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  1. BruceTedder
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    Citywide High School Football Tournament Announced

    Beginning in 2024, the 8 largest high schools in the city will be invited to play a tournament at the new Washington Rebels Stadium in Rulo. 


    Town of "Korver" Established

    The town of "Korver" has been incorporated along I-29 north of Oregon at the intersections of the interstate and US-59 and US-159. The town also includes the Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Rescue. The town is named to honor a prominent citizen @korver.



    Town of "Randyville" Established

    The town of "Randyville" has been incorporated along I-29 west of Craig. The town is named to honor a prominent citizen @RandyE.


    Town of "West Fairfax" Established

    The town of "West Fairfax" has been incorporated along I-29 west of Fairfax. Highway MO-46 is extended to meet the Interstate to service West Fairfax.


    Town of "Schmidt" Established

    The town of "Schmidt" has been incorporated along US-73 north of Padonia and south of Falls City. The town is named to honor a prominent citizen @kschmidt.


    Town of "Saitama" Established

    The town of "Saitama" has been incorporated west of Steinauer at the intersection of NE-4 and NE-99. The town is named to honor the work of a prominent citizen @kelistmac.



    Looking for the bigger picture of where these new towns fit in? Check out the overview maps here.

  2. Kanaka

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    Hello everybody! Here are some images of recent development in Kanaka, as well as just some shots of the raw wilderness of northern Canada. So enjoy!



    5 new families have move in to the so-called "downtown" of Kanaka, and the church has never been fuller! (Cringing really badly at that tree behind the church)



    A random house way out there.

    And some shots of the area:


    Expansive power lines go on for miles and miles out here without a house...




    On the regional road looking towards Kanaka. This road is one of the more dangerous in the world. It would nearly impossible for help to come for you for days, or even weeks in some places. It is also known for its extremely stressful hairpin turns. Don't fall off!


    Anyway that's it, but I hope you enjoyed it!


  3. KiWC8ai.png


    Hey there! I've been gone longer than I've wanted, but now I'm back with a brand new city (I've even got all the entries planned out, so that's gonna be a few solid entries). 

    I lost my Santa Linna files over the summer and that crushed my motivation; however, while I am definitely working on another tropical island (Japanese, probably?) here's something I don't get to do very often - Euro cities!

    But first, here's where we've been so far in this City Journal - we're getting a pretty solid overview of the state of Cathnoquey as a whole!



    It seems we've been pretty much to all four corners of the state of Cathnoquey. One sneaky scaling retcon later, we're going back to Perwyn Island. If you want to visit the northern Perwyn city of Westport, click here. Today we're going to go to the southern reaches of the island, to the state capital of Dragon's Landing!


    Dragon's Landing is one of the oldest towns in Cathnoquey. Before it became its own state, Cathnoquey was split in two colonies : the Dunmer colony of Perwyn, fresh from Morrowind and the Imperial colony of Humberland. A joint independance war, a federation and a civil war later, Dragon's Landing still survives as one of the hubs of Dunmeri colonial life and Cathnoquey pioneer spirit. 


    Dragon's Landing is built on the southernmost island on Perwyn, and is home to about 104'000 people, the vast majority in the city proper.


    As the capital, Dragon's Landing is the island's economic powerhouse. The Synod Light Tower, built by Dunmeri mages in the middle of the Haymarket, serves as one of the symbols of the city and its status as one of the big town of Cathnoquey.


    This area also serves as the main business district, and naturally, it is the hub of the city's three key bus lines that criss-cross the town. The State Capitol can also be seen to the bottom right of the picture - it is currently led by the conservative admistration of Dunmer businessman Durena Hlaalu.


    The bus network is highly used - and it keeps the narrow streets of the old town mostly free from traffic.


    To the north of town is the Central Station. It's a stately building, built in the waning years of the Fourth Era - at the time the Perwyn Railway was not the only railroad in Perwyn, and many other lines converged towards Dragon's Landing. The bus station and the southern end of the A9 road can also be seen. As with many similar cities, the railway station is on the periphery of the business core.


    This is why the bus station is located there. Many buses come and go, some of them to far-flung towns in Perwyn, others to shuttle busy commuters to and from the city centre.


    Here's a roundabout at the north entrance of Dragon's Landing, with the city's light rail system running down the middle. Of course the Landing has its own metro system, but it's not necessarily adequate, as we'll see in later entries.


    The difference in elevation between the A9 approach and the central station, and the city itself is staggering, but to a driver coming from Westport, it also affords a premium view of the central core.


    But let's talk about the A9 freeway a little. We've already been there, back in Westport, where it's a non-separated 2x2 road. However, in the vicinity of Dragon's Landing, it's a full-fledged motorway (well, for the most part), boasting serious infrastructure and traffic. This is the junction with roads A92 and A45, which connect to the west coast of Perwyn as well as the north areas of the Landing.



    The A9 is effectively the backbone of road transport for the entirety of Perwyn Island. A little closer to town, Taverley's residential tower blocks overlook the roadway, still awaiting long-due refurbishment.


    Bird's eye view of the housing blocks in Taverley. One can also see Taverley Station here - there will naturally be an entry dedicated to public transit (or two) ;)


    The A9 isn't all motorway. Here at the entrance of Dragon's Landing, traffic lights regulate the flow of cars crossing the roadway at grade. It's not an ideal situation, but there's little money in the coffers and no administration has wanted to tackle the immense challenge of providing an alternative while a proper junction is built.


    In a town so tightly packed and where several buildings are heritage sites, though, it's pretty understandable that a lot of similar projects become highly complicated if not downright infeasible.


    Taking of heritage sites, here is, fittingly, City Hall, where important decisions get made about the future of the city. For instance, where to put the Mayors mansion? Other cities have theirs, why not ours?


    Why not the Dragon's Castle? This beautiful Akaviri structure is built on top of the highest mountain dead in the middle of Dragon's Landing island. As the story goes, the temple predated the arrival of the first Dunmeri settlers. Legends tell of a Redguard woman from Hammerfell who, after forty days and forty nights, shouted the dragon to death alongside her Akaviri companions. The resulting crash is said to have created the lake, and given the city its eventual name. 


    A less fanciful explanation for the city's name might simply be that Imperial-affiliated house Hlaalu, whose symbol at the time was a dragon, first landed on the shores of Perwyn...hence the name. 


    Dragon's Landing is, as one might expect, an important harbour in Cathnoquey. Though Westport Harbour is also important, the Landing handles a lot of cargo either at its airport or its deep water harbour. A canal separates the residential area of Birstall from the industrial area, sparing the residents the noise of harbour activity - and, as this picture shows, probably avoiding a possible disaster from spreading from one area to the next.


    Another residential tower block, in Birstall, with a broken truck and a supermarket at the foot of the tenement building. Dragon's Landing relies little on high-density buildings, though, vastly preferring long rows of narrow houses sprawling across town. At such, the tenements tend to be inhabited by the lowest classes, immigrants, industrial workers - but many people believe that these estates generate precarity as much as they help fix it, and many such towers across town have already been demolished.


    The entire town certainly isn't low-density, though. On its outskirts, one can find Velothi Dale - a ward specifically created to accomodate medium-density offices in a town where demand for retail and office space outgrew what was provided in its historic town centre. Velothi Dale is one of several "New Towns" sponsored by the Cathnoquey federal government, much like the Taverley and Birstall estates seen above, meant to remedy a shortage of housing and retail space - but being retail space, it's probably not going to be demolished any time soon.


    Indeed not all "new towns" are meant to be impoverished. These residential towers are actually pretty well valued, near the stadium and a light rail station, and feature state of the art keycards, soundproofing, and even their own shops.


    However, the majority of the town consists of these rows of houses, such as here in Elsfield. The residential choices and general urban planning of people across Cathnoquey remain indicative of the sharp divide between the Dunmeri settlers, who came earlier and had to make do with limited terrain, and later Imperial settlers who took over most of the empty island for themselves and followed a philosophy of modernity and what came to be known as the federal doctrine of "a castle for every man".


    General architecture choices and the layout of the town is another sharp contrast to the neatly laid out grid pattern seen in Humberland and Kingscote cities such as Glenvale or Amesbury - the Landing truly was built over time, and its organic street pattern reflects that. 


    It's not that there are no key arteries though  - Market Road, for instance, is one of the few large avenues in the city. Pretty bumpy ride, though.


    Here's another divide : here at the Haymarket, we can see the Cathedral of Arkay, the Aedric god of death. However, unlike in the mainland provinces, the Nerevarine is also worshipped at Aedric cathedrals. This is because of the Nerevarine's status as the saviour of Morrowind back in the third era, and his eventual travels to Akavir, stopping on the then-virgin island of Cathnoquey along the way. In fact, outlawing of Nerevarine worship in the late fourth era was one of the direct triggers of the Cathnoquey Civil War, which ended in a bitter stalemate.


     A more peculiar sight in Dragon's Landing is the presence of Akaviri shrines, such as the Perwyn Grand Shrine. Very unique indeed, as very few places in Cathnoquey have Akaviri shrines (Amesbury comes to mind); however, there is a strong community of Akaviri expats who live in Dragon's Landing, and their faith happens to blend neatly with Aedric beliefs.


    Anyway! I'm droning on, and there will be many more entries to cover different aspects of Dragon's Landing. So to conclude, here's an overview of East Town, with its twisted warren of winding roadways.


    Thanks for reading, and I hope this wasn't too rusty an entry as I dive back into Cities Skylines (and am battling a headache writing this)... See you soon <3 


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    Lazarou Monkey Terror
    Latest Entry

    Here is a city tile I have been working on. Situated in the North West of Lazarou City, Radconie Habour has a nautical theme while living under the presence of the nearby Space Elevator (that's in another tile.)



    With this city I've continued to explore my "4tex" design style, here I've chosen the "BSC Park" tileset.



    This has been quite the education modwise, when I created the building lots for the BSC set I put them all as high wealth and this caused problems in getting them to grow. Also for a month I lamented the inability of the large residential lots to grow. Then I found out they were in the "$" group in the Lot file which is why they weren't growing in the high wealth areas I had made for them.


    As you can see these are working residential giant lots. I think I have the knack of these big beauties now but they do require support to keep them alive. I use custom 1x1 lots with high CS$$$ and CO$$$ jobs (20k or 40k) and have strong transport links.


    These are Bixel's Hong Kong style giant residentials relotted to fit in with my BSC Park tileset. Anne Bonny was a famous lady pirate from the time of such adventures and was also an excellent character in the TV series Black Sails.




    I've built a "cliff face" of medium and large residential buildings around the smaller, fishing village style streets by the water.


    In trying out NVBC's waterfront set I've created an octopus like island village in the main bay of Radconie Harbour


    Cetaceans are the intelligent residents of water, genetically enhanced dolphins, whales and sea adapted humans. They needs places to interact with the land folk and also people experienced in Cetacean Law (similar to Bird Law)


    Getting the right lots to grow is still a matter of patience. Paint the lot, be disappointed in what grows, dezone or demolish then try again. When the right thing does grow, it is joyous :D



    Radconie harbour 03.JPG

    Radconie harbour 05.JPG

  4. 38337805296_382fb5b821_o.jpg

    • Update #8 || Hatsukaichi - The Port + Extra •


    • Hello everyone, today I want to share with all of you the last update of Hatsukaichi. We have visited this wonderful town in the last 2 updates but  I wanted to leave the port for the last update of Hatsukaichi. Why ? I have put a lot of effort into making this port and I'm really happy with the result, to me the port of Hatsukaichi means a step forward in my way to the perfect recreation of the Japanese landscape. I hope you enjoy all the pictures and the update itself •


    In the past, the Hatsukaichi lighthouse was located far from the population and the buildings. This was previously a small peninsula far from the habitable zones of Hatsukaichi 


    • Due to the strong demand in the country and the shortage of land, the city was gradually gaining space to the sea and today the lighthouse is part of the town itself •



    To understand the progress of the port first it is necessary to explain its past. The port is divided into 3 parts, in these two pictures you can see the old port; this one was the first port of Hatsukaichi. It's shape is quite simple, just a small zone created on a a shallow area, building it was simple and for the small and old boats there was no problem of depth ( In the past Hatsukaichi used its port only to supply fish for its inhabitants )



    When the people of Hatsukaichi realized that the fishing could be a good business, they built an extension of the old port, the part two. Part two consisted in building a dock for ships a little bigger and deeper where the first fishing companies could be established. The Hatsukaichi fish market was also built 


    Part two of the port was built between the lighthouse and the old port of Hatsukaichi 


    In this image you can appreciate how the old port (Part 1) and the extension (part 2) are perfectly connected along the shoreline •


    Currently part 2 of the Hatsukaichi port is normally used by small boats because the larger ships use the new port that we will see below.
    A small security post was also built to maintain maritime control of the area


    The new port of Hatsukaichi (Part 3)  is bigger and more modern, its docks are more spacious and functional and it has much more space for the workers and their trucks 


    The part 3, the new port of Hatsukaichi is the heart of the town, most of the inhabitants are working here, fishing is the main business for this people and Hatsukaichi has it own fame. It is located far of the city center, far from the main ports and industries of the prefecture. Its fish is fresh and it is very famous in the entire prefecture of Saitama, for that reason during the all day ships are transporting fish from here to the main port of the Prefecture, located in Tokyu, the biggest city of Saitama Prefecture




    If you are one of those people who usually come to Hatsukaichi to buy fish or you are just passing by, I recommend you visit this small town located west of Hatsukaichi 



    It really has nothing special but for those people who live in the big cities of the Prefecture small towns like this are pure fresh air, simply walk through its small and narrow streets while listening to the sound of the Saitama Sea 


    The Saitama Prefecture It is a huge place, it is known as the port of Japan, the whole prefecture is destined to the sea and not only the big international ports are important, ports and places like these contribute to keep our Prefecture in perfect operation. I hope you enjoyd your visit and until the next time my friends •


    Greetings / Saludos / Groeten

    # Jonathan.

  5. Basically this update just to throw the whole pictures from update 24 which havent posted yet beforehand which has been
    roting in my flickr folder for like 2 months.... So I dont really have any story or major description as in my previous

    Nakahara  24.8: "ままならない" (Nakazono-cho, Akashima)



    Images from Nakazono-cho, located north of Imaizumi-cho and northwest of Nojiri-cho:










    Picture from Narisawa-cho (north of Nakazono, east of Shin-Akashima):




    Pictures from Okaizumi-cho (east of Nakazono-cho)






    Overview of Nojiri and Nakazono:



    This should covered the area showed in update 10, 17, 23 and 24:





    Thanks for viewing this... next update will cover different city as people might already bored with this theme...


    On 9/15/2017 at 6:24 AM, GoKingsGo said:

    The nighttime pictures look amazing!  Love the density and where the buildings of different heights are located -- very realistic.  The Miyashiro JCT is perfect, I didn't think that was possible.  Sweet entry :8)

    Thank you!

    On 9/15/2017 at 10:39 AM, korver said:

    That interchange is seriously cool! Nice work as usual *:thumb:

    Thank you!

  6. EWX6AtW.jpg

    Our trip to Berlin resumes with a visit to another one of its oldest and most famous landmarks - Brandenburg Gate. Opened in 1791, it was built on orders by Prussian king Frederick William II to commemorate the restoration of the country after the early Batavian Revolution. It's amazed locals and tourists alike ever since.


    The Gendarmenmarkt is one of the city's most famous squares, constantly filled with action. With its historic twin cathedrals on both sides, Französischer Dom and Deutscher Dom, its a sight you won't want to miss.


    Deutscher Dom at night.


    A view of the streets of Berlin - with one of its most famous avenues, the Unter Den Linden cutting across towards the top.


    Staatsbibliothek is a prominent universal library constructed in 1903, located on the famous Unter Den Linden. At night time, it's truly spectacular.


    Unter Den Linden from above.



    Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already!



    Previous Update: "Berlin (Pt. 1/2)"


    Thanks to @MushyMushy, @jakis, @RandyE, @matias93, @CorinaMarie, @Zerx, @SC4L0ver, @Manuel-ito, @redfox85, @_Michael, @mrsmartman, @TekindusT, @Toby Ferrian, @kingofsimcity, @bobolee, @feyss, @mike_oxlong, @Odainsaker, @The British Sausage, @nos.17, @raynev1, @Elenphor, @mattb325, & @Akallan for all the likes!


  7. bpmOgh.png


    SC4L0ver: Thanks! The woodland was an idea that came to me after travelling along the A66 west- random clumps of woodland in the field or on the field's perimeter.

    Prophet42: I would say that wild meadow scenery would work well for unused green areas inside of cities.

    kelistmac: The prop pox was a bummer but it was a chance to carve the right suburban/rural outline for the city. So it was a net positive.

    Akallan: The British Sausage is simply a pseudonym for Ln X- that's why the style is so similar. What happened was I lost everything (computer problems, think blue screen of death) and Imageshack acted up- something about payment and accessing the account. Very embarrassing! So I was left with a CJ with no pictures and vacant image links. So I decided for a fresh start: new account, rebuilt plugins, new username, new CJ, etc.



    Entry 8: Scenes from the City

    Some of these pictures feature new areas, some are different shots of older areas. And now these pictures come with a little photoshop sparkle. In any case enjoy them!







    Going full on diagonal!







    Plop in some texture tiles to make those overhanging buildings blend in!







    MMP playground.




    One of Pololomia's major roundabouts.










    It's all about the areas behind buildings...








    Next week will bring another update, but this one will have more rural scenes. See you then.


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    Thank you to those who commented in the previous post, your support is appreciated!


    In 2017, the People's Revolutionary Assembly of Charoupia approved design changes for the flag and the state emblem of the Charoupian Jamahiriya. These changes are intended to better reflect the Jamahiriya ideology and Charoupia's devotion to Islam. The new flag and the new emblem can be seen in the sidebar.

    Accordingly, the front of the People's Revolutionary Assembly building now looks like this:


    The Charoupian government also pledged additional support to the Green Army and other pro-Gaddafi factions in Libya who aim to restore the Libyan Jamahiriya. 

    Recently, the United States and other Western nations have increased financial and travel sanctions against members of the Charoupian government in addition to considering broad sanctions against the country in response to the internal and external policies of the Jamahiriya. Charoupia has condemned sanctions against itself and other countries as hindering national development and prosperity. 

  8. Akallan
    Latest Entry



    Hello everyone,

    It has been a long time since I came on the forums, tonight I come back with a new video... A video a bit special, it's the first time I spend so much time to achieve one. It took me more or less two weeks, during all my evenings to lay this video, there are more than eight hours of films that had to be sorted and compressed. But the biggest particularity of this video is that it appeals to 21 other people than me, without whom, I could never make this video as we know it today!

    I want to thank everyone who took some of their time to make the video!

    Good viewing! :)







    On 26/10/2017 at 9:41 PM, RandyE said:

    Thank-you for this video, good work.  Enjoyed the entire length and soundtrack.

    Thanks for the comment!


    On 26/10/2017 at 9:52 PM, The British Sausage said:

    To paraphrase the Terminator- I want your MMPs and your LOTs now!

    Seriously, your MMPs and relots need to be added to the STEX/LEX!

    I did not invent any MMPs, all come from different mods. For the lots it's almost the same thing, I just used existing BATs in the LE. *;)


    On 26/10/2017 at 9:53 PM, tariely said:

    WOW. Just wow. *:thumb:

    Thank you for your sharing! *:)


    On 26/10/2017 at 10:10 PM, TekindusT said:

    I'm truly amazed by your work in this video!! I think it is the first time I see a history-accurate timelapse in SC4 and it was incredible! Love the way you make the growth look so organic, I don't know if you had some "mental masterplan" for the village in your head but it is impossible to tell... Great stuff packed in one video for sure.

    And to top it all off, I'm honoured Barnanova shares a video with some big heavyweights around here and with an instrumental Nothing Else Matters... the icing in the cake!

      Thank you very much, it makes me very happy to have worked with you! *:thumb:


    On 26/10/2017 at 11:13 PM, sejr99999 said:

    thank you for a very enjoyable trip thru time   very interesting evolution of your small city

    I'm glad you're happy! *;)


    On 27/10/2017 at 12:00 AM, _Michael said:

    This really is something special. Well done for many making something so special and unquie, and what a great collection of showcased images at the end - I am honoured to be among them. 

    Thank you very much Michael, I'm glad I worked with you too! *:D


    On 27/10/2017 at 12:31 AM, SC4L0ver said:

    Excellent job! Your MMP work is really jaw-dropping. Chapeau !


    Thank you! *:)


    On 27/10/2017 at 2:34 AM, GoKingsGo said:

    Just incredible.  It's so cinematic with the music.  Like TekindusT said, love the organic growth, that was cool to watch.  Great detail with the MMPs.  The selection of CJ photos was great, I liked the presentation order.  And I loved that little timelapse near the end.  Awesome, awesome work!

    Thank you very much GoKingsGo! *:D


    On 27/10/2017 at 3:17 AM, KRMill09 said:

    This may be one of the greatest things I have seen. Absolutely fantastic!

    Thank you very much! *:)


    On 27/10/2017 at 4:29 AM, korver said:

    Truly stunning work. Fantastic job with the growth of the city and the video!

    Thank you very much korver! *;)


    On 27/10/2017 at 6:13 AM, citycowboy said:

    I liked that very much, very impressive, good job. 

    Thank you!


    On 27/10/2017 at 9:36 PM, kingofsimcity said:

    What a video :O! The transition from early farming to industrialization, then to a small city with modern amenities was truly mesmerizing to watch. Nice use of the Halo theme during the timelapse as well. Truly amazing work! 

    Thank you very much, music plays an important role too! *;)


    On 28/10/2017 at 10:13 AM, jons11 said:

    this is one of the best work that i have ever seen on simtropolis, please ,can you tell me where can i find the streets that you've used?

    Well, thank you very much! For the textures of roads and streets, this is part of my work SNT:

    Textures are not available at the moment. The project should be realized in a few months! *:)


    On 29/10/2017 at 2:13 AM, Krasner said:

    Such a trip :8)That was wonderful and at least, gave me some remembrance of Koyaanisqatsi, which is suprising as I eventually never  saw this movie :ooh: That was impressive how consistent, detailed and realstic the town stayed throughout the centuries also :thumb:

    Thank you Krasner, glad you like it! :)


    On 29/10/2017 at 7:40 PM, Artimus said:

    Such a neat video you composed! Clearly this encompasses human history and development in SimCity 4 itself, which is impressive! Sorry I was not able to get back on your higher resolution request. Still, it was pretty neat to watch! 

    Thank you very much for the comment! There is no problem, the resolution also goes as it is now! *:thumb:


    On 02/11/2017 at 8:18 AM, Fantozzi said:

    Breathtaking. You turned the city builder into a city composer. 

    Thank you! *:D


    On 07/11/2017 at 5:46 PM, kelistmac said:

    What a fantastic video my friend !!! Your touch using MMP is from out of this world !! Thank you so much for share this amazing video and also for including the picture from my region !!

    *:lol:Thank you very much for your comment and your participation, I am very happy! *:)


    On 12/11/2017 at 9:27 PM, adam_SVK said:

    Wow. Just wow! I can imagine, how much time it took to create this truly artistic work... maybe you have full time job, maybe you have family and you still can find the time to make such a perfect video and city. This is probably the best video related to SC4 I've ever seen. And this work is also out of borders of us - city makers. You could probably inspire a con-world (constructed world) makers' community as well.

    Really amazing work, mate! As we in Slovakia say: "Klobúk dole!" ("Hat off" - it means true appreciation)

    Well, thank you very much for all your kind words! It is true that I do not always have a lot of time to work on SC4, but I always try to find a moment to do what I like. :}

  9. Bern, grüner wald !

    ANNO Europe makes one last visit ot Bern ! We will see some new business development, city quarters and a lot of greenery ! We start where ended last time the quarter of Weissenbuhl !




    Well that rocked out a lot !

    Next the Staatspark Kleine Schanze !




    Along the Aare opposite of the Bundeshaus the north part of Kirchenfeld !




    Southside of Kirchenfeld the Tierpark !





    Last we visit the quarters of Beundenfeld !


    Beundenfeld is famous for the Bern Bärengraben a small bear sactuary ! Initialy it conscisted of a single pit, later in 1925 a riverside section was added. Some argument about wildlife care conditions during its life time,  2009´last resident Pedro artritus being to much he had to be relieved from furthur suffering, the pit future is empty !




    Well´s that´s it for Bern ! ANNO Europe next city we visit is Vienna !

    Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !


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    Latest Entry

    This is my first attempt at City Journals, so please keep that in mind.

    Anyway, welcome to Acadia City, Pulnanski! I have been working on this city for 3 months. 

    Here is the city as it is located in the region. It is in the top left corner:



    And here is a hastily stitched-up picture of the entire city:59eb8c258ddc8_EnitreCity.thumb.png.e84ff2d4c826157d4a57d06afcd82939.png

    At the time of writing, Acadia City houses 1,009,618 Sims within the city tile. I know this because it tells me in the region view picture.

    Acadia City is full of small neighborhoods, each with their own feel. There is a 500 year old borough made up of Maxis Chicago Row Cottages and Bungalows:59eb8e1521016_DatOldNeighborhood.png.c447c80570d628c2736e84b50a706f87.png

    And High-Rise-Land, which houses 3 out of 4 people in Acadia:Highriseland.png.174d8efe0acdf76b2c2fa7e8157e6625.png

    A neighborhood full of c.p. Rowhouses, with custom backyards I made myself:59eb8eca8b4b8_DatDishRowhouses.png.815d4175b78824f5514b0cd335c03d9a.png

    A Low Wealth Commercial Service District made of @madhatter106 BATs:59eb8f307a1ff_PoorCommercialDistrict.png.fa70ba8d03752b078443cecca85208bc.png

    Commercial Skyscraper Land: 59eb9029e98e5_CommercialLand.png.fda2b31d1c0f0533788fc0e2d86861d9.png

    Nice Suburbs to the north:59eb9123da385_NorthSuburbs.png.4f9b2dd4432f63c897552016c9e21461.png

    Poor Maxis Chicago neighborhoods:59eb916a4bf1e_DatPoorNeighborhood.png.0750d56bae72e415f40c3740ffb86aa7.png

    And there we go! The journal is done! Any feedback would be appreciated.

  10. Due to violent protests against the president Miguel Hernández in San Lorenzo/Sucurocá D.C. we had to leave the capital for our own safety. We headed out to one of Grandoro's many rural towns, Villahermosa. Driving from the capital to here takes around 3 hours.


    Located between some mountains, in the Montes department, Villahermosa is a town in the middle of no where, almost. Life here is simple but there is no violence in the small village.

    You will see old ladys sitting outside their houses in mock-chairs and drinking coffee together. You will see farmer families go into the plaza to sell their harvest. And on every street you will hear music being played.


    Greenhouses outside Villahermosa. Here, flowers are farmed. The department of Montes is the main exporter of flowers in the country.

    Looks like the protests are over now, according to the news we just watched in a bar! Sadly many people were hurt. 


    We don't know where to head out next, where should we go? To the coast? Or maybe to the remote island of Isla Chica? The capital? Y'all decide! 







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    Recent Entries


    Hey Simtropolis :D

    I've caught a small break between my second and last exam, so I thought it'd be fun to try something SC4 related after such a long while. I decided to just make-do with what I already had, despite there being no real fresh BATs in this image. Starting out with a small scene, like I usually do, but it turned out quite nice :)




    "Despite our drive to reach for new stars and tame new worlds; there always lurks, a disaster at every corner. We realize that the galaxy is even wilder than we could possibly imagine, and no amount of technology could prepare us for the reality and the challenges it brings."

  11. large.59e7be20c65bc_PortdeCaravella-085_

    A suburb is a residential area or a mixed use area, either existing as part of a city or urban area or as a separate residential community within commuting distance of a city.
    Progress on my city has been very limited recently and therefore it's been a while since my last update. But I've been working on some of the suburbs of Port de Caravella and it's time to share some pictures of the progress made.


    The suburbs are a combination of hotels, houses, apartments, shops and sports fields. The various pictures below show examples of all of them.








    The Grand Incan is the biggest resort in Port de Caravella and is located on one of the best beaches on the Island. An ideal place to relax and enjoy the best of Port de Caravella.



    And, as always: if you like it, let me know!

  12. Urbino

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    Just some random screenshots put together, I m still not entirely sure how I want to give form to this City Journal...







  13. MisterBlueStar4
    Latest Entry

    I've managed to update some parts of downtown so here it is.0oSkqR5.jpgLJCCQls.jpgCzetUQj.jpgBCeWoXp.jpg


  14. It's been a long time but Perseus lives on! *:party:

    Unfortunately due to persistent game save errors and crashing I lost the will to carry on with this game for some time and that was further compounded by a generally busy work and family life. 

    I have however decided to start creating again and I'm struggling through the continuing errors so I've had to leave some large and densely packed unfinished city tiles for the time being and instead I'm working on the Passau Island development. 

    I almost never post work in progress game images but I thought I'd give a teaser of what Passau Island entails. Yes the grid is on and there are empty tiles but it's just to give an idea of what's planned. 

    Almost every lot and building on this island has, or will, be custom edited, which is a rather time consuming task in itself. It'll be a mix of commercial, residential and leisure developments. 






    More to follow!!

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    Latest Entry

    I have been building a city called Depew, that is right next to Buffalo, NY and was enjoying my own time. I've been building for while and the city is at 225,000 population with almost $4 Million on budget and it has approx $127,000 budget a month but it has several business deals that brings $57,000 so it keeps the city running.  It has four power plants, more than 20 recycling centers. It has almost 70 police stations and fire stations. It also has 40 large medical centers so everyone wont get sick. I even have a area where it has many high rises. The traffic is very smooth because I have avenues and one way almost everywhere.  Just sayin'

    Depew-Aug. 15, 211507620860.png

    Depew-Aug. 26, 211507620922.png

    Depew-Aug. 24, 211507620896.png

  15. Quote

    Hi Everyone!

    I am considering moving to the Upper East Side. People tell me it's a "transitioning" neighborhood, but I'm curious if anyone can tell me more about that area? 

    I'm assuming you're referring to the recently less industrial area of the UES, that's probably going to end up with a new name because it's not really like the rest of the Upper East Side which is a lot grimier and old. Probably my new favorite part of town.


    This area is west of the M6 Highway, which separates it from the rest of the Upper East Side. This area will probably be another one of those hot areas soon that's going to be a haven for people who are new to the city. It's not going to be a place for families, though. It's all recent graduate housing/buildings for startup types/coworking space type dorms and bars galore.

    So yeah, if you're part of that demographic, it'll be perfect for you.

    Do you like beer? If not, you should start because there are SO. MANY. BREWERIES. over here.

    Borealis Craft Ales
    Avalanche Brewery
    Barrage Brewers
    Sanctuary Brewers
    Bottom's Up Brewing Company
    Labyrinth Brewing
    Dominion Fermentary
    Hop Dog

    Not sure exactly how that happened, maybe so many of these beer brewer types moved over there and before you knew it, this became the mecca for beer in the city. Prices for apartments are going up pretty substantially, but you can probably find a 1 BR flat in this section of town for around $850, which will seem like a bargain a year from now. It's not quite as popular for the tech folks as you'd expect for some reason, which is keeping prices mostly down because it's recent grads moving here and some newer people to the city. But it's still a bit of a hidden secret besides all. of. the. breweries. I don't expect that'll last into next year and beyond. 

    Mark my words. 

    Here's how it looked before they started redeveloping the area. 



  16. Hi everyone and apologies for the enormous delay. SC4 has not been kind to me of late; endless CTD issues have plagued me to no end. It was almost at the point of giving up as nothing seemed to work. I zoom in and CRASH! I load a bigger city and CRASH! I load a tile that's never crashed and CRASH! Needless to say, I've been discouraged. I have several chapters in reserve and no pictures to post with! Today I got lucky. I managed to get SC4 stable for a couple of hours and got what I needed. The shots aren't the best, so I appreciate your patience. Here we go...



    Fox in the Hen House Part 1


    Shandiz Restaurant seemed like the perfect spot for the meet. Not too busy and in the heart of the embassy district, the cuisine was good and the wait staff friendly. Carol hadn’t had to wait long before being joined by a lone, heavy-set local. She had marked him earlier when she came in, standing near the entrance fidgeting and clearly expectant.

    2rUScbK.jpg  “I am Abu Bakaar. You are from Stark,” he declared in a heavy accent. Carol simply nodded as he sat opposite her.

    He waved impatiently at the waiter, who became suddenly apprehensive at his joining Carol. No longer as openly friendly, the server moved alongside the man, all the while casting furtive, almost pleading glances at Carol. He ordered Goat Karahi and with a grudging glare at Carol, Reshmi Kabab.

    u5A66OL.jpg  “May I have…” she began and was immediately cut off.

    2rUScbK.jpg  “You will eat what I’ve ordered, American.”

    The flustered waiter begged off and rushed to the kitchen to place the order.

    u5A66OL.jpg  Carol calmly looked him in the eye, “I’m not American…”

    2rUScbK.jpg  “Liar! But it is of no consequence! You have the package? That’s all that matters.”

    u5A66OL.jpg  She reached down to the metal case at her side, “Yes, it’s right here and…”

    2rUScbK.jpg  “I am obligated to dine with you,” he interrupted, “but not to converse! You are nothing to me, cow.”

    u5A66OL.jpg  So that’s how it is, Carol thought. Fine. The meal came and they dined in silence; him occasionally scowling at her, while she studiously ignored him. What didn’t escape her notice was that the restaurant had cleared out fairly quickly, with only their terrified waiter remaining.

    The meal went on far too long for her liking as Bakaar grabbed the lion’s share, permitting her only a few morsels. Resigning herself mainly to water, she sat with arms crossed as he finished off the meal, belching loudly. The waiter hurriedly cleared their dishes away and scurried to the kitchen with a final, pitying glance in her direction.

    2rUScbK.jpg  “And now, woman, you will give me the money and come with me. You are my prisoner,” he laughed.

    u5A66OL.jpg  “Actually? You’re seriously expecting me to just up and come with you? Where’s Stark? You’re getting nothing until you hand him over.”

    He brought his hands above the table with a hateful look in his eye. He held a Beretta M9 pistol, levelled directly at her. Pretty smooth, Carol noted, as she hadn’t even noticed Bakaar draw on her.

    2rUScbK.jpg  “Stand up! Did you really expect us to hand Stark over to you? They will pay, and pay again and we will finally send him back, piece by piece. Perhaps they will be able to reassemble his parts in the factory,” he sneered. “In the meantime, foolish woman, not only will he craft many powerful weapons for us, but you will make a fine addition to our flock.”

    Carol stood meekly as he roughly ran his hands over her, frisking for weapons of her own. He made sure to cross the line into groping as Carol envisioned putting him headfirst through the wall. Keeping her cool, she endured the indignity as he finally grabbed the metal briefcase and pushed her toward the door. She was shoved roughly into the back seat of a waiting car, next to a swarthy, bald man. Bakaar climbed into the front passenger seat and the car roared away.




    2rUScbK.jpg  Bakaar turned to her and gestured towards the bald man, “This is Raza. He is your master. You will speak only when spoken to and you will do as you are commanded.” Raza barely acknowledged her presence.

    Carol tried her best to appear terrified and pretended to sniffle quietly, eliciting cruel laughter from Bakaar. Reaching for a box at his feet, he removed a device that looked like a portable defibrillator. He carefully balanced the case he’d confiscated on the dash and pushing the paddles on either end, applied an electric shock 3 times. Satisfied, he dropped the device back into its box and popped the latches on the case. As promised, Stark Industries had sent a lot of money. 

    Looking smugly over his shoulder, Bakaar grinned, “Your tracking devices are destroyed. There is no hope for you, American.”

    Raza stared out the window, watching the streets of Kabul give way to the brown wilderness of the Afghan desert.


    They had headed southwest, rather than north as Director Brand had predicted. Passing through Kandahar in the early dawn hours of the second day, they moved out of allied territory and skirted the Registan Desert. After changing vehicles three separate times and eventually switching to horseback, they arrived at their destination near the Pakistani frontier two days later. Carol’s hands had been tied the entire time and her wrists were thoroughly chafed. She had been further restrained at night and kept under guard but thankfully, no one had so much as laid a finger on her, much less spoken to her.


    They rode through an area with camouflaged netting that served to cover crates of supplies, vehicles and weaponry, up to a cave at the base of a mountain. They dismounted and made their way deep into the cave complex, coming to a large metal door. A faint metallic banging could be heard within.

    8TQwHjl.jpg  Raza waved away his men and when they were alone, he addressed Carol in a fine British accent, “You’re from Stark Industries and obviously are highly valuable, otherwise they would not have sent you. Are you a scientist or an accountant?”

    u5A66OL.jpg  Carol thought quickly, grateful for her military service, “I’m an engineer. I worked on the GPS upgrade for the GBU-32 JDAM ‘smart bomb’ before being promoted to VP of the Precision Ordnance division.” She was unsure of whether such a position existed but Raza was visibly satisfied.

    8TQwHjl.jpg  “That’s good, very impressive,” he nodded, “I have a new project for you; just yesterday Mr. Stark agreed to build us a mighty weapon and you will aid him. He already has an assistant, but you are clearly an outstanding addition to his team. Once the weapon has been completed, we will release you.”

    She knew they wouldn’t.

    u5A66OL.jpg  “And if I refuse?”

    8TQwHjl.jpg  Raza shrugged, “You should probably not,” and called out. Immediately, two armed men ran back to his side and undid her bonds. He unlatched the door and the banging stopped instantly.

    Raza strode in, followed by Carol and the guards. The area was clearly a workshop, with tools and parts of all description strewn about. Two men stood at the far end of the workshop, hands behind their heads and eyes cast down. Carol barely recognized Tony, who’d clearly been subjected to multiple beatings. More disconcerting were the wires leading from beneath the bandages around his chest, connected to a car battery on the workshop table.

    “Mr. Stark,” Raza called out and, looking up, Tony saw her immediately. The dismay on his face was scarcely concealed as Raza continued, “I’ve brought you a gift. Now you and Yinsen, “he pointed to the other, bespectacled old man, “will help me smite my enemies with 1000 times more precision.”


    To be continued...

  17. 1492184132-lynnfield.png

    Update 3


    The École centrale of Lynnfield (ECL) is a research university in Lynnfield, Lynnshire. Founded in 1857 by François Barthélemy Arlès-Dufour in response to the increasing industrialization of the Commonwealth of Vulcania, it is one of the oldest graduate schools in the Commonwealth. The university is part of the Grandes Écoles, a prestigious group of vulcanian institutions dedicated to engineering, scientific research, and business education. The current 45-acre (18 ha) campus opened in 1867 and is located in the city of Lynnfield.

    The École centrale of Lynnfield is traditionally known for its research and education in applied science and engineering. It excels in the research fields of acoustics, biosciences and nanotechnology, and is continuously ranked in the top five Grandes Écoles for the quality of its engineering graduate programs. The school is well-reputed for educating and training highly skilled engineers through many specialized graduate programs with a strong emphasis on laboratory instruction. Students graduate with a degree known as the engineering diploma, which is an academic title protected by the vulcanian government and equivalent to a Master of Science, or with a Ph.D. upon completion of their doctoral studies.

    The university is one of the founding members of the Centrale Graduate School network.

    Campus overview

    The park in the center of the campus, surrounded by a few dormitorys, ideal to get up five minutes before the start of lecture, just making a jump by the cafeteria to take breakfast

    Research laboratories

    The big building is the scientific center, you can also see the planetarium

    Other buildings dedicated to research

    Other dormitorys, here it will be necessary to get up 10 minutes before lecture, or arrive late, according to your choice

  18. Maroon Bay Cow County !

    Up to now all CJ all feature a lot of agriculture. Livestock is another area of country life I´d like to cover. SPAM up to now produced only one animal farm so I decided to create my own animal scape, using what ever available plopable bat´s. Just about half the county south east of highway 53 is dedicated to this way of life. Maroon Bay got to main large towns Maroon Bay City and Prospect City. Maroon Bay City is the administrative capital. Prospect is a more work and education related city. Various towns are squaterd over the rest of the county wich will be presented in this CJ !

    We start with Prospect City. Founded in the fifties, it´s a relative new town with highschool and  a industrial area away in the far corner !


    Prospect City footbalclub !



    Downtown Prospect City !





    Prospect Highschool and Campus !



    That conclude´s Prospect City !     Next we wonder around the title area of this CJ Cow County !








    Dairy farming is conducted mostl in the southern area of Maroon County !


    Small sheep plot !


    Some pig´s !



    Another Dairy !



    Macon Junction !


    Macon Junction small rail hub offers goods, livestock and passenger services for this remote part of the county !


    A Vetenairy Practice is also present ! Cow handling require special skill, so a riding school was established in the Macon area !




    Ingle just down the line !


    Maroni Milk Corp.



    We visit New Albans halfway between Maroon Bay City and Prospect City !




    New Albans - Woods !





    Here the shuttle to Maroon Bay Port departs !


    Maroon Bay Fishing Port is very busy 1




    Little SPAM area allowed to complete Cape Hartford area !



    Last now we visit the capital of Maroon County, Maroon Bay City !








    Business area behind the main station !


    Country fair and allotment !


    West and East there´s a large recreational area for walking and horse riding ! 



    Along the coast there´s a connecting horse trail !


    That concludes this extensive CJ !

    Hope you like this CJ and see you back next time !




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