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Radioactive decay

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jj88: Thanks for your comment! Waiting until March? OMG, I would go absolutely crazy if I had to wait such a long time...

Skimbo: Thank you for your comment, my friend!

DCMetro34: Thank you for commenting and congrats on your exams too!

Frdm920: Thanks for commenting! Well, it definately is a big task, but I have no deadline for it...

Blacknf: Thanks for your comment! I can't help with the LHD-RHW thing because mine is actually RHD, but photoediting the pic (flipping it) makes the effect that my game is LHD. I have no problems with my RHWs though, I suggest you to use the "drawpaths" cheat to see if you're doing things right...

Adrianor: ¡Gracias por tu comentario!

ImVhOzzi: Thank you for your great comment, my friend!

escilnavia: Thanks for commenting!

heitomat: Thank you for commenting! Yeah, I should have thought what I was writing after placing the third pic... 15.gif Nevertheless, I guess that non-Party people was allowed to have cars in the during the mid-1980s...

OrdinarySim: ¡Gracias por tu comentario! De momento no he visto a los GEOs entrar en mi casa por la fuerza... Pero nunca se sabe. For now, I haven't seen the SWAT guys breaking into my home... But you never know.

the00guvna: Thank you for your comment! Well, I don't know certainly that this methods were used in the real USSR; but if I had been a dictator, I definately would...

Alejandro24: ¡Gracias por tu comentario! Traducir el juego a otros idiomas en los que Maxis no pensó ya se me escapa, porque no hablo ninguno de ellos y nunca te puedes fiar de los traductores en Internet (¡ni siquiera del de Google!) Translating the game to other languages in which Maxis didn't thought (or it wasn't profitable) is beyond me, as I can't speak more languages and you cannot fully rely on the Internet translators (not even Google's one!)

VicRusty: Gràcies pel teu comentari!

Benedict: Thanks for commenting! Satellite TV can be really important to know what's going on beyond the official goverment channel... You only have to see the Egyptians...

All: The language mod (Projecte SC4Cat) keeps on track. In this moment I have translated approximately a 19% of the game (including all the begginer's tutorials). Tried to do a custom SC4 splash screen but the file took more or less 18 MB and this is such a large file for a simple image. Then, this idea is discarted.



Nuclear power was a very important source of power in the soviet republics. When it was discovered, nuclear plants began popping up all over the USSR and the whole union was powered by a cheap and "clean" source. It all seemed the future until the Chernobyl disaster... 25 years later, still a lot of power plants stand.


Cooling towers are always seen as "those ugly structures that pollute everything". In fact, they're ugly, but they only release warm air... But even though they're not radioactive nor polluting; it doesn't meen they don't deserve their maintenance. If one of them failed, the plant should shut down inmediately before a dangerous overheating.


The rust covering all those tanks is also really worrying...


Despite its state, Krasnoslobodsk Nuclear Power Plant (placed 30 km far from the city) has seen much better days. It is only now a dinosaur made of concrete and steel waiting to be dismantled. It's not well mantained, it's not efficient, it's not secure; but Krasnoslobodsk just cannot lock it. The city needs power, and this plant is the main supplier. Until something happens.

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Two superb shots well edited! What resolution are you running the game in? The screenies look to be shot in a pretty high resolution to me.

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Nuclear power are secure Only when the authorities knows how to use it... URSS nuclear systems was decayding from too much time ago and now are a potential danger for their countriy(ies) and for the world. Fortunatelly the most nearest nuclear plant are 500 Km far from me (Laguna Verde, Veracruz). But, into the update (Please!), where did you get the nuclear plant, I love it. Also... can I predict how maybe Krasnoslobodsk will be finished? Sorry, but when nuclear plants are the central object, sometimes is very obvious the end of its (¡Chernobilazo!).

La energía nuclear es segura Únicamente cuando las autoridades saben como usarla.... los sistemas nucleares de la URSS se encuentran en decadencia desde hace mucho tiempo, y ahora son un enorme potencial de peligro para sus país(es) y para el mundo. Afortunadamente la planta nuclear más cercana a mí esta a 500 Km de distancia (Laguna Verde, Veracruz). Pero hablando de este post (¡porfavor!), ¿Dónde conseguiste el modelo de planta nuclear? Me gusta. Además... ¿Puedo predecir como sera el fin de Krasnoslobodsk? Lo siento, pero a veces cuando el tema son plantas nucleares es muy obvio el fin de estas (¡Chernobilazo!).

Para terminar... m(t)=m0(e(^rt)), dónde r=(ln2)/h ... formula del decaimiento radiactivo .

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Por cierto, otro gran post . Olvide este comentario, magnificas fotografías, la fotomanupulación es un arte (hasta cierto punto) ¡Felicidades!

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  •  Soviet Designed nuclear power plant? Check
  • Low/non-existant maintance? Check
  • Located near a large population centre? Check
Recipe for disaster!

So in other words. Brilliant update and I can't wait to see what's coming next :D

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@Reikhardt and @tigeria: I don't consider 1024x768 a "high" resolution, but when you focus stuff when photoediting, it makes structures more clear and somehow show more details. Maybe this is the cause it seems the game is more detailed and thus, I use a higher resolution.

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Awesome update as ever; does this mean Tenements & Rust is located in the USSR, or this just an extra thing aside from the main journal material?

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Your pictures are great, always well edited to catch my attention. And the custom content used seem to be carefully selected to fit just perfectly into this amazing CJ. I do have a feeling that I know what's going to happen next, and by the comments it looks like I'm not the only one.. 

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I love those cooling tower shots - they look run down, industrial and yet majestic and poetic at the same time. Brilliant stuff.

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