towers, and we now believe they are communication antennas. Perhaps this moon served as a communications outpost for an intelligence not native to this moon, and no longer in this system. We have yet to detect any signs of a present or past native intelligence. However that does not mean one does not exist. Perhaps it just hasn't built anything visible from the air.



While other possible worlds in this system that might harbor life are being determined back in orbit on the ship, myself and our astrobiology team have taken a HEX down to the surface to do some close-up investigation of the life on this world. We have a zoological wing of the Hubble in which we hope to house certain creatures or food specimens from other worlds that we feel can be sustained on the ship. Welcome aboard the Ark.

"Isla Prima"


We touched down, where we are currently, on an island we now call "Isla Prima," or "Cousin Island" for its similarity to Earth islands. We have already seen several creatures and are planning on taking a few of them on board. One in particular is a female creature with human-like features, but is the size of a domestic cat. The creature did not appear fearful of us as did some of the others; perhaps it is more alien to us than we are to it. I have just received word that there are two more worlds in this system of interest. One has an unknown surface composition and the other appears to be habitable. Perhaps "Eve" can lend us some more insight.

- Capt. Drake S. Eastman, U.S.S. Hubble

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If you have [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spore_%282008_video_game%29"][u][b]Spore[/b][/u][/url], you can create totally alien creatures for your C.J. :golly:

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"Eve" looks funny.The bird aslso looks funny. :D
I'm enjoying this CJ so much that I check back every hour for an update even though I know I'd have to wait longer :(

One question: Did you create the bird, eve and all the images of the planets yourself? If so, you are a photoshop master!

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You've made me stick to the story from the beginning to the end without showing a single SC4 pic. Congratulations, not many can say this! Please, keep the story up!

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