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  1. Welcome back!

    A beautiful winter goes by as we welcome a new year, new opportunities and more growth!

    Let's get caught up in what has happened over the last 3 years!



    Woodland Town continues to grow and thrive...


    The southern Industrial Sector is expanded with more factories to meet increasing demands for work as more R$ move in:



    Population hangs around 25,000. Woodland Town is now the largest town in the region!


    More apartment buildings are built alongside the industrial area:







    A lake was dug out in order to help make the asphalt for the new roads and to create a nice, more natural landmark to break the monotony of the terrain around it:







    The proposed railroad is finally built, which will ease the major traffic problems in this town as well as connect to Woodland River City. New homes are also built in the space to connect the residential areas:





    Farming continues to expand as food demand increases. The Woodland Town Fire Department has expanded their firefighting ability with a landing strip:



    The railroad is a boon to the industries that transport freight. More manufacturing factories are built:





    As more industries are built, more residential areas are built, along with industries on the southern area of the town:




    The population approaches 30,000. Me, Ben, and mayor Matthew (of River City) Make plans to expand the railroad further and create a mass regional transportation system, especially for freight! The possibilities are endless! Simoleon income is only 2,000 a month but the treasury stands at 2 million from last year.   






    A small University is built on the southern area of town, currently know as Woodland City College, complete with a few dorms with capacity to house 1,500 eager freshmen! While people will commute for classes there, some students are moving in from River City and Pleasantview since this is currently the only town with a college in the region: 











    Along with railroads, construction has begun on a proposed 2-Lane regional highway that will serve as the interstate connecting multiple cities in the region: 



    The highway is named Interstate 30, as the highway will connect to cities across the region and go east. Here's the proposed concept:

    Orange = Interstate 30 (Short Term)

    Blue = Proposed highway system (For the longer term)

    Green = Proposed Maxis Toll-Way (Will be very expensive as it will require demolishing)



    More images of Woodland Town:








    Here's the latest image of the region for reference:



    Our next door neighboring towns have grown quite a lot!

    Here's an older image of the region taken just a couple years before the tornado:


    Not only is there growth but I see some new towns popping up around the region! I see two new cities, Coibridge and Kenneth City. Let's visit our neighboring towns and see how much they changed! 

    (Fact: Woodland Metropolis is the initial name but it is referred to as Woodland Town in the story, at least for now.)



    Welcome to Woodland River City! (Usually referred to as "River City")


    WL River City is currently the second largest town in the region, with a population of 18,330. Founded by current mayor Matthew Brooks, WL River City is small industrial town. WL River Town serves many important roles in the region, most notably being the main power provider to Woodland Town, as well as the Pleasant view and District 1. Founded shortly after Woodland town, the town is built along the river, surrounded by thick woodlands of mainly oaks and pines.


    Fun Fact: Woodland River City was not affected by the tornadoes. In fact, the town served as a haven for those who lost their homes! Mayor Matthew sent us resources whenever we needed them. Their trash is exported to Woodland Town.  


    Mayor Matthew has accepted the railroad connection to Woodland Town!




    Over 4149 passengers commute to River City now! Yep, very busy railroads:





    The town's population is a mix of middle and low class folks. Most of the low class are housed in apartments around the central square, along with a dense apartment area west of the town center, housing over 4,000 people! There aren't a lot of high wealth, due to the 12% tax on them. Mayor Matthew prefers them simple folks! Besides, according to him, every time a R$$$ moved in here, they would complain and leave to Woodland Town either due to smog or noises.





    Life is actually pretty good in general here. The city has a lot of coal and oil power supplies which causes occasional smog, but most people are content living here. The town is built more compact, with services such as schools, clinics, police and fire stations concentrated around town center. Railroads snake through the woodlands delivering freight and transporting thousands of people to other cities.


    Large power lines stick above the thick woods, which deliver power to Woodland Town:



    The iconic sound of trains, especially in rush hour is a sound just about everyone is familiar with:  





    The residential area here is made up of mostly apartments, with the occasional middle class home, which usually houses block mangers:


    A large oil power plant, arguably the tallest building in the region:


    We head south down the river to a small little town known as Pleasant View! These smaller towns are under my influence as a mayor.

    (This town and District 1)



    Welcome to Pleasant View!

    Here's how much it has grown over the years:

    (Older photo taken one early dawn)


    The town now has a population of 12,129!


    Pleasantview is only accessible by rail, at least until the highway connects it.






    North of River City is District 1:


    With a population of 13,866, like the rest of the region, this town has seen its fair share of growth over the years:






    Following the railroad west, we see a new start-up town known as Coibridge. The town has been separated from the rest of the region until it was finally connected with the road and railroad:





    Founded by Gene Philips (Current Mayor) this very fast growing town is the 3rd largest in the region with a population of 18,455. The city feeds off the high demands of smoggy heavy industries:





    Fast forward to today (Back to Woodland Town)


    I have two kids, a boy named Jeremy and daughter named Christina. Jeremy is in 4th grade and Christina is in 2nd grade.

    I drive them to school for their last day before Spring Break:


    I drop them off at Woodland Elementary (Pre-K to 5th Grade) before going to work at the city hall. My wife usually picks them up afterschool.


    Woodland Elementary School (WLES) 

    School Schedule:

    7:30 am - 2:30 am - Full Schedule

    11:00 am - 11:45 am - Lunch

    11:50 am - 12:30 am - Recess

    Thank you for reading! I apologize for the long wait but there's much more to come! I will try to update this much more often!

  2. Szczecin - Poland

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    photo from http://przemyslawbudziak.pl/

    Hi all!
    In this update I'll introduce a lot of my hard work.
    I've made a part of oldtown.


    There is a new construction site nearby.

    The oldtown is a perfect place for a cup of tea and a piece o cake!

    This moment was critiacl for my game. I've dowloaded some new cool mods and the whole steam workshop stucked. I've spent few hours to figure what was wrong.
    Only the workers crew was happy. The had a small break.


    Next day I had a vision. A vision with a part of main city route and a part of river waterside.
    From skyview everything look now better.



    A port fire station with a training station.


    River police station


    Some warehouses and industry areas.


    A small church and a gas station.


    Some office buildings.


    A chocolate factory and an office building in the background.

    Thats it for now. A new update soon.

  3. LMA1.jpg.66c56039404f6ee10e966383de8bad70.jpg


    Article #12 - "Yuti: Las Margaritas"

    Las Margaritas is the most important financial centre in Metzú Republic. A business core of Yuti. On its shores, there are a lot of yacht clubs on Yuti Bay. This area was planned in 1970 with the arrival of a lot of investments. Surrounded by great avenues, cleanful parks and exotic roundabouts, is a nice place to visit.


    Full Map


    Population: 205.449

    Metropolitan Area: 240.658

    Main Activities: Financial services, Heavy Industries, Commercial Activities (Seaport)

    Transport: Nueva República International Airport (Xá City), Puerto Internacional de la Ciudad de YutiAutopista AM01 / AM02Subterráneos de YutiEstación de Trenes Libertadores


    A business place...



    1. Avenida Los Dorados.


    2. Plaza Resistencia. A beautiful roundabout with finest flowers from around the world.


    3. Catedral de la Metrópoli.


    4. Avenida Metropolitana.


    5. Parque Península


    6. Calle Costera (Coast Road). Luxury hotels and yachts.


    7. Las Margaritas at night.


    8. Yuti Bay at night.


    9. Great skyscrapers and residential neighbourhood at the bottom.


    We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.






    In New Scotland's western, mountainous region lies Pulaski County. Named for the legendary Polish-American Revolutionary War general Casimir Pulaski, the county is home to some of the most beautiful vistas in all of the state. The surrounding Bundok Mountains define the region, and provide a scenic backdrop for its cities. 

    Although smaller than neighboring  New Basel, Pulaski County's seat, Atkinsville, is small, lovely town in the Bundoks. 


    Historic Queen Street dominates Atkinsville's small downtown. Immediately south of where this picture was taken is the Vahlbusch Municipal Park, named for the first president of the private college (now a public state university) that made Atkinsville the town that it is today. 


    Nearby Bowie Street (named for the legendary wilderness extraordinaire by the same name) features more of Atkinsville's historic downtown. Shops in this picture include the First Mate's Bookshelf (far right), a bookstore that was first established in 1910. To its left is the Black Sheep Cafe, a coffeehouse that has served Atkinsville residents since its founding by a World War II veteran in the late 1940s.  At the corner of Bowie and Queen streets is the Jackson Hotel and General Store, named in honor of President Andrew Jackson, who allegedly stayed at the hotel sometime during his presidency.


    Just north of downtown is the densely packed, but quaint, Umstead neighborhood. The area's residents are mostly middle-class, but many blue-collar workers call the neighborhood home. Most of the houses here were build at the turn of the century. Being just south of the banks of the Metis River gives Umstead's residents speactacular views of not only the river, but also the mountains that lay right across it. 


    Immediately south of downtown is the Glenwood neighborhood. This area is home to many of Atkinsville's factory workers; due to its cheap rent, however, many students at nearby Jefferson State University call the area home. 

    In the next entry, we will showcase Jefferson State University, and the beautiful countryside surrounding Atkinsville. 


  5. korver
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    Today we'll be taking a look at one of the world's most beautiful countries - Japan. With an impressive mix of new and old structures, landscapes, natural wonders and more - there's plenty here to keep you in awe. Our tour begins with a trip to the famous Itsukushima Shrine in Hatsukaichi, located near Hiroshima on the western side of the country. It's one of the country's most sacred sites and popular tourist destinations - its 45 foot high Torii Gate is truly breathtaking.


    We travel east to Kyoto, the former capital of Japan - where we'll visit one of the country's most iconic landmarks: the famous Golden Pavilion. Originally completed in 1397, this site has been a symbol of Kyoto for centuries. Despite being completely rebuilt in 1955, this famous Zen temple still retains its charm and beauty - and its famed gold leaf exterior attracts plenty of tourists.


    Japan is a country that's also known for its stunning countryside - and its rice paddies are one of the country's most famous sites. With nearly 80% of the country covered in mountains, terraces like these can be seen for miles around.


    Japan is also one of the world's largest tea producers - and beautiful tea plantations are a common sight in the countryside.


    Not too far away is another one of the country's most iconic sights: Mount Fuji. Standing 12,388 feet tall, it's also an active stratovolcano with the last eruption coming in 1708. This legendary mountain has also been a pilgrimage site for centuries and is considered one of the country's most sacred destinations.


    With nearly 40 million people in its urban area, Tokyo is the largest urban area not just in Japan but also the entire world. Formerly known as Edo, it became the country's capital in 1868 and has transformed into a global economic and financial hub. The city is filled with stunning landmarks, such as it's famed Shibuya Intersection. This "scramble" intersection is said to be the busiest in the world and every light sends hundreds of people in every direction.


    The next stop is one of Tokyo's famous landmarks - the Tokyo Tower. Completed in 1958, it stands 1,092 feet tall and is the country's second tallest structure. The observation deck offers extraordinary views of the city - and is a must visit for anyone traveling to Tokyo.


    Our final stop is Tokyo's famous Shinjuku skyline - located in the heart of downtown, it's filled with stunning modern high rises and is especially impressive at nighttime.



    Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already!



    - - -

    Big thanks to @Toby Ferrian, @CorinaMarie, @Simmer2, @nRVOUS, @mike_oxlong, @Krasner, @jakis, @The British Sausage, @matias93, @simmytu, @Odainsaker, @feyss, @Prophet42, @RobertLM78, @kingofsimcity, @9gruntsand1hammer, @tonyr, @Handyman, @redfox85, @Angry Mozart, @weixc812, @bobolee, @Marushine. @scotttbarry, @AndisArt, @Edvarz, @PaulSawyer, @Fantozzi, @SC4L0ver, @ESP15, @Huggy-Bear, @Josh6, @Kim Sunwoo, @TekindusT, @f3cs, @Dgmc2013, @Elenphor, @mrsmartman, @Akallan, @Fargo, @kschmidt, @JP Schriefer for the likes on the preview!

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    For the Sims of The Archipelago who like the convenience of proximity to the big city action but also want the outdoorsy nature of the island life, Blue Peak is the place for them. Residing just south of Wade City, Blue Peak is largest city on the largest island in The Archipelago.



    Although Blue peak is known for it's beaches and large natural parks, the city itself is quite urban. This density helps serve as a small cultural node with close proximity to Wade City.





    One of the largest and most popular beaches in The Archipelago, is the premiere beach destination of the region... or so the Sims say in Blue Peak (there are a few other islands who strongly disagree with that)





    Blue Peak Natural Park sits between the city of Blue Peak and Wade City. Blue Peak Mountain is the highest point in The Archipelago out side of the mainland. 



    Blue peak is not just a daytime city, it has quite the active nightlife as well on Ocean Blue Avenue also known as "The Blue Strip."



    Thanks for reading and please follow my journal for future post about the Wade City Archipelago!!

  6. nbjou1.jpg


    feyss: Thank you very much!

    Simmer2: Thanks for your comment. Also please tell me how add MMPs onto transit tiles?

    Tyberius06: Cheers! They're a most welcome addition, I tried the MMP versions though they are not quite as versatile...

    SC4L0ver: What really made me like Simmer2's new walls were the gated sections and the ruined walls- perfect for breaking up orthogonal and diagonal walls.

    _Michael: Thank you! I use a few different layers to make the tracks more rougher and organic.

    sejr99999: Correction- painting with MMPs.

    kschmidt: Thanks! What do you mean by the stone side road?

    tonyr: Sure!

    JP Schriefer: Thanks a lot!

    Sciurus: I used the LE to take a simple grass park texture lot and add a prop family of C.P.'s houses. Then I went to ILive's Reader to make the new lot have a transparent texture. As for the pictures, yes they are a little darker than usual, it is something I noticed a few days after posting the entry. I guess I overdid the contrast a little...


    Entry 16: Some More New Areas

    Here is one more small visual feast. Giving how things are getting busier this half term with the teaching then it will be four-five weeks to finish off Pololomia and there are only three city tile corners which need to be completed. Anyway- enjoy!




    In the centre of this picture there was this blank area to be filled in.




    By adding Simmer2's Bricks and Blocks Building Supplies I realised how I could complete the area: mixed light industrial/commercial combined with a small park.







    And yet more fields finished off.




    Given the large areas to MMP, each finished field feels like a marathon.




    And now it takes longer to finish off the field edges/walls/fences.




    When I create these fields the first things I include are the fences/walls and the tracks.




    This helps tell me exactly where everything should go.




    I also try not to repeat myself when creating fields. Sometimes there will be areas with similar MMP combos, other times each field has a different MMP combo.







    MOAR grid-busting!




    The Maxis Highway Override FA pieces are surprisingly MMP friendly!




    The boundary between the urban and the rural...







    Some time in late March Pololomia will be fully completed.

    And then the complete city tile tour can commence!

    Thanks a lot for the comments and the suggestions.

    I'll see you in late March!

  7. Vienna, Donau Stadt & Little Slovakia !

    Today we finish our tour of Vienna ! Contrast to the city of Vienna, Donau Stadt is rather more suburban. Little twist some of the slovakia set and coming city is highlited in this CJ. Donau Stadt lays on a closed side stretch of the Donau, conscists of Bruckhaufen, Kaisermuhlen, Floridsdorf and Donau Stadt !

    We start at the otherside of the river where we left last time, working our way through north to Bruckhaufen and then go sout via Floridsdorf and Donau stadt !

    Kaiser Muhlen, with the kaiserwasser !



    International Atomic Agency !


    Donau Turm and park ! background the town part of Bruckhaufen !


    Vienna, new University and the Hi-Tech area !



    Floridsdorf !



    Donau Stadt !




    Airport area and detail !


    Real Vienna Airport is at the other side of the Donau, some mile downstream so Donau Stadt aren´t subject to the noise breaking aircraft !


    As you see the mostly low Slovakian buildings this is a teaser what to come !  Slovakia, bratislava is just some miles east, bratislava is out of the map but we will visit Devin wich is at the joining of the border river Morava with the Donau ! Donau Stadt got a excelent rail connection to Slovakia and Brno via the virtual Ganserndorf !



    Last we cross the border to Devin, Slovakia !


    Hrad Devin or Devin Castle on the right !



    A Memorial at the river point marks the midle of Europe !


    That officialy conclude´s the tour !    Special for this city there are three nightshots around the central city and one in  Leopold Stadt !





    Last pictures of Vienna, a city aswell loved to create ! Next CJ we will visit the last City before the summer break, wich will be Praha or prague. This was for sometime on my list of to be created cities, yet until now the available custome material wasn´t really sufficient to create such a detailed town !

    Hope you enjoyed this CJ, and see you back next time !




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    In the mid-21st century, climate change led to global catastrophes that nearly ended humankind as we know it.  Massive tsunamis and flooding coupled with extreme natural disasters changed the Earth that lasted years, leading to loss of life in the billions.  Towards the late 21st century, the extreme weather and disasters began to subside, leaving a handful of people to lead humanity back to relevance.  Much was lost – technology, recorded history, and almost everything that had been accomplished by the human race was gone and had to be rediscovered.


    Our story begins with a group of survivors a few dozen years after the Great Storm in what would be modern-day Ghana, West Africa.  Earth’s temperature was permanently disrupted, and the environment in Ghana was now similar to the Mediterranean and Central Europe.  Rediscovery of human advancement and technology was relatively rapid, and government, although limited to small areas, was recognized – unfortunately, most governments were oppressive in their ways.  The world now operated under one currency, the Earth Dollar, which the New United Nations was responsible for printing and distributing.  This specific group of survivors were outcasts from neighboring cities that were escaping prosecution and valued freedom. 


    Seeking shelter from the rain, the small group of settlers built shacks, and to feed themselves, they planted a wheat field and hunted the local wildlife.  What started out as a few families doubled in size in a very short timespan as word got out of the new settlement.  The extra hands meant that the settlers could plant a corn field, as well, leading to excess food crop which they took to the closest city and sold for Earth Dollars (EDs). 


    The population of the new settlement, called Hope, now had a population 34, with corn and wheat fields that are the town’s only tradeable goods.  The pictures below show the beginnings of this new settlement.  Welcome to the story of Hope!





  8. PART 2 - Megacity Ahead

    Sorry for the fast pace... :(

    Maybe because I redo the city again since it doesn't grow. 

    So far, so good hahahahah!


    Suggestions/comments? I'm so glad to hear it from you!! 


    Screenshot (16).png

    Screenshot (22).png

  9. Brown Box Maxis Palms No  Palms Heblem Palms !

    Today I continued on my desert project. Desert Fort and Outpost lot´´s represented me unless no dependecncy´s where noted with some brownboxes, psuedo missing maxis palms ? First I tried a Sayonal Maxis Trees 1.1 replacement. This didn´t removed the brown boxes No result !


    Brainstorming I decided to add Buildingprops 1 -2 and Porkyprops 1-2. Succes, but unless the tree weren´t palms. Sayonal Maxis treen however didn´t contain Palms. Yes that´s the aim of this exercise. Sollution googling for replacement mod and make them visible, very clever as desolate worlds aren´t so common to create. Removed the Sayonara Maxis tree.1.1 I tried the found the sollution at last using SHK Maxis Palm replacement Mod and Heblem Flora pack 01. Succes !

    This Mod uses the Heblem Flora Prop pack 01



    Succes !  Yet there´s another problem where to find electricity into this desert world, solar power or wind, yet the SimCity 4 Extra Cheats the icon can be hided for now !   Now leave this desolate world but will return in a Sketchscape CJ soon !O6Cc1Dl.jpg

    Enjoy !

  10. Note This city journal should not be considered canonical.

    Note:For a better view of the content we recommend to perform the following music


    Siculia year 2077

    After the Third World War between Usa, North Korea, Illium and Poemia involving other nations, while some like Siculia, Santa Catarina and Teiko remained neutral, increasing their technological progress.
    With the discovery of new metals and industrial processes it was possible to pave the way for the colonization of space and the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


    Sprawling cities upwards


    New planes and spacecraft


    Increasingly faster construction processes


    Suspended Bridges connecting Megatowers


    Holograms for maximize sales


    City more and more vertically.


    It doesn't matter if this city doesn't sleep at night and....


    No matter if this world remembers the future dreamed in the people of the 1980...


    ... But the current world is different from that of 2017, a world full of dangers and opportunities in this now world of cyberpunk.



    Note:Each reference is purely random

    With this closes the 20 minutes in the future of Siculia. If you want to find out more about this story come and find out here



  11. Hi everyone!

    It seems that almost a year has passed since the last update. As usual, I've been losing interest for the game then came back to it and started working on different projects without finishing them. And you all know that I'm quite slow... The play time counter from Steam is for instance quite depressing for me to see  :D

    It's time for me to introduce Arquennes, the city that will interest us in the next updates. The idea, as you may have seen, was to create some kind of regional middle town located on its hill next to the canal and trying to make it as organic as possible.



    Far from Arinsian biggest cities, Arquennes is located at the rural heart of the country. Despite its size, the city had for a long time a lot of power, as the capital of an episcopal principality. From that time, only remains imposing landmarks and a certain kind of parochialism in its citizens' mind. After being annexed by Arinsia in 1795, the city indeed lost its importance and the Church ceased to rule the city. A bit later, the canal between Kookart and Olsènes was built, transforming the meadows landscape below the city into an industrial one. Today, despite the decline of the industry, the city remains a dynamic place that attracts tourists and amateurs of nature.

    1. Episcopal city means churches...


    2. 'La ferme du Bailli', a specific update will be dedicated to that place


    3. Feluy, one of the 5 other villages that are part of Arquennes municipality. Same, a specific update for that one  ;)


    4. Arquennes itself, its cathedral and episcopal palace


    I hope you liked those pictures. The next ones are coming soon:thumb:

    - REPLIES -

    @JP Schriefer Thank you very much!

    @The British Sausage Thanks mate!

    @_Michael Yeah I know, they are never there when you need them :lol: Thank you!

    @ulisse Thank you too! The citizens will welcome you with open arms!

    @Takingyouthere Indeed, even if I try to keep some growed building. Thank you!

    @MissVanleider I think it's quite faisible for Arinsia government. Thank you!

    @Prophet42 It's part of Callagrafx's canals. Nothing more. Thank you.

    @juliok92012 Thank you!

    @sejr99999 Thank you! It would be great indeed!

    @sunda Gracias!

    @kschmidt Thank you! There are indeed several 'Venice of the North'.

    @simlacroix You're welcome!

    @tonyr Thank you too!

  12. CS: Bel-Air

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  13. I've been rather time poor lately but have been able to progress Passau Island and it's almost ready for showcasing! In the meantime.....here's some teaser shots.


    Passau Island has only be possible thanks to the fantastic high-quality content created by @Diego Del Llano @kellydale2003 @Reddonquixote @mattb325 @on001222 @Xyloxadoria @SimFox @Cockatoo @Huston and @JP Schriefer





  14. January 30th, 1933

       "Those pesky townspeople! They just want too much in too little time!"
    Greg Bresky wasn't too thrilled about the latest town expansions. Day by day, he sees his estate shrink. One year ago, he could look all the way to the Pedigo river from his house, but now, his view is blocked by all the new houses they've built in the past year. His view, ruined forever by the wheels of progress. Did he left his motherland Poland for this all these years ago? No. All he wanted was some peace and quiet, far away from the war that had ruined his homeland. Out here, he thought he had all space to do his own business, to start a farm and live a quiet life. Unfortunately, it was never meant to be.

       "Greg, what's wrong?", a female voice said. It was his wife, Francis. Unlike Greg, she came from around here. They found each other years ago in the local bar. She helped him to settle in across the other side of the Atlantic and they have now been married for ten years.

       "This new railway station will bring nothing but trouble to this town," Greg said. "It's a gateway for lazy scum and corrupt capitalists to come here and destroy our town."

       "I think you're exaggerating, honey."

       "Am I? Look around. It has already begun! We are slowly being surrounded by strangers. And it will be especially bad when Tree-ET comes to town."

       "Tree-ET? Sorry, I don't follow..."

       "Never heard of Tree-ET? They are the big company that's going to come here and cut down our lovely forest! They destroy our landscape just to line their pockets!"

       "Frankly, my dear, I think there are quite some people welcoming them in town. It has been hard for people to find a job here. For some, Tree-ET can feel like a blessing from above."

       "I don't stand by doing nothing! I'll stand my ground and fight to the very end to protect our forests here!"

    Francis sighed. She was witnessing one of her husband's tantrums again. Fortunately, it was not against her. But still, these conversations were something she wanted to get over with as soon as possible.

       "Well honey, are you done now? The curly kale stew is ready to be served."

       "Ah, splendid, dear! At least there are some things that never change, for the better."

    The two of them took a seat at the dinner table and enjoyed Francis' stew. Dinner was the best way to calm Greg down. For now...


    It has been a while, but I finally got around making a second update of Telegraph Road. In the previous post, the city has started expanding and we planned out a few things. Now I'm still trying to find my ground in the Natural Growth method, but I found that construction time in Cities:Skylines goes way too fast. Now I played this update for one in-game year, but it feels like two years or even more has passed. So as of now, 1 in-game year equals 2 story-years. I probably have to slow down, playing sessions of 6 in-game months at the time. So, here's what happened in Nordale in 1933 and 1934.

    First, we'll take a look in the old town center. Yup, things are still going swell...

    Now, one of the plans of last update was to build some extra capacity for electricity; this has now been completed with a second gas unit

    But the biggest plan has also been realised: building a railway station for the town. As you can see, we have a new (and cute!) railway station. And with all the new people coming in from the trains, a new station neighbourhood arose, hosting businesses and our newest residents.


    On the southern side, the town has grown again, but right now, the ressidential demand has leveled. At this point, all three demand groups are low and the town has found an equilibrium.

    But there's an opportunity around the corner: we have a lot of natural resources we can gather, and the SimNation has some interest to get some. The easiest resource to get to is lumber, so preparations have been made to set up lumber industry here. We'll see more of it soon!


    To conclude this update, let's have an areal shot:

    Just some more data:


    • Population: 1250
    • Budget:
      • Current bank balance: +$5 500 (no loans)
      • Current weekly cashflow: +$400 - +$600
    • Demand:
      • Ressidential: low
      • Commercial: low
      • Industry: low
    • Water:
      • Precise Demand and supply unknown
      • Supply is way over capacity even with minimal facilities.
    • Electricity:
      • Current Supply: 30 MW
      • Current demand: 22 MW
      • Civil Facilities:
      • 1 primary school
      • 1 small police station
      • 1 small fire station
      • 1 clinic
      • 1 community church
      • 1 railway station

    That's it for today! See you next time and keep those suggestions coming!

    -- Maarten (MandelSoft)


  15. MisterBlueStar4
    Latest Entry

    Alright so San Guillermo is back from the dead with this new teaser of a new city


    What to expect:

    San Guillermo is a fictional city in Southern California.Mainly based off Los Angeles, this project aims to capture the feel of LA while also adding realism in the process.However, not every little detail of LA will be added so here's the included and cut features of the project.

    Features                                                             Cut

    Urban sprawl                                                     Wide highways

    Beverly Hills                                                      Pier(maybe)

    Beach and waterfront areas                          Extreme interchanges


    Movie studios


    High-end shopping areas

    Suburban areas

    Traffic(IDK about that)


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    I will present you my CDB. The CBD is organized around the central station of Ligonnes. The central station is the most important station in the region. The railway is connected with all the metropolitan public transport (subway, tram and buses) and directly to the principal airport by a special tram the Metropolital express. Just next to the station there is the biggest library of the city.




    In the CDB you will find the Ligonnes Metropolitan administration building.


    One of the biggest mall in the country and the head office of the AON Bank  and the national conservatory of Ligonnes



    And the Coca-Cola office for the Ligonnes Metropolitan



    Some Night shots





  16. Akallan
    Latest Entry



    Hello everyone,

    The video is finally coming out, it's different from the others I've done so far. It is oriented rather political in general than on the game itself and you will understand it quickly by viewing it. If it took so long for it to come out, it's because I hesitated for a long time before deciding, because the video presents ideologies different from the norm and the media "main stream".

    I can understand the disagreement about people's opinions, but please remain respectful in the commentary space. I am open to all discussions as long as it is constructive.

    Good viewing! *:)



    Images used in the video:










  17. Next is my farm area which is almost complete. I just have plans for one more major farm that has hi-tech farming techniques like the agricultural farms that stack 4 modules high, some sub ground agricultural farms and hi-tech hydroponic green houses. Included in my farming area is Peg chicken ranch with add on. For my map it is the chicken family and fun farm where kids go to pet thhe horses and sheep and chase some baby chicks. I also made a regional livestock supply and dairy farm, a horse riding/vet ranch and my Nexis Grain Lmt wheat and flour farm with the rail grain silo and fukitol flour ,mill being part of the company. They have a separate wheat field as grain suppliers and another flour wheat field as the regional flour suppliers, they also branched out and invested in some hi-tech green houses to sell hydroponically grown vegetables. I also included some close up views of my PEG irrigation canals all dressed up with extra props of course.

    So, that's it for now. Comments and questions if you like and I will be updating as I go and create more sections. And as I said in the Prelude I will be posting short videos of each section as well with better explanations and names of prop/lot owners for those interested in using some of these mods.

    Farm Cattle Stock & Supply.png

    Farm Chicken Ranch & Family.png

    Farm Misc& Spic.png

    Farm Tomato.png

    Farm Vineyard.png

    Nexis Grain & Flour Ltd - 1.png

    Nexis Grain & Flour Ltd - 2.png

    Sim Peg Irregation Canals with Dressings1.png

    Sim Peg Irregation Canals with Dressings2.png

    Sim Peg Irregation Canals with Dressings4.png

    Trainers Riding stable & Rural Vet1.png

    Trainers Riding stable & Rural Vet2.png

  18. wJvLwX3.jpg




    -------------------------------------------------------- [AUTHOR'S COMMENT] --------------------------------------------------------

    This is the fourth and last entry of Project Haussmann. I hope you enjoyed this development in 4 stages: briefing-proposal-construction-result

    For the next entry we leave for a while the Urban Planning stuff and we start a new section in this CJ. The next entry will be something that you have already seen in Simtropolis, but I will be changing a few pictures to match the new storyline. It was posted several years ago, so probably it will be new for many of you.

    See u!

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    Joey Auburn
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    The Beach

    San Francisco-Jun. 27, 1351516160109.png

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