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  2. Atmospheric music to get more design work done and then some modeling @RandyE Mmhmm definitely well said. That heavy metal on heavy metal though... you got me there Made me feel a little better with Pam Tillis @Fantozzi More groovy music I like it!
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  4. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    @olegario39 It's still available on SimCity Plaza here: http://www.simcityplaza.de/index.php/freizeit-und-tourismus/wahrzeichen/file/1137-notre-dame-de-paris-von-debussyman
  5. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Really? Cool! I'm trying to do a Region of Greater Paris, "Grand Paris" in french. Is becoming quite large.But harmonizing all the tiles, the river banks and heights of the land are stomping me out. As for "Notre Dame", I never seen it, sorry. Good luck!
  6. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    is there any other link to download Notre Dame de Paris? I'm creating a city that has "Little Paris" in it. the one on the LEX is locked and I don't know why.
  7. The last picture from @TurtleShroom has the colors I invoked in FireFox & Win8 glitch. Check there and "SIMILAR CONTENT" jus below that. Note that glitch is easy to repair from within FF. The dates here are confusing me a bit.
  8. Graphics broken

    Hi all of you: As I said in my topic FireFox & Win8, it seems like a minor glitch in FF. The color deviation was when opening a TV channel. I found a solution chez Mozilla/FF within FF with "config:about". You have then have a long list and find a file which I don't know the name, sorry. But this is the way to go. This tip by @sander12345 is right on. Didn't try his Download Drivers. The "automatically detect and install" hung up on me, so I suggest the "Config:about" way. Mozilla/FF says it concerns Win8. So I'm baffled that SC2013 and Win7 got hurt. or maybe is a glitch in FF. So @rknetwork has an AMD card. And yeah, "No issues with ALL other games" is right too.
  9. Unfortunately, I can't give you any details yet. The goal is clearly a game, which runs reasonably on common computers. You're right about that. We are currently working on the next step to final graphics. The whole thing should be vibrant in any case, but not too playful or as colorful as in Cities Skylines and SimCity.
  10. Honestly it doesn't bother me but I'm not exactly a realism stickler.
  11. FireFox & Win8

    Good! And yes, it seems to be a Win8 and 8.1 thing. It is a hassle rather than actual bug. The help from Mozilla/Firefox does the trick. I, for one, am back in business. From "SIMILAR CONTENT" just below here, Looks like a few people got infected.
  12. @markussaage - thanks. There is still time, two weeks perhaps, don't know, to get finished with the lots. Didn't get far last weekend. Sometimes I make progress, sometimes I get stuck - so it's hard to tell. And you'll notice, there're still a few spaces in the documentation left blank.
  13. FireFox & Win8

    My guess would be General Off-Topic, however I'll agree for now it's a Technical Issue which could affect a lot of SC4 players as they access our Site and here this thread will be seen by more peeps. One of us staff will move it after the discussion goes dormant (if we remember). For now, let's keep it here so it'll be more active. I know the latest 57 version ditches all comparability to old addons and that might have something to do with it. Or they just plain screwed up. I'm on Win 7 on a desktop and other than my addons I knew it would bork, it's just fine.
  14. I guess the turning issue is something nobody considered when voting.
  15. this is the other option, and i know it's not the most popular (having 3 platforms - one center and 2 on the side) but it does mean the tram doesn't cross so hard into the center tracks
  16. De menuda me has salvado ! Muchísimas gracias
  17. ok first design fork: I'm torn because I'm not too sure if this is too harsh a turn for a tram (you can see the 2 separate lanes by looking where the trams are - ignore the mesh it's just a clone) is the angle it turns at to get back to the center tracks too much? should i perhaps consider more of a C design where the forward tracks are closer together with platform on either side (mirrored for backward)
  18. Sounds very interesting! You'll have to work hard on the texturing, automata and these small details that bring a game from good to great, though.
  19. guys what makes more sense: Tram Stop Interchange Road or Tram Stop Exchange Road
  20. Earthquake - already!?

    Yep, Now I can see all the pictures. Nice town, I really like the main avenue
  21. is that the bloodypenguin one? because that's not simply a station, it's a mod (which obviously has modified code) so i don't think the same sort of station track is possible in the vanilla road editor
  22. Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER

    @mcatt if you're unable to download from the STEX, try an alternate mirror, such as ModDB (registration free) or SC4 Devotion.
  23. Why should the person above you be banned? V2

    Banned for me being not banning a person for a long time
  24. There is a tram station track available on the workshop, which also includes sunken tram station track. Elevated tram station track does not exist, but is probably possible, given that both 'Elevated Stops Enabler' and 'Tram Station Track' exist. For now, normal tram track can be used for elevated tram stations, although the handrails make it look weird. Underground tram station track would probably require modding to achieve. I know that the guys behind MOM have expressed interest in looking into it, but they have a lot of stuff on their plate already. Underground train station track is also added via mods, and I remember that some old multi-track underground train stations existed, and did not require Sub-Buildings Enabler - and this was before it was integrated into vanilla. They worked just fine, and it was possible to choose which platform to use. Edit: does anybody know if it's possible to repurpose a train track as a tram track? If so, it would be possible to simply download a prettier train track from the workshop and modify it for use with trams instead.
  25. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    If this isn't too highrise: You can download it here: http://www.moddb.com/games/SimCity-4/downloads/17-state-street
  26. Didn't know where to post this topic, so here I go since it seems important enough. Over the weekend, Firefox upgraded itself in my Win 8.1 portable. The results were catastrophic images with "borked" color deviations. So I went to the Mozilla/Firefox site where they recognized the glitch and gave a solution. They are swamped with messages about it. So watch it! I don't know if it affects Windows 10 or 7.
  27. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Actually I'm doing some lots with two sets by Cycledogg, which can combined in many different ways and I really like: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3298 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3300 Plenty you'll find, if you do a power search on SC4Devotion for the users 'gascooker' and 'jestarr' But the best thing might be to go for the IRM by T Wrecks - at the end you get a huge collection of industry without much searching around. If you decide to pick up the IRM, apart from the great concept of the mod itself, it's like T Wrecks did already the work for you to pickup the finest industrial stuff around and lotted it to perfection. To trust in his selection can safe you weeks if not months of own researches. [EDIT] Ah, sorry, missed the last sentence you wrote. So you've got this already. Well, I leave it here, in case other users search for similar content.
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