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  2. The Greater Terran Region

    Best City Journal 2008 Shows us how far we have come in terms of planning / play styles! I load this city every 6-8 months or so, just to derp around in it and maybe make some upgrades / tweaks. My recent work expanded city population from about 3.1 to 3.5 million (serious intensification and air pollution cleanup) I have some advisor mod that gives me all sorts of new ticker news. I think it's this? The full headline:
  3. Oh wow! This is a walk down memory lane! I can't tell you what a nice feeling it is to still be remembered here after so long. This made my day! I have fond memories of the Simtropolis community and the time I spent a decade ago (was it really so long??) playing with the BAT. I haven't had a hobby like that in a long time, and I wish I could really get back into some modelling, but it's tough to find the time. I'm not sure how many hours I spent tweaking things in GMAX back in the day, but now real life has taken over. (Real life is good, though ! These days I'm getting to play a role in designing real world skyscrapers.) Incidentally, I popped into Simtropolis (and luckily remembered my login credentials) because I have been playing a bit of Cities: Skylines and I wanted to see if I could figure out how to make some assets for that. It's a different beast than SC4, that's for sure. (I can't for the life of me even figure out how to get a custom road model to work with the new editor, so if anyone has any pointers!...) It makes me happy to see that the Simtropolis community is still thriving and evolving. I will definitely stop by more often and maybe get back into the habit of posting now and then. It looks like there are still plenty of familiar characters around! Once again, thanks so much for thinking of me!
  4. What are you reading?

    A while back, I was rewatching a favorite movie of mine (Swoon, about the Leopold and Loeb thrill-kill case), and was reminded of a quotation they recite from Venus In Furs. So I spent some Amazon points and ordered a copy of it. For something written in the late 19th century, it's rather frank and straightforward. I guess one could say it was the original Fifty Shades of Grey...
  5. What are you reading?

    Both books are great - I reread the first one about the same time the movie came out twenty years back, and it still held up. I love the analysis Lord does in the second book, where he mathematically calculates how large the damage to the ship would have been.
  6. Show Us What You're Working On

    Hey @kelistmac, where'd you get the Heliport?
  7. Today
  8. Can't get my tech level up

    What about schools? You will need grade schools, highschools, colleges and universities to educate your sims. Smart sims raise the tech level.
  9. Regions

    There is no regions folder for SimCity 2013. Since the regions are pre-determined by the game, there is no need for a regions folder. If you look under MyDocument\SimCity\Games, that is were the informaiton for each region you are playing locally is stored. However, the data is nonsensical and can only be used by the game.
  10. The Greater Terran Region

    That's a terrifying mess Hal. I'm curious just how long it has been since you've loaded that city; I noticed in the news ticker bar there's a message welcoming you back to town that I've never seen before. If you get the chance to open it and read it I'd like to know what it says.
  11. Show Us What You're Working On

    A few have asked about EL Highway Sound Barriers....its possible but way too tedious to implement on curves and ramps therefore I will just leave it at this for now. A prototype. Simmer2
  12. Highlights of Pololomia

    Oh.Well i should pay attention sometimes
  13. Oh my god, and to think I was considering learning how to texture and make roads myself over the winter break! Geez D:
  14. Part 1

    I don't exactly know, but the props keep randomly rotating and I can't do it manually.
  15. I'm going to chime in here and say that from my experience, the texture color isn't the problem exclusively - it has more to do with including textures in a model that are not 100% opaque. I had this on a model a while ago, and we did a lot of troubleshooting in my BAT thread (circa late 2011 if I recall correctly). Just having a set of textures with a less opaque one in the mix is enough to "singe" or fritz out the edges of another texture. Luckily, in my experience, it happens very infrequently; I think in over 120 BATs I have done, I have seen it twice, and both times the textures it affected were wildly different. I use see-through (ie. non-opaque) textures less and less now, since I am doing gmax nightlighting a slightly different way of late. (Instead of using modeled interiors and lighting them behind clear glass). The good news is that the pixels being "burned" are not in the actual renders/FSH files - so it's not something that will be "baked into" the BAT if you share it with others.
  16. Ok, I need to stop saying I'll post tomorrow and end up posting nothing. I still have nothing (sorry!) What I do have is a horrendous traffic problem that has been plaguing my city for the past 2 weeks. Around the city centre and CBD, there has been complete gridlock. I haven't been able to play that much for the past couple of weeks because I've been really busy, but for the few hours I have managed to squeeze in, all I've been doing was trying to fix this. Now I'm here to ask for help. Does anyone have any tips? I do notice that many of the vehicles are actually private transport, and I've completely redesigned the city's bus network as well as add a metro line, but every time I reset the traffic, it's the busses coming out of the bus depot that actually contribute to the jam. This is the traffic shortly after I reset it using Traffic Manager. It gets worse over time. You can see that there are many burned down buildings because fire services can't reach there in time. I'll share more pictures if anyone needs anything. Tips would be helpful but I'm not really hoping on completely redesigning the area, just minor changes. Meanwhile, I'll try to add more public transport routes. Sorry, I don't have anything interesting...
  17. Sakhalin, The Cold Isle

    Waiting for a map like this for a while and finally found one!
  18. Solitaire: A Namibia themed map

    What Turjan said, and why I prefer making smaller towns myself. It's a nice town, and again not a very common locale ^^
  19. Highlights of Pololomia

    I am Ln X. See _Michael's comment.
  20. meanwhile: when roads require a tonne of meshes and textures, and this is only for the ground elevation of 1 asymmetric road :'( and I'm gonna release them as a pack, pavement and grass textures too!
  21. Thank you, @mattb325 did as you suggested (desaturated, shifted a little bit from blue to red) and at least I could reduce it considerably. @rsc204, thanks that's a handy information too. Ah! Indeed on the brink of the roof I didn't apply a texture only an opaque grey colour. So I'll check this too now.
  22. Show Us What You're Working On

    Outstanding work as always!Love it!
  23. so in response: read the first post, although I am not taking actual requests I am still interested in ideas, just make sure you use the right widths for lanes and the overall road first thanks xx
  24. Although I think this poster didn't bother reading that post anyway because they didn't bother with any of the instructions so I guess I'll keep it and people can still post their ideas, I just won't answer them individually (but will still see them and observe) BUT they really need to show they understand the widths etc of the game
  25. you're right! I swear i had but it mustn't have saved
  26. No offense Bad Peanut, but maybe you should edit the first post of the thread to clarify you're no longer taking suggestions? It still says you are so that might be confusing some people.
  27. Show Us What You're Working On

    Worked a little bit:
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    • Fantozzi

      I get the impression, me standing naked before the wardrobe and choosing the clothes to wear and putting textures on a model in B.A.T is the very same task. And the blue socks don't realy look well with the grey suit and the comfy athletic shoes don't go well with both - even if they all look fine as separate items.
      Or maybe it's like cooking. You can't simply throw all the things they smell good into one pan and create something delicious. While orange and chocolate works and roast beef and orange works - it doesn't mean chocolate and roast beef works too.
      Creating and putting things together are different operations. It's like the difference between using a single calculation type on numbers or building up a term with different calculation types to get a formula. 
      So one clould say even to get dressed in the morning is much more complex than 1+1=2. And requires a formula.
      · 1 Reply
      1. RandyE

        Here's an idea you might find amusing.  What if math could be developed to the point that we could write a formula that would score the lottery numbers with near perfect precision every time and the formula were so simple anybody could apply it?

    • Diego Del Llano

      SimCity 4 | REAL WORLD

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    • Fantozzi

      The ATLAS OF BEAUTY (Mihaela Noroc) has been released.
      Look and ask yourself: at least for the sake of beauty - wouldn't it be worth to do something to save this planet?
      · 1 Reply
      1. RandyE

        The pictures are very well composed and natural, a variety of ethnic appearances and cultural adornments.   Behind the scenes of these pictures more often is the ugliness that is killing the planet.  One pretty delicate little flower growing out of a mass sewer of smoldering stinking radioactive toxic waste is about as powerful an image of beauty I can think of, the flower may wilt, be smothered and consumed in the sewer, but it had the courage to stand up and shine, even if only briefly and hopelessly.

    • huzman  »  matias93

      Sabias que el link hacia tu mods tiene un error de "script"?
      (Bananas, perdi mis lenguas!)
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    • Hester  »  SimRico

      Hi hi hi!!!good to see you again!!!
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    • kellydale2003

      new trixie who dis

      · 1 Reply
      1. Haljackey

        It's ya boi


    • Bastet69008

       Congratulations to @Huston, @korver, @Jasoncw @Reddonquixote @flunight @Tonraq @elavery @Wallibuk, @JP Schriefer @Diego Del Llano @Mymyjp @jmsepe @MilitantRadical @kellydale2003 and all the others I didn't mention on your Trixies!
      · 3 Replies
      1. Jasoncw

        Thanks! *:thumb:

      2. korver

        Thank you very much Bastet *:)

      3. Diego Del Llano

        Thanks <3 !!! 

    • Ganaram Inukshuk

      I wake up and the first thing that comes to mind is NOMAD: Network Addon Mod Open Development. Anyone with a NAM contribution can add anything; code, textures, models, whatever.
      <Cue angry mob with pitchforks and torches>
      · 3 Replies
      1. matias93

        Sounds nice, but I think not many of us would be able to produce something with enough quality to be at NAM level. I personally wouldn't be able to do that, not only for lack of time, but also of technical skills and artistic endowments. Maybe some users could be able to help, but they surely will remain a minority.

        Maybe a mentorship program to help new modders to get a hold of the internal workings of the NAM?

      2. Ganaram Inukshuk

        Well, without any authorisation from the rest of the team, I can't go forward with the idea (I'm not sure if they're even keen on the idea), and even if they gave me the green light to go full blast on the idea... I had another bout of self-doubt, so there wouldn't even be a coordinator.

        Sometimes I hate myself for coming up with far too many good ideas and never pulling through with any of them...

        As it stands, if I initiated the idea right now, I'd end up pulling the plug because I'm way too scared of what I'd be making.

      3. matias93


        Sometimes I hate myself for coming up with far too many good ideas and never pulling through with any of them...


        Well, I have no idea about the rest of the issue because I don't know the internal doings, but about this I can say something: there is nothing wrong about creating ideas, give them to a wider audience and then doing nothing with them.

        You are not responsible for what your ideas would become, and what's more, you are being generous enough to take what you feel are valuable concepts and giving them freely to others to ponder on them, or maybe even developing them; that is, by itself, a huge contribution that we couldn't have otherwise.

        Even if you take the task of executing this proposal, abandoning it later wouldn't be a motive for feeling guilty: in addition to offer a good idea, you have helped it flourish with your work. If someone else is wise enough to value it and has the determination to use it, your work won't be in vain and will be growth anyway. You shouldn't feel bad for not being a 'doer'; sometimes, what a community needs the most isn't a motivated doer, but a wise, experienced and reflexive thinker who can orient and encourage their peers. For your thinking and your doing you deserve our full recognition as a community! 

    • Ganaram Inukshuk

      Well, my interests have either got shuffled or died a horrible death, and apart from what's left of city simulation gaming, all I got left is flat design art and a very thin sliver of game development as new/surviving interests.
      Uhh, where do I start...?
      · 1 Reply
      1. Fantozzi

        Mostly this isn't related to the subject itself but to something else in your life. To me it's the same on music/soundworks. 20 years I created music and sounds and funny stuff for public radio. Two years now I'm completely without inspiration. I have no clue where it went, how it happened. It's like having a big mountain of firewood but the spark is missing to set it on fire.

        I'm strongly convinced this spark can't be found. You are the wood and the spark must come to you. Therefore I use (and many other do, it's not my invention) the metaphor of an 'angel'.

        The old greek had a divine called 'Mnemosyne' (rememberance) who was to bring the spark to inflame, enlighten you and set your inspiration free.

        You can't command them - the angels, Mnemosyne. Only thing you can do, is to invite them.

        How to invite - the spark, the goddesses of inspiration?

        Make yourself empty. Go to the sea. Sit into the sand. Listen to the waves. Do this for one hour, for two hours, for some days. After a while you begin to hear a greater rythm, a transforming rythm. And from this rythm ascent violins and suddenly there is music in your head.

        Sometimes this works. But definitely you have to stop seeking and get rid of 'I must do'. You can't find inspiration by commanding it. Instead you must give inspiration the chance to find you.

        Well, at least, I think, this is how it works.

    • TekindusT

      I hope I'm not alone in the hype train after seeing that countdown watch at the top of the site!! 
      · 3 Replies
      1. Haljackey

        All aboard the hype train


      2. Ganaram Inukshuk

        Sorry; I didn't even pay attention to the counter or what it meant... I guess academia will do that to you.

      3. TekindusT

        @Ganaram Inukshuk sure working in public research takes a toll in one's brain!

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