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  2. Quite a few of the hosing estates have them, they put the sidewalk on only one side, and the side that does not have sidewalk the property goes right to the road, heck even where I live the road has no sidewalk at all but does have housing.. Think of the dirt roads in game but the size if the two lane roads but are asphalt, in Australia not all of our residential roads have sidewalk.. This image is a good example of what we have here, second image has no sidewalk at all..
  3. The Shpinx

    Yeah, and I suspect we would need to have a duplicate and then change one of them. My guess is that Infobox is the hidden template (or mask or whatever it should be called). If that's true and one could be made called InfoboxMeters then it'd be an easy update I could make to the relevant building entries.
  4. @Cyclone Boom Thanks! I'm thinking of doing a City Journal, actually.
  5. The Shpinx

    Hadn't thought of that, good point . But if the underlying template needs editing, that may be more complex than I want to delve into things. Since it gets real easy to break stuff if you screw up.
  6. The Shpinx

    Surprisingly (or not) that occurred to me. However, I feel the numbers shown in the Wiki should stay matching what one sees in Reader.
  7. The Shpinx

    Maybe a better solution is standardising these values to all reflect the number of tiles, rather than meters in the first place. Since Meters isn't a very intuitive measurement when thinking about SC4, tiles is much simpler. I'll see if I can do something about it later.
  8. All assets gone ?

    Happy to help. As long as you load without the "not working" ones everything should be fine. The only exception is if you use Procedural Objects mod, since I'm not sure how it affects assets that use it if it's gone. But if you don't use that mod, you should be fine as long as the below mods are disabled. And I hope you'll enjoy the European Suburbia pack! ^^
  9. where in australia is that terrible road existing. It makes legit no sense hahaha
  10. Today
  11. Jakis'z BAT Thread

    No offence intended, but quote how does such a simple model like you show end up with 16k Polys in the first place? That tells me you are not modelling very efficiently, few games could support a lot of content with such high poly-counts. Oddly though, SC4 is not one of them, you can use as many as you like, since SC4 doesn't render the model, only the LODs. So the only downside is the time taken to render the textures that are applied to the LODs. As such, I've happily made 2 Million + Poly models for SC4, although it's laziness as much as anything. However, you are quite right that SC4 BAT or gMax (since the former is just scripts for the latter), has a finite limit on the detail it can handle. Partially because the age of the application, partially because it was a free alternative to 3DS Max, so they didn't want to make it as good. Likely there isn't a way around such problems, you will need to either learn to model more efficiently or consider modelling in 3DS Max directly, where such limits do not apply. Take a look here, running through this tutorial will help you to make geometry that works in SC4 BAT and get used to the application: This method will simply not work in 3DS Max, the BAT4Max scripts simply don't work this way. You should see the BAT4Max documentation, which explains how it works in 3DS Max.
  12. Have one type of street here in Australia in some housing estates there are roads where only one side has a sidewalk and streetlights on that side I think.. The interesting thing about this road type is the sidewalk and lights will change sides depending where it is oriented but usually after a roundabout.. The other thing is that the properties on the non sidewalk side will butt up against the road gutter the pic gives a rough idea..
  13. No, because each individual lot must have the values in the buildings exemplar modified to facilitate the change. So the mod basically handles that for any of the Maxis lots only. If you want to extend this, then you'll need to mod each custom lot individually. However, it's worth noting that many custom creators used values much higher than Maxis in the first place, so it may not be necessary for all of them either.
  14. idd like to join your local/privite server Ongin Name: arthurkayo1
  15. Hi all together, some may know me from sc4 as i released some buildings there together with the good old german SFBT. But know i focused the little spare time i got on playing cities skylines, as this game gives you all the possibilities that we always wished to have in sc4. Unfortunatelly modding buildings for skylines is a completely different thin than to do for sc4 . So i started to play around a little bit with blender and some weeks later i had a first model. But now what? Anyone out there to give me some advices for texturing or at least a good tutorial? Every help is welcome to get this model where it belongs... The model is a lightly changed version of the main building of oslo university. I've never been to norway, but as this building follows the architecture of karl friedrich schinkel i like it a lot and by the way i thought that a european university building could be needed... saludos Peter
  16. Progress on the Daihatsu Hijet: 968 tris without any wheels or underside. Texture is 1024x512.
  17. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Adding some A380 gates to my airport and can't seem to find the center line puzzle pieces. Anyone know where I could find these?
  18. Simcity Free Mod ,Specials

    what this mod do?
  19. Altering values in PIM

    I mentioned recently to another user that Hex in Reader isn't so terrible, mainly because you can enter values in decimal and it will convert them to Hex for you. Of course this doesn't solve every problem and I think knowing you a little, I'd recommend using SC4 Tools for such edits, since it's much simpler as a tool. Bear in mind when saving modified files with this application, it automatically makes a backup of the previous file and gives it a .SAV extension. So if you have a file mylot.SC4Lot and save changes, you'll now have both: mylot.SC4LOT The new file with your modifications mylot.SAV A backup of the last save-state of your lot Just remember not to keep these .SAV files in your plugins folder, SC4 will load them and if loaded after the originals, make it look like your changes have gone missing. However, they are useful to keep whilst you test the changes. If you need to go back to the old file, just rename the file extension to it's original one.
  20. Show Us What You're Working On

    Getting ready to press play
  21. Cadillac Eldorado

    Love it!!!! Thank you!
  22. The Shpinx

    Ok. I guess it's a bit more complicated than I'd imagined. The per unit amount is baked into a template somewhere and I don't know how to edit that. And even if I figure it out I now suspect that would change it to meters for the Landmarks which would make them wrong. Here's the relevant code on that page in edit mode: So, we'll need @Tarkus or another member with editing rights to either fix these or explain to me how it needs to be done. (I suspect a separate units mask or something needs to be created.) Edit: I did edit the Exemplar Properties page adding in meters or in cells (which means tiles) in the places I'm certain I have them correct.
  23. The Shpinx

    This is a case of comparing apples to bowling balls. They are different. For instance the schools use the School Coverage Radius (0x691B4283) which is measured in meters. However, The Sphinx uses the Landmark Effect (0x2781284F) and that is measured in tiles. Said tiles being those inside an open City Tile where a small is 64 across, a medium is 128, and a large is 256. The Sphinx then covers 320 meters (16 meters times 20 tiles). Edit: And looking at the Elementary School there it says 384 tiles. That should be meters. (Give me a few minutes and I'll fix those.) You can also reference Exemplar Properties to see the schools are in meters.
  24. The Shpinx

    According to http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com/index.php?title=The_Sphinx, this landmark has a landmark effect of 20 over 16 tiles. In this site, they mean meters with tiles and I have known about this by checking the coverage radius of maxis schools, hospitals, fire stations, and police stations in-game and comparing them with the stats on this site. So my question, is it really that this landmark has only 1 tile (16 meters) landmark effect? This means that if you're not gonna zone for commercial right next to this landmark, it is useless to buy it if your only aim is the landmark effect.
  25. No More Neighbor Connection Arrows That one is renamed "No More Neighbor Connection Arrows Thingy". I was looking for the and got it from redfox85, in the above post. But Merci anyway. I missed that and that is a very welcome feature. When I go down to the SOUP office I'll give it another go. Merci you too. And Redfox85 too. Merci.
  26. RRetail Development

    Another mall relot is something I've been messing around with on the side. It's been a little frustrating though because props disappear for some reason and I'm nowhere near the prop limit.
  27. Not sure if that would work. Maybe the road could be used without the mod, but the zone blocks would be 4m away from the road.
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