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  2. RDQ Venus Arcology

    Wow ! Un trabajo muy bueno con un aspecto tan futurista que no había visto todavía en simcity4. Tiene muy buena pinta pero también he de decir que quizás el suelo del edificio se podría mejorar. Pero eso es secundario , gran trabajo!!!!
  3. RDQ Venus Arcology

    how many CO$$$ jobs ?
  4. Today
  5. RDQ Venus Arcology

    best futuristic building I've ever seen!
  6. Reddonquixote's BAT thread

    What a surprise, reddon! Thank you so much for sharing!
  7. Not really, as i think Next is about to undergo a revamp according to the thread on this forum. So a lot of people will stay subscribed. If you wanted though i believe the next roads (that don't actually require additional code) can be cloned in the editor which you could save as a local file.
  8. Hmm, I'm not sure if this counts as a counterexample, but where my family lives is an incomplete housing block, and if you look at a satellite map of it, you'll find that it's not even half complete. Perhaps PUS is better fitting on a campus-like setting, like a school or college or a multi-building hospital, but under what circumstance should expansion happen and for which building types? (I also like the idea of having a master plan and deviating from the master plan; you can build a campus in phases, but successive phases may face opposition or the contractors can go broke.) The slightly lazy answer would be to throw out PUS for now and come back to it later (and with a better name, too); if anything, VLS should have at least MBS as a proof of concept. I mean, this is all an iterative process; get the basic stuff handled first and then get the secondary stuff added in later.
  9. The problem I see is the PUS (you're right, it does need a better name...) and the MBS don't really work "together" and shouldn't be part of the same system unless they're all a part of how lots work. Typically, strip malls and apartment complexes are built once and then not touched again expansion-wise (new lots). Occasionally, apartment complexes may split or re-join as properties but that's a fairly rare occurrence. Continuing with examples close to home, there was an apartment complex (back home, not in Houston) that was originally one complex bisected by a street, then sold off half its units, which got a new coat of paint and a new name (even though they looked the same, exterior-wise). It wasn't until four decades later that they finally came under common ownership again. Meanwhile, down the street, another apartment complex absorbed two others over the years. As much as I like to see quirky stuff like that, it's not a high priority. I know somewhere (ah, here it is) I have a list of what I wanted to see in a future "SimCity" title, and although a lot of that was pipe dreams and just what I wanted to see at the time (a lot of it is dated at best but at it's not my cringiest), I know I'm echoing a lot of the same sentiments here. I was just writing a post in support of #5, for instance. What I need to do is make a chart on what the city sims did (both modern and aged, like SC2K) on what they did well and what they did poorly, as well as compile my ideas I've been brewing for the last couple of years.
  10. RDQ Venus Arcology

    Best buildings ever!!!
  11. BFA

    Alright, i'm pretty much done with it so here's Buddy Finley International. Named for a dog who passed away a couple years back, BFA has 3 runways, and is capable of handling jets up to the A380. BFA is a hub for Morita Cargo and Ryanair US, and has a total of 3 passenger terminals and a single freight terminal. Ryanair offers cost-cutting flights to various cities, and operates out of Terminal 2, the central terminal. BFA isn't a stranger to Personal Aviation, either. Several hangers and private aprons offer comfortable parking for jetsetters, and several more spots exist for light aviation. The most notable usages of it is housing the "Black Bear", a Tu-144 Concordski currently under refit by a private company to be used to launch cubesats and the like into LEO, hauling up boosters and launching them at high speed and high altitude. Next, hopefully soon, we're going to move to the Dockyards, an area completely transformed in recent years.
  12. Maybe I should break up the VLS into subcomponents? Hmm... The VLS (variable lot system) is a means of adding variety to a building's property, such as allocating space for the building and future expansion to the buildings. A few other things can be added such as parking lots, parking garages, bike racks, green spaces, solar canopies, and (while we're at it) EV charging stations, but I'll get back to those later. The MBS (multiple building system) would be the part that simulates multi-building structures. I'm debating on whether to separate a few other features, such as property expansion (PES) and building upgrading (BUS) or merge them into one (EUS/UES). Now here's the part that I need help on. How should the VLS and MBS work together? Should one depend on the other (such as the MBS relying on the VLS) or can one work independently of the other if given the chance (such as having a VLS-based single-building police station and an non-VLS housing complex)? And what if the lot is a park? Do you use the VLS (for arranging the park's features to your liking), the MBS (if the park has picnic tables, a pool, a restroom, a playground, and so on), or both? Should all lots use VLS/MBS or is it overkill for certain lots? Should both systems be locked if a property is below a certain tier? Ignore the crossed-out stuff. I have a hierarchical proposal instead. The core of the VLS lets you shape the lot's features to your liking; at the minimum, you can place a building and its parking lot in a position of your choosing, and at its extreme, you could build a large complex with green spaces. The VLS has a few other subcomponents: Multiple Building System (MBS); if you have multiple buildings, this system manages multiple buildings within the lot itself; examples include shopping malls, apartment complexes, and schools. Property Upgrade System (PUS); if anyone has a better name, let me know; this handles upgrading the buildings and expanding the property. Supplemental Upgrades System (SUS); any miscellaneous items go here, such as bike racks, solar canopies, and EV chargers (these three, for example, can be their own ordinances). If a lot is eligible for the VLS (maybe you have to have a certain tier of building or reach a certain milestone for your city), you can use any combination of these subcomponents. Otherwise, a lot will be allocated the minimum amount of space to work. This probably doesn't make sense for very small stores or individual houses, which is what the earliest cities will start out as. That said, there may be a better way to arrange these parts:
  13. RDQ Venus Arcology

    The lighting on this is simply outstanding.
  14. (Due to the way the message system works, I had to paste in my nearly-lost reply from the clipboard. @kotcity and @Ganaram Inukshukare quoted. If you didn't want to do "real time", here's some reasons: - There will never be any "inventions" only past a certain date (like in SimCity 2000) or an expansion that allows pre-2000 dates. - You don't plan on doing anything special on your city for holidays (like Christmas no one works) - You won't have changes of seasons (snow on buildings, etc.). - It never bothered you that your city looked like it was from the late 19th century/early 20th century even though the in-game clock said it was somewhere in the year 3000. The lot editor was able to at least allow you to place buildings on lots with the "parking" code intact (rarely were these transit-enabled though). [Note--the reply below contains both Ganaram's quoted post and my reply, try as I might I wasn't able to separate them].
  15. SM2 Trash Dumper

    Great work as always, love the lotting and layout
  16. SM2 Trash and Burn

    Fantastic work as usual
  17. SM2 Scrap Metal Transfer Station

    Love the custom scrap props, great work
  18. SM2 True STR Sidings Vol1

    Lovely work!
  19. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    Berlin's Alexanderplatz and iconic Fernsehturm Tower.
  20. Show Us Your Small Towns

    Nighttime in Lavender Bay.
  21. That's along the line of how I was thinking. 'Modular' would have been a better word choice rather than 'customize'. However, most of these modules should have some form of transport 'awareness' rather than just being decorative like SC4.
  22. Show Us Your Overview of Your City/Town

    An overview of downtown Montreal at night.
  23. RDQ Venus Arcology

    Great Name, great BAT and Great details.....just all we needed.
  24. Show us your farm land!

    A farmland scene from rural Cephalonia.
  25. Show us your city's detail/close-ups

    A close up of Prague's Old Town Square at night.
  26. RDQ Venus Arcology

    Stunning work! Fantastic design as well
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