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  2. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    A big thank you to @korver and @kschmidt! Thank you both.
  3. Hello, February 2016 is my month to join a Minecraft server, Azalel Nation. Yes, it's an Indonesian server with good uptime (~90%). In my first days, players are nice and friendly to me. But, after I give some gameplay advices, some players becoming hate to me. It sounds crazy but it isn't all true, because I almost spam (but I never committed spam intentionally) the chat. This is becoming stronger as I'm applying as a helper in the server. Yes, unlike Simtropolis etc, they are "democratic" so recruit players using an application (the reason I quoted democratic because they don't have voting, they only selected by the owner/co-owner with some opinions and considerations). And, my first app is failed due to some reasons: I don't have vision to be a staff My behavior is commented by others My "flying time" (active time) is little Bad time management I'm not giving up. But, because I'm had childish behavior (some of this is remained in this day) or the community nature, I am becoming kind of angry when criticized by one of the staff, @SiKece (this may not a valid mention in Simtropolis) and created a topic called Pertimbangan Kembali (Reconsideration) around the site recovery (the site hacked in August 2016 and Sladey becoming webmaster to switch to new instance). The topic becoming hot and locked by the webmaster (@Sladey) After that, I created another topic named Disclaimer. Of course, the topic is created to disclaim staff opinions. Again, the topic becoming hot and staffs giving their opinions. The topic is closed again by @SiKece. But, I don't give up, again. In late 2016, I created a new application with updated info but it's blacklisted without any reason, maybe due to my topics. Again, I created a new app on December 2016, but it's rejected due to my staff app blacklist. In the end, I had given trial as a helper by @Silver750 (co-owner) for 30 days. But, due to reasons, my trial is failed. I created a new app but rejected due to "after the trial". After that, I becoming hated and I becoming disturbed by them, for instance, my avatar is vandalized by a member. So, in late 2017, I'm considered to change my active ID to other but rejected. After that, I'm fled from the community to ST and SC4D. Of course, my situation becoming better. I experienced (till this day) a good and not childish staff. Lessons: don't give unnecessary advices, better to be efficient but transparent, good time management and recommended to not use your real avatar on forums, especially undemocratic ones. You can access my profile for proofs. Don't forget to be translated by Google Translate or Indonesian forum users. Thanks.
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  5. Question about asset editor

    No, you don't need the original. Only its prop (not necessary) or mods required to place it ect. You will have to save it with a different name to be sure you don't get errors (with RICO for example)
  6. Sounds good except for the fennel seeds
  7. nos.17 Lot Development

    Back to topic, DK1 was overdue! That's indeed an interesting choice of textures, and they go quite well with the buildings. I'm always a bit hesitant with "exotic" textures myself because I like to make sure everything will blend in, but atm I'm modding/lotting residential stuff, and before I was busy with the IRM - both collections of lots that are meant to grow together and look good together. Retail lots can use more "standalone" textures, as it seems. Speaking of textures, did you replace the Maxis driveway textures with dirt versions there? I spotted some minor clipping issues on the burger joint re-lot (the one to the far right), where the umbrellas clip into the building a little. It also looks like you used a shaded table/umbrella prop (family) on the middle one, the one on the biggest lot. Right side of the building, second pink/purple umbrella from the bottom. Why not use that shaded version throughout? I guess that could actually look quite cool. Oh, and one remark on the Notre Dame re-lot: The lot fits like a glove, congratulations! It looks super realistic. Not sure if the fence is the ideal choice (I'm thinking something wrought iron and/or stone, but you already got weought iron in the front), but I guess it works. Just some clipping again: that tree to the left of the side portal is cut off by the LOD this time. I imagine it will be difficult to fit props around such an irregularly shaped building that has a regular box LOD...
  8. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Those modular stations by Bripizza are very nice indeed...! You came up with a lot more than I was ever able to find @korver - *thanks*! Heheh - that should keep me busy
  9. Thanks you for the post, I'm glad you made the list, it would be great if we update them and this list helps me a lot in finding the crazy games I imagine and crave for all these time Well, for my ambition, I would love that someday there will be a game where you can - Start from cells - Upgrade to an ancient civillization, then thrives through time and to modern - During the growth, factions appear, they splits into nations and civillizations, we have to deal with them - With great management system, random alternatives, different outcomes, a lot of science - Explore to space, great empires, meet alien civillizations, fight and make friends around - Be a character in the game (which actually can die) - AoE2's graphic is okay for such big game - And a lot more crazy features It would be a combination of Spores, Thrives, Cities, Civillization, Age of Empires, Total War, Universim, Stellaris, Arma, Dynasty Warrior, blah blah blah...well, in short...we make a whole and nearly perfect and realistic simulation of our lives and universe...
  10. I made some road marking decal packs to place on roads to add to the overall realism of the game. The pack is available in two versions: white and yellow White Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1335783895 Yellow Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1336655207 Let me know what you think in the comments below
  11. Another suggestion, how about the building construction? In SC4, it's only applied to growables only. Yes, there are mods designed to activate the construction but it modifies some data in buildings, resulting to incompatibilities to other mods. I hope you can apply the construction "animation" into all buildings, including arcologies. OK, after some day absent from contributing to the repo, I will contribute. That's a surprise until you see. Thanks.
  12. Show Us What You're Working On

    I agree with @kingofsimcity @scotttbarry Fantastic work!! Here is yet another lot I just finished. Its part of the "Grungy" collection. SM2 Scrap Metal Transfer Station With over 60 timed props it livens things up a bit... Each unit serves up to a population of 50,000 with 50% recycling reduction. Please excuse the poor GIF quality. I'm also posting a couple of stills which shows all the fine details Pics please... . . . . Simmer2
  13. Emory Hills

    End of the line for metro B, recently extended to the area east of the airport called Franklin.
  14. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    @RobertLM78 Here's some that I think you might like - starting with some older styled ones: ILL Tonkso's got a couple other stations that you might be interested in, if you haven't seen them yet: Two more stations with a slightly more modern look: JENX Amsterdam Central Station: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=574 These sets by Bripizza: https://www.bripizza.net/sc4/2905Sta/2905Sta.html#2905Sta_b And finally a couple more, even more modern: Hope this helps
  15. Funny videos

    Young Hanyu Yuzuru broke records with his new Olympic gold medal for men's solo figure skating at the Pyeongchang games, but even an Olympic gold medal feat cannot compare to the nerve-wrecking challenge that is facing the international sports press in Yuzuru's English Nightmare: That face when the press host threw down the surprise English gauntlet was priceless. Even better, the first journalist to start it off was Australian! Actually, Hanyu, who trains in Canada and so must learn the language the immersive way, survived the challenge. "You can speak Japanese!" While the ice skating is a marvel to behold, even more astonishing to the many of the Olympic broadcast commentators were the endings of his programs as fan deluged the rink and their idol with stuffed Winnie the Pooh bears in the Hanyu-traditional Pooh Rain: Even the judges almost got konked by a wayward fluffy pooh. He nonchalantly skates through the mayhem he has caused like a boss. I don't think the ancient Greeks ever imagined their sacred games to the glory of the Olympian Gods would become such an insane pop idol scramble of raining teddy bears. Gotta catch 'em all!
  16. Too Much Money bug?

    You have my sympathy for your loss. For the bug, I'm now out of ideas.
  17. BTE ag rewards issues

    UPDATE: So I've managed to solve this problem. I was poking around on the SC4D Lex (I have to admit, their search is WAY better for my needs and the LEX Dependency Tracker is WIN) and upon noticing that it mentioned a number dependencies that I didn't have re: the BSC ag files I installed (that is, dependencies that the entries on the STEX didn't even mention), I decided to reDL all the BSC Ag files I had from the SC4D Lex and get all of the dependencies via the Dependency Tracker. Upon doing that, this issue fixed itself. I think part of the problem is folks didn't actually mention all the dependencies required when they listed things on the STEX. (I'm still having the issues with the SG BSC lots not showing their crops, despite supposedly having all the files, the issue I made the other thread about. I've DLed some other BSC ag lots and they show their crops, so it's not all BSC ag files apparently, nor is it the SPAM interfering.)
  18. What Are Your System Specs?

    I depends on you. This game likes a larger CPU for larger cities. A dual core won't get you to a full 8-tile city. Maybe look at specs for this game. Minimum is too low, but recommend specs would be a minimum. Higher if you use workshop. I guess it just depends on what you want out of this game.
  19. Too Much Money bug?

    Sorry it's been so long for me to get back to you. Both of my grandparents had an accident and they both passed on. I'm still kinda reeling from it. So I've noticed a few more things (note: this contradicts some of what I said before. I was mistaken before.) It seems to happens when I first open up my game and then load one of the affected cities first. If I don't load one of them first, it doesn't seem to happen. (Note that it doesn't ALWAYS happen when I first open up my game and then load one of the affected cities first. Only that the times it has happened (at least recently; I can't make any guarantees for the past), I noticed that was going on.) It seems to happen not immediately upon loading, but pretty soon. Like within the first minute after taking it off of pause. (FWIW, I pretty much only use 2 speeds... pause and super fast.) If I close out of the file w/o saving, go back to the region, and reload the city, it doesn't happen again when I reload. If I save the file while it's happening (I finally did that once... I had some major work I had done that I didn't want to lose.) and I close and reload the file, it's still happening, but goes away pretty quickly afterwards. I had one more time where it went negative. This time it didn't even show any integers, only a minus sign. (I can include a screenshot if you like.) BTW, when it goes negative, it's not like it accumulates too much money that I haven't kept my eye on it. It's actually in the low trillions (possibly even only millions) when it suddenly jumps to negative. It's as if whatever bug is causing this somehow "gets loaded again" and it's a logarithmic(?) effect.
  20. Hey fellas! Quick question.. let's say I go into the asset editor and modify a building, I save it, and I place it on my city.. Do I still need the original asset from the workshop? or by saving it Im already creating a version of my own which does not require the "base" or "original" asset to work? Thanks!!
  21. Holston Begins

    The year is 1867. Andrew Johnson is the sitting president of these United States of America. Nebraska is admitted full statehood. The U.S. has just bought Alaska from the Russians. Westward Expansion is still full throttle. Yes, disease and poverty run rampant still, but the Industrial Revolution has begun a few decades prior. New industries and shops are being built, and businesses are prospering. It is the era of American Reconstruction. Enter Holston: A small but promising boom town with much to offer. Though the skies are filled with smog and the streets are dirty potholed, what goes on behind the large glass windows and the bricks upon bricks is extraordinary. Holston might not look like much now, but it will become a large, prosperous city with scholars and businessmen aplenty. And now without further ado, some photographs of the great city herself, in all her glory. Thanks guys and hope you enjoyed it! More shall come soon.
  22. nos.17 Lot Development

    Testing and documentation is the best part of the upload process though! actually please send help oh god why Really interesting and diverse selection of base textures there. Don't get to see those quite as often especially as a parking lot surface. Looks great!
  23. RCImulti - MODpack for SC4 Delux/RushHour

    Best MOD ever!!!! Make population up to 1000000000 or more!
  24. What Are Your System Specs?

    I need a new graphics card, but should I even bother with this computer?: Intel Core i3-3220 3.30 GHz, 6GB
  25. Mines can't find ores

    what do you mean by in the node
  26. Mines can't find ores

    i have the same problem with coal and sometimes with oil and ore how to fix this
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