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    East Tenne: For Ava

    Cat food magnate Oscar Myers donated a wagonload of gold schulmonetas to fund the creation of the capital’s largest public park. And being a modest fellow, asked that it be named after him. The park, located in the city’s third district, is a wonderful civic space. It is home to a variety of formal and informal spaces, sports and recreational sites and is one of the most popular gathering spots in the city. It is in the heart of the Holy Quarter and is bordered by such important landmarks as the National Cathedral, City Hall, Sardine Square, Ecclesiastic Library and more. The park’s boundaries are The Promenade, a wide boulevard encircling the open space.

    The park has two main sectors, divided by Park Avenue. To the north is The Lawn, which is open space with statuary and a reflecting pool. It runs from Park Avenue to the cathedral and is a popular spot for outdoor concerts. The southern sector is larger and includes athletic fields, formal gardens and natural areas. Some smaller features include Golden Pond, where paddleboats are often scurrying about, and the Secret Garden, a garden-with-a-garden popular for small outdoor weddings. We will venture here often in our tour of the National Capital Region. Let’s start now by seeing some of the amenities of this fabulous feline park.

    A new dedication has been made in the park. The visitor center and gift shop, located off Park Avenue, has been renamed the Princess Ava Center, in honor of Ava, who recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a short illness and now has 8 lives remaining.


    The Princess Ava Center:







    More of the park...
















  2. I've had this packed away for a while now. I've never posted it. Today seems like a fitting day since it is . . well almost the 2 year anniversary of this city journals start. Actually maybe a week or 2. But still.

    Mostly a coincidence. I ran across the pictures and pondered about why I never posted it. I never felt it lived up to the rest, but I decided to just show it either way.

    I thought I'd just finish up Gansbaai so that this isn't just another declined journal. But a, happily to say, finished City Journal.

    And now, without further Ado,


    A once thriving country, brought to its knees by corruption and violence. The Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms was born through revolution. It shall die the same way.

    -2 weeks earlier-

    " --Gansbaai. A great country. A beautiful country. Our country.

    We have ignored the pleas of the innocent for too long. We have suffered the oppression of our so-called leader enough. This -- dictator -- has reigned long enough. Too many have died by his hands. Now I ask you all today, what will you do for your country? Will you fight for it? Stand up for what you know is right and wrong? Lead our nation into the pride and joy that it STILL is! The only thing concealing it. . is him."

    A speech in Khrsybicat Square. The same place the recent Alhuivr Hjmel was hung at, for some simple words against Prince Jahirze, who has recently brought a veil of tyranny to the desert region. After the not-so unknown reasons of the bankruptcy of Nouadhibou - the collapse of an entire metropolis - the already weary people grew more of their leader. The months after that grew more famine in the rural areas of the country. And some major known news anchors and public speakers began disappearing without a trace.

    That day in the square people roared in support. Not soon after, a group of military officers marched down the street from an entrance of the Capitol Building. They carried guns, and the people at the rally remained largely unaware of them. Until a loud "bang" blared from their direction.

    Hannah Hjmel. Daughter of Alhuivr, hung at that very square she spoke at, was shot and killed by the military officer. A possibly unwise thing to do in front of a crowd of agitated and politically motivated people.

    The square erupted into chaos. The entire crowd began attacking the small battalion with rocks, bottles, and whatever else they could get their hands on. At least 30 civilians were gunned down in the plaza before the rest dispersed. Hours later after all calmed down, well word got around rather fast. Many civilians grouped together picking makeshift weapons. Molotov's flew through the Capitol building's windows below the orange sunset.


    The people fought into the night . . .


    . . . and for 14 days following.

    The Gansbaai Revolution still rages on. But the outside world does take notice. Gansbaai is one of the most important economic locations on the planet. And a revolution certainly depletes much production from the world. Should other countries interfere with a national revolution of these proportions? According to the United Nations of Adonia, yes. Moral or not the bombs have ensued. Cities over the country are ablaze, pushing out the Prince's men. This quaint revolution seems more like a full-scale war.


    Another battle into the sunset ensues. Fire from the sun and the ground illuminate the landscape.


    Some nations supported the Prince. Some supported those nations. Some supported the rebellion. Some supported those supporting the rebellion. . .

    Wait what? Chaos basically. A full scale civil war in the planets #1 exporter of Oil and one of the top consumer of many many imports from around the world tends to not just through balance off of the world economy, but make one side of the scale slam against the table.


    Al Aaium may be distant from the homeland, but it is still part of it. A major supply source for not only Gansbaai, but the world.


    This may not be a simple revolution anymore. . .


  3. 7ea4119df3c0b7b04789159d07eeb84b.png

    Comrade Spy9600: A spy? So you work for the Capitalists?? Thanks for your comment!

    Comrade michae95l: Thank you! I also love watching Berlin trams pass by!

    Camarada Kim Sunwoo: Hope to keep the level up on this update! Muchas gracias!

    Comrade slickbg56: Thanks for commenting! If there are no pics, there is more story, I guess...

    Comrade pinkindustry: Totally (East) German in here! All the places you see in this new T&R iteration are recreations or semi-recreations of real places, and I try to give as many historical details as possible. I'd say it is my most historically accurate CJ so far.

    僚友 Tonraq: Fortunately, this kind of daily life was has been gone pretty much after 1990. Fortunately.

    Hope I got the word "comrade" translated properly!

    Comrade gviper: A wise use of GIMP always gives an extra flavor to the pictures! Thanks for commenting!

    Camarada Paulobergonci: All blocks of that part of the city tend to be roughly this size. Thanks!

    Comrade takemethere: It is a sad story, it has to have a sad weather, which in this city is not too difficult to get!


    The meeting was far from home, but better to do it far. Just in case.


    The Soviet War Memorial at the Wuhlheide is one of the three Soviet memorials in East Berlin. The fourth lies already at the other side of the "wall of antifascist protection". Almost nobody goes to these kind of places. All soviet memorials in Berlin are a bit different, but they share some common traits. They're eerie, lonely, cold, made of pure concrete and more or less dead grass. This is why Werner had set his meeting there that Saturday morning.

    The way there, coming from his parents' place at the Landsberger Allee, was long. The tram trip along the Treskowallee had been almost infinite. But finally, he stood in front of the two large columns that marked the memorial entrance, right in front of the An der Wuhlheide road.


    Werner had never been in this memorial before. He observed the two large Soviet soldiers carved in stone atop of the columns. They were not there to welcome him, but to intimidate visitor who decided to step in this massive concrete setup. Werner was too early for the meeting, so he decided to take a walk.

    All Berlin Soviet memorials are also massive cemeteries. Out of the approximately 80.000 fallen Soviet soldiers during the Battle of Berlin in 1945; 13.200 are buried in the memorial at Schönholzer Heide, 5.000 at the Tiergarten memorial, 7.000 at the Treptower Park memorial. Around 16.000 Soviet soldiers lie inside the huge concrete blocks here at the Wuhlheide memorial.


    Werner came close to the blocks. He didn't remember much of the Russian he took at school, but could with no doubt read the names and military ranks carved in Cyrillic alphabet of each soldier buried there inside. 16.000 corpses were surrounding him. There were 500 corpses under each plinth, under each giant soldier head. 500 names of dads and sons. 500 names of soldiers who maybe had raped women on their way to the Reichstag, or who maybe had saved orphan children of their own advancement.

    Nobody was around. He felt the typical Berlin cold east-west wind around him. The gardens were reasonally well kept for this time of the year.


    The meeting was at the highest point of the memorial. A large column was erected in an artificial promontory. At the top of this column there was no soldier, but the statue of a woman. Mother Russia was opening its arms to the monument, turning its back to the city. Some say it was made of pure gold. Some say it would be great to steal it. These same people tend not to say that twice.

    Some minutes later, Werner's date arrived. He was just finishing the cigarrette when he arrived next to Werner. They greeted each other.

    "So, are you going to tell me why you made me come here and why are you so worried?"

    "Yes... Dieter... I think the Stasi is on me".



    Due to the impossibility to make an accurate recreation of the Schönholzer Heide and Treptower Park monuments due to the lack of lotting skills, I decided to "invent" a new monument. The city of Berlin has only three memorials, not four. This fourth one is a product of my imagination and the architecture concepts displayed on these monuments.

  4. Residential preview... this area is adjacent to the downtown core.


  5. Craig-Abcvs
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    So I have been playing SC4 again this last week...






  6. bufss.jpg


    Budapest is the capital and largest city of Hungary. The city is split in two by the Danube River into the Buda and Pest areas. Budapest is a beautiful European capital that is largely undiscovered by the common tourist. Today, we will take a look at the two central parts of the city.


    An overview of the city center. Pest is at the top and Buda is located at the bottom of the image.


    The Hungarian Parliament Building is the Budapest's most well known building. It is also Hungary's largest building!


    The Chain Bridge spans the Danube River and connects Buda and Pest.


    Heroes' Square is a major historical and political square in the city.


    In the hills of Buda, it is easy to find dozens of red roof buildings overlooking the city.


    The Danube Promenade on the Pest side of the city.


    Locals can always be found on Margaret Island located in the center of the Danube River. Here, we see a nightly sport match.

    I hope you guys enjoyed the last update of 2010! Thank you very much for all the trixie nominations for this CJ! It won the Best City Journal award 4.gif Happy New Year!

  7. Skimbo
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    @Alll: THank you very much for your replies!

    @NMU Spidey: Don't confuse names :P

    U91 DAWU around 5AM

    Heya@all. Today I show you two foggy early morning scenes from Dawu, Dragon Islands.


    4:50 Yesterday's storm left quite a mess along the beach of Dawu's Eastside district. A group of people seems to be awake already and meet up at the small food curt next to the beach. But most still sleep while the blocks slowly dive out of the fog....


    5:05 The first fish trawlers leave the small habour while the 4:55 Kodama seems a little late crossing the border bridge.








    I hope you've liked this update, greetings, DragonSkimbo.

  8. NewSorGunRepliesBanner2016_1.jpg

    Replies to the last teaser:

    @Ln X :  What a GIF! I will check out the early areas to see New Sorgun when it was a tiny village.
    Thanks!  I’ve been trying to get images of the town throughout the years with the idea of a gif in the back of my head.  Glad it’s finally paid off :)

    @raynev1 :  Awesome GIF , showing the growth . Great and creative idea . I think that your entries are fantastic.
    Thank you!  Hopefully I can keep it up and we’ll get a GIF spanning three more decades.

    @GoKingsGo:  Way cool!  Nice even/realistic growth
    Thanks for stopping by!

    @tankmank :  Rear Gif, I like to see how the little town has grown over the years.
    Tanks man! :)

    @Schulmanator:  Awesome gif! Perhaps New SorGun's future will include feline rule? ;) 
    The results are in… scroll down to find out :)

    @noahclem:  Love the gif!  The growth over time appears quite realistic. Wish I'd remembered to mention W Bush's joke about being a tree farmer in response to the last update: “It helps me practice my stump speech!”
    *Badam tish*

    @kelistmac:  Me too, I love that gif !! Can't wait for the rest
    Thanks, and I hope you enjoyed the full update.


    Replies to Election Day:

    @gviper, @philforhockey51, @feyss, @MilitantRadical:  
    Thanks for the kind words and support!

    @kschmidt:  Very nice town, women voting still a long way to go; some suffrage women around, well done !
    Thanks!  Unfortunately there was a glitch when using the ‘post in the future’ option and I had to remove the first entry – so now your comment is saved for posterity here :)

    @raynev1:  This CJ is so awesome , you have made Simcity4 more like Simcity1800's . The images are fascinating to look at and a cool story as well . Viewing the first image to the last was so nice . You have done a great job . And that GIF , :thumb: . The progression is astounding . I know I said it before and I'll say it again with each time you post one . 
    Like I told kschmidt, there was a glich in the entry, so your comment disappeared – so sorry!  Anyway, thanks for the compliments, they really made my day!

    @MissVanleider:  Great entry, always nice to see. Early exit polls predict a landslide victory!  New SorGun , Rocks !
    Thanks – but we know how reliable exit polls can be… just ask President Gore :)

    @kelistmac:  Fantastic update ! I like all the pictures but that one with that canal... fantastic as always !!

    @tariely:  I love the animation picture ! As I've seen New Sorgun grow from the very beginning, it brings back fond memories.  Remind me : (1) are those good people available in MMPs (I think so, with the docks, but I am not sure) ; and (2) what are they building near City Hall ?
    Thank you – it was fun to go back and dig up some of those old pictures.  Times have changed!  Yep, you can find those people as MMPs in the historic harbor set.  And as for the new construction… There’s always something new going on in New SorGun :)

    @takemethere:  Great looking 19th century scenery there and Kitty all the way, she's got what it takes :yes: 
    Kitty thanks you for your support!

    @Fox:  I have to agree that the animated picture is awesome.  Congratulations on getting this election to be more enjoyable than the current election.  Best of luck to both candidates.
    Thanks Fox!

    @Schulmanator:  Great looking pictures! And I would take either candidate over anyone running for President this year!!
    That seems to be a reoccurring theme in these comments :)

    @Ln X:  Amazing pictures, great use of MMPs and T21s! The smudgy/wavy photoshop effect you use works really well.
    Thank you Ln X!  Some of those extra close-up images get a little pixelated, so there are some photoshop tricks that I have discovered to help smooth them out :)

    @Cyclone Boom:  Well done, an engaging narrative (including the previous entries). Also the pictures are so authentic to this era.  Love the time-lapse too, a neat way of showing development. Just wondering how you managed to get all the frames taken from the same position? It's very effective, and might even be a possible idea for a ST challenge! 8) 
    Thanks CB!  It took a little time in photoshop, but I just aligned all the images (I used some trees that have been there since the very beginning as a reference) and then cropped it nice and tidy like.  Then I used a .GIF maker to add the fade effects from one image to the other.  I can't wait to see what the new season of Challenges brings us :)

    @Themistokles:  Lovely as always! How did you get such realistic steam from the locomotive?
    Thanks!  That is just my amateurish photoshop attempt at steam, so I’m glad you like the result :)

    @cmdp123789:  I am blown away with this.. I honestly, and no joke here, I loved that GIF.. that made it for me.. that was it. Great update! And I really like it when people can be part of it too.. the voting process makes us all part of the big picture, and that makes it feel almost real!
    Thank you for the wonderful compliments!

    @sucram17:  Kitty! Would be really great to see a lady in the ruling post.   Best regards/ santa malin
    Kitty is fighting for the working class, and she appreciates your support.

    @TekindusT:  This update was electrifying! Only a few can describe here in ST the sensations of excitation and uncertainty an election day causes! And the GIF, the MMPs... brilliant once again.
    Thanks Tek!  I’m always happy to see you stop by :)

    @tankmank:  And election day is upon us. I have enjoyed the whole process, some great images, the work gone into them must be staggering. Looking forward to seeing who will win.
    Thank you Tank!  Stay tuned to see how things pan out.

    @ROFLyoshi:  Can I vote for Donald Trump instead? :P 
    I’m pretty sure the citizens of New SorGun would be pretty suspicious of one of those east coast business types :)

    @Titanicbuff:  As a Hillary supporter its time for the woman to lead- so I voted for Kitty- after all, women need to be able to lead should they choose.
    Kitty thanks you for your support.

    @Belfastsocrates:  Love it! Goodness I really enjoy this CJ. It's such unique and well-crafted work and has a superb quality to it. From the HD props to the MMP work to your gorgeous buildings, Top quality work!
    Thank you!  I’m hoping to get some of your great models into New SorGun in the near future :)

    @Urban Constanta:  now this is what i call a real piece of F*****g alternate history! I love every post you have. Amazing work.  PS i voted for kitty :)))
    Thanks Urban!  I’ve always liked alternate history fiction, so I appreciate your compliments.

    @Cyclone Boom:  This is running right down to the wire -- it might need a recount! :golly: 
    EDIT: Not now, looks like Mr Finch has a clear victory.

    Yes… the voters have spoken…


    Next time…
    The tumultuous election is finally in the history books and New SorGun has elected Eastman T. Finch as the next Mayor.  The voting was close, and some predicted a Kitty victory as the early returns came in, but an avalanche of Finch supporters finally put him over the top.  


    However, Eastman Finch’s greatest challenges still lie ahead…

    Stay tuned…

  9. Overview ~

    The Third Anniversary to Mass Effect: The Milky Way / Mass Effect: Beyond, revisiting prominent images from 74 episodes and updates -- And a visit to a moon where dreams live and die.



    Thanks :D


    Thank you :)


    There's a lot of'em here, hopefully you won't come short of any :)


    Thanks a lot :)


    Note: Today's ME:B/ME:TMW third anniversary -- I guess it's been a long-time and a long-way since the first update :)

    Included in this is also the year's first episode [funnily enough, it's kind of a teaser -- kind of :P)



    Three years of Mass Effect: Beyond / The Milky Way, and hoping fora couple more :)

    And since I haven't been here to say it, here's a belated






    [It's that kind of time again when I'm trying to figure out how the Location previews will look like -- a bit messy right now with the different themes :P]

    Orbiting a gas giant world, the asari garden world colony of "Tana" is a planet host to a diverse range of peoples, drawing alien non-asari from the far reaches of the galaxy, and the many corners of Terminus Space. However, while the planet seemingly promises wealth and a life above poverty, most that migrate to this world find themselves lost in misfortune and deception; many ending up in Tana's slums and the lower levels of the planet's larger cities. While Illium sees similar such issues, Tana's situation is far more amplified as its location makes it a magnet for desperate way-wanderers, escapists from other worlds and unfortunate spacers. While it's not all doom and gloom for those who arrive on Tana, one should never be lost in its alluring calls and often fale promises.



    [Consider these WIPs]

    For those who seek salvation in Tana, they often find themselves landing at the port of the planet's capital. Sha'natil Hos, otherwise known as Sha'natil is the largest settlement on the planet, over 2 centuries of history building large domineering towers for the rich, and the great spread of slums and underclass urban areas. It is in this city where dreams begin or die. Of course, that's a story for another day.


    Normalized Images:




    In case you're wondering, the city consists of individually rendered and randomly generated surface sections -- I'd consider putting them up on the STEX if enough people are interested ;)




  10. MilitantRadical
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    Those of you familiar with my CJ have seen these tiles in many different stages of development. I originally used them as a testing ground for canals and now that I've settled on style (sunken with red brick walls) I unified them so that they connect perfectly.

    This entry features the largest mosaic I've ever made that comes in at a whopping 24816 x 10107px. You'll have to download it to see it at full resolution because even dropbox can't display it.

    I encourage you to look at the pics in full size. These smaller .jpeg versions don't really do them justice (they're less than half the size). Hope you have a big screen.



    Full Size


    Full Size


    Full Size


    Full Size


    Full Size


    Full Size


    Full Size

    (Unfortunately the full image is too large to even be previewed on dropbox, but you can download the 125 MB png.)


    Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


    raynev1: Some beautiful night scenes . Sorry to hear about your hard drive , that's a bummer . Hope you continue Ionica . It's been a great CJ .

    Yeah well, that's just what happens when your computer is over six years old and you push it to the limit on a daily basis. Thanks.

    gviper: Hey my friend! It's been quite some time! Wasn't sure I'd hear or see you on these pages again. I myself have slowed down in activity considerably. Lovely presentation!

    Didn't mean to be gone for so long but sometimes life gets in the way. Thanks.

    korver: Great stuff as always - you probably have my favorite photoshop style of anyone here on ST and the Chinatown scenes are great. Hope you can keep this going :)

    Thanks. Looking at your work always gives me the itch to get back in the game.

    _Michael: Welcome back! I feared I wasn't following my to see any more Ionica, so it's great to have it back! :D Great looking city with some lovely design elements; can't help but noticing that north arrow though ;), can become slightly distracting!

    Lol, all these years and I still have the north arrow. Thanks.

    TekindusT: Another top notch, deliciously handcrafted mishmash of styles!

    You know I'm a fan of the mishmash, just too many good BATs to stick to one style. Thanks.

    kschmidt: Great night views ! Japanese and other buildings well lightened. NAM elevated networks and GLR features well integrated,  well done !

    Wish I had a few pictures of how it looked before. It was a mess. Thanks.

    v701: This city is still one of the best SC4 I've seen so far !! I love this clown picture on the skyscraper ! :thumb::ducky:

    Everyone loves a clown. Thanks.

    Takingyouthere: Great to see you back in action, your city building style and image presentation was sorely missed.

    That's the great thing about SC4 at this stage, everyone can have their own style. Thanks.

    tariely: Very nice night shots ! (and Trump...) Glad to know you'll be back. But CBS ? We have CBS? Or did you make that one ? I Want !:-)))

    Yup, it's mattb325's CBS. Thanks.

    Akallan: Beautiful images of nights, it seems so alive. It's beautiful all the lights of nights, my favorite is the one with the channel! :thumb:


  11. I was going to show parts of the Don Fierro District (there's glimpses of it early in this update) but the driving updates seem to be popular - and with Bayview and most of North Doherty looking presentable, I thought I should show it off with a highway update :)

    As always the plants are all hand-placed by me. Enjoy update 63 folks!


    We will start our drive on the hills north of Don Fierro Bay on Highway 1, and work our way south toward the heart of Doherty. Though this exit doesn't look busy now, during event days at Don Fierro Stadium, the largest stadium in the entire metropolitan area, this exit can get dicey.


    Heading down the hill, the skyscrapers of the Don Fierro District tower to the left.


    Crossing over the Don Fierro Bay Bridge now. Along with the Pulaski Bridge (refer to the giant mosaic to see the south end of it) it is the only method to drive across the Don Fierro Bay.


    At the southeast corner of the Bay lies Springsteen Avenue, which loops through the wealthy houses in a district nicknamed "East Egg" after the Great Gatsby. Now it is the official name of the district (and no, there is no West Egg, although Bay Point would geographically fit the criteria. Bay Point was the focus of the giant mosaic in my last post).


    Curving around a narrow stretch between Bean's Addition and East Egg. Central Avenue is the boundary of several districts in Bayview and the main surface street into Downtown.


    The main freeway into Downtown is Highway 266. The interchange between Highway 226 and Highway 1 is massive, with neighborhoods and on-ramps in the middle of the parts of the giant cloverleaf.


    The eastbound exit ramp.


    Finally out of the 266 mess now....



    A major surface street here is Othello Avenue. We are now officially out of Bayview and in Doherty.


    Teeder Avenue connects two major intersections together and with Highway 1.


    A simple exit onto Oceans Avenue (not so simple going Northbound). Oceans Avenue is the major artery running along or near the Pelham Bay coastline from Bayview to Abbott's Island, paralleled by Highway 1 most of the way.


    Country Club Avenue is the main entrance into the sprawling 18-hole Pelham Bay National Golf Club. It extends through a bustling commercial district, Greenfield, as well.


    On our left is a major transit center for the East Pelham Metro as we approach Highway 19.


    And we're at the interchange, which is where we will stop for today. It's decision time.


    Okay folks, THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN VOTE! Before you do a few notes about things.

    About option 1 (pink, staying on Highway 1). This will take you to North Central Doherty for Update 64, as far as another interchange where I'll poll you all again on which way to go for another driving update for Update 65. If you like the roadgeek updates, this will guarantee you two more, so definitely vote for this one! Also, if you like really tall stuff, Abbott's Island is the Manhattan Island of New Chandler, so this will be a taller choice :P

    About option 2 (green, taking Highway 19 east). We won't be on Highway 19 long because we've been on almost all of it already, but we will switch out toward Garden Grove (we will not go back to St. Clair or Murray City again) on another freeway. We have seen Garden Grove already so we will drive all the way through it and further. This would probably be a slightly longer drive than option 1, but I wouldn't do another driving update for Update 65 because there aren't any freeways nearby.

    Thanks for the support, remember to comment (and vote!), follow, +1 - your love is what keeps me going :) deuces!

  12. Replies

    @jmsepe: That is Marrast's train station, I believe

    @konstantinll: Thanks!

    @Huston: Thanks!

    @basty_goofy: Problem with that is, is that even at 15m it needs a lot of space for a transition like that-space I don't have in this area

    @Schulmanator: Thanks!

    @Neto Dari: Thanks!

    @vinlabsc3k: As I said above...

    @Ln X: I'm going to a 4-year school outside my hometown(Not revealing exactly where for personal security). Also another reason I didn't mention why this will be retired is because I've gotten kinda tired of SC4 and have been playing SC 2013 more often...

    @sejr99999: Nope, those are all the originals...

    @Schriefer: Thanks!

    @Vitor13: Thanks!

    For this short update, we'll be looking at Madisonville in the middle of a storm. Expect a lot of rain!

    Traffic crosses the Oceanside Parkway Bridge over the Cannet River where it meets Paridise Bay


    In downtown, a light rail train and PIRail train cross over each other. Note the new train skin that i downloaded....


    Up in the foothills, the dam which supplies electricity to the city is quiet while the rain falls around it...


    Hope you enjoyed this update, and see you next time!

  13. zROF-HEAD-2.jpg?psid=1

    60. Coastal Waterfalls

    Welcome back, folks. This time we head to the coastal road (highway 1) running north of town.

    1. Houses and farms on the north side of town


    2. More houses and a farm to the north. Traveling further we find the forest coming all the way down to the shore.


    3. Highway 1 crosses several small creeks falling off the surrounding hills.


    4. The first creek


    5. The second has a little fancier bridge


    6. The third one adjoins a marshy estuary.


    7. The marsh


    8. After the estuary is a line of shore cliffs with homes on the top.


    9. Time on the beach.


    10. The marsh and area in fall.


    11. And the tile in full.


    I'm not sure what i'll have next since i have a lot of half complete stuff, so it will probably be at least 2 weeks before the next update.



    @SylvioGeorge, mymyjp, sexysark, JP Schriefer, Militant Radical, NeilsC007, dabadon5: Thanks a lot for your comments!

    @LnX: lol no you don't. I really did a terrible job on that one: i got frustrated with it and didn't finish it. If you really want to see it there is a pic on this CJ at simpeg, top of page 41.

    @slickbg: thanks! i just copy what i see on the coasts here. I think a lot of it has to do with the piles of driftwood tossed up at the stormline just above high tide mark. I don't see that in a lot of sc4 beaches.

    @jmsepe: The terrain is Gobias' sunken valley, along with his Vancouver Island beach mod and Inside Passage water mod, with my own custom tweaking of the water alpha using reader. All are available on the LEX.

    @Kisa Atsuko: I have 8Gigs of ram, a 64bit OS, and the memory patch applied to sc4, and this is near to the maximum my PC can handle. With those specs it can fully run a 96x120km region (this is 88x120). The max i've gotten it to actually open is 112x120, but at that size it barely runs. I doubt 6 gigs of ram or less would actually run this region.

    @sucram17: lol i love that .gif

    @indecisive_compulsive: all my cities are functional (they have to be to get residentials to grow). I don't use any 'cheats' per se, but i use a heavy variety of mods that effect gameplay in ways that some people would probably consider 'cheating'. Some of these are somewhat neccessary since maxis never finished out and balanced some aspects of the gameplay, such as farm behavior and traffic. That said, 'cheating' if i had to wouldn't bother me at all, because after you've played this game long enough you've already beaten ever aspect of the simulator. At that point the simulation becomes largely irrelevant, because you've been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Then the game just becomes a tool for creating art, and how you modify that tool once you've mastered it doesn't detract from what you create.

    @whiteyboybob: Thank you! Yeah, i know about the farms. The thing is these tiles are very quick filler tiles to start off demand in my region, meaning i only spend a few hours on each just to get it done quickly. If it were a more detailed tile, like inner cities and ports where i spend 20+ hours on it i would take care of all those little realism details. Since these last few updates have been from filler tiles im content to just take whatever grows.

  14. Hi everyone-

    I'm back to share even more Tarkusian Cities progress, by picking up where we left off with the construction on Chemeketa's Red Line. 

    For those of you who commented on Update 103, I've replied to your comments over on that thread--I appreciate the support!

    Coincidentally, an alert reader at the SC4D edition, SimCity V6, pointed out that June 17th--still today here in the western US--happens to be the 10th anniversary of my first-ever post in Tarkusian Cities, so it's a rather fortuitous day for an update.  I'm still in shock that Tarkusian Cities is that old . . . and it makes me feel old, too.:D

    Before we resume, here's the map again:


    When we left off last time, the 9th/10th Street SE couplet was being extended one block, both halves of the couplet planned to cross over both the existing railroad and the new Red Line tracks.  (facing north)

    Work has begun on building the overpasses.  There's also a lot of other things to note here.  Since the plan entails lowering the existing railroad to cross under the new couplet, the C&O line through downtown had to be temporary closed.  Rail Ave SE has also been reconstructed between 9th and 10th Streets, since it no longer has to serve as a de facto part of the couplet. However, Liberty Street SE is being widened to 4 travel lanes between 8th and 11th Streets, in order to fulfill the same purpose, and some structures have been demolished in preparation.  (facing north)


    Here's the finished product.  In order to seamlessly integrate with the couplet, the new 4-lane section of Liberty has been given dual left turn lanes onto the extended 9th Street.  9th Street east of Liberty, however, now ends at a cul-de-sac just before the new intersection, in order to better control access and mitigate impact on the residential neighborhood. (facing north)


    Here's a little farther north on the line.  In order to mitigate the need for further demolition and new right-of-way (ROW) acquisition along Rail Ave, the portion of the Red Line between Salisbury Way SE (the road that comes in where 6th Street SE would be) and 8th Avenue NE is being run down the median of the road.  Crews have already been at work on some parts of the track north of downtown, so here's where that advance work is going to connect into the median running. (facing north)


    Here's the completed Salisbury split, the south end of the median running. You can see the 9th Street overpass at the bottom. (facing north)


    And finally, here's the Red Line running underneath Highway 36. (facing north)


    That does it for this update . . . there will be a Part 6 for the Red Line coming shortly, where we'll see the northern segment under construction.


  15. Evillions
    Latest Entry

    I might as well end this CJ on a good note. After giving some thought and consideration, I feel its best for me to end Onubis and leave AIN due to my busy schedule and lack of motivation of SC4 in general. Does this mean I will go back to SC4? Depends if my interest sparks again, then I'll start anew with a different nation. For now, I'll have to end this.

    My never released photos in its unedited glory:

    Van Holksa





    Gurreo: The Latin Wasteland




    Onubis in the Arab Spring...



    Cya guys!

  16. replies.png

    TekindusT: Thank you!

    MilitantRadical: Yep, I've spent three years building, demolishing, rebuilding, fixing, altering and improving Celeste. It's taken a long time to, I think, almost complete that tile.

    Mr Saturn64: Thank you!

    Lord Branham: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

    Huston: Thank you, that means so much. I never intended for these cities to have that green style, it just sort of happened. I wish you the best of luck with ME:TMW, and it's good you enjoy making it so much!

    Prophet42: Thanks! The diagonal lots that have been produced by JENX and Xannepan, I believe, are excellent.


    This week, we're heading north to Calora, Cattala's second-largest city. We'll be visiting three parts of the city - the historic quarter, the commuter town of Iralli and the suburb of Cydonia. I hope you like it.

    First up, the Royal Estate in Old Calora. Historically home to House Aroe of Fieranti, who reigned as Princes until 1532 and Lords of Calora until the 19th century, it became the home of the Governor under British rule and later the President of Cattala under Italian rule. It was restored to Crown rule in 1950 and is now the home of the Duke of Fieranti, currently the husband of Queen Alexandra, Duke Luciano.


    Cydonia is a prominent suburb of Calora, and forms part of the city's industrial belt with a number of high-tech companies operating out of the town. It benefits from direct rail access to Calora's CBD, the Harbour, Celeste and also has strong road connections with the city's main airport and the capital by the M2 motorway.


    Now for a night shot of Cydonia, showing the prominence of the railway divide between the two distinct sections of the suburb.


    A rare sight in my actual journal - a view of Iralli, under construction. Whilst I was doing some work on the city at the weekend I decided to show you a work-in-progress shot detailing what happens when you have R$$ demand in a city where your lots are almost all R$. :lol:


    This night shot, taken during autumn, shows some of the expansion work I have done to the east of the city (south in this image). Note the classical styled building in the bottom, near what looks like a military checkpoint...


    And a mosaic of the Cattala Observatory, home to the country's most prominent astrologists and space researchers, it forms part of a park in the east of the city that is known as Classical Park, based on its neo-classical architecture. The memorial to the south of the observatory is the town's war memorial, whilst the park further down is home to a chapel and a cafe.


    Here is a larger view of the suburb, which lies to the east further along the M2 motorway from Cydonia.


    And to end today, a mysterious building, buried deep in the forests of Iralli... The ISC Building, home to the Intelligence Service of Cattala, a seemingly small facility at first glance... Reportedly, also home to one of the top-secret Military Communications Service (MCS) operational outposts as well. I hope they don't find this picture...


    Comment, rate and let me know what you think!


  17. Ouisconsin County - Morgan Town: Rival to the South <DoW Update 116:03.17.15>


    South of Ouisconsin River, Konrad Morgan bought up a large portion of land and settled a town, Morgan Town.


    Morgan and his associate James Smith laid out streets. Settlers soon bought up lots. Audalaus Moorland built a textile factory and development exploded.


    Chester Avenue currently serves as the main road through Morgan Town.


    Moorland Textiles on Ash Street and Prospect Avenue.


    More and more houses are filling the original city grid.


    St. Stanislav Catholic Church.


    Wauwatosa Plank Road meeting up with Abeline Parkway.


    Morgan Town. First crossborder merging of two city tiles for Ouisconsin County.



    Map of Morgan Town. Some maps distributed by speculators and land sellers deny the existence of Cass Town to the north. Cass Town maps also depict the Morgan Town as a swamp unsuitable for settlement for prospective settlers. Of course, anyone with decent eyes could see signs of development of both sides of the river.


    Hope you enjoyed this update. You probably noticed some anachronisms like street lights and cars in driveways. I'm not an expert at this like SimCoug. I think the feeling is there for a old-time start to this city. Any tips, suggestions? Leave comments!

    Additionally, the great debate has started - to play SC4 or C:S!? I haven't bought C:S, yet. I barely have enough time to play SC4 as it is, and I've already put a bunch of time into this "reboot". If I do get C:S, I'll most definitely have a city journal for that game...but I think I'll still very much work on this city, too. We'll see how C:S evolves.


    Mymyjp: Wow...the amount of work required to create a map is amazing...

    Makes me appreciate the available maps out there!!!

    Excellent tutorial..I am ALMOST tempted...lol

    Yeah, but I like it, haha.

  18. WindowsIndustrial0284_4_M.jpg

    Kadykchan - Despair

    The vilest deeds like poison-weeds- Bloom well in prison-air:




    It is only what is good in Man - That wastes and withers there:











    Pale Anguish keeps the heavy gate - And the Warden is Despair


    -Oscar Wilde

  19. Ben's Top Ten

    Apologies for the long delay between updates, real life has been interfering.

    We're playing BTT catchup...  the time machine is set for December.... and New Sorgun is a reentry making it the Christmas (in August) number one!!

    Vista Del Mar, The Viceroyalty of Pursues, Basin City Blues and The Region of Ocean's Edge are back, and Washington County debuts.


    Ben's +10

    California 2 by GoKingsGo
    Mikenstein by michae95l
    Holt by simlink
    Anselli by TMTS
    The Dells by The Big Z
    Castiana - Sahal - Vagonbrei by ionionion
    Mayon Province by kschmidt
    Rio Grande do Sul by afagundes
    The Many Cities of Boomooderie by BugeyedDragon
    Twin Rivers Region by dedgren


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    P.s: Sorry for the lack of automata, got no NWM traffic generaor yet =/

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