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  3. MGB Lot and Mod Shack

    The real problem here is that the Airport is using the default Maxis sidewalk textures. SWN can either override them or not, there is simply no way to allow the choice between which specific lots a given texture is overridden for. If you want to continue to use the default Maxis sidewalk for these pieces, the best bet is to make a copy of that texture with a unique ID. That way SWN will do it's job just as intended, but the airports can continue to use the original texture. Otherwise, you can change the airport pieces using the LE to another texture, one that SWN doesn't override. I'd recommend one of the concrete base textures, such as those used with industrials lots, personally I think they'd fit a lot better in this scenario.
  4. mipro

    But... but... but... it's adorable! I had expected to see another screenshot of your Bradbury Building for the SC3K project here, and what do I see? An entirely different building, absolutely beautiful, and apparently pretty close to its final stage. The top of the cornice towards the right-hand side façade is very bright (albeit still within a reasonable spectrum), but other than that I don't have any suggestions. As GC said, I'm sure lad to have you back.
  5. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    Oooooh, now we're talking! While progress on this project has been slow, I'm delighted to see some top BATters like @JP Schriefer and you being involved, and the quality of the WIP shots speaks for itself. Looks like Bradbury Building will be a 4x4 in game?
  6. Too much same buildings

    As I wrote, JMyers2043 has most of his stuff over at SC4Devotion.com. Their download area (BSC exchange) has a "power search" functionality that enables targeted search. e.g. by category or by author. I'm not sure what you mean when you say that you can't find the files for the others... simply open the profile page, select "View all activity", and then select "Files" from the left sidebar - the result should look something like this example for gn_leugim. On the STEX, once you have found one upload by the respective author (you could use a Google search like gn_leugim STEX site:simtropolis.com for this purpose), you should indeed be able to click on "Find their other files", and it should bring up the list of files uploaded by that author. I just tested this option, too, for gn_leugim, and it works for me. If it still refuses to work for you, don't hesitate to ask again, if possible with a description of how you proceed and where you click so we can (hopefully!) see where the problem is and help you sort it all out. Happy downloading in the meantime!
  7. The story of ARNDORF!

    Episode 8 - Palace, Funicular and Roads
  8. Great! Thanks! Also.. since we are here..? any special projects in mind? haven't seen anything from you in a long time.. I miss your projects!!
  9. Yeah you're right, I always assumed those values get measured on load for some reason. Just tested it and it does save and load correctly for a building.
  10. Scaffodling Animation... Too darn high!

    @Shannanigan O'Crabby if it does rely on the top y value for the generatedinfo.m_size value (found with modtools) it can be edited and saved, maybe try making the max y value smaller and see if that controls it?
  11. MGB Lot and Mod Shack

    Hi there everybody! I'm back in playing SC4 after nearly ten years again, and it's really great to see, what has happened in the meantime to this great game! Thanks to y'all. So in re-activating my Region from 2009, I found the new airport sets and I stumbled across your uh-so-great-great-great SWN... Unfortunately the SWN (the version from the above post) is changing parts of my textures at the airport ramps. I attach a pic of it. What I'm asking is this: is this kind of a thing you change in your SWN or do I have to change the textures by myself (on the airport pieces). It wouldn't be that bad, as I wanted to change them anyways, as I prefer the newer, more darker grey look. It's just the question what's the best way? So again, thanks for these awesome things you do and keep up the work, it's greatly appreciated.
  12. Too much same buildings

    With madhatter, under his name it says find their other files... I can't seem to find this for the others?
  13. Too much same buildings

    ok, I like that!! So I download all of madhatters buildings! great work. Looking for the same type of thing now but with residential buildings to get that a bit more diverse
  14. SM2 Trash Dumper

    Beautifully done! Thank you.
  15. SM2 Trash and Burn

    Thank for sharing your vibrant works of art!
  16. SM2 Scrap Metal Transfer Station

    Amazing...love your work!
  17. Too much same buildings

    When I click on jmyers there doesn't seem to be any thing to click on his/her downloads... however by clicking on them, it lists madhatters who was in list too. These look like what I'm looking for, much more diversity with the building set. I've just downloaded about 20 or 30 of them, so will have a quick go now and then start with some more Thanks for the recommendations. I'm still getting used to this, and the site is so big, I've started bookmarking all these things that are recommended.
  18. I have realized that there is a problem with my assets. Please look at the attached screenshots. My asset is 14.3 m x 8.3 m, so I want it to be 2x2 cells in game. The Blender model is set up as in the screenshot, and I have applied "Location" and "Rotation and Scale" prior to exporting. Nevertheless, I somehow get a mismatch in the asset editor. Why does the asset appears as 2x3 in the menu and even 2x4 in the preview?
  19. Let me just take the time to spitball some more ideas (and given what my schedule is like, that's all I can do at the moment): Some means of eliminating or reducing building repetition that's apparently common with SC4 and part of this has to do with my next points... Mall system. A monolithic building (traditional US shopping mall that are all dying for one reason or another) or cluster of adjoining buildings (strip mall) that serves as multiple types of stores and has a running total of how many stores and employees (jobs) are at the mall itself. Tenants can come and go, but (especially if it's a monolithic building) you can't just demolish it all unless there are zero stores left. If it's a bunch of sub-buildings, then you could demolish the abandoned sub-buildings. This can follow the SC2013-style upgrade system. Variable lot system. Allocate space for parking (unless you're relying on C:S-style roadside parking) and then allocate space for the building itself. Also follows the SC2013-style upgrade system. Power line system? Every city-builder in existence uses some 4-phase (4 phase?! It's usually 3 phases and any more than that gives diminishing returns!!) 60Hz alternating current wires that look like this. (I'm honestly not sure if that's the same size as the C:S power lines.) There should be at least a distinction between transmission lines and distribution lines, or distribution lines and those aerial bundled cables. Underground cables are an option. This has to do with the grid system for 1.x and beyond. There are two ways to go about it: don't and go with free placement or insist on doing so anyway but make the tiles smaller. Something that I've thought about is a grid system where the smallest cell is 4×4 meters and things are placed down on those centres of those cells, whether it be the nodes for roads or the epicenters of buildings or whatever. (I figured plants would be the only thing that can be freely placed, unless you go with an even smaller subdivision and treat it like Minecraft.) I say epicenter because a building has to be placed on a grid tile, but it can be rotated accordingly like you just skewered the building through that tile. From that epicenter, you define the rest of the lot as with the variable lot system from before. (If you tried this right now by representing the entire property as a bunch of rectangles, such as one rectangle for the building and a bigger rectangle for the parking lot, how easy could it be to draw a rotated rectangle?) Ever heard of Creeper World 3? Imagine the relays are road systems. The endpoints of a road segment (or nodes) are fixed to those grid tiles, but you can freely place a connecting node within a certain radius of the first node. (There should also be a minimum and maximum size for node-to-node distances.) I have this concept for subdividing terrain by successive powers of 4, and I have it in this illustration here: I later figured the primary subdivisions should go by powers of 16 instead, so you go from 1 to 16 to 256. The next jump would be 4096, but I stopped at 256 because that's a huge jump and that's 4 kim's or a little over 4 kilometers (I created a united called the kibimeter, which is 1024 meters). If you wanted to emulate the smallest SC4 city tile in this manner, you'd arrange 16 of these superchunks into a square; a large city tile would be 16 of those groups of 16 arranged into an even bigger square. What I had in mind was a Minecraft-like system of chunkloading, something I discussed with others at one point. You could eliminate the need for a region view. Heck, you can freely transition between one city and another. Others have brought up a prompt that asks you if you want to switch cities. I see no need for such a prompt, but ehh, if there is one, it should be configurable at least. I was even thinking about these ideas during a time when I was addicted to CW3. Speaking of road systems, I thought up a node system but I left all the notes back at home so I'm relying on memory here. Define different types of nodes as such, though some of these could be lumped together: Terminus node, basically a dead end Connector node, a node that connects two segments of the same network Transition node, a node that connects two segments of different networks Intersection node, a node that connects 3 or more segments together, not necessarily the same network either Splitter node, a node that breaks up a network into smaller pieces; for use with slip lanes, ramp interfaces, and those weird intersections that look like this Overlap node, for use with stacking an elevated node on top of a ground node, not necessarily with the segments running together either I saw "scenarios" in the roadmap. How about a story mode? I'm not sure how a story can fit into a city-builder, but the way I had in mind is that it would start off with building a single house. Dialogue would appear on the screen but you never see the characters' faces (the goal is to use your imagination) and based on the dialogue and whatever the game would tell you to build, you would piece together their stories. Certain characters move in, struggle to cope with change, move out, move back after several years, die an untimely death... I really wanted to write fanfiction at one point but I never had a chance. Time system? There's this alternative calendar that divides the year neatly into 52 weeks (364 days) and all the accumulated days (from leap years and the fact that you've trimmed the 365th day off of each year) get added back as a 53rd week every 5 to 6 years. The fact that it's such a clean division makes me want to use it as the basis of what I call episodic time. Ever heard of Zoo Tycoon 2? Ever noticed that a day-night cycle encompasses one in-game month (even though there isn't really a night in the game and the month is defined by the sunrise-to-sunset time)? ZT2 crams an entire day-night "cycle" within a span of an in-game month. Ever heard of Prison Architect? Prisoners sent to your prison may be sentenced to your prison for several years but in-game it may be a few days. And let's face it. Most of the day-to-day activities you go through aren't memorable enough to remember in great detail; heck, I can't remember what I ate for breakfast three weeks ago. And while we're at it, not even SC4's passage of time isn't guaranteed to be synced with the day-night cycle (and some people even turn it off). (C:S may be the same deal, but I haven't played that in ages... ) One episodic day corresponds to 7 absolute days, and the purpose of the episodic day is to cram all the exciting stuff into one single day. You can go by episodic time or absolute game time. Honestly, I haven't ironed out the kinks in the episodic time system, and the system divides each season into 13 weeks, which is an odd number. The only ways I thought about remedying this is to use one of these: Designate each successive episodic day a random weekday (so in the extreme case, if today's Thursday, tomorrow could be Wednesday) Define an episodic week as being 5 weekdays (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri), 1 weekend day (Sat+Sun combined), 5 weekdays again (Mon...Fri), and 2 weekend days (Sat and Sun separated) Distance calculations? This is (so far) a 2D game, but what happens when you finally have a 3D game (which is at least eight dimensions when you add things like coal, oil, temperature, wind, and ground fertility)? Sure, the 2D distance formula works fine, but if you have an uphill grade, it's probably worth adding in height. Good thing the distance formula can be generalized to higher dimensions: sqrt((x^2) + (y^2) + (z^2)) I'm hoping that doesn't overload you (or anyone else reading this). I can go a bit overboard with explaining things.
  20. Prepping my First Region

    Using the avenues would have been a very old trick, indeed you should not do this anymore. There are special NC pieces for RHW, just look in the highway menu for the dedicated icon, then find the correct RHW network and overplop the tile on the edge of the cities border with the NC.
  21. mipro

    Absolutely love it!! Glad to have you back.
  22. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    @nofunk That is looking great so far I made a rough comparison of the proportions with the original building, and maybe yours deserves very little vertical stretching. I may be mistaken though. That's probably not important.
  23. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    I once watched a pizza maker use mozzarella slices rather than shredded or diced cheese, and the result was one of the most beautiful pizzas I had ever seen. Shredded cheese makes for a more uniform topping, but I thought the contrast between cheesy and saucy areas left by the arrangement of the mozzarella slices was more interesting and even tastier. The rest of the family doesn't understand and just dumps shredded cheddar on top of everything. Philistines! I've been squeezing onto my eggs chogochujang sauce, a thinner, milder version of the Korean red hot chili pepper paste gochujang. I'm too weak to dare mess with the thick paste, which is scooped out of deep red tubs of concentrated taste bud death. Bacon is on my proscribed list, but we can put in my rice some char sui pork or chicken. Jun's Kitchen from YouTube couple Rachel & Jun had a great episode making fluffy omurice. I can't flip eggs or control my fat cats in the kitchen, but the virtual bar and grill has now fixed that.
  24. Prepping my First Region

    I'm still here too, but you are out of my league for what you are doing. I'm NAMless while working on other stuff.
  25. Simmer2's Lots and BATs Lab

    Here is and it is time. Thank You
  26. Prepping my First Region

    Thanks, people. ( I was beginning to wonder if I had pissed ticked everybody off on this Forum because no one was replying. Nice to know that people are still watching this topic). There's a RHW video on YouTube saying to make an NC with an Avenue and then connect it to the RHW with OWR. It sure doesn't look right. It must be an outdated set-up from a previous version of NAM..
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