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    I have embarked on a quest to turn a local industrial district into a gentrified upper-middle class dwelling area. I did not spent a lot of time on it, so it doesn't look promising. But it does look different, sort of. This is the next step of my large-scale plan to turn dirty and manufacturing industry areas into tight-knit residential neighborhoods filled with c.p. rowhouses. I already tried it once, 200 game years ago. Here is the result: 


    Imagine, a large area full of Dead Forest Papers and both types of Patch's Paint slowly being bulldozed and rezoned into THIS. (I haven't given this district a name yet, so let's just call it Bayback or something.)

    Anyway, Bayback is such a success, I decided to do the same thing to Ree, an industrial district just like pre-gentrified Bayback, but... actually, it's just the same thing, but with one way roads.

    Here is Ree before the project started:



    Again, not much work has been done, but progress has been made:


    My plan is to turn it into another Bayback, but that will probably take another 200 ingame years. Anyway, I gotta get back to work.

  1. Branny V2.0

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    By Marcus G. Burke


    SS Ventura

    Cygnus Constellation


    A bright falling star crosses the night sky. It’s not falling, though! It stops, suddenly, and in a moment it’s not shining anymore. It’s not a star at all, actually. It’s a piece of metal that shines from the reflection of a real star, a yellow dwarf seeming to be closer than the other white dots in the sky. If your eyes were to zoom in and look at the flanks of this not-so-identified flying object, they would be able to recognize cubital letters, painted white in a tidy font, just a little bit worn, that says:




    Closer to Bow, another inscription, that reads:


    “CC 236”


    And followed by smaller letters:




    Its shape reminds one of a arrowhead. Long and sturdy antennas dominate Bow, Stern, and Flank corners. The wide stern hosts three series of symmetrical engine bells, all turned off, even though there must be something creating energy inside, because the entirety of the vessel is illuminated like a giant Christmas Tree. Yes, that’s right! There’s life inside this thing. There’s life indeed! If you were to get closer to this metal beast, you would realize that the central part of the arrowhead is cylindrical, and rotates ad a constant rate. You would be able to spot people walking the outer corridor, full with windows. You would notice the furniture, the plants next to the doors. An automated cleaning cart dribbling waling personnel while drying the indrustrial floor after a good clean. Oh yeah. Passengers mostly wear working overalls, or military clothes. But there are children too! They are to be seen often running up and down the outer corridor, where you can find bars, shops, restaurants, arcades, and you would heard laughter, banter, and a plethora of ambience noise. The sounds of a city.

    A military woman decorated as Captain smiles as a group of youngsters runs by her. She’s quite young herself, even though she can count on her uniform for that wisdom look. What really set her apart from many other female officers like her, was her ID badge:


    “CPT. M. Covillon - UNAF”


    Capt. Covillon carries three small folders full of papers, tight in her arms. She’s in no rush and stops to chat with a civilian friend. Well, until she’s flanked by another militaryman, a mannequin asian with the same insignia as her. The man’s only presence is enough to distract Covillon from her chat and solicits her to say goodbye without him ever saying a single word.


    “Almost there…”

    The man suggests. His badge reads:


    “CPT. T. Daisen – UNAF”


    “Yeah. Few checks, probes, a recon round, and it should all come around…”

    “This phase is goin’take longer than the actual jump!”

    “Uh! Didn’t you know?”


    Covillon keeps walking with a smile, carrying not only papers but also good vibe from children and friends amongst the passengers. Daisen is contemplating something. When they reach the stairs, Daisen’s expression is tense enough to influence Covillon’s and put herself in a thinking spree, right in an area by the stairs and the elevator where people come and go, mostly military personnel from big internal automatic doors that lead to the bowels of the ship. While waiting for the elevator, Daisen probes Covillon’s folders by extending his neck.


    “You printed the Plan?”

    He asks her, calmly crossing her gaze.

    “Yes, Captain. It’s been all month, looking at you, listening at all of you, talking, deciding, blabbling about, while I had nothing more than reviews, reports, and feedback. No relevant stuff”

    “I’d say it’s your moment to shine, Captain…”

    “You can say that ‘loud, Daisen!”

    “So. Then. Can I take, maybe, a look? If you please…?”

    “Well… Sure! I can’t wait for an unoffician opinion before we begin!”


    Covillon offers Daisen one of her three folders she’s still keeping close to her chest, the blue one. Its label reads:




    Covillon protects the other two folders, a red one and a green one, while Daisen inspects the blue one. What Daisen is interested in aren’t all the specifications and paragraph of detailed explanations (Covillon must have spent a week at least producing all that). What Daisen instintively looks for are the highlighted parts. Which are:



    “COLONIZATION PLAN – First 200 years

    Colonia Fadalipe – growth rate: 0,06%

    Pop. 535 – Forecast: 1.769




    ADM. Noritada Miyazawa - Commander

    CDR. Tetsuo Miyazawa - Captain

    COL. Lorenzo Calabresi – X.O.

    CPT. Louiis C. Rainey – Mamba

    CPT. Lei Shao – Resources

    CPT. Takumi Daisen – Navigation

    CPT. Maurelle Covillon – Cargo

    CPT. Jordan Finch – AEGIS

    CPT. Kai Finch – Defence

    CPT. Flavio Rizzo – CIC




    Daisen gets bored and browses to the more interesting parts:





    CIVILIANS: 305

    CLERICS: 30

    FLIGHT CREW: 145”


    A few pages ahead…


    “MISSION TIME Y00/M01/D03/18h26m





    Sighting of Planet: Shel026-3 in System: Shel026

    Exoplanet Earth-like -1.8% mass

    Gravity (compared to Earth) 0.98

    H20: Yes

    Land/Sea ratio: 86%/14% (6,143/1)

    Atmosphere: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon (Earth-like conditions)

    Potential of cancerogenics and toxins in the air due to plant lifecycle.


    Location of First Landing

    Main Continent, Sector South-West, Colonia Fadalipe.

    Terrain: alluvional

    Climate: temperate, mild.”


    Few more pages, while the elevator cubicle, still invisible, arrives noisily at the doors. A sound that reminds jet engines inside an airliners that has just turned in at the gate.


    “Captain Daisen…?”

    “Yes, Covillon…”

    Still with his eyes on the papers.

    “Do you feel like we’ve just travelled a couple thousand light years?”



    The elevator takes them in. Daisen’s index finger browses the control panel, until it pushes: “2”, “5”, “3”. He looks at the monitor above the doors, the numbers that reflect “253”, what he selected, and “48” on the right. In a short while, an arrow appears between the two numbers, pointing up, and the “8” of “48” slowly descends, making space for the “9”, and then so does the “4”, letting “5” come in its place, and “9” becomes “0”, and “1”, and so on. The elevator accelerates. And Daisen is still reading.


    “Did I say something… weird?”

    “No, no! Covillon, don’t worry! It’s just me! I have some problems quantifying two-thousand light years”


    Covillon lets herself to a little laugh of solidarity.

    “Come on! Captain Daisen! I thought… Being the leader of the Navigation Department… You’d know these kind of… answers”


    Before he can answer, Daisen gets voluntarily intoxicated with Covillon’s body odour, slightly laboured but intriguing. He inhales it as if it was impatient for the Sunday roast. At this stage he’s not interested in Covillon’s paper anymore, even though he’s still holding the blue one in his hand.


    “The thing is… I lead the department. But I am not the department!

    “Oh. Yeah…” Replies Covillon with a grin. “That’s Thiago, right?”


    “Thiago Silva”

    “Urr… Yes! No, no! I was ‘bout to say Sjöberg, actually…”


    The elevator cubicle slowly reaches the maximum speed of 150 km/h, climbing rapidly now. There are no windows to notice movements, only a big mirror on the wall opposed to the doors. Covillon rests against the other wall, opposite the control panel. She instintively holds the steel handle, leaving echoes of her hand, while she still holds the folders at her chest.


    “Wasn’t Thiago the smartest?”

    Asks Covillon.


    “Well… Yes, in theory, arbitrarily speaking, Thiago Silva could triangolate our position in the cosmo with fragments of intormation in a few minutes, whereas experts can do it in a week.”

    “Well! You have one great resource in your department…”




    Surprised. Covillon throws her eyes open and holds the handle tighter, while Daisen gets closer with dramatic emphasis:


    “If you allow me… Thiago is just… A kid. As fast as he can be with calculus, he’s not going to have the experience and resilience for what awaits us…”


    Maurelle pouts.


    “And… What do you think… awaits us… Captain?”



    The elevator announces the imminent arrival at the desired floor, and after braking with a certain vigor, forcing the two Captains to hold the handle firmly, it comes to a gentle stop at the 253rd floor, “THIRD FLOOR BELOW DECK” as it reads on the flourescent insignia on the wall of the corridor, opposite the elevators. Covillon and Daisen remain in the cubicle.




    With an alarm, the cubicle advices the occupants the doors are about to close, and Daisen promptly blocks them and plants a foot down to trick the sensor and keep the cubicle open. Daisen is suddenly again interested in the contents of the blue folder.


    “Here, you list all the amphibious forces but you seemed to have forgotten to point out who’s stationed where…”



    This time it’s Covillon who’s approaching Daisen closely. She feels his body odour, which isn’t fresh of shower, but it is of aftershave.


    “Here. Here you say:



    2 x Shuttle

    8 x Fighters

    4 x Multirole

    1 x Marines Unit”


    Covillon listens and observes carefully – but upside-down – her own presentation on paper, following Daisen’s index finger. Then they cross gazes. Covillon is confused. Daisen is holding back his own tension and sighs. Covillon tries a defence:


    “I specified the contents of the Mamba Squadron, so that it can be subdivided for any particular need of the colony. A bit like making it available to everyone”


    Daisen gazes everywhere with contempt. Then he shuts the folder and hands it back to Covillon, and finally leaves the cubicle, turns around and stops to wait for her in the flow of other people. Covillon puts the folders back against her chest and flanks Daisen amongst the military people. The sight here is very different from that at Stern. At Bow there is only the bare minimum, and the rest is military equipment destined to authorized personnel, so you might notice security panels beside doors, cameras, fire extinguishers and communication stations. Corridors are narrower and the two Captains have to go through an automated security checkpoint.


    “The thing is…”

    Daisen inhales.

    “Marines don’t like being airline pilots”


    Covillon shuts eyes and lowers her hear hearing the topic. She refuses to accept, even if she expresses a supportive smile. She crosses Daisen’s look.


    “How’s it possible we’re still thinking this way? Even during a colonial scenario?”


    Daisen glances at her until he loses himself in other militarymen. All subordinates that salute, and at which he replies with abitudinary salute. Covillon finds herself doing the same, and their conversation is delayed and disturbed, but not ceased.


    “The thing is… The Admiral hasn’t come down to compromise when it regards the integrity and security of the ship”


    Covillon is even more confused.


    “What would that even mean?”

    “It would mean that he’s not going to land the entire Ventura Company, nor the Mamba Squadron…”

    “But, this way we’ll be vulnerable on the ground!”


    Daisen smiles sarcastically. He takes his time to answer. When he does, they are waiting in front of a TV screen with their badge clearly shown.


    “The Admiral doesn’t care what happens on the ground. The Admiral cares what happens onboard


    At this point they are finally arrived at the military communal areas. There’s a waiting room and a door that leads to the actual meeting room. In the waiting room there’s space to relax and vending machines, nursed plants, clean air, and even dominated by an ample fountain that sprays fresh water. The ceiling is one great series of skylights. Maurelle Covillon would love to gaze at the stars, or maybe at the lust Green Planet, but there’s only deep space out there. (for now)


    “What doest this mean?”

    Covillon asks, sitting down on a sofa. She realizes she is in the company of other military people.


    “Hello, Captain Covillon”

    “Hello Rainey”



    “Good day, Captain Shao”

    “Good day to you, Captain Rainey”

    “Where are the others?”

    “I heard the Finch brothers at the bar. The big one’s voice is unmistakable”



    Daisen sits next to Covillon, after buying hot tea from the vending machine.

    “Would you like one, Captain?”

    Covillon smiles in a polite way, but shows the palm.

    “No, thanks. I still feel anxious for what you said a moment ago”

    “I am sorry…”

    Daisen sits more comfortably and abandons the tea on the coffee table, over the magazines.

    “It wasn’t my intention of agitating you”


    Covillon insecurity grabs Daisen’s interest. He rests next to the profile of her face, admiring her balanced traits and wavy dark hair.


    “What do you think… awaits us… Captain?”


    Daisen sighs. The answer is difficult, and even more so before an important meeting, waiting outside the meeting room, in a waiting room that is rapidly filling with all the members of the meeting. He finds the courage to talk to her, but more discreetly, sottovoce.


    “Dark years, Captain... some Dark years…”


    Covillon is powerless after these words. Doesn’t know what to say. She’s not goint to sleep well tonight.




  2. QxosX9.jpg


    Namiko: Thanks a lot!

    Prophet42: Those would be the backalley / centre-of-the-city-block pictures- I'm glad you get great ideas for your cities.

    Akallan: I will be posting the odd montage video every two months or so...

    JP Schriefer: Thanks! Also, one can never go wrong with Ennio Morricone.

    Wallibuk: Thanks! The buildings are a mixture of American, European and British buildings.

    Urban Constanta: Cheers!


    Entry 11: Back to Rural Again!

    So as promised here are some more rural scenes. I managed to find a diagonal version of Diggis river set and combined with the orthogonal set makes for some great-looking small rivers!




    The idea is a stream cutting through the fields, with some areas being fenced off to create wildlife habitats.




    Combined with orthogonal corners and diagonal corners, creating a river becomes an exercise in grid-busting.




    The path splits in two... One branches off towards a small tourist spot.




    Another thing I'm working on is wild areas with a medium saturation of MMPs. It's not 100% saturation and it ain't a light saturation either... Medium!




    I always enjoy painting in MMP gravel paths.




    At first I was just planning on creating MMP fields, but throwing in a river adds a bit of much needed variety.




    Full-sized image can be found here- http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img923/1006/x8Hb1c.jpg




    One of my favourite scenes to create is the rail siding in the middle of the countryside.




    I also throw in some SPAM fence sets in as well- brown, white and barbed wire.




    And a bit above the bridge is the field which hugs around the river's edge...




    Using Heblem's tropical grass I get this dark-green field which looks decent. Another <small> addition is a dirt-lined perimeter around some fields.




    The petrol station faces out into the sea of dark green.







    As mentioned earlier the tourist spot is this small gazebo by the river.




    Now my plans for this river is that it will run across the northeast corner of the city tile. LARGE VERSION: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img924/772/YZVYC7.jpg




    And here is the picture of the playground. I posted this several days ago but here is the all-dolled-up version!


    Now then, the next entry will be something similar- more rural scenes.



    Lastly- WHY doesn't this site properly show mosaics?


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    As you may know I haven't updated this city journal for a few weeks so I decided to show the progress so far.


    Yes it's a little disappointing because some areas aren't fully developed but still at least I give you my progress on this Hawaiian island so far.I'm still waiting for some Hawaiian themed houses to developed so I'll wait to develop the housing areas.

  3. True Earth

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    Today we'll be taking a look at one of the world's most beautiful countries - New Zealand. With geysers, mountains, fjords, and waterfalls dotting the landscape - along with some of the of the world's most beautiful cities - any trip here is truly unforgettable.

    We'll start off in the countryside on the South Island - with the sheep population outnumbering people 7 to 1 - expect to see sheep and plenty of them for as far as the eye can see.


    You may get stuck in a traffic jam or two here as well..


    New Zealand is a land of incredible natural wonders, and one of its most beautiful destinations can be found deep in Fiordland National Park. Cascading 1,904 feet from Lake Quill, there's really no other place on Earth like the incredible Sutherland Falls.


    Further north in Fiordland National Park is another one of New Zealand's wonders - Milford Sound. This incredibly grand fiord is a natural treasure, with towering peaks and pristine forests surrounding its shores. Not surprisingly, the fiord is a popular cruise ship destination as well.


    Our last stop on the South Island is none other than New Zealand's tallest point - 12,218 foot tall Mount Cook. The Maoris of the Ngai Tahu tribe who live here believe the mountain has a sacred connection as well - Aoraki (as its referred to in their language) is believed to be the most sacred of ancestors from which they descend.


    New Zealand is also a land of geysers - and some of the most amazing ones can be found in Rotorua. The famed Pohutu Geyser erupts up to 20 times a day - at heights up to 100 feet tall - making it one of the most popular attractions in the area.


    Our last stop will be in New Zealand's largest city - Auckland. Founded back in 1840, it's served as an important industrial and business center ever since, as well as being one of the chief seaports in the region. The skyline is home to a variety of stunning buildings - but they're all dwarfed by the magnificent Sky Tower. Rising 722 feet above the city, the observation deck offers some truly incredible views of the city - and if you're brave enough, bungee jumping as well.



    St. Patrick's Cathedral in the heart of downtown is one of the most beautiful sights in the city.



    The ANZ Centre is the city's third tallest skyscraper - rising 469 feet tall, it was the city's tallest building when completed in 1991.


    Some overviews of Auckland's stunning skyline.




    Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already!



    Previous Update: "Toronto"


    Thanks to @JP Schriefer, @Tonraq, @Haljackey, @redfox85, @Edvarz, @bobolee, @tariely, @CorinaMarie, @The British Sausage, @scotttbarry, @art128, @Toby Ferrian, @Dgmc2013, @mrsmartman, @_Michael, @Manuel-ito, @PaulSawyer, @Ling Ziming, @GenericUser, @BruceTedder, @raynev1, @mike_oxlong, @kingofsimcity, @RandyE, @bladeberkman, @jakis, @Bastet69008, @SC4L0ver, @feyss, @rathefalcon, @sucram17, @Akallan, @Elenphor, @Ducio, @Wallibuk, @Urban Constanta, @RobertLM78, & @Jonas Chaves for all the likes!


  4. Jarraban (AIN)

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    Welcome to Royston, the capital and second largest city of Jarraban. With a population of 472,000, it is small in size. However, it packs a punch, wielding significant political and economic power nationally and throughout Australasia. Since becoming Jarraban's capital in 1924, it has evolved to be a cosmopolitan and chic city, embracing the modern whilst retaining elements of the old. Today, we'll be going on a little tour.

    Aerial view of the CBD and surrounding suburbs. Royston's CBD is compact but eclectic, housing important financial and political institutions, world-class eateries, vibrant nightlife and superb shopping opportunities.

    Closer view of the CBD

    The CBD at night. Abuzz early in the evening when Roystonians eat out, and then later on when revellers hit the city's numerous pubs and clubs.

    Royston's waterfront precinct. Redeveloped in the late 2000s, it features a marina, offices, apartments, shops, restaurants and the historic Royston Yacht Club.

    Parliamentary Precinct, which incorporates several key buildings. Below is the Jarrabanian National War Memorial, built to commemorate the armed forces and those who have died or participated in wars. Left is the National Gallery & Library (completed in 2014), in the centre Parliament House (built 1928), and right the High Court of Jarraban.

    Darwin St Mall in the city centre. Notable for Commonwealth Square (middle), delicious coffee shops and - for those looking to splurge - high-end boutiques.

    University of Royceston (below) and St. Anne's Hospital (above to the right)

    North Royston. Numerous government institutions are headquartered here. In the lower half of the image is Eppa Plaza (orange building), Jarraban's second largest shopping mall. Just above is Royston Station.

    Norfolk Park, the city's main stadium. With a capacity of 48,000, it regularly hosts major events such as concerts, international rugby, cricket and soccer matches. Many famous sporting contests have taken place here.

    Jarraban's wiki page: http://aoin.eu/wiki/index.php?title=Jarraban

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    This area, formerly known as Industry City, used to be an industrial area for the city of Blacktower (unfortunately, I don't have a screenshot of it). However, it was extremely polluted, and badly connected to Blacktower, and also the neighboring city Gorton. Let's make something better out of it.

    The first thing to do was connect the highway from Gorton to a major boulevard in Blacktower.

    Here's a picture of it.5a25bafc0d994_IndustryCity-Apr.28151512399934.thumb.jpg.1d96940bc46fbf38d4d3ae88499cb9ff.jpg

    Now, let's do some more infrastructure (and also, some decorations).


    Let's take a look at what is about to become our first residential zone:


    There it is!


    A couple of bus stops won't do any harm.


    Okay, so now we have a connection between Gorton and Blacktower, and also a little suburb with a good connection to both cities.

    Let's have an overview of other parts of Gorton:

    central Gorton - a metropolis full of skyscrapers:


    South Gorton - a modern suburb with buildings which vary from tiny houses to high-rise buildings:5a25bd3f68165_SouthGorton-Jul.15291512418948.thumb.png.20bb761abe07ed39ff8e0530b1d7f2c3.png

    Let me know what you all think, and see you next time.

  5. Akallan
    Latest Entry



    See you soon!

  6. yuC8o.jpg 


    Nakahara  25: "Non Directional Art" (Mitsuya, Akashima)


    (quiet an intersting thing that the song above samples similar sound as one of sc4 mayor mode music)

    As a mosaic of the Akashima city, the city grow since early 17th century when Suzumoto Clan rule the Hasaki Domain of the area. The city however suffer devastation of earthquakes and tsunami multiple times including the latest one in 2014. Akashima grow into major metropolitan area of Nakahara with rather non-planned chaotic pattern but managed to emerge as a well developed city in end of 20th century...

    Shiraigawa (白井川町), Naka ward(中区) one of the densely developed area in central Akashima near the main downtown core of the city. As for the public transit access to the area, Akashima Subway Mitsuya Line built in 1983 to improve connectivity of the area.


    The highway network of the city follow the pattern of the city development going through densely build area today.. Akashima Expressway Yumesaki route  (赤島高速5号夢崎線) serves the main road access toward the southern Yumesaki area of Akashima alongside with recently built Akashima Bay Bridge toward Arakawa city.


    Akashima Expressway Yumesaki Route passing through densely build area in Mitsuya (美津谷町), Akashima


    Mizuguchi Station (水口駅), one of the Station of Yumesaki Line (夢崎線) is crowded in the morning as usual day in Akashima. Mizuguchi Station located in Naka Ward, Akashima and it serves the area in northwest part of Yumesaki area of Akashima


    Parallel toward the Akashima expressway Yumesaki Route, Yumesaki Line serves the Yumesaki Ward, the southern part of Akashima city located in Yumesaki peninsula.



    Mitsuya (美津谷町) is a district located just in the west of Akashima Downtown core. One of the famous part of Mitsuya is the shopping area nearby Mitsuya Station where it can be interpreted as "Akiba of Akashima" which mainly sold electronic stuff as well as many of the pop culture on Nakahara.



    Part of Mitsuya is home to many offices and company around the city.as an example western part of Mitsuya host wall to wall offices building rows.


    Mitsuya Station (美津谷駅), as the main station of the area, awkwardly located just below the Akashima Expressway Yumesaki Route serves the Tokaido Main Line alongside with the Akiya Line, and the Inner Loop Line of Akashima. A lot of people rushes for the transfer either toward the bus or the nearby Akashima Subway Mitsuya Line.


    Akashima Expressway Chuo Line  (赤島高速3号中央線) passing through southern part of Mitsuya basically marking the border of Mitsuya and Shiraigawa in the south.


    Into the night, the district is never sleep as the district host many entertainment area where many office worker in Akashima may spend night here before going home to hang with the co-worker or just to forgot the stress they got earlier during the worktime. 





    Cross of Akashima Expressway Yumesaki Route with Chuo Route at night...


    Thank you for viewing hope you enjoy it!



    @korver @kelistmac @scotttbarry : Thank you for the comments! Glad you like it!

    @kschmidt @Linoa06 : Thank you! yeah I take note of the addition for Temples and Shrines.. Thanks for the suggestion anyeay!



  7. Szczecin - Poland

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    Hi all!
    In the beggining i will introduce my home town called Szczecin

    I'm Creating my town on overlayed map/image. I've made 15000pxx15000px fully sized map based on maps.google.com. The scale is changed ideal for normal in-game road.
    I've spend one week to set up i photoshop this underlay.
    This underlay looks like this one under. (this one under was the pre-alpha map for the original project)

    I've started to create a highway placed on Bukowe Hills.


    I'll place also the original highway signs with original Polish city names


    I've made a Hotel Panorama on the one of highway exits. This hotel has got a beautifull city site and river site view.


    I've started to crete a basement with all roads. The underlay map is very big and it's load few minutes. So i decided to do that.


    There is a lot of work with terraforming and creating river with all parts.

    One day i've woke up and I had a vision of city center bridge!
    So I've tryed to build it.
    This is pre-alpha version. A final version you will see soon - it will be perfect! Almost like original bridge!


    I know it's not too much but it's very hard to build something like original with lots of details :(

    See ya soon!


  8. Vienna, Alt Stadt !

    We arrived in the sixth city in this series, Vienna ! Some city building fatigue showing, I have set up about most of the town centre and most road, rail and public transport and all mayor  highway´s ! Start point as usual is the main railway station, Vienna Hauptbahnhof !


    Fortunaly for me I didn´t have to search for the old Sűd Bahnhof.  Recently it was replaced by a ultra new run through station so trains don´t have to turn direction if so, with double driver cabs as to today there isn´t much of loco changes really !

    Some hotels at the Hauptbahnhof square and station quarters !



    Below right is one of the great parks of Vienna, the Stadtpark, simple.. yet !

    Now we have a look at my interpretation of the inner city ! This is the Kingston market set as I excersized this on this open square !


    Half in half of the inner city is growable wich results in mostly modern buildings, to keep some ancient look the time period and W2W buildings where groupwisely added ! Diversity of growable buildings is so great maybe plopable cities are the way to go to counter this problem !


    Town center with the St. Stephan kirche in the left and central squares !



    Votiv church and the Burgtheatre !


    Vienna city area is fast in size not all will be covered, mostly the center and river area´s !


    Last we have a another look at the Stadtpark !


    Remember one of the great composer for his glory a monument was erected here ! The Johan Strauss denkmal !

    Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !

  9. yutiA4.jpg.ff2f4646ab34ce74a90b8c87d86dca0a.jpg



    Article #11 - "Yuti: Downtown"

    Yuti is capital city of Metzú Republic. Is the most populated city of Metzú. Founded in 1794 by spanish colonists, became capital in 1900, after The Independence of Spain (1899). In 1901, it was established the Gobierno Metropolitano de Yuti (Yuti Metropolitan Government), becoming a federal district. Since 1905, the government invest a lot of money to improve infrastructure like avenues, airports, public transport, etc. Yuti is the main tourist destination. Is cosmopolitan, headquarters of big companies and is the most ambitious project of this young country. It is the pride of all Metzuanan people.


    Full Map


    Population: 205.449

    Metropolitan Area: 240.658

    Main Activities: Financial services, Heavy Industries, Commercial Activities (Seaport)

    Transport: Nueva República International Airport (Xá City), Puerto Internacional de la Ciudad de YutiAutopista AM01 / AM02, Subterráneos de YutiEstación de Trenes Libertadores

    A big metropolis...



    1. Avenida Libertad. Financial and commercial centre.


    2. Diagonal Angosta.


    3. Avenida Libertad  again. Another POV. 


    4. Avenida de la Costa. The big building is a prestigious convention center.


    5. Avenida Metropolitana. A subway line passes there. 


    6. Estadio Metropolitano de Yuti. Home of C.A Yuti.


    7. Palacio de la Metrópoli. Government's headquarters. On the left, Tribunales Federal de la República (Federal Court).In the middle, Paseo de la Revolución.


    And now... Night shots!!!


    8. Downtown at night.


    9. Avenida Libertad. The widest avenue of Metzú.


    10. Great towers next to the bay.


    11. The city shines at night.


    We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.





  10. poshbakerloo
    Latest Entry

    This entry looks at a random fire which erupted out of no where and the completion of the bypass for Pinewood - plus some new high rise development in the centre!


    Looks like someone burnt the toast...



    Prior to the extension of the bypass (see next photo) the town centre was flooded with a huge number of cars and heavy goods vehicles trying to reach the industrial areas to the north...



    The original bypass route as you can see ended in the town centre which flooded the roundabout with huge numbers of cars. This caused a lot of problems, so the route was extended further out avoiding the town completely and adding a junction with the motorway...



    First highrise buildings grow to the east of Downtown...


  11. Kanaka

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    Recent Entries

    Latest Entry


    While trying to upgrade my storage, my computer somehow got wiped of all my files, including a bunch of screenshots that I had lined up for upcoming entries. I still have the savegame, and will continue the CJ, but it will take a slightly different direction. 

    Thank you all, especially @Linoa06, @kelistmac, @BruceTedder, @RandyE, and @bobolee

    And here is a teaser image for the new CJ!


  12. BruceTedder
    Latest Entry

    Citywide High School Football Tournament Announced

    Beginning in 2024, the 8 largest high schools in the city will be invited to play a tournament at the new Washington Rebels Stadium in Rulo. 


    Town of "Korver" Established

    The town of "Korver" has been incorporated along I-29 north of Oregon at the intersections of the interstate and US-59 and US-159. The town also includes the Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Rescue. The town is named to honor a prominent citizen @korver.



    Town of "Randyville" Established

    The town of "Randyville" has been incorporated along I-29 west of Craig. The town is named to honor a prominent citizen @RandyE.


    Town of "West Fairfax" Established

    The town of "West Fairfax" has been incorporated along I-29 west of Fairfax. Highway MO-46 is extended to meet the Interstate to service West Fairfax.


    Town of "Schmidt" Established

    The town of "Schmidt" has been incorporated along US-73 north of Padonia and south of Falls City. The town is named to honor a prominent citizen @kschmidt.


    Town of "Saitama" Established

    The town of "Saitama" has been incorporated west of Steinauer at the intersection of NE-4 and NE-99. The town is named to honor the work of a prominent citizen @kelistmac.



    Looking for the bigger picture of where these new towns fit in? Check out the overview maps here.

  13. KiWC8ai.png


    Hey there! I've been gone longer than I've wanted, but now I'm back with a brand new city (I've even got all the entries planned out, so that's gonna be a few solid entries). 

    I lost my Santa Linna files over the summer and that crushed my motivation; however, while I am definitely working on another tropical island (Japanese, probably?) here's something I don't get to do very often - Euro cities!

    But first, here's where we've been so far in this City Journal - we're getting a pretty solid overview of the state of Cathnoquey as a whole!



    It seems we've been pretty much to all four corners of the state of Cathnoquey. One sneaky scaling retcon later, we're going back to Perwyn Island. If you want to visit the northern Perwyn city of Westport, click here. Today we're going to go to the southern reaches of the island, to the state capital of Dragon's Landing!


    Dragon's Landing is one of the oldest towns in Cathnoquey. Before it became its own state, Cathnoquey was split in two colonies : the Dunmer colony of Perwyn, fresh from Morrowind and the Imperial colony of Humberland. A joint independance war, a federation and a civil war later, Dragon's Landing still survives as one of the hubs of Dunmeri colonial life and Cathnoquey pioneer spirit. 


    Dragon's Landing is built on the southernmost island on Perwyn, and is home to about 104'000 people, the vast majority in the city proper.


    As the capital, Dragon's Landing is the island's economic powerhouse. The Synod Light Tower, built by Dunmeri mages in the middle of the Haymarket, serves as one of the symbols of the city and its status as one of the big town of Cathnoquey.


    This area also serves as the main business district, and naturally, it is the hub of the city's three key bus lines that criss-cross the town. The State Capitol can also be seen to the bottom right of the picture - it is currently led by the conservative admistration of Dunmer businessman Durena Hlaalu.


    The bus network is highly used - and it keeps the narrow streets of the old town mostly free from traffic.


    To the north of town is the Central Station. It's a stately building, built in the waning years of the Fourth Era - at the time the Perwyn Railway was not the only railroad in Perwyn, and many other lines converged towards Dragon's Landing. The bus station and the southern end of the A9 road can also be seen. As with many similar cities, the railway station is on the periphery of the business core.


    This is why the bus station is located there. Many buses come and go, some of them to far-flung towns in Perwyn, others to shuttle busy commuters to and from the city centre.


    Here's a roundabout at the north entrance of Dragon's Landing, with the city's light rail system running down the middle. Of course the Landing has its own metro system, but it's not necessarily adequate, as we'll see in later entries.


    The difference in elevation between the A9 approach and the central station, and the city itself is staggering, but to a driver coming from Westport, it also affords a premium view of the central core.


    But let's talk about the A9 freeway a little. We've already been there, back in Westport, where it's a non-separated 2x2 road. However, in the vicinity of Dragon's Landing, it's a full-fledged motorway (well, for the most part), boasting serious infrastructure and traffic. This is the junction with roads A92 and A45, which connect to the west coast of Perwyn as well as the north areas of the Landing.



    The A9 is effectively the backbone of road transport for the entirety of Perwyn Island. A little closer to town, Taverley's residential tower blocks overlook the roadway, still awaiting long-due refurbishment.


    Bird's eye view of the housing blocks in Taverley. One can also see Taverley Station here - there will naturally be an entry dedicated to public transit (or two) ;)


    The A9 isn't all motorway. Here at the entrance of Dragon's Landing, traffic lights regulate the flow of cars crossing the roadway at grade. It's not an ideal situation, but there's little money in the coffers and no administration has wanted to tackle the immense challenge of providing an alternative while a proper junction is built.


    In a town so tightly packed and where several buildings are heritage sites, though, it's pretty understandable that a lot of similar projects become highly complicated if not downright infeasible.


    Taking of heritage sites, here is, fittingly, City Hall, where important decisions get made about the future of the city. For instance, where to put the Mayors mansion? Other cities have theirs, why not ours?


    Why not the Dragon's Castle? This beautiful Akaviri structure is built on top of the highest mountain dead in the middle of Dragon's Landing island. As the story goes, the temple predated the arrival of the first Dunmeri settlers. Legends tell of a Redguard woman from Hammerfell who, after forty days and forty nights, shouted the dragon to death alongside her Akaviri companions. The resulting crash is said to have created the lake, and given the city its eventual name. 


    A less fanciful explanation for the city's name might simply be that Imperial-affiliated house Hlaalu, whose symbol at the time was a dragon, first landed on the shores of Perwyn...hence the name. 


    Dragon's Landing is, as one might expect, an important harbour in Cathnoquey. Though Westport Harbour is also important, the Landing handles a lot of cargo either at its airport or its deep water harbour. A canal separates the residential area of Birstall from the industrial area, sparing the residents the noise of harbour activity - and, as this picture shows, probably avoiding a possible disaster from spreading from one area to the next.


    Another residential tower block, in Birstall, with a broken truck and a supermarket at the foot of the tenement building. Dragon's Landing relies little on high-density buildings, though, vastly preferring long rows of narrow houses sprawling across town. At such, the tenements tend to be inhabited by the lowest classes, immigrants, industrial workers - but many people believe that these estates generate precarity as much as they help fix it, and many such towers across town have already been demolished.


    The entire town certainly isn't low-density, though. On its outskirts, one can find Velothi Dale - a ward specifically created to accomodate medium-density offices in a town where demand for retail and office space outgrew what was provided in its historic town centre. Velothi Dale is one of several "New Towns" sponsored by the Cathnoquey federal government, much like the Taverley and Birstall estates seen above, meant to remedy a shortage of housing and retail space - but being retail space, it's probably not going to be demolished any time soon.


    Indeed not all "new towns" are meant to be impoverished. These residential towers are actually pretty well valued, near the stadium and a light rail station, and feature state of the art keycards, soundproofing, and even their own shops.


    However, the majority of the town consists of these rows of houses, such as here in Elsfield. The residential choices and general urban planning of people across Cathnoquey remain indicative of the sharp divide between the Dunmeri settlers, who came earlier and had to make do with limited terrain, and later Imperial settlers who took over most of the empty island for themselves and followed a philosophy of modernity and what came to be known as the federal doctrine of "a castle for every man".


    General architecture choices and the layout of the town is another sharp contrast to the neatly laid out grid pattern seen in Humberland and Kingscote cities such as Glenvale or Amesbury - the Landing truly was built over time, and its organic street pattern reflects that. 


    It's not that there are no key arteries though  - Market Road, for instance, is one of the few large avenues in the city. Pretty bumpy ride, though.


    Here's another divide : here at the Haymarket, we can see the Cathedral of Arkay, the Aedric god of death. However, unlike in the mainland provinces, the Nerevarine is also worshipped at Aedric cathedrals. This is because of the Nerevarine's status as the saviour of Morrowind back in the third era, and his eventual travels to Akavir, stopping on the then-virgin island of Cathnoquey along the way. In fact, outlawing of Nerevarine worship in the late fourth era was one of the direct triggers of the Cathnoquey Civil War, which ended in a bitter stalemate.


     A more peculiar sight in Dragon's Landing is the presence of Akaviri shrines, such as the Perwyn Grand Shrine. Very unique indeed, as very few places in Cathnoquey have Akaviri shrines (Amesbury comes to mind); however, there is a strong community of Akaviri expats who live in Dragon's Landing, and their faith happens to blend neatly with Aedric beliefs.


    Anyway! I'm droning on, and there will be many more entries to cover different aspects of Dragon's Landing. So to conclude, here's an overview of East Town, with its twisted warren of winding roadways.


    Thanks for reading, and I hope this wasn't too rusty an entry as I dive back into Cities Skylines (and am battling a headache writing this)... See you soon <3 


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    Lazarou Monkey Terror
    Latest Entry

    Here is a city tile I have been working on. Situated in the North West of Lazarou City, Radconie Habour has a nautical theme while living under the presence of the nearby Space Elevator (that's in another tile.)



    With this city I've continued to explore my "4tex" design style, here I've chosen the "BSC Park" tileset.



    This has been quite the education modwise, when I created the building lots for the BSC set I put them all as high wealth and this caused problems in getting them to grow. Also for a month I lamented the inability of the large residential lots to grow. Then I found out they were in the "$" group in the Lot file which is why they weren't growing in the high wealth areas I had made for them.


    As you can see these are working residential giant lots. I think I have the knack of these big beauties now but they do require support to keep them alive. I use custom 1x1 lots with high CS$$$ and CO$$$ jobs (20k or 40k) and have strong transport links.


    These are Bixel's Hong Kong style giant residentials relotted to fit in with my BSC Park tileset. Anne Bonny was a famous lady pirate from the time of such adventures and was also an excellent character in the TV series Black Sails.




    I've built a "cliff face" of medium and large residential buildings around the smaller, fishing village style streets by the water.


    In trying out NVBC's waterfront set I've created an octopus like island village in the main bay of Radconie Harbour


    Cetaceans are the intelligent residents of water, genetically enhanced dolphins, whales and sea adapted humans. They needs places to interact with the land folk and also people experienced in Cetacean Law (similar to Bird Law)


    Getting the right lots to grow is still a matter of patience. Paint the lot, be disappointed in what grows, dezone or demolish then try again. When the right thing does grow, it is joyous :D



    Radconie harbour 03.JPG

    Radconie harbour 05.JPG

  14. 38337805296_382fb5b821_o.jpg

    • Update #8 || Hatsukaichi - The Port + Extra •


    • Hello everyone, today I want to share with all of you the last update of Hatsukaichi. We have visited this wonderful town in the last 2 updates but  I wanted to leave the port for the last update of Hatsukaichi. Why ? I have put a lot of effort into making this port and I'm really happy with the result, to me the port of Hatsukaichi means a step forward in my way to the perfect recreation of the Japanese landscape. I hope you enjoy all the pictures and the update itself •


    In the past, the Hatsukaichi lighthouse was located far from the population and the buildings. This was previously a small peninsula far from the habitable zones of Hatsukaichi 


    • Due to the strong demand in the country and the shortage of land, the city was gradually gaining space to the sea and today the lighthouse is part of the town itself •



    To understand the progress of the port first it is necessary to explain its past. The port is divided into 3 parts, in these two pictures you can see the old port; this one was the first port of Hatsukaichi. It's shape is quite simple, just a small zone created on a a shallow area, building it was simple and for the small and old boats there was no problem of depth ( In the past Hatsukaichi used its port only to supply fish for its inhabitants )



    When the people of Hatsukaichi realized that the fishing could be a good business, they built an extension of the old port, the part two. Part two consisted in building a dock for ships a little bigger and deeper where the first fishing companies could be established. The Hatsukaichi fish market was also built 


    Part two of the port was built between the lighthouse and the old port of Hatsukaichi 


    In this image you can appreciate how the old port (Part 1) and the extension (part 2) are perfectly connected along the shoreline •


    Currently part 2 of the Hatsukaichi port is normally used by small boats because the larger ships use the new port that we will see below.
    A small security post was also built to maintain maritime control of the area


    The new port of Hatsukaichi (Part 3)  is bigger and more modern, its docks are more spacious and functional and it has much more space for the workers and their trucks 


    The part 3, the new port of Hatsukaichi is the heart of the town, most of the inhabitants are working here, fishing is the main business for this people and Hatsukaichi has it own fame. It is located far of the city center, far from the main ports and industries of the prefecture. Its fish is fresh and it is very famous in the entire prefecture of Saitama, for that reason during the all day ships are transporting fish from here to the main port of the Prefecture, located in Tokyu, the biggest city of Saitama Prefecture




    If you are one of those people who usually come to Hatsukaichi to buy fish or you are just passing by, I recommend you visit this small town located west of Hatsukaichi 



    It really has nothing special but for those people who live in the big cities of the Prefecture small towns like this are pure fresh air, simply walk through its small and narrow streets while listening to the sound of the Saitama Sea 


    The Saitama Prefecture It is a huge place, it is known as the port of Japan, the whole prefecture is destined to the sea and not only the big international ports are important, ports and places like these contribute to keep our Prefecture in perfect operation. I hope you enjoyd your visit and until the next time my friends •


    Greetings / Saludos / Groeten

    # Jonathan.

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    Recent Entries

    Thank you to those who commented in the previous post, your support is appreciated!


    In 2017, the People's Revolutionary Assembly of Charoupia approved design changes for the flag and the state emblem of the Charoupian Jamahiriya. These changes are intended to better reflect the Jamahiriya ideology and Charoupia's devotion to Islam. The new flag and the new emblem can be seen in the sidebar.

    Accordingly, the front of the People's Revolutionary Assembly building now looks like this:


    The Charoupian government also pledged additional support to the Green Army and other pro-Gaddafi factions in Libya who aim to restore the Libyan Jamahiriya. 

    Recently, the United States and other Western nations have increased financial and travel sanctions against members of the Charoupian government in addition to considering broad sanctions against the country in response to the internal and external policies of the Jamahiriya. Charoupia has condemned sanctions against itself and other countries as hindering national development and prosperity. 

  15. Due to violent protests against the president Miguel Hernández in San Lorenzo/Sucurocá D.C. we had to leave the capital for our own safety. We headed out to one of Grandoro's many rural towns, Villahermosa. Driving from the capital to here takes around 3 hours.


    Located between some mountains, in the Montes department, Villahermosa is a town in the middle of no where, almost. Life here is simple but there is no violence in the small village.

    You will see old ladys sitting outside their houses in mock-chairs and drinking coffee together. You will see farmer families go into the plaza to sell their harvest. And on every street you will hear music being played.


    Greenhouses outside Villahermosa. Here, flowers are farmed. The department of Montes is the main exporter of flowers in the country.

    Looks like the protests are over now, according to the news we just watched in a bar! Sadly many people were hurt. 


    We don't know where to head out next, where should we go? To the coast? Or maybe to the remote island of Isla Chica? The capital? Y'all decide! 







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    Recent Entries


    Hey Simtropolis :D

    I've caught a small break between my second and last exam, so I thought it'd be fun to try something SC4 related after such a long while. I decided to just make-do with what I already had, despite there being no real fresh BATs in this image. Starting out with a small scene, like I usually do, but it turned out quite nice :)




    "Despite our drive to reach for new stars and tame new worlds; there always lurks, a disaster at every corner. We realize that the galaxy is even wilder than we could possibly imagine, and no amount of technology could prepare us for the reality and the challenges it brings."

  16. large.59e7be20c65bc_PortdeCaravella-085_

    A suburb is a residential area or a mixed use area, either existing as part of a city or urban area or as a separate residential community within commuting distance of a city.
    Progress on my city has been very limited recently and therefore it's been a while since my last update. But I've been working on some of the suburbs of Port de Caravella and it's time to share some pictures of the progress made.


    The suburbs are a combination of hotels, houses, apartments, shops and sports fields. The various pictures below show examples of all of them.








    The Grand Incan is the biggest resort in Port de Caravella and is located on one of the best beaches on the Island. An ideal place to relax and enjoy the best of Port de Caravella.



    And, as always: if you like it, let me know!

  17. Urbino

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    Recent Entries

    Just some random screenshots put together, I m still not entirely sure how I want to give form to this City Journal...







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