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IPC - the 2006 to 2009 years



Right after find the lost pictures (in a obscure folder called SC4 CJ Pics), I have uploaded all 279 into photobucket.

It is now time to display them here to see the Growth Years of Solaria.

This entry will be dedicated to IPC's Growth Years.

Most will be pictures, but there will be some text as well.

Starting off from where we left off at the end of 2005, the end of the Rush Hour Transition Period

The Regional Shots


Solaria beginning of 2006, as you can see IPC is growing while Rangitoto Town has filled out its entire city tile.

At this time the first new city tile development since Rush Hour was installed two three years earlier is under way in Solarian Point.

It makes Solarian Point the third oldest city tile in Solaria and the 2nd largest population wise in the game.


First thing to do was replace my poorly designed Central Control Tower with one the late OP4 made. I think the tower as the main spire for all of Solaria was rather fitting, however I will not landscape the area until 2011, some five years later.


My place - at the other end of Imperial Mesa. A lot I redesigned way back in 2004 and have not changed it since.


Solaria at night - circa 2007


The Hub - the one place in IPC that always will be redeveloped year after year. Here you can see the ad-hoc development around the main exhibition centre for Solaria. A Simtropolis Convention was once held here, as well as the annual Solarian Fair, the IPS Galaxy Expo and the Imperial Conference.


This is where the old CBD of IPC and Solaria was before it got moved 600 meters down the road.


The industry you see there will be later developed into high density residential and commercial space for the fast growing population of IPC.


To help accommodate the population squeeze, super towers were build before CAM was authorised in Solaria. These towers can hold over 5,000 sims with the later CAM buildings holding even MORE! Three of these complexes were build in IPC.


Another one of OP4s creations, the Tornado Tower. Here Imperial Products and Services have their head office. IPS bringing you products and services, the Solarian Way - cause we are out of this world for you :ohyes:


Underground Plaza's they work great with very high density development surrounding them, must remind myself to use more of them, especially at North Lake!


The extension of State Highway Two (Federation Drive). In the past you would of come down State Highway Two and hit the T-Junction with left (right in the pic) going to Rangitoto Town and right (left in the pic) to Auckland via South Solaria and State Highway One. To get to Solarian Point would of had to make a 40 minute looping detour via either the Great Solarian Road or Jupiter Road. Now with Federation Drive extended from the upgraded Cloverleaf, Solaria has its main North/South Highway extending from the top of the region right the way through to State Highway 21 and Solarian Island. (State Highway One forms the East/West thoroughfare link.


The Express Link running over a very busy East/West main road. Federation Drive (State Highway Two) runs on the western flanks of Neo Solarian District a.k.a Downtown. This area is extremely densely developed (in fact the most densely developed in all of Solaria) with traffic problems plaguing the area.

I might either turn the entire route into a motorway or go MAVE-6 with more OWR's around it to move the traffic more efficiently.


The second of the last greenfield development in IPC - this was 2008 when the last of the fresh development on virgin land took place. Low density houses were built here originally but as of 2011, this has been replaced by 40 storey appartment blocks


This is the last virgin land development in IPC. This was laid out 2008 and quickly developed into medium density residential development (before the redevelopment of North Lake). It is located on the north-western side of IPC and Imperial Mesa. It is technically not the most desirable area to live with Palpatine Internationale Airport right next door, as well as heavy industry! However on the upside, Imperial Mesa Park (fields and bush) does surround the as well as the towering mesa itself!


Imperial Command Centre circa 2009/2010

One thing about Solaria is that; over the years (8.5 to be exact) the entire region at sometime gets redeveloped.

You could say its like how real life cities go: the start, grow, decline, regrow, mature, redevelopment and mature some more.

This is no different with Solaria, it started with IPC and has expanded outwards ever since.

Every so often whole scale greenfield development will take place as the mega city continues to expand.

Stay tuned as I prepare three more entries on Solaria: One on Rangitoto Town, One on the region and the other on show cases of other tiles from 2006-2009 :thumb:


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