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  2. Custom Regions

    Indeed. An SC4 region is not a nation (unless you do something tiny like Vatican City or San Marino). An SC4 region is usually a metro area with one large real-life city plus its surrounding suburbs and exurbs. If you can't find a medieval building style set, then it might almost be time for a BAT request (and there's a forum for that). However, you should do some more searching and asking first. The STEX is not the only repository of mods.
  3. City of Piers Project Resuscitation

    I just found the folder with all the work files and put it on my desktop. I had considered making them land lots so as to avoid entanglement with 'imaginary' engineers, so maybe 2 versions is the way to go considering there's no way to 'pile' down in Lot Editor. I'll complete this as my 2017 grand finale!
  4. Alpine Sublime SC4 Region Map

    me encanta el mapa amigo muchas grasias
  5. Palacio Cristal Redone

    That looks awesome! What inspired it?
  6. Cool. I don't really care about changing the UI since this one seems fine to me and I haven't received any complaints. But either way I didn't make the UI, Simon made the UI and I don't think he did any design, it's just some built in UI system right? I'm not touching it since it works and I'm too lazy, but if Simon agrees with that change and wants to implement it, I will update it.
  7. The Tudor City, New York

    El PIM-X determina la fase de acuerdo a cuántos sims puede acomodar viviendo o trabajando en una determinada superficie del lote. Para aumentar la fase, tendrías que usar lotes más pequeños, pero en ocasiones eso es imposible porque el mismo modelo ocupa demasiado espacio. Entiendo que es posible modificar el modelo en el Reader para acomodarlo en un lote más pequeño, pero eso también implica que puede quedar colgando hacia algún lado, además de hacer más difíciles los cálculos de ocupación. Mi consejo es que le sigas el juego al PIM-X, porque esa es su virtud: resguardar que los lotes personalizados funcionen de acuerdo a los parámetros de la simulación, evitando que acabes con edificios que crecen por todos lados o que nunca crecen. __________________ The PIM-X determines the stage according to how many sims you can make to live or work on a determinate lot size. To increase the stage, you would need to use smaller lots, but occasionally this is impossible as the very model uses too much space. I understand that it is possible to modify the model on the Reader to make it fit on a smaller lot, but that also would imply that it can be left 'overhanging' to a side, also making the occupancy calculations harder. My advice is that you go along with the PIM-X, because that's it's virtue: to keep the custom lots working according to the simulation parameters, avoiding to get buildings that grow everywhere or that never grow.
  8. If you're looking for a new game similar to SimCity Skylines you'll be interested to learn about Skytropolis. A vertical mega-city building game that challenges your ability to balance an economy and sustainability while building higher! It's in VR and PC (non-VR). Check out the website here (www.skytropolisgame.com) and watch the trailer below. Thank you and I hope you enjoy! #shamelessselfpromotion
  9. Seyuba, Project Rich Water

    Seyuba released: here Biggest thanks to Ronyx69 who made my dream real. Was really impressed by Seychelles vibe so I decided its right thing! He made absolutely insane job, map theme, lut and rocks - all looks so amazing! He deserves respect!Special thanks to: pdelmo, MrMaison, Sparks, Lazarus*Man, hikke, Czardus, soldyne, vasimr22, BloddyPenguin, Judazz, boformer, Heuristic, thale5, DRen72 Hope you enjoy!
  10. Twinkle, twinkle, little BAT...

    Does anybody else see that last building on coral-coloured marble and sandstone? Because I cannot see it anyway else
  11. Cities: Skylines - Green Cities

    This looks really cool! Reminds me of Vancouver Canada...
  12. Show Us What You're Working On

    @Silur If it weren't for the UI showing, I would be confused about being watching satellite photos (particularly on the first one!). Yours is truly a mastery on using textures and MMPs to compose beautiful scenes. @Tyberius06 you are making me feel sorry for developing a region so dry, now I'll have to find a good excuse to make those fantastic canals to appear anyway on there. They are simply gorgeous!
  13. Sorry about the late response, but I'll try to have it done by the end of the weekend. Love your Relight mod, btw! One thing, though: I'm not really overly enthused by the UI. The small size, use of transparency and white font (visually, it blends remarkably well with the city in the background) makes it pretty hard on the eyes - or perhaps it's just my aging eyeballs talking? I'm aware that the UI I use for my mods is pretty Lego-y and simplistic, but personally I find it easier to use. Would you be interested in using my UI for your mod?
  14. ¿Qué estás haciendo?

    Suena a un conflicto de identificadores TGI, también recuerdo haber visto que eso a veces pasaba cuando coincidían los rangos de texturas, pero no sabía que podía ocurrir también con modelos.
  15. mipro

    If I understood correctly, it would be because the rate of variation between colour intensities is too much abrupt to be caused by a big part of the objects being of similar colours
  16. Today
  17. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know where i can find this Lighthouse. Any help gratefully appreciated. Regards
  18. The Tudor City, New York

  19. Back to Rural Again!

    Hi Buck, Yes I'm a journal builder and I am very meticulous with what I add onto city tiles. I will check every tile and make sure every building -- RCI and non-RCI -- fits into the scene. I'm also aware of the rapid moving water plops but for the time being I'm going for a simple approach using Diggis streams. I have MMPed in rivers and included rapids, rocks and banks. The British Sausage p.s The PLEX is no more. Most of the content has emigrated to the STEX which has a limited PLEX selection.
  20. Twinkle, twinkle, little BAT...

    @ESP15 - I used just regular old gmax. Textures are made in Photoshop (a very old version of that, too). @edwardjeria - neither can I. I just can't find it in myself to sit down and do the textures and all the rest before I share them. Right now I just want to do the modeling. @licoricebomb - yeah, in looking at the monochrome for the front, I realize that it needs just a hint of warm detail somewhere. I think if I drop a couple of modeled planters with some bushes at both sides of the front entrance, it will be enough to make it pop and take it out of "blah" to "ehhhh okay." Like I said, I don't really feel like texturing things. I just want to do the modeling right now, so this one just happened... Roof is still in progress for the detail work. I am trying to learn how best to streamline things in the modeling phase to make it easier in the texturing phase...figuring out what should be different objects, what order to do things, how best to group stuff, etc.
  21. The Milestone Thread

    Yeap, 3,000 posts
  22. Vehicle asset has flickering wheels? [Help]

    ok trying your method with the reset normals seem to partially fix the issue with the wheels but it had some really undesirable effects on the rest of the model. I tried just selecting as many normals near the wheels i could and resetting but it didn't have much different effects on the wheels, ill test it out ingame to see if it worked anyway.
  23. Recuerdo que hace mucho, cuando seguí el tutorial de BAT Essentials, se mencionaba un problema similar en la última parte. Si no encuentras aquí la solución, tal vez te convenga abrir un nuevo hilo y preguntar en el subforo del BAT. ¡Suerte!
  24. Show Us What You're Working On

    Just looking for some compact sollution as most ancient stations have a fixed size. Wien West BHF nowadays mostly a commuter station it doesn´t require as much track work !
  25. City of Piers Project Resuscitation

    I'd like to see this project completed
  26. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Here is a link the tutorial is over at SC4Devotion not here at Simtropolis: http://www.sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=907.0 As far as Phillips 66, they use to be nationwide, I haven't seen one for years but I don't travel. Check them out on Wiki. Buck
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