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  3. The perfect song for that afternoon after the hangover, when you're recovering and starting into the day - finally: @adsii1970: Cool, that might just by my favourite The Who song. Great performance, too! Thanks for posting. @NMUSpidey: I will confess that I had braced myself for something really tacky and trashy, but I actually liked that a lot! Gotta give them a try, thanks for making me aware of them!
  4. Project "Metropolis"

    Your over passes and flyovers all look so great and effortlessly made .. Love the under construction pictures as well. Can't wait to see more!
  5. Project "Metropolis"

    Current population: 140.000 Starting off with the overview shots: Not much to say, a hotel complex close to the water with a "not so nice" beach: Some shoping close to one of the highways: A railway cutting through the city. Bad planning I'd say! A industrial area close to one of the rivers. This is the area im currently working on: Two random shots:
  6. Diego's Puerto Vallarta Growables - Icon Vallarta

    It looks great, but the palm trees is bad. I build northern cities.
  7. DAMN Tutorial by Paeng

    Article was originally created on the SimPeg website by Paeng, website now deleted and Paeng has given permission for it to be on Simtropolis. Step 1 - Installing DAMN This should be pretty straight forward as it comes with an installer. Watch for the install path - it is important that DAMN is installed into the proper place. Normally, SC4 is installed into c:\programs\Maxis\SimCity 4\ When you open that folder, you see a subfolder 'Plugins' - that's the one we're after. So when you have run the installer, open c:\programs\Maxis\SimCity 4\Plugins\ and you should see a new subfolder 'DAMN' - open this and see two further subfolders 'Root' and 'Support'. Root is the place where all your custom menu definitions will be stored. Some samples are already there (e.g. SG Canals) - we'll deal with that later. Support - there are a number of files in there as well... leave them alone for the moment. So if we're in tune up to here, you could start the game now for a little test. Open the 'News PopUp' by clicking at the blue link at the bottom or by clicking the button at bottom right. In the popup, click the blue link to open the menu. This is what the menu window looks like - just disregard the listing in the lower window - those are my menu definitions, so you'll see something different and much less (e.g. you'd see again those SG Canals). Clicking on them will probably not work (yet) - unless you have those canals installed. Anyway - all we wanted to check is if the menu system is properly installed and visible... so you can close the game again. Part 2 - Installing SSP Tool and the SSP Tool DAMN Plugin A) SSP Tool = http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2191 Okay, after unzipping the archive you'll have a folder SSPTool_Complete which contains all program files. It doesn't really matter where you put it - for me, I got all my SC4 related tools (like LE, Reader etc.) at c:\programs\SC4_utilities\ so this one goes there as well. Now when you open this folder, you'll see a file called 'SSPTool.bat' - that's for starting the program. I put a shortcut to this *.bat file on my desktop. Notice also that there is a subfolder 'plugins' - keep that in mind, because we'll want to go there in a mo. From the readme: The tool is implemented in JAVA, so you need the JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE Version 6), which can be downloaded from Sun: http://java.sun.com Most probably you got all that and won't have to fiddle around with it... B) SSP Tool DAMN Plugin = http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2450 Again, unpack the downloaded archive and you should have a folder SSPTool-Plugin-DAMN with lots of stuff inside that does not really need to concern you - just take this complete folder as is and move it into the plugins folder mentioned in the previous step (the subfolder 'plugins' inside 'SSPTool_Complete'). That's it. We're now ready to configure this thing and then start setting up our menus. Part 3 - Setting up your own menus In order to start with a clean slate, here is my suggestion: Go back to the Root folder of the DAMN - c:\programs\Maxis\SimCity 4\Plugins\DAMN\Root\ and clean it out... throw away those sample definitions or move them out for safekeeping - just make sure the folder is empty. Okay, now fire her up... remember how? Yes, doubleclick that 'SSPTool.bat' (easy if you prepared the suggested shortcut ;-). It may take a little moment to start up, then comes a welcome screen, click 'Ok' and finally the tool is open. If you followed the steps, the current screen should show the readme for using the DAMN plugin. Before anything else, lets check a few things - from the menubar at top open the menu 'Tools' and go into the 'Options'. For the moment just check the paths - one is the install path for SC4, the other one for your Plugins (the one in 'MyDocuments'). Check that both are correct. Leave the other options alone until you are familiar with the basic functions of the program. Click 'Ok' to leave this dialog. At the bottom of the main window you see four large buttons. We don't need the 'Installer' anymore, we're done with that. The 'Options' and 'Extras' - again, leave them alone until you are familiar with the program and its basic functions. So that leaves the 'Manager' - hit it. Lets look at the mainscreen: On top left (1) you see your current plugins (in 'My_Documents'). Bottom left (2) shows your 'DAMN\Root' (which should be empty now). Now it's time to choose the first plugin to turn into a DAMN menu. For this demo I decided to use the SPAR set (because it is big and organized in several subfolders). If you are a SPAM BetaTester, you might even have that set in your Plugins as well and can follow my steps exactly. So I click my way through the tree - Now you should do some thinking - how do you want to organize your menus? Remember - whatever you set up in the folder 'Root' is the hierarchy for your custom menus. It is completely independent from your plugins, which will not be changed or influenced by the way you set up your menus! So you have all freedom to arrange things in a logical way that makes things easy to find. Back to the SPAR - it is dependent of the SPAM (as will be other sets), so I want to start with a folder SPAM. Hit the + button in the Root window (2), enter SPAM, hit Ok. Since the SPAR set is nicely organized in subsets, I want to keep that - so I copy the hierarchy (keep on adding subfolders as described). When done, it should look like this: Now you can fill those menus. In window 1, select 'SPAR_Candy'. You'll see the details of all associated lots in the window beside it (1a). * Note: Normally you'd also see a preview of the currently selected lot in the last window (1b) - here you don't, because I have removed the preview PNG from the lots to keep the file size down. Okay, the first lot is already highlighted - press SHIFT and click on the last lot, so all of them are now selected. Make sure that in window 2 the folder 'Candy' is selected as well! Finally click on the 'Dice' button to add the selected lots to the menu. The result should look like this: That's it... repeat these steps for each subset, always making sure that you have highlighted the corresponding folders in window 1 and window 2. When everything is done, hit the button 'Apply' at the bottom of the window. The prog will shake, rattle and hum for a while and finally alert you that everything is done: "Index successfully generated!" You can now take a peek at the DAMN\Root\ folder - you'll see there exactly the folders that you have set up for your menu (in window 2). At this point some words about this Root folder - you should not try to add things there directly. However, you can tweak things like changing the name of a folder or rearranging them. Keep in mind though - if ever you decide to do this, you need to re-index the whole thing (that's what the prog did automatically during the shake, rattle and hum). So how do you re-index manually? Look at the DAMN folder's second subfolder - 'Support'. In there you'll find a file called 'DAMN-Indexer.cmd' - double click that to re-index manually (might as well prepare a second shortcut on your desktop). So whenever you change things around outside the program (not using the 'Apply' button), hit that 'DAMN-Indexer.cmd'! DAMN_Docu_thread.txt damn_tutorial.txt
  8. Maxis DLC Landmarks (Mac Compatible)

    Thank you
  9. Article was originally on the SimCity 3000 website, website now deleted. Problem We've noticed that some of you are getting very sluggish performance out of SimCity 3000 Unlimited - where the game will slow to a crawl every 30 seconds or so. If you are having such a problem, we might have a fix for you! This file addresses sluggish performance some users have been experiencing. The problem occurs when the user's machine is not connected to the Internet, but the game thinks that it is. You will know you are having the problem if your game briefly gets sluggish every 30 seconds while playing but the sluggishness goes away when you are connected to the Internet. Most users do not experience this problem. Note: If you are experiencing slowness or other problems after trying our solution, please contact EA technical support. Does this file apply to me? If you are not sure if this file is something you need or not, please answer for yourself these two questions: 1) Do you typically play SimCity 3000 Unlimited while connected to the Internet? If your answer is "no," then please continue to question 2. If your answer is "yes," then this fix will not help you. 2) Is your computer connected to a local network (a LAN)? If your answer is "yes," we think we can help! If not, then this fix will probably not help you. If you answered "no" and "yes" respectively to these two questions, then try downloading this file and place it in your \SimCity 3000 Unlimited\Apps\Plugin directory. Your game should run much faster now! Good luck!" Install To install this file simply place it in your "SimCity 3000 Unlimited\Apps\Plugin" directory and start the game. If the Plugin directory is not already present, you can create it by using the Windows Explorer. The file menu sequence, "File" -> "New" -> "Folder", will enable you to create the "Plugin" directory you need. PingFixPlugin.zip
  10. Article was originally on the SimCity 3000 website, website now deleted. Having problems with your game? Below are all the major issues with SimCity 3000 and SimCity 3000 Unlimited. All problems have been arranged in 4 areas: Technical Problems, Website Problems, Gameplay Problems, and Building Architect Plus Problems. So just click on the problem you have or if your problem is not listed here, then click here Contact Electronic Arts Support: Technical Support Contact Information. I lost my CD case and I need my serial number, what can I do? Where can I find a Linux version? Technical Problems: Random Lock Ups in SimCity 3000 or SimCity 3000 Unlimited. SimCity 3000 restarts spontaneously when exiting. Extremely slow performance in SimCity 3000 or SimCity 3000 Unlimited. I cannot save my cities in SimCity 3000 or SimCity 3000 Unlimited. File "linked to missing export" error message with SimCity 3000. SimCity 3000 Unlimited fails to render buildings or my active list is always empty. When I open my saved cities there appears to be nothing more than vast oceans. Website Problems: I cannot register on the website, I have SimCity 3000. I cannot use the Exchange, Classic, BBS, or Chat. Gameplay Problems: I want cheat codes! How do I build a bridge in SimCity 3000 or SimCity 3000 Unlimited? My water deals keep failing, how can I make them work? How do I import custom made/downloaded Building Architect buildings into my city? My population is suddenly dropping, what do I do? I have not been offered X building, how come? Building Architect Plus Problems: The Building Architect Plus does not run but SimCity 3000 Unlimited does. How do I import custom made/downloaded Building Architect buildings into my city? The Active Building List has malfunctioned, I am unable to add buildings to the active buidling list. Answers: Random Lock Ups in SimCity 3000 or SimCity 3000 Unlimited. · SimCity 3000 · SimCity 3000 Unlimited. A common issue with SimCity 3000 and SimCity 3000 Unlimited are random lock ups or freezes. Many times this can be attributed to an sound issue on the user's system. There are several reasons why this may occur, incorrect sound drivers installed, sound drivers being improperly installed, out of date sound drivers, or an out of date sound card. So what's the solution? The first step it to determine what sound card is in the system and what drivers are installed. The best way to do this is through the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. From the run line (Start > Run) type "dxdiag" without quotes and hit enter. It should open up the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, click on the "Sound" tab. Under "Device" next to "Name" is the name of your sound card and on the right under "Driver" next to "Version" is the version number. It's suggested that you contact your system manufacturer with this information and request a location from which to download the latest drivers. These drivers should be installed on your system. Most driver versions are nine digits and start with a 4 (ex. 4.XX.XX.XXXX). You may notice that your driver starts with a 5, if you are running a Windows 9x/ME system than these are not the correct drivers, contact your system manufacturer, this situation will almost always cause random lock ups. On this same tab under "DirectX Features" you may notice a slider bar for "Hardware Sound Acceleration Level", for troubleshooting reasons this should be set one notch from the left on "Basic". If these steps are not successful then turn off sound and music in the game, or remove your sound drivers and reinstall them. If you have problems with SimCity 3000 Unlimited freezing and you have a Vanta/Vanta LT video card then go to www.visiontek.com and get the 7.58 version driver. SimCity 3000 restarts spontaneously when exiting. · SimCity 3000 This is an issue isolated to SimCity 3000 and does not occur with SimCity 3000 Unlimited. It's an issue related to the way newer systems are configured. There is a way around this issue though, while in the game (save it first), hold down "Alt" and hit "Tab" on the keyboard, this will minimize the game. While the game is minimized hold down "Ctrl", "Alt", and hit the "Delete" key, it will open up the "Close Program Dialog Box". Click on "SimCity 3000" and then click on the "End Task" button, SimCity 3000 should now close and not restart. If you are more comfortable with your computer and would like to try some more advanced steps, try turning off "DMA" in the Hard Disk properties (you can access the properties in the Device Manager under "Disk Drives"). I cannot register on the website, I have SimCity 3000. · SimCity 3000 This is a common oversight, the website asks if you own a copy of SimCity 3000 Unlimited when you register. If you just have SimCity 3000 and don't have SimCity 3000 Unlimited, select no. You will now be able to site register, which means you will not need a serial number, and will have limited access to the website, including all features and downloads for the original SimCity 3000. Extremely slow performance in SimCity 3000 or SimCity 3000 Unlimited. · SimCity 3000 · SimCity 3000 Unlimited. Make sure you have the performance updates available for SimCity 3000 Unlimited located below. Also make sure you have the latest drivers for both your sound and video cards, you should contact your system manufacturer for information on updating drivers. Click here for the Internet Connection Update Click here if you're looking for the Performance Update I cannot save my cities in SimCity 3000 or SimCity 3000 Unlimited. · SimCity 3000 · SimCity 3000 Unlimited. In some instances SimCity 3000 will try and save to the CD-ROM, since this is not possible it returns an error. Simply change the save location to a location on the Hard Drive. File "linked to missing export" error message with SimCity 3000. · SimCity 3000 · SimCity 3000 Unlimited. This often occurs with outdated or beta versions of DirectX, simply go to Microsoft's DirectX website and update DirectX. The website is http://www.microsoft.com/directx. How do I build a bridge in SimCity 3000 or SimCity 3000 Unlimited? · SimCity 3000 · SimCity 3000 Unlimited. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to build a bridge, for a few simple reasons. Make sure that both shorelines are parallel and close to sea level, also make sure you drag 5 - 10 tiles before the shoreline and 5 - 10 tiles after the opposite shore line. Following these simple suggestions will usually end up in a newly constructed bridge. If you need more help, please go to the Tips & Tricks section and there is a tutorial for making bridges. The Building Architect Plus does not run but SimCity 3000 Unlimited does. · SimCity 3000 Unlimited. Sometimes this can happened and can be caused by several different things. The first thing to do is shut down all running tasks except "Explorer" and "Systray" in the "Close Program Dialog Box", you can access the "Close Program Dialog Box" by holding "Ctrl", "Alt", and hitting the "Delete" key. Once it's open you want to "End Task" on everything except "Explorer" and "Systray", just select any item but those two and click on "End Task". Use "Ctrl", "Alt", and "Delete" again to open the "Close Program Dialog Box" and continue ending task until only "Explorer" and "Systray" are remaining. If that does not allow the BA+ to run correctly, right click on your "My Computer" icon and select "Properties", it should open up the "System Properties". Click on the "Performance" tab and then on the "Graphics" button. Lower this setting to "Basic" (one notch from the left), click on "OK", and then click on "Close". Restart your computer and try running the BA+. SimCity 3000 Unlimited fails to render buildings or my active list is always empty. · SimCity 3000 Unlimited. This is often caused by other applications running while SimCity 3000 Unlimited or the Building Architect Plus is running. Follow the steps in "The Building Architect Plus does not run but SimCity 3000 Unlimited does." to end all background tasks. If you have programs such as Norton Anti-Virus be sure to shut those down before ending task on any items in the "Close Program Dialog Box". The Active Building List has malfunctioned, I am unable to add buildings to the active buidling list. · SimCity 3000 Unlimited. What has happened is you have a corrupted "bat.dat" file. Look in the \SimCity 3000 Unlimited\Apps\BARender directory for bat.dat - if it is corrupted, it should be 0kb in size. Delete that file and you should be able to start building a new bat.dat - without having to reinstall the game. When I open my saved cities there appears to be nothing more than vast oceans. · SimCity 3000 · SimCity 3000 Unlimited. This is because the save file has become damaged or corrupted, or was not able to save correctly. Follow the steps in "The Building Architect Plus does not run but SimCity 3000 Unlimited does." to end all background tasks. If you have any anti-virus applications shut them down before ending task, these programs could be the cause. There is not way to restore corrupted cities. My water deals keep failing, how can I make them work? · SimCity 3000 · SimCity 3000 Unlimited. You need a fairly high percentage of your water resources free for the deal to work. Some have suggested that you build a separate water system for water deals only so your city doesn't take water from it and make your deal get cancelled. If you don't want to do this, you can just build many water pumps, probably many more than you think are necessary. You should also place lots of connections so all the water can get to your neighboring city. These tips should allow you to maintain a steady and long-lasting water deal. I want cheat codes! · SimCity 3000 · SimCity 3000 Unlimited. All cheat codes are located in the Tips and Tricks section. How do I import custom made/downloaded Building Architect buildings into my city? · SimCity 3000 · SimCity 3000 Unlimited. When you download a building, it is placed in your buildings folder. You can always look there to see if it downloaded right from the exchange or you placed your custom made building in the correct place. When you want to replace a building, click the query (question mark) button on the building you want to replace while playing and then click on the REPLACE button. The menu will show you what to do from there. How do I organize my props folder? · SimCity 3000 · SimCity 3000 Unlimited. There are two reasons to put props in folders. To keep the props organized by type. For instance, all cars in one folder, all flowers in another, etc. That way they show up in the prop window the same way. These folders should be kept in the BA Custom 'Props' folder to show up in the game, and you can't have folders within folders. For instance, if you had the 'flower' folder within the 'car' folder, the cars would show up, but the flowers wouldn't. Also, make sure the associated .met files are in the same folders as their props. My population is suddenly dropping, what do I do? · SimCity 3000 · SimCity 3000 Unlimited. Population drops are frequent in SimCity and sometimes you just have to sit tight and wait until demand goes back up. Other times there are certain things that you can do to help encourage sims to move back into your city. First, make sure that taxes are rather low and aren't bothering people enough to make them leave. Also make sure that your city is powered and watered, this is very important. Finally, just keep working at improving your city, eventually if you have a city with nothing wrong, people will start to move back in and fill in zones that were abandoned. I lost my CD case and I need my serial number, what can I do? · SimCity 3000 · SimCity 3000 Unlimited. This is a very common problem and one that can be easily solved in some situations. The solution would be to just check your registration information at SimCity.com and see the serial number you entered upon first registering your game. To do this Go onto the main of SimCity.com page and see where it says "Welcome Username" where the username is yours. Look under that and click on the link where it says, "(Click here to login with a different User Name.)". Afterwards click the update registration option then on the next screen look on the side and click "Update Product Registration". Finally put your username and password in the Update Registration info section. The next page will display your serial number if you had written it in when you first registered that name. If you haven't registered at SimCity.com then you should try contacting EA Tech Support. You will not get one by asking on the BBS or in the chat so don't bother asking for one. I have not been offered X building, how come? · SimCity 3000 · SimCity 3000 Unlimited. The only time you are offered the casino, toxic waste plant, gigamall, and the maximum security prison is whenever your available funds are below zero (in the red). You can also use the cheat codes located in our Tips & Tricks area. Where can I find a Linux version? Go to http://www.lokigames.com/products/sc3k. Technical Support Contact Information: If you are having a gameplay problem then you might want to check out our Tips & Tricks area. We have posted several guides to help you get the most out of your city (ie - Help getting farms, high-tech, seaports, BAP, etc). If you are having a technical problem with SimCity3000 Unlimited (ie- crashing, video or sound problems) we recommend you visit the EA.com Support Website at http://techsupport.ea.com.
  11. SimCity 3 Knowledge Tree Cheats

    Knowledge Tree Root (2) Cheats and Easter Eggs (11 articles) Cheat code sheet 6/02/01 Access all buildings cheat 2/13/99 Build structures before their time 4/17/99 Creating your own terrain 1/31/99 Maxis logo trick 3/21/99 Hear SimCity 2000 theme music in SC3000 9/20/99 Hidden clock 9/19/99 Earlier SimCity 3000 building designs (that were cut) 12/17/00 Inherit other city's money, use new terrain 12/08/99 Laughing in music 3/14/01 How to get money using the plop cheat 10/02/04 Unsupported files, utilities, and routines (10 articles) SimCity 3000 Trainer ($$ - Windows) 9/19/99 Hex editing money cheat 11/19/00 Export city thumbnail and stats 9/20/99 Make money through tax loophole 3/12/00 The starter town money trick 3/03/02 How to add an additional tune to Unlimited 1/27/02 Listen to Music CDs with SimCity 3000 1/27/02 Change terrain colors 1/27/02 Getting SimBroadway back in Unlimited (original version required) 1/27/02 SimCity 3000 Unlimited Music Conversion 3/22/03
  12. 0a_TemplateModels.dat 10m Hole Digger_74c45780.SC4Lot 10m Raiser_54c45786.SC4Lot 12m Hole Digger_f4c45740.SC4Lot 12m Raiser_d4c45747.SC4Lot 14m Hole Digger_74c45753.SC4Lot 14m Raiser_14c45759.SC4Lot 15m Hole Digger_b4c45763.SC4Lot 15m Raiser_d4c45769.SC4Lot 24m Hole Digger_d4c45794.SC4Lot 24m Raiser_54c4579a.SC4Lot 45_degree_to_FAR_Transition_Puzpiece.dat 7.5m Hole Digger_1e00882c.SC4Lot 7.5m Raiser_3e008837.SC4Lot 8m Hole Digger_74c45710.SC4Lot 8m Raiser_34c4572a.SC4Lot a_Base_Overrides.dat a_prop_MHW_Median_Light.dat a_RealHighwayMod_LegacySupport.dat ADC_AshlandStation.SC4Model ADC_AshlandStation_f4708abd.SC4Lot ADC_MadisonWells_Textures.dat ADC_MadisonWellsStation.SC4Lot ADC_MadisonWellsStation.SC4Model Additional Bridges.txt all_stations_fix.dat all_stations_fix.dat AlternateRailwayMod_EPv2_Maxis_ElevatedNetworks_S3Dconfig_20080108.dat AlternateRailwayMod_EPv2_Maxis_ElevatedNetworks_S3Dconfig_20080108_APTX_Shinkansen_Patch.dat AlternateRailwayMod_EPv2_Maxis_ElevatedNetworks_S3Dconfig_20080108_HSRP_Patch.dat AlternateRailwayMod_EPv2_NAM_PuzzlePieces&ElevatedNetworks_S3Dconfig_20080108.dat b_Viaduct_Crossings.dat BetterPathfinding_CommuteSpeeds_No_Capacity_Change.dat BetterPathfinding_CommuteSpeeds_No_Capacity_Change.dat BetterPathfinding_CommuteSpeeds_with_Capacity_Increase.dat BetterPathfinding_CommuteSpeeds_with_Capacity_Increase.dat BetterPathfinding_Original_Commute_Engine.dat BetterPathfinding_Original_Commute_Engine.dat BetterPathfinding_Original_Speeds_Doubled.dat BetterPathfinding_Original_Speeds_Doubled.dat BetterPathfinding_OriginalSpeedsDoubled_with_CapacityIncrease.dat BetterPathfinding_OriginalSpeedsDoubled_with_CapacityIncrease.dat BetterPathfinding_Realistic_Commute_Engine.dat BetterPathfinding_Realistic_Commute_Engine.dat BetterPathfinding_Super_Freeway_Usage.dat BetterPathfinding_Super_Freeway_Usage.dat BetterPathfinding_TotalCommute_MToriented.dat BetterPathfinding_TotalCommute_MToriented.dat BLS_JENX_Passenger_ Station_b50394bf.SC4Lot BLS_JENX_Passenger_ Station_b50394bf.SC4Lot Bridge Obstruction Fix 03.2009.txt BriPizza 0m-15m Multi-Purpose Station.dat BriPizza 15m-30m Multi-Purpose Station.dat BriPizza Arched Station BriPizza Elevated Road Stop.dat BriPizza Norikae Station BSC_Railyard_CarParking_0e3e6419.SC4Lot BSC_Railyard_CarParking_0e3e6419.SC4Lot BSC_Railyard_CarParking_1x1Filler_2e3e6f63.SC4Lot BSC_Railyard_CarParking_1x1Filler_2e3e6f63.SC4Lot BSC_Railyard_GoodsPlatform_6e314775.SC4Lot BSC_Railyard_GoodsPlatform_6e314775.SC4Lot BSC_Railyard_SignalBox_0e26c596.SC4Lot BSC_Railyard_SignalBox_0e26c596.SC4Lot BSC_Railyard_StockPlatform_2e3e7a52.SC4Lot BSC_Railyard_StockPlatform_2e3e7a52.SC4Lot BSC_Railyard_WaterTower_ae3131be.SC4Lot BSC_Railyard_WaterTower_ae3131be.SC4Lot BSC_Railyard_WorkersHuts_0e3e1de4.SC4Lot BSC_Railyard_WorkersHuts_0e3e1de4.SC4Lot BSC_SimCityRailUtils.dat BSC_SimCityRailUtils.dat BSC_SimCityRailUtils_v2.dat BSC_SimCityRailUtils_v2.dat BusSign Ninja.SC4Model BusSign_Ninja.SC4Desc c_Viaduct_Crossings_Additional.dat CommuteSpeeds_No_Capacity_Change.dat CommuteSpeeds_No_Capacity_Change.dat CommuteSpeeds_with_Capacity_Increase.dat CommuteSpeeds_with_Capacity_Increase.dat Cool Color Concrete Texture.dat Country_Road_Diagonal_1x1_06.dat Country_Road_Straight_1x1_06.dat Covered_Street_Bridge.dat CSX Kwanyoni Bridge.dat csx_Bridge_Kwanyoni_center01b-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x30090000.SC4Model csx_Bridge_Kwanyoni_repeat01a-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x30080000.SC4Model csx_Bridge_Kwanyoni_start01c_JRJ-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x30070000.SC4Model d_roundabout_interchanges.dat DataviewModd_RH.dat DataviewModd_RH.dat Dec2007LHDFix.dat DEDWD_ElRailShops_3wide_afc60212.SC4Lot DEDWD_ElRailShops_3wide_afc60212.SC4Lot DEDWD_ElRailShops_4wide_4fc493c9.SC4Lot DEDWD_ElRailShops_4wide_4fc493c9.SC4Lot DEDWD_ElRailShops_5wide_afc5e523.SC4Lot DEDWD_ElRailShops_5wide_afc5e523.SC4Lot DEDWD_ElRailShops_6wide_afc5f8c4.SC4Lot DEDWD_ElRailShops_6wide_afc5f8c4.SC4Lot DEDWD_MonoRailShops_3wide_afc608cf.SC4Lot DEDWD_MonoRailShops_3wide_afc608cf.SC4Lot DEDWD_MonoRailShops_4wide_6fc49b71.SC4Lot DEDWD_MonoRailShops_4wide_6fc49b71.SC4Lot DEDWD_MonoRailShops_5wide_afc5ea09.SC4Lot DEDWD_MonoRailShops_5wide_afc5ea09.SC4Lot DEDWD_MonoRailShops_6wide_afc5f965.SC4Lot DEDWD_MonoRailShops_6wide_afc5f965.SC4Lot diag_glr_overlaytexture.dat diag_glr_overlaytexture.dat Diagonal El-Rail Station_77abc775.SC4Lot Diagonal Monorail BTM Station_77abd579.SC4Lot Diagonal Viaduct Rail Station.SC4Lot Diagonal_and_Straight_El-Rail_Station.dat Double Height Light Rail Station.SC4Lot Double Height Model File.SC4Model Double Height Monorial or BTM Station.SC4Lot Double_Track_to_45_Degree_Double_Track_Switch_PP.dat Double_Track_to_FARR_Double_Track_PP.dat Double_Track_to_Parallel_Double_Track_PP.dat DT Road Bridge 01.dat DT_Road_Bridge_Repeat-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x300b0000.SC4Model DT_Road_Bridge_Start-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x300a0000.SC4Model DT_Road_Bridge_Support-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x300c0000.SC4Model dworzec_5d097f10.SC4Lot e_ramp_setups.dat EL Network Props.dat El_Road_Textures_Euro_Med_High.dat El_Road_Textures_Standard_Med_High.dat elevated-rail-plus-subway-and-bus.dat elrailotherside_374e7322.SC4Lot ELRailStation_774e7d35.SC4Lot EN_285Sta_Juji1530_v1.dat EN_285StaJuJi0015_v1.dat EN_2905Kouka-Station_v1.dat EN_NorikaeSta_210220_v1.dat ENnamStaKoukaPHv2-0x5ad0e817_0xd3cf5a55_0x30000.SC4Model ENnamStaKoukaPHv2-0x6534284a-0x0d4cf63b-0xf3d290b9.SC4Desc ENnamStaKoukaV2-0x5ad0e817_0x33cff150_0x30000.SC4Model ENnamStaKoukaV2-0x6534284a-0x0d4cf63b-0x13d2b9e1.SC4Desc ENnamStaVer1-0x5ad0e817_0x93cdf0d7_0x30000.SC4Model ENnamStaVer1-0x6534284a-0x0d4cf63b-0x33d2eb05.SC4Desc ENpassageStaV1-0x5ad0e817_0xf3cf9212_0x30000.SC4Model ENpassageStaV1-0x6534284a-0x0d4cf63b-0xd3d2908a.SC4Desc f_cloverleaf_ramps.dat FAR_Button.dat FARR_Button.dat FARR_to_Diagonal_Curve_Transition_PP.dat finaldiagrender2-0x5ad0e817_0xba3a4922_0x30000.SC4Model freightstationchange.dat freightstationchange.dat g_t-stack_interchanges.dat Garabit_RailRoad_Repeat_2-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x340f0000.SC4Model Garabit_RailRoad_Repeat-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x34070000.SC4Model Garabit_RailRoad_Start-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x34060000.SC4Model Garabit_RailRoad_Start2_Arch-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x340b0000.SC4Model Garabit_RailRoad_Start2-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x340a0000.SC4Model Garabit_RailRoad_Support1-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x34080000.SC4Model Garabit_RailRoad_Support2-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x34090000.SC4Model GHSR Station Model.SC4Model GHSR Station.SC4Lot GHSR Station_b5e98121.SC4Lot GHSR_Plugin.dat GHSR_Preview.dat GLR diagonal Dentei station_b597d62a.SC4Lot GLR orthogonal Dentei station_b597d5b9.SC4Lot Goeltzschtalbruecke.dat Göltzschtalbrucke.dat h_FAMHW.dat HSR Station Model.SC4Model HSR Station.SC4Lot HSR Station_b5e9804e.SC4Lot HSR_Core.dat HSR_LEFT_HAND_VERSIONS_ONLY_Required_Additional_Plugin.dat HSR_Locales.dat HSR_over_GLR_ShadowFix.dat HSR_over_GLR_SupportFiles.dat HSR_Plugin.dat HSR_Preview.dat HSRP Transit Hub.SC4Model HSRP Transit Hub_f13fb783.SC4Lot i_Tunnels.dat Increased Avenue Roundabout Connectivity.dat jenx_raiser_digger_puzzle_pieces.dat JENXMOD_Hole_Digger_and_Raiser_v3.dat JENXPARIS_Prop_Bridge_Light_Cones_R1.dat JRJ Krummbach Bridge.dat JRJ_KRUMMBACH_CENTER-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x30020000.SC4Model JRJ_KRUMMBACH_REPEAT-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x30010000.SC4Model JRJ_KRUMMBACH_START-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x30000000.SC4Model JRJ_Warzone_Center_341A-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x341a0000.SC4... JRJ_Warzone_Repeat_3419-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x34190000.SC4... JRJ_Warzone_Start01_3417-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x34170000.SC... L0RHW2xRail_LHDPathsFix.dat LHD_NewViaduct.dat long train mod.dat marrast_diagonal_prs_PROPS.dat marrast_diagonal_prs_PROPS.dat marrast_prs_compact_1x6.dat marrast_prs_compact_1x6.dat marrast_prs_compact_1x6_ce7e18c3.SC4Lot marrast_prs_compact_1x6_ce7e18c3.SC4Lot marrast_prs_compact_cdcfc850.SC4Lot marrast_prs_compact_cdcfc850.SC4Lot marrast_prs_dual_2x6.dat marrast_prs_dual_2x6.dat marrast_prs_dual_2x6_ee7e97f8.SC4Lot marrast_prs_dual_2x6_ee7e97f8.SC4Lot marrast_prs_medium_edd021e6.SC4Lot marrast_prs_medium_edd021e6.SC4Lot Maxis Airports - Large.dat Maxis Airports - Medium.dat Maxis Stations, Tollbooths, and Transitions.dat MEBSP_Station_149b6c88.SC4Lot MEBSP-0x5ad0e817_0x921be49a_0x30000.SC4Model MEBSP-0x6534284a-0x921d5df6-0xd21e8904.SC4Desc Metal Pylon Rail.dat Metal_Arch_Rail_Bridge.dat ML 4x1 Shinkansen Station_98dce3a3.SC4Lot ML JPN EL Rail 2011 NAM Diagonal street plugin.dat ML JPN EL Rail 2011 NAM1.dat ML JPN EL Rail 2011 NAM2.dat ML JPN EL Rail 2011 shadow.dat ML JPN EL Rail 2011.dat ML JPN EL Rail 2011NAM GLR plugin.dat ML JPN EL Rail 2011NAM High Elrail plugin.dat ML JPN EL Rail 2013 for HSR.dat ML JPN EL Rail 2013 for NWM.dat ML JPN EL Rail 2013 for RHW.dat ML JPN EL Rail 2013 for STR.dat ML JPN EL Rail Light URail Puzzle Plugin.dat ML JPN ELR T21 No Catenary Prop.dat ML JPN ELR T21 No Fence Prop.dat ML Shinkansen MOD concrete texture.dat ML Shinkansen MOD Fence.dat ML Shinkansen MOD for HSR.dat ML Shinkansen MOD for NAM smooth curve T21.dat ML Shinkansen MOD for NAM-GLR.dat ML Shinkansen MOD for NWM.dat ML Shinkansen MOD for RHW.dat ML Shinkansen MOD for STR.dat ML Shinkansen MOD ground texture.dat ML Shinkansen MOD no ground texture.dat ML Shinkansen MOD shadow.dat ML Shinkansen MOD.dat ML Shinkansen MOD_locale_deutsch.dat ML Shinkansen MOD_locale_dutch.dat ML Shinkansen MOD_locale_english.dat ML Shinkansen MOD_locale_english.dat ML Shinkansen MOD_locale_japanese.dat ML Shinkansen MOD_locale_japanese.dat ML Shinkansen Station.dat Modern Arched Rail Station.SC4Lot Modern El Rail over Road.SC4Lot Modern Viaduct Rail Station.SC4Lot Modern_Rail_Bridge.dat monorailotherside_774e73ca.SC4Lot MonorailStation_774e7d84.SC4Lot Morifari Diagonal El Rail Station.SC4Lot Morifari Straight El Rail Station.SC4Lot Morifari_Diagonal_and_Straight_Rail_Station.dat morifari_Viaduct_Rail_Station_diagonal.SC4Lot morifari_Viaduct_Rail_Station_orthogonal.SC4Lot mrrst_prs_dia_BILATERAL_approach.dat mrrst_prs_dia_BILATERAL_approach.dat mrrst_prs_dia_UNILATERAL_approach.dat mrrst_prs_dia_UNILATERAL_approach.dat mrrst_prs_diag_Bitlateral1_ae81ffd1.SC4Lot mrrst_prs_diag_Bitlateral1_ae81ffd1.SC4Lot mrrst_prs_diag_Bitlateral2_0e82fd86.SC4Lot mrrst_prs_diag_Bitlateral2_0e82fd86.SC4Lot mrrst_prs_diag_Unitlateral1_ee89a8c1.SC4Lot mrrst_prs_diag_Unitlateral1_ee89a8c1.SC4Lot mrrst_prs_diag_Unitlateral2_ae89a8aa.SC4Lot mrrst_prs_diag_Unitlateral2_ae89a8aa.SC4Lot N700 series Shinkansen.dat NAM_Congestion_Data_View.dat NAM_Congestion_Data_View.dat NAM_Curves_Plugin.dat NAM_Curves_Plugin_081214.dat NAM_Curves_Plugin_LHD_Files.dat NAM_Override_FencedGLR.dat NAM_Override_FencedGLR.dat NAM_Retexture_and_Cosmetic_Mod_Avenue.dat NAM_Retexture_and_Cosmetic_Mod_Avenue_to_RoadStreet_VideoSea... NAM_Retexture_and_Cosmetic_Mod_OWR2.dat NAM_Retexture_and_Cosmetic_Mod_Road.dat NAM_Retexture_and_Cosmetic_Mod_SAM7.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_A_Easy.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_A_Easy.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_A_Hard.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_A_Hard.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_A_Medium.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_A_Medium.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_AP_Easy.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_AP_Easy.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_AP_Hard.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_AP_Hard.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_AP_Medium.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_AP_Medium.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_B_Easy.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_B_Easy.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_B_Hard.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_B_Hard.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_B_Medium.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_B_Medium.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_BP_Easy.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_BP_Easy.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_BP_Hard.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_BP_Hard.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_BP_Medium.dat NAM_Traffic_Plugin_BP_Medium.dat NAMOverrides031907.dat NAMRaisedRRPaths.dat NDEX_Brenda_Xne_MGLRBS_Station_11a105f9.SC4Lot NDEX_Brenda_Xne_MGLRBS_Stationr-0x5ad0e817_0x71a08c91_0xd0000.SC4Model NDEX_Brenda_Xne_MGLRBS_Stationr-0x6534284a-0x71a08c91-0x11a1050d.SC4Desc Network Addon Mod.dat Network Addon Mod.dat Network Widening Mod_LEFT_HAND_VERSIONS_ONLY_Required_Additi... NetworkAddonMod.dat NetworkAddonMod__RUL_bugfix.dat NetworkAddonMod_a_Controller_Marker.dat NetworkAddonMod_a_EP1Paths.dat NetworkAddonMod_Additional_Bridges_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_Additional_Bridges_Plugin_Beta.dat NetworkAddonMod_Aditional_Bridges_Plugin_Controller_22042007.dat NetworkAddonMod_AITPier_Monorail_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Akashi_Kaikyo_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_ANT_Plugin_Beta.dat NetworkAddonMod_Automata_Plugin_Automata24.dat NetworkAddonMod_Automata_Plugin_Automata24_Persist.dat NetworkAddonMod_Automata_Plugin_BL_Radical.dat NetworkAddonMod_Automata_Plugin_Radical.dat NetworkAddonMod_Automata_Plugin_Radical_Automata24.dat NetworkAddonMod_Automata_Plugin_Radical_Automata24_Persist.dat NetworkAddonMod_Automata_Plugin_Radical_Persist.dat NetworkAddonMod_Automata_Plugin_Standard.dat NetworkAddonMod_Automata_Plugin_Standard_Persist.dat NetworkAddonMod_AUTOPROMPT_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_BaseContent.dat NetworkAddonMod_Box_Girder_GHSR_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_BridgeHeightMod.dat NetworkAddonMod_Bridges_LEFT_HAND_VERSIONS_ONLY_Required_Add... NetworkAddonMod_Bridges_Plugin_Controller.dat NetworkAddonMod_Bridges_Plugin_Controller_20052007.dat NetworkAddonMod_BridgeSupport.dat NetworkAddonMod_Cable_Stayed_El-Rail_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Cable_Stayed_GHSR_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Cable_Stayed_HSR_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Cable_Stayed_Monorail_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_CanAM_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_CanAM_Props_CAL.dat NetworkAddonMod_CanAM_Props_SG.dat NetworkAddonMod_Concrete_El-Rail_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Concrete_GHSR_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Concrete_HSR_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Concrete_Street_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Congestion_Data_View.dat NetworkAddonMod_Congestion_Data_View.dat NetworkAddonMod_Controller.dat NetworkAddonMod_Controller_LEFT_HAND_VERSION.dat NetworkAddonMod_Controller_RIGHT_HAND_VERSION_r164.dat NetworkAddonMod_Custom_Highway_Menu_Plugin_Optional.dat NetworkAddonMod_Custom_Misc_Transport_Menu_Plugin_Optional.dat NetworkAddonMod_Custom_Rail_Menu_Plugin_Optional.dat NetworkAddonMod_DevelopersVersion_092505.dat NetworkAddonMod_Diagonal_Streets_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_Diagonal_Streets_Plugin_Beta.dat NetworkAddonMod_draggable_FANs_and_WRCs.dat NetworkAddonMod_draggable_FANs_and_WRCs_T21s.dat NetworkAddonMod_ElRail over Road.dat NetworkAddonMod_FLUPs_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_FLUPs_Props.dat NetworkAddonMod_FractionallyAngled_Avenues.dat NetworkAddonMod_FractionallyAngled_OneWayRoads.dat NetworkAddonMod_FractionallyAngled_Rails.dat NetworkAddonMod_FractionallyAngled_Roads.dat NetworkAddonMod_Garabit_Rail_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_GHSR_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_GroundLightRail_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_GroundLightRail_Plugin_add.dat NetworkAddonMod_GroundLightRail_Plugin_add_LHDPaths.dat NetworkAddonMod_GroundLightRailDrag_Extension.dat NetworkAddonMod_GroundLightRailDrag_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_GroundLightRailxAvenue_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_GroundLightRailxDualRoad_Plugin_LHDPaths.dat NetworkAddonMod_GroundLightRailxRoad_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_GroundLightRailxRoad_Plugin_LHDPaths.dat NetworkAddonMod_GroundLightRailxRoad_Plugin_LHDTextures.dat NetworkAddonMod_GroundLightRailxStreet_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_GroundLightRailxURail_Interface_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_High_ElRail_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_High_Monorail_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_High_Speed_Rail_Suspension_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_HighwayInterchanges.dat NetworkAddonMod_Howe_Truss_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Howe_Truss_STR_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_HSR_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_HSR_Bridge_Props.dat NetworkAddonMod_IndividualNetworkRULs.dat NetworkAddonMod_JRJ_Warzone_Rail_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Krummbach_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Kwanyoni_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_LatticeGrid_HSR_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_LEFT_HAND_VERSIONS_ONLY_Required_Additional_... NetworkAddonMod_Locale_deutsch.dat NetworkAddonMod_Locale_deutsch_add.dat NetworkAddonMod_Locale_english.dat NetworkAddonMod_Locale_english_add.dat NetworkAddonMod_Locale_japanese.dat NetworkAddonMod_Metal_Arch_Rail_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Metal_Pylon_Rail_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Millau_Viaduct.dat NetworkAddonMod_Modern_Rail_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Monorail_Suspension_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Old_Road_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_OneWayRoad_Arrows_Half_Reduction_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_OneWayRoad_Arrows_Reduction_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_OneWayRoad_Roundabout_Arrows_Reduction_Plugi... NetworkAddonMod_OverpassUpdate_Maxis_Components_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_PedMalls.dat NetworkAddonMod_Plate_Girder_STR_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Pont_AlexandreIII.dat NetworkAddonMod_Pont_Neuf_Bridge_Road.dat NetworkAddonMod_Pont_Neuf_Bridge_Street.dat NetworkAddonMod_Pont_Notre_Dame_TIR.dat NetworkAddonMod_Pont_Royal_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Pont_Saint_Michel_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Props.dat NetworkAddonMod_PvM_Garabit_Green_Rail_JRJ.dat NetworkAddonMod_Queries_Simple.dat NetworkAddonMod_Queries_Standard.dat NetworkAddonMod_Queries_Wide.dat NetworkAddonMod_Rail_Viaduct_Style_Brown.dat NetworkAddonMod_Rail_Viaduct_Style_Red.dat NetworkAddonMod_RailViaducts.dat NetworkAddonMod_RHW-10S_Cable_Stayed_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_RHW-10S_Large_Concrete_Arch.dat NetworkAddonMod_RHW-2_Concrete_Girder_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_RHW-2_Small_Steel_Arch_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_RHW-4_Large_Steel_Arch_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_RHW-4_Steel_Girder_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_RHW-4_Steel_Girder_Bridge_Dual.dat NetworkAddonMod_RHW-4_Steel_Girder_Bridge_Dual_2.dat NetworkAddonMod_RHW-4_Suspension_Bridge_Compact.dat NetworkAddonMod_RHW-6S_Cable-Stayed_Bridge_Compact.dat NetworkAddonMod_RHW-6S_Concrete_Arch_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_RHW-6S_Concrete_Arch_Bridge_Dual.dat NetworkAddonMod_RHW-6S_Steel_Arch_Bridge_Compact.dat NetworkAddonMod_RHW-8S_Undertruss_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_RHW-MIS_Bridges.dat NetworkAddonMod_RoadViaducts.dat NetworkAddonMod_Roundabouts_Avenues_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_Roundabouts_OneWayRoads_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_Roundabouts_OneWayRoads_Plugin_Beta.dat NetworkAddonMod_Roundabouts_Roads_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_Roundabouts_Roads_Plugin_Beta.dat NetworkAddonMod_Roundabouts_Roads_x_draggable_FANs.dat NetworkAddonMod_Roundabouts_Streets_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_Roundabouts_Streets_Plugin_Beta.dat NetworkAddonMod_Roundabouts_Streets_x_draggable_FANs.dat NetworkAddonMod_Rural_Roads_Locale_dutch.dat NetworkAddonMod_Rural_Roads_Locale_english.dat NetworkAddonMod_Rural_Roads_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_Rural_Roads_SAM_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_Rural_Street_and_Rail_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_ThruTruss_GHSR_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Tower_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Data_View_Transit_Stations.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_10xSpeeds.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_10xSpeeds.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_2xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_2xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_5xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_5xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_A_Easy.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_A_Easy.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_A_Hard.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_A_Hard.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_A_Medium.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_A_Medium.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_AP_Easy.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_AP_Easy.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_AP_Hard.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_AP_Hard.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_AP_Medium.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_AP_Medium.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_B_Easy.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_B_Easy.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_B_Hard.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_B_Hard.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_B_Medium.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_B_Medium.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_10xSpeeds.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_10xSpeeds.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_10xSpeeds_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_10xSpeeds_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_2xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_2xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_2xCapacity_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_2xCapacity_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_2xCapacity_10xSpeeds.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_2xCapacity_10xSpeeds.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_2xCapacity_10xSpeeds_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_2xCapacity_10xSpeeds_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_5xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_5xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_5xCapacity_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_5xCapacity_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_5xCapacity_10xSpeeds.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_5xCapacity_10xSpeeds.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_5xCapacity_10xSpeeds_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_5xCapacity_10xSpeeds_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_CAM_PromoteBiking.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_CAM_PromoteBiking.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_CAM_PromoteNothing.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_CAM_PromoteNothing.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_CAM_PromoteWalking.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BetterPathfinding_CAM_PromoteWalking.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BP_Easy.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BP_Easy.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BP_Hard.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BP_Hard.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BP_Medium.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_BP_Medium.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_C_Standard.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_C_Standard.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_C_Standard_2xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_C_Standard_2xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_C_Standard_5xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_C_Standard_5xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_D_BetterPathfinding.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_D_BetterPathfinding.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_D_BetterPathfinding_2xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_D_BetterPathfinding_2xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_D_BetterPathfinding_5xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_D_BetterPathfinding_5xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_E_PerfectPathfinding.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_E_PerfectPathfinding.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_E_PerfectPathfinding_2xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_E_PerfectPathfinding_2xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_E_PerfectPathfinding_5xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_E_PerfectPathfinding_5xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_10xSpeeds.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_10xSpeeds.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_10xSpeeds_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_10xSpeeds_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_2xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_2xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_2xCapacity_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_2xCapacity_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_2xCapacity_10xSpeeds.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_2xCapacity_10xSpeeds.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_2xCapacity_10xSpeeds_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_2xCapacity_10xSpeeds_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_5xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_5xCapacity.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_5xCapacity_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_5xCapacity_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_5xCapacity_10xSpeeds.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_5xCapacity_10xSpeeds.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_5xCapacity_10xSpeeds_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_5xCapacity_10xSpeeds_10xCommute.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_Radical_Custom_Special.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_Radical_Custom_Special.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_Standard.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_Standard.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_Z_Classic.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_Z_High.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_Z_Low.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_Z_Medium.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_Z_Ultra.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_ZP_High.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_ZP_High.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_ZP_Low.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_ZP_Low.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_ZP_Medium.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_ZP_Medium.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_ZP_Ultra.dat NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_ZP_Ultra.dat NetworkAddonMod_Tsing_Ma_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_TurningLanes_Avenues_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_TurningLanes_Avenues_Plugin_Beta.dat NetworkAddonMod_TurningLanes_Extension_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_TurningLanes_Roads_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_TurningLanes_Roads_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_TurningLanes_Roads_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_TurningLanes_Roads_Plugin_Beta.dat NetworkAddonMod_UI.dat NetworkAddonMod_Undertruss_El-Rail_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_URail_Puzzle_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_Volume_Data_View_2x.dat NetworkAddonMod_Volume_Data_View_2x.dat NetworkAddonMod_Volume_Data_View_5x.dat NetworkAddonMod_Volume_Data_View_5x.dat NetworkAddonMod_Volume_Data_View_AB_Easy.dat NetworkAddonMod_Volume_Data_View_AB_Easy.dat NetworkAddonMod_Volume_Data_View_AB_Hard.dat NetworkAddonMod_Volume_Data_View_AB_Hard.dat NetworkAddonMod_Volume_Data_View_AB_Medium.dat NetworkAddonMod_Volume_Data_View_AB_Medium.dat NetworkAddonMod_Volume_Data_View_Standard.dat NetworkAddonMod_Volume_Data_View_Standard.dat NetworkAddonMod_Volume_Data_View_Z_Classic.dat NetworkAddonMod_Volume_Data_View_Z_High.dat NetworkAddonMod_Volume_Data_View_Z_Low.dat NetworkAddonMod_Volume_Data_View_Z_Medium.dat NetworkAddonMod_Volume_Data_View_Z_Ultra.dat NetworkAddonMod_WideRadiusCurves_Avenues_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_WideRadiusCurves_Monorail_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_WideRadiusCurves_OneWayRoads_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_WideRadiusCurves_Rails_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_WideRadiusCurves_Road.dat NetworkAddonMod_WideRadiusCurves_Roads_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_WideRadiusCurves_Streets_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_Wooden_Trestle_STR_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_YPier_Monorail_Bridge.dat NetworkAddonMod_Zone_Data_View.dat NetworkAddonMod2_add.dat NetworkAddonMod2_add_LHDPaths.dat NetworkAddonMod2_SCPath_add_LHD.dat NetworkWideningMod.dat NetworkWideningMod_ElRail_over_Road_NWM.dat NetworkWideningMod_LegacyPuzzleWealthing.dat NetworkWideningMod_Locale_dutch.dat NetworkWideningMod_Locale_english.dat NetworkWideningMod_LotSupport.dat NinjaBoulevardKiosk_ad9819d0.SC4Lot NinjaBoulevardKiosk-0x5ad0e817_0xd981781_0x30000.SC4Model NinjaBoulevardKiosk-0x5ad0e817_0xddc016af_0x30000.SC4Model NinjaBoulevardStation_ad9444e6.SC4Lot NinjaBoulevardStation-0x5ad0e817_0x4d9496b4_0x30000.SC4Model NinjaBoulevardStation-0x5ad0e817_0xbc1835d0_0x30000.SC4Model No Ground Texture.dat nob_glr_overlaytexture.dat nob_glr_overlaytexture.dat Old_Road_Bridge.dat otherside-0x5ad0e817_0x79dda6a7_0x30000.SC4Model OverpassUpdate_DiagHSRxMaxis_S3Ds.dat OverpassUpdate_HSRxMaxis_S3Ds.dat OverpassUpdate_HSRxSAM_DarkenedTextures.dat OverpassUpdate_HSRxSAM_S3Ds.dat OverpassUpdate_Maxis_Avenue_DarkenedTextures.dat OverpassUpdate_Maxis_Avenue_S3Ds.dat OverpassUpdate_Maxis_HighwayRamp_DarkenedTextures.dat OverpassUpdate_Maxis_HighwayRamp_S3Ds.dat OverpassUpdate_Maxis_OneWayRoad_DarkenedTextures.dat OverpassUpdate_Maxis_OneWayRoad_S3Ds.dat OverpassUpdate_Maxis_Rail_S3Ds.dat OverpassUpdate_Maxis_Road_DarkenedTextures.dat OverpassUpdate_Maxis_Road_S3Ds.dat OverpassUpdate_Maxis_Street_DarkenedTextures.dat OverpassUpdate_Maxis_Street_S3Ds.dat OverpassUpdate_NAM_DiagonalStreet_DarkenedTextures.dat OverpassUpdate_NAM_DiagonalStreet_S3Ds.dat OverpassUpdate_NAM_DiagonalStreet_S3Ds_Tropod_20080201.dat OverpassUpdate_NAM_Roundabouts_Avenue_DarkenedTextures.dat OverpassUpdate_NAM_Roundabouts_Avenue_S3Ds.dat OverpassUpdate_NetworkAddonMod1dat_DarkenedTextures.dat OverpassUpdate_NetworkAddonMod1dat_RKT0_Fixed.dat OverpassUpdate_NetworkAddonMod1dat_S3Ds.dat OverpassUpdate_NetworkAddonMod1dat_ShadowTextures.dat OverpassUpdate_NetworkAddonMod2dat_DarkenedTextures.dat OverpassUpdate_NetworkAddonMod2dat_S3Ds.dat OverpassUpdate_NetworkAddonMod3dat_DarkenedTextures.dat OverpassUpdate_NetworkAddonMod3dat_S3Ds.dat OverpassUpdate_NetworkAddonMod4dat_DarkenedTextures.dat OverpassUpdate_NetworkAddonMod4dat_S3Ds.dat OverpassUpdate_NetworkAddonMod5dat_DarkenedTextures.dat OverpassUpdate_RHW_OverpassTextureUpdate.dat P57_Textures_ElevatedRHW_Template.dat Patch for ML Shinkansen MOD.dat PerfectPathfinding_CommuteSpeeds_No_Capacity_Change.dat PerfectPathfinding_CommuteSpeeds_No_Capacity_Change.dat PerfectPathfinding_CommuteSpeeds_with_Capacity_Increase.dat PerfectPathfinding_CommuteSpeeds_with_Capacity_Increase.dat PerfectPathfinding_Original_Commute_Engine.dat PerfectPathfinding_Original_Commute_Engine.dat PerfectPathfinding_Original_Speeds_Doubled.dat PerfectPathfinding_Original_Speeds_Doubled.dat PerfectPathfinding_OriginalSpeedsDoubled_with_CapacityIncrease.dat PerfectPathfinding_OriginalSpeedsDoubled_with_CapacityIncrease.dat PerfectPathfinding_Realistic_Commute_Engine.dat PerfectPathfinding_Realistic_Commute_Engine.dat PerfectPathfinding_Super_Freeway_Usage.dat PerfectPathfinding_Super_Freeway_Usage.dat PerfectPathfinding_TotalCommute_MToriented.dat PerfectPathfinding_TotalCommute_MToriented.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_Automata_Crime10_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_Automata_Crime10_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_Automata_Crime70_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_Automata_Crime70_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingBETTER_HiCapacity_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingBETTER_HiCapacity_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingBETTER_LoCapacity_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingBETTER_LoCapacity_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingBETTER_Speedx10_HiCapacity_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingBETTER_Speedx10_HiCapacity_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingBETTER_Speedx10_LoCapacity_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingBETTER_Speedx10_LoCapacity_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingBETTER_Speedx10_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingBETTER_Speedx10_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingBETTER_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingBETTER_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingPERFECT_HiCapacity_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingPERFECT_HiCapacity_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingPERFECT_LoCapacity_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingPERFECT_LoCapacity_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingPERFECT_Speedx10_HiCapacity_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingPERFECT_Speedx10_HiCapacity_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingPERFECT_Speedx10_LoCapacity_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingPERFECT_Speedx10_LoCapacity_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingPERFECT_Speedx10_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingPERFECT_Speedx10_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingPERFECT_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_TrafficSim_PathfindingPERFECT_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_v2_0.dat Plugin_DM_TransitSupermod_v2_0.dat PM_Garabit_Pylon_Rail.dat PontSantAngelo.dat Project57_Locale_dutch.dat Project57_Locale_english.dat railoverroadfinal-0x5ad0e817_0xb9dcad21_0x30000.SC4Model RailroadAddonMod_Viaducts.dat RailwayAddonMod_STR.dat RailwayAddonMod_STR_LEFT_HAND_VERSIONS_ONLY_Required_Additio... RailwayAddonMod_STR_Locale_deutsch.dat RailwayAddonMod_STR_Locale_dutch.dat RailwayAddonMod_STR_Locale_english.dat RealHighway_4.dat RealHighway_Core.dat RealHighway_CosmeticPieces.dat RealHighway_FLEXFly.dat RealHighway_FLUPs.dat RealHighway_FractionalAngleNetworking.dat RealHighway_LotSupport.dat RealHighway_MIS.dat RealHighway_OneWayRoad_Roundabout_Arrows_Reduction_Plugin.dat RealHighway_Props.dat RealHighway_Regional_Transport_Map.dat RealHighway_Special.dat RealHighway_z_Embedded-Mipmaps.dat RealHighway-10C.dat RealHighway-10S.dat RealHighway-12S.dat RealHighway-2.dat RealHighway-3.dat RealHighway-4.dat RealHighway-6C.dat RealHighway-6S.dat RealHighway-8C.dat RealHighway-8S.dat RealHighwayMod_INRULs.dat RealHighwayMod_LEFT_HAND_VERSIONS_ONLY_Required_Additional_P... RealHighwayMod_Locale_english.dat RealHighwayMod_Locale_LHDOnly_english.dat remove_owrarrows_diagonal.dat remove_owrarrows_NAM_RA.dat remove_owrarrows_orthogonal.dat RHW v13 (minus RUL files).dat RHW v13 (minus RUL files).dat RHW v13_Beta.dat RHW v13_Beta.dat RHW_v13_Beta.dat RHW_v13_Beta.dat RHW_v50_EuroTextureReplacementMod_Main.dat RHW-public-v012.dat RHW-public-v012.dat RoadOverRailOverpass0_8_0.dat RoadOverRailOverpass0_8_0.dat Roof-0x5ad0e817_0xf21ce0b4_0x30000.SC4Model Roof-0x6534284a-0x921d5df6-0x121f8466.SC4Desc Royal_Albert_STR_Bridge.dat RR-Dentei_Props.dat RTMT_KeepLeft_NoUTurn_Rd-GLRInRoadTrans.SC4Model RTMT_KeepRight_NoUTurn_Rd-GLRInRoadTrans.SC4Model RTMT_KeepRightOrLeft_NoUTurn_Rd-GLRInRoadTrans.SC4Desc RTMT_Tram_Builiding.SC4Model RTMT_Tram_in_Avenue_to_Underground.SC4Lot RTMT_Tram_in_Avenue_to_Underground.SC4Model RTMT_Tram_in_Road_to_Underground.SC4Lot RTMT_Tram_in_Road_to_Underground.SC4Model RTMT_Tram_Transition_Paths_Left.dat RTMT_Tram_Transition_Paths_Right.dat RTMT_Tram_Transition_Textures.dat RUL0_Entries_Symphony_RUL0_Entries.txt Rural_Road_4Way_Intersection_1x1.dat Rural_Road_Diagonal_1x1.dat Rural_Road_Diagonal_Solid_Line_End_1x1.dat Rural_Road_FAR_PP.dat Rural_Road_FAR_Solid_Line_End_PP.dat Rural_Road_Ortho_Solid_Line_End_1x1.dat Rural_Road_Straight_1x1.dat Rural_Road_T_Intersection_1x1.dat Rural_Roads_01.jpg Rural_Roads_02.jpg Rural_street_and_rail_Bridge.dat RuralBridgeDay.jpg RuralBridgeNight.jpg S3Dconfig_NAMPuzzlePiecesAvenue_CrosswalkPositionFix_20070603.dat S3Dconfig_NAMPuzzlePiecesAvenue_CrosswalkPositionFix_20071102.dat S3Dconfig_NAMRailUnderOverpass_PEGAlternateRailFix_20070603.dat SAM - 1 - Parking Lots Textures.dat SAM - 1 - Path Files.dat SAM - 10 - Japanese Streets (Moonlinght).dat SAM - 10 - Japanese Streets (Moonlinght)_LHD.dat SAM - 10 - Path Files.dat SAM - 10 - Props.dat SAM - 10 - Type21.dat SAM - 2 - Herringbone Brick Streets Textures.dat SAM - 2 - Path Files.dat SAM - 2 - Type21.dat SAM - 3 - Path Files.dat SAM - 3 - PEGs Dirt Road Textures.dat SAM - 3 - Type21.dat SAM - 4 - Path Files.dat SAM - 4 - PEGs Gravel Textures.dat SAM - 4 - Type21.dat SAM - 5 - Path Files.dat SAM - 5 - Trolcas Dirt Streets Textures.dat SAM - 5 - Type21.dat SAM - 6 - Klinker Streets (squidi jplumbley).dat SAM - 6 - Path Files.dat SAM - 6 - Type21.dat SAM - 7 - Asphalt Street Textures (Hableurg).dat SAM - 7 - Path Files.dat SAM - 7 - Type21.dat SAM - 8 - Cobblestone Street Textures.dat SAM - 8 - Path Files.dat SAM - 8 - Type21.dat SAM - 9 - Brisk Street Textures (Josefmayor ScruffyDeluxe).dat SAM - 9 - Path Files.dat SAM - 9 - Type21.dat SAM - Core.dat SemitransparentTrainStations_Lots.dat SemitransparentTrainStations_Lots.dat SFBT_Rail Textures Mod_Darker Textures.dat SG_4x5_PassengerDepot01_f098355e.SC4Lot SG_4x5_PassengerDepot01_f098355e.SC4Lot SG_5x5_CentralTrainStation_f08c4dfb.SC4Lot SG_5x5_CentralTrainStation_f08c4dfb.SC4Lot SG_6x4_FreightRailStation_110598e2.SC4Lot SG_6x4_FreightRailStation_110598e2.SC4Lot SG_6x5_ClockTowerTrainStation_b0a6d460.SC4Lot SG_6x5_ClockTowerTrainStation_b0a6d460.SC4Lot SG_7x6_SimTropolisTrainStation_90cd0c41.SC4Lot SG_7x6_SimTropolisTrainStation_90cd0c41.SC4Lot SG_8x4_FreightRailStation_710ade6b.SC4Lot SG_8x4_FreightRailStation_710ade6b.SC4Lot Shared_ArrowTextures_AUS.dat Shared_ArrowTextures_BE.dat Shared_ArrowTextures_BRS.dat Shared_ArrowTextures_CH.dat Shared_ArrowTextures_DE.dat Shared_ArrowTextures_DK.dat Shared_ArrowTextures_FR.dat Shared_ArrowTextures_IM.dat Shared_ArrowTextures_MUTCD.dat Shared_ArrowTextures_MUTCD_LHD.dat Shared_ArrowTextures_NL.dat Shared_ArrowTextures_Ontario.dat Shared_ArrowTextures_RBU.dat Shared_ArrowTextures_SE.dat Shared_ArrowTextures_USA.dat sidewalkmod.jpg Smooth Curve of Shinkansen MOD.dat Steel_Girder_Street_Bridge.dat Street Addon Mod Bridges.dat StreetAddonMod_LEFT_HAND_VERSIONS_ONLY_Required_Additional_P... subrail_neu.dat subrail_neu_adj.dat subrail_neu_adj2.dat Subway_to_Underground_Rail_Connector.dat Switch_Diag_DR_to_45_Degree_DR_PP.dat Switch_Ortho_DR_to_45_Degree_DR_PP.dat Switch_Ortho_DR_to_FARR_DR_PP.dat Switch_Ortho_DR_to_Parallel_DR_PP.dat T21_MHW_MedianLights.dat T21_MHW_NoLights.dat T21_Overrides.dat tla_center_arrows_addon_LHD.dat tla_center_arrows_addon_RHD.dat TotalCommute_MToriented.dat TotalCommute_MToriented.dat TramAve 2x2 orthogonal Dentei station_9545f6eb.SC4Lot TramAve 2x3 diagonal Dentei station_1541eca0.SC4Lot TramRoad1x1stop_d67e1351.SC4Lot TramRoad1x2stop_d67e1686.SC4Lot TramRoad1x3stop_d67e18c7.SC4Lot TramRoadStopModels.dat Transit_BugFix_NonRH.dat Transit_BugFix_NonRH.dat Transit_BugFix_RH.dat Transit_BugFix_RH.dat Transit_BugFix_RH_ExpandedOptions.dat Transit_BugFix_RH_ExpandedOptions.dat Transit_BugFix_v113.dat Transit_BugFix_v113.dat Transit_supp_1_2_0.dat Transit_supp_1_2_0.dat Transit_supp_1_2_1.dat Transit_supp_1_2_1.dat Tropod Avenue Raised Bridge.dat TS_Wooden_Covered_Bridge.dat TS_Wooden_Trestle_STR_All_Wake.dat TS_Wooden_Trestle_STR_Alternating_Wake.dat TSCT_Setup.exe TsingMa_Bridge_RepeatPiece-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x52520000.SC4Model TsingMa_Bridge_Tower_new-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x52530000.SC4Model TsingMa_BridgeStart_Fakes-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x52510000.SC4Model TsingMa_BridgeStart_New-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x52500000.SC4Model TsingMa_HighwaySigns01-0x5ad0e817_0x3180d9c9_0x30000.SC4Model TsingMa_HighwaySigns01-0x6534284a-0x0f55ca9c-0x51837d00.SC4Desc TsingMa_Lanes01-0x5ad0e817_0x3180db02_0x30000.SC4Model TsingMa_Lanes01-0x6534284a-0x0f55ca9c-0x51837e35.SC4Desc TsingMa_Lightpole.dat TsingMa_SingleHighwayBridge.dat TuLEP_Avenue.dat TuLEP_Core.dat TuLEP_OneWayRoad.dat TuLEP_Road.dat Ut_25x14_logan123_Main_Railway_Station_9a59b654.SC4Lot Utils3x1_ENnamRailSta---Overhead_V2_13d2bd58.SC4Lot Utils3x1_NEnamLRStaV1_33d321b7.SC4Lot Utils3x2_ITC Mission Style Medium Train Station_7664f02c.SC4Lot Utils3x2_ITC Mission Style Medium Train Station_7664f02c.SC4Lot Var_rt_Bus.dat viaduct_piece_pylon-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x53530000.SC4Model viaduct_piece_start-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x53540000.SC4Model viaduct_repeat-0x5ad0e817_0xbadb57f1_0x53520000.SC4Model viaductrailotherside_774e73cb.SC4Lot Victorian El Rail Station Diagonal.dat Victorian El Rail Station Orthogonal.dat Victorian Station Diagonal.SC4Model Victorian Station Orthognal.SC4Model Warm Color Concrete Texture.dat Wide_Curve_Diagonal_S_Curve_PP.dat WIP_zzzzz_Project57_Locale_dutch_Modified.dat Xne_MMSBP_Station.SC4Desc Xne_MMSBP_Station.SC4Lot Xne_Monorail_Station.SC4Model z Ground Texture.dat z ML JPN ELR T21 Catenary Prop.dat z ML JPN ELR T21 Fence Prop.dat z ML Shinkansen MOD concrete texture.dat Z_Connector.dat Z_Connector.dat z_connector_Jan 07.dat z_connector_Jan 07.dat z_EMHW_override_roundabout_interchanges.dat z_GLR_Stations_OverlayTextures_Update.dat z_GLR-on-PedMall.dat z_highway_menu_blocker.dat z_HSR_over_GLR_SupportFiles.dat z_HSRPxGLR_Patch.dat z_LHDUpdate_Texures.dat z_Monorail_Bridge_as_ML_Shinkansen_MOD_Bridge (by ebina).dat z_NAM_Curves_S3Ds_LessNoiseSettings_Rails.dat z_NAM_Curves_S3Ds_LessNoiseSettings_Roads.dat Z_NAM_GoaSkin.dat Z_NAM_GoaSkin_adjAJ.dat Z_NAM_Viadukt_Props_T21.dat Z_NAM_Viadukt_Texturmod.dat Z_NetworkAddonMod_Bridges_Plugin_Controller_20-10-12.dat Z_NetworkAddonMod_BridgesB_add.dat Z_NetworkAddonMod_Diagonal_Streets_Plugin_Beta.dat z_NetworkAddonMod_ElRailOnStreet_TextureUpdate&ShadowFix.dat Z_NetworkAddonMod_GLR_add.dat Z_NetworkAddonMod_Header.dat Z_NetworkAddonMod_HighwayPuzzle_add.dat Z_NetworkAddonMod_Light_URail_Puzzle_add.dat Z_NetworkAddonMod_Locale_en.dat Z_NetworkAddonMod_Rail_Puzzle_add.dat z_NetworkAddonMod_TurningLanes_Extension_Plugin_EuroTRM_DexterUK.dat z_NetworkAddonMod_TurningLanes_Extension_Plugin_EuroTRM_MRTNRLN.dat z_NetworkAddonMod_URail_S3Ds_Smoothed.dat Z_NetworkAddonMod1.dat Z_NetworkAddonMod2.dat Z_NetworkAddonMod2_adj.dat Z_NetworkAddonMod3.dat Z_NetworkAddonMod4.dat Z_NetworkAddonMod5.dat z_NetworkAddonMod5.dat Z_NetworkAddonMod6.dat z_OptionalHighCapacity_SFBTTramRoadStop_1x1.dat z_OptionalHighCapacity_SFBTTramRoadStop_1x2.dat z_OptionalHighCapacity_SFBTTramRoadStop_1x3.dat Z_RHW_v50_EuroTextureReplacementMod_AlternativeSet_BRS.dat Z_RHW_v50_EuroTextureReplacementMod_AlternativeSet_DV_RHD.dat Z1.0_NAM_Viadukt_NewPuzzle.dat Z1.0_NAM_Viadukt_NewPuzzle_adj.dat Z1.0_NAM_Viadukt_NewPuzzle_SCPath_LHD.dat Z1_NetworkAddonMod2_adj_AJ.dat Z1_NetworkAddonMod2_adj2_AJ.dat Z1_NetworkAddonMod2_adj3_AJ.dat Z2.0_NAM_Viadukt_NewPuzzle.dat Z2.0_NAM_Viadukt_NewPuzzle_adj.dat Z2.0_NAM_Viadukt_NewPuzzle_SCPath_LHD.dat Z2_NetworkAddonMod-RUL_AJ.dat z2_NWM_Euro_TRM_AVE-2.dat z2_NWM_Euro_TRM_AVE-6.dat z2_NWM_Euro_TRM_Icons.dat z2_NWM_Euro_TRM_NRD-4.dat z2_NWM_Euro_TRM_OWR.dat z2_NWM_Euro_TRM_RD-3.dat z2_NWM_Euro_TRM_RD-4.dat z2_NWM_Euro_TRM_RD-6.dat z2_NWM_Euro_TRM_TLA-3.dat z2_NWM_Euro_TRM_TLA-5.dat z2_NWM_Euro_TRM_TLA-7.dat z2_NWM_Euro_TRM_TuLEP.dat Z3.0_NAM_HighwayRamps_AJ.dat z3_MRTNRLN_EuroTextures_RTL_Avenue_UKoldNAM_LHD.dat z3_NWM_Euro_TRM_NRD-4_Hamburg.dat z3_NWM_Euro_TRM_RD-4_Hamburg.dat z3_NWM_Euro_TRM_RD-6_Hamburg.dat z4_NWM_Euro_TRM_NRD-4_SSL.dat z4_NWM_Euro_TRM_RD-4_SSL.dat z4_NWM_Euro_TRM_RD-6_SSL.dat z5_NWM_Euro_TRM_NRD-4_Aus.dat z5_NWM_Euro_TRM_RD-4_Aus.dat z5_NWM_Euro_TRM_RD-6_Aus.dat Z9.0_NAM_RUL_AJ.dat zAvenue90degCurve_AlternativeTextures.dat zNAM_Retexture_and_Cosmetic_Mod_Streets_Superhands.dat zNAM_Retexture_and_Cosmetic_Mod_White_Pedestrian_Crossings.dat zNetworkAddonMod_AvexdiagOWR_Intersection_beta.dat zNetworkAddonMod_AvexdiagOWR_Intersection_beta_02.dat z-NetworkAddonMod_WideRadiusCurves_Road_RUL.dat z-RHW v13b_Beta_Header.dat z-RHW v13b_Beta_Header.dat ZZ_45_Viaductcurve.dat ZZ1_NAM_Viadukt-Brick-Brown_AJ.dat ZZ1_NAM_Viadukt-Brick-Morifari_AJ.dat ZZMetalPylonRailBridge.dat zzNetworkAddonMod_AveXGLR_Dual.dat zzNetworkAddonMod_draggable_glr_111.dat zzNetworkAddonMod_draggable_glr_112.dat zzNetworkAddonMod_draggable_glr_119.dat zzNetworkAddonMod_draggable_glr_83.dat zzNetworkAddonMod_draggable_glr_94_T21.dat zzNetworkAddonMod_draggable_glr_99.dat zzNetworkAddonMod_Roundabouts_Avenues_Plugin_Beta_08.dat zzNetworkAddonMod_Roundabouts_Avenues_Plugin_Beta_08_Rules_TL_Ave.dat zzOptional_Textures.dat zzPedestrianPaths.dat zzPedestrianPathsNAM_TL_Ave.dat zzz_ADC_Madison_Wells_Station.dat zzz_Dexter_UK_Textures.dat zzz_Dual_Rail_Texture_Maxis_Upgrade.dat zzz_Dual_Rail_Texture_NAM_Upgrade.dat zzz_Dual_Rail_Texture_STR_Upgrade.dat zzz_eurotexture_culdesac.dat zzz_JENX_Bourse_de_Commerce.dat zzz_Marrast_Road_Overpass.dat zzz_NAM_Overpass_With_AlternateRailSupport.dat ZZZ_NAM_OWR_LHDllRHD_PUZZLEPIECE_FIX_080921.dat zzz_NetworkINI_Aug-08-2008_ebina.dat zzz_NOB_Ftexture.dat zzz_NWM_Euro_TRM_ARD-3.dat zzz_NWM_Euro_TRM_AVE-2.dat zzz_NWM_Euro_TRM_AVE-6.dat zzz_NWM_Euro_TRM_Icons.dat zzz_NWM_Euro_TRM_MAVE-4.dat zzz_NWM_Euro_TRM_MAVE-6.dat zzz_NWM_Euro_TRM_OWR.dat zzz_NWM_Euro_TRM_TLA-3.dat zzz_NWM_Euro_TRM_TLA-5.dat zzz_PEG_CDK_Ferry.dat zzz_RHW_EuroTextures_Lots.dat zzz_RHW-6C_HOV_Lanes_Correction_LHD.dat zzz_RHW-6C_HOV_Lanes_Correction_RHD.dat zzz_SAM_2_Euro_Textures.dat zzz_SAM_3_Euro_Textures.dat zzz_SAM_4_Euro_Textures.dat zzz_SAM_7_Euro_Textures.dat zzz_SAM_8_Euro_Textures.dat zzz_SAM_9_Euro_Textures.dat zzz_YDR_Chancellory.dat zzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures.dat zzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_Curves_Plugin.dat zzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_FAR_Plugin.dat zzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_FLUPs.dat zzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_GLR.dat zzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_Remove_OWR_Arrows.dat zzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_Roundabouts.dat zzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_Rural_Roads_Plugin.dat zzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_TuLEPs.dat zzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_Turning_Lanes_Roads.dat zzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_URail.dat zzz2_Euro_Textures.dat zzz7_NAM_Euro_Textures.dat zzz7_NAM_Euro_Textures_LegacySupport_URail.dat zzz8_NAMOverpass_EURO_Dexter.dat zzzMetalArchRailBridge.dat zzzMHW_Retexture_America.dat zzzMHW_Retexture_Euro.dat zzzMillauviaduct.dat zzzNAM_Retexture_and_Cosmetic_Mod_Culdesac_Plugin_Superhands.dat ZzzNetworkAddonMod_LHD_Viaduct_Ark_Required_Additional_Plugin.dat ZzzNetworkAddonMod_Locale_deutsch_Viadukt_add.dat ZzzNetworkAddonMod2_Viadukt_ark.dat zzz-RHW-Rules_02.dat zzz-RHW-Rules_02.dat zzzRules.dat zzzRules_02.dat zzzRules_02_RA_Ave.dat zzzRules_INI_RA_Ave.dat zzzz_MRTNRLN_EuroTextures_Avenue.dat zzzz_MRTNRLN_EuroTextures_DarkTextures.dat zzzz_MRTNRLN_EuroTextures_FAR_Intersections.dat zzzz_MRTNRLN_EuroTextures_OWR2.dat zzzz_MRTNRLN_EuroTextures_Road.dat zzzz_MRTNRLN_EuroTextures_RTL_Avenue_RHD.dat zzzz_MRTNRLN_EuroTextures_RTL_Road_RHD.dat zzzz_MRTNRLN_EuroTextures_SAM7.dat zzzz_MRTNRLN_EuroTextures_Streets.dat zzzz_MRTNRLN_EuroTextures_WRC.dat zzzz_MRTNRLN_EuroTextures_ZebraCrossings.dat zzzz_remove_owrarrows_diagonal.dat zzzz_remove_owrarrows_NAM_RA.dat zzzz_remove_owrarrows_orthogonal.dat zzzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_ElRailOnStreet_DarkenedTextures.dat zzzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_NetworkAddonMod1dat_DarkenedTextures.dat zzzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_NetworkAddonMod2dat_DarkenedTextures.dat zzzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_NetworkAddonMod3dat_DarkenedTextures.dat zzzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_NetworkAddonMod4dat_DarkenedTextures.dat zzzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_NetworkAddonMod5dat_DarkenedTextures.dat zzzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_RHW_OverpassTextureUpdate.dat zzzz1_NAM_Euro_Textures_URail_Avenue_RotationFix.dat zzzz2_Maxis_Euro_Textures_HighwayRamp_DarkenedTextures.dat zzzz2_Maxis_Euro_Textures_Road_DarkenedTextures.dat zzzz3_NAM_Euro_Textures_NetworkAddonMod1dat_DarkenedTextures_ZebraCrossings.dat zzzz3_NAM_Euro_Textures_NetworkAddonMod2dat_DarkenedTextures_ZebraCrossings.dat zzzz6_LHDUpdate_Euro_Textures.dat zzzz-HSR_ElViaduct_Replacements.dat zzzZKaikyouAkashi34.dat zzzzz_Project57_Locale_english_Modified.dat zzzzZbrigefix.dat
  13. SimCity 4 FAQ Help (MAXIS)

    Article was originally on the SimCity 4 website, website now deleted. Dowloaded Lots Don't Function Lots created using either SimCity 4 Deluxe or the Rush Hour Expansion Pack may not function correctly for users when loaded into the SimCity 4. If you are running SimCity 4 on your computer, and are encountering problems opening downloaded lot files, you may want to consider buying a copy of Rush Hour to ameliorate this problem. Disappearing Buildings When Scrolling Many cards (including the ATI Radeons) lack support for a backing store, which SimCity 4 utilizes. For those cards, SimCity 4 is forced to disable the rendering of many of the view objects (like buildings) during scroll. This is intentional to ensure responsiveness while scrolling. You can enable the rendering of all objects by editing your "Graphics Rules.sgr" which is found in the SimCity 4 directory installed to your hard drive. With any text editor go into this file and change the following property from true to false: property noPartialBackingStoreCopies false Note, however, that doing so can adversely effect scrolling speeds. Performance Problems If this problem is occurring for brief periods, this is to be expected. If these pauses occur for longer than several seconds, the likely reason is that you have run out of RAM. The larger the city, the more RAM the game requires. In this case, you have several options short of purchasing more RAM. First, play on smaller cities (64x64 tile cities). Secondly, play with City Detail turned to medium or low. City Detail can be found in the Graphics options and reduces the number of objects rendered in the world (such as trees, street lights, stop signs, etc). After changing this setting, you must exit your city and re-enter it to take effect. Third, have few or no other applications running simultaneously with the game. A combination of these three options should improve performance. Game Crash The crash with MySim is related to the bonus CD. If you have installed the bonus CD and have moved a MySim into your city, crashes are likely. We will have a patch available soon that fixes this issue. Deleting the file called Plugin_007_AirForceBase.dat from the Plugins directory found in Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4\Plugins is a quick way to avoid the crash. Turning Off The Auto-Street Laying Function When Zoning Currently the auto-street laying function as part of the zone tool cannot be turned off. If, however, you draw roads and then zone an area, you can avoid having streets automatically drawn. Editing Terrain With Fine Detail You can change the size and speed of all terrain brushes by using the shift key in combination with the number keys for size, and the shift key in combination with the F1 though F10 keys for speed. So, after selecting a brush to use, you can make the brush smaller by clicking on Shift-1, large by clicking of Shift-0, and everything in between using Shift-2 though Shift-9. Similarly, you can slow the rate of terrain change for the same brush by clicking on Shift-F1, increase the rate by clicking on Shift-F10, and everything in between by using Shift-F2 though Shift-F9. Custom Music By placing your own music files (MP3's) in the proper directory, you can have custom tunes play while you enjoy the game. The first step is to place the music files in one of two directories. For music to be played while in region mode place your custom tunes here: C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4\Radio\Stations\Region\Music And for music to be played while editing your cities: C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4\Radio\Stations\Mayor\Music Once your music is in place, start the game up and go into the sound options. In sound options is a check box called Custom Tunes. Checking that box will enable the playback of the music files you placed in the two directories. Anti-Aliasing problems We've tested the game with full-screen anti-aliasing on a variety of cards. We found that beyond some graphics glitches (streaking) the game runs fine. If, however, if you have overclocked your card or have beta drivers, a crash might result. Flood Fill Zoning After selecting a zone tool, by click-holding in an area, the tool will flood fill the zone in the area bounded by roads. This can be useful for zoning non-rectangular areas. An alternative to just straight roads Instead of just laying out straight sections of road there is an another way to get more variety. Holding down the shift key and then drawing roads allows a straight & diagonal section from the start of your draw to the end. Remember that you can lay out roads and look at the preview before letting go of the mouse. If you don't like what you see, hit escape before letting go and it will cancel the action before spending your precious dollars.
  14. SimCity 4 Knowledge Tree

    Knowledge Tree Root (7) General information (7 articles) System requirements, platforms, and languages 3/02/03 Release date 3/02/03 Cheats 6/02/03 Mid-game tips 6/02/03 Stage Caps 6/02/03 Demand and Desirability 6/06/04 When to build city services. 4/29/04 Starting Tips (6 articles) Early tips 6/02/03 SC4: Getting Started. 6/02/03 A Basic Beginners Guide SC4 6/02/03 Neighbor Connections 3/07/04 Acreage=Simoleans 4/16/04 Starting the First Town in a Region 7/24/04 Other Tips (9 articles) Money & Budgeting : Staying in the Black 6/02/03 Using loans effectively 6/17/03 Tips for Realistic-looking Cities 7/18/03 Advanced Utility Tips 8/27/03 Traffic and Mass Transit Overview 9/14/03 $ & $$ vs. $$$ industrial taxation 9/14/03 Make a bigger difference, TREES. 2/22/04 Mega income from toll booths 4/29/04 a few tips 3/13/05 How-To (10 articles) How To Get Wealthy Cities 6/02/03 Playing in windowed mode 6/02/03 Creating new regions in SimCity 4 6/17/03 Listen your Mp3 songs while playing SC4 6/02/03 How to get row houses 12/13/04 How to make cloverleaf highways! 6/04/03 How to use train stations effectively 1/09/04 How to make dedicated bus lanes 1/02/04 Ways to increase environmental rating, and convert to high-tech industry. 3/13/04 Getting Skyscrapers Early 3/13/04 Reference (3 articles) Business Deal Requirements 6/02/03 Desirability Factors 6/06/03 Buildings Inspired by Landmarks in SimCity 4 2/28/04 Theories (2 articles) These are experimented theories on either the mechanics of SimCity 4 or how the simulator determines certain characteristics. Commute times / trips 6/02/03 Power Plant Information 6/02/03 Technical Issues (3 articles) Transportation bonus CD and MySim issue 2/06/03 SimCity 4 EA Support knowledgebase 2/09/03 Notes about Minimum System Requirements 6/03/03 Quick reference: - an article at SC4EVER.COM. - a link external to the Knowledge Tree. Items having dates marked in red were added or updated within 2 days of the most recent update.
  15. BAT Request Thread

    i would love to see more large modern hospitals, something that is lacking in SimCity 4. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-09-18/aerial-view-of-the-new-royal-adelaide-hospital-on-north-terrace/8958188 https://www.bestmasterofscienceinnursing.com/25-most-amazing-modern-hospitals/ http://holdings.mak.ac.ug/investorsconference/investment-opportunities/teaching-hospital-at-katalemwa.html
  16. Madagascar

    Impressive map! Nice work as usual
  17. Show us your farm land!

    Some farmland in Ancient Egypt.
  18. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    A mosaic of Lower Manhattan.
  19. Show Us Your Overview of Your City/Town

    An overview of Cephalonia, Greece.
  20. Show us your Night Shots!

    LA's iconic Capitol Records Building at night.
  21. Show us your city's detail/close-ups

    A mosaic of Hong Kong's tallest building - the International Commerce Center.
  22. Diego's Puerto Vallarta Growables - Icon Vallarta

    Omg this is.....MAGNIFICENT
  23. Version 1.00


    KOSC presents: Diego Del Llano's Puerto Vallarta Growables - Icon Vallarta Introduction Diego's Puerto Vallarta Growables is a new series of re-lots featuring @Diego Del Llano's fantastic BATs that were based in his hometown. As quite of few of these buildings had their bases graciously removed for lotting, I've decided to take another step beyond just converting them into growables. This first release will cover Icon Vallarta, a luxurious condo building located on the beachfront in Puerto Vallarta. Package Overview The building was lotted in several different configurations, from your typical small footprint growable to a massive two and three tower complex. Some lots take advantage of the fact that the real-life version is located in a tropical climate. Thus, several lot will have palm trees and tropical plants as its primary flora source. The layout of the largest complex in particular is loosely based off its actual real-life counterpart from the layout of the entrances down to the relative placement of the pool and the buildings. Included in the following package are a total of 5 lots: All are R§§§ growables. General Stats The included growable lots will provide occupancy anywhere from 915 R§§§ to 2738 R§§§ sims, based on the number of buildings in the lot. The lots themselves are offered in the following configurations. 3x2 front, stage 8; 3x3 front, stage 7; 4x4 left corner, stage 7 for the single tower variant 6x8 front, stage 6 for the dual tower variant 6x10 front, stage 7 for the triple tower variant Detailed stats and information can be found in the enclosed README. Install Instructions Drop the files in your My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. Since the original buildings used separate IDs for both the MaxisNite and DarkNite models, two separate zips are included at your convenience. Dependencies Main Building(s) Icon Vallarta Props SHK Parking Pack BSC MEGA Props SG Vol. 1 BSC MEGA Props CP Vol. 1 BSC MEGA Props CP Vol. 2 LBT MEGA Prop Pack Vol. 1 AnyOne for Tennis VIP girafe maples v2 VIP girafe Canary date palms Textures NDEX Texture Set Vol. 1 SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures SuperSHK+ FA3 Parking Textures Acknowledgements Credit goes to Diego Del Llano for the original BAT! Additional thanks to all the content creators behind the props/textures packs that made this set possible. Enjoy!
  24. Problem With Draggable Light Rail

    This is usually an RUL issue, the simplest solution would be to re-install the NAM. Make sure to use a custom install, selecting "Run Cleanitol and the Station Updater" and also ensuring the relevant GLR networks are themselves selected for install. This should clean out any conflicting files and ensure the correct controller (RUL code) is included.
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