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  2. What is the Perfect Positive Tax for RCI? I got this chart but I think this one is for SC2013. Do we have or can anyone help me with a complete detail or chart for SC4? Thank you
  3. Get your Maxis files here!

    The Maxis Files page is looking good .... thanks for doing this, its very much appreciated
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  5. Custom Regions

    From the fansite I linked to or another fan site, or has someone made an actual SC4 "Tar Valon" region. If I do make my own custom "Tar Valon" region, I will probably use that map or a similar one, and will use the proportions described on that site. Brian Christiansen
  6. Custom Regions

    Well, like I said, I just took a quick look, and I have done some mucking about on SC4devotion, but I have not even decided if I will make such an area, and if I do, it will not be for a few weeks at least before I even start. Brian Christiansen
  7. So many mods . . . which should I pick?

    So I fired up Mayberry (maybe I should make this a separate thread). I'm playing Vanilla plus a few mods. For those of you don't know, Mayberry is the name of the small rural town in the TV series 'The Andy Griffith Show' from the 1960s. To make my Mayberry as close to the TV Mayberry as possible, several Civic buildings are needed. 1. Police Station (In the show, there isn't one. Sheriff Taylor's office (with 2 Jail Cells) is in the County Courthouse which requires 30k Sims and I know that Mayberry didn't have that many people living in it, so a Police Station is needed). 2. Fire Station (Never seen in the show, but I'm sure there would be one). 3. Elementary School (where the Sheriff's son Opie goes to school). 4. High School (mentioned but never seen . . . Sheriff Taylor graduated from Mayberry High School). 5. Library (I think was mentioned once or twice). 6. City College (Not sure if this was mentioned or not) 7. Hospital (Never mentioned AFAIK, but you would think there would be one). 8. City Hall (Where the Mayor's office is). The problem is that none of these buildings' radii is big enough to cover the entire city map (it's a small map). These Sim yutzes will complain that there are holes in the various coverages. or am I being too picky?
  8. Thank you! It took longer than I expected and I encountered some issues, but I finally finished my newest tree Workshop Page
  9. An asset i'm working on is having a weird light glitch that i first thought was because of the specular mask or something. I know it's most likely the police lights causing it, it only happens when the police lights are on and it seems the rotation of the lights light up certain parts of the car too. I'm guessing maybe the police lights are positioned awkwardly or in the center? But i don't know where to begin in asset editor because when you position the police lights, you can't see the police lights while you're doing it like you can with headlights.
  10. Vehicle asset has flickering wheels? [Help]

    Oh no sorry i use 3dsmax, but thank you for the help i did similar things in 3dsmax that helped. Resetting the normals in the wheel area only did the trick it seems once again thank you both.
  11. Get your Maxis files here!

    All done! This includes the addon pack for Mac users (SC4MacAddons.sit), and each building is packaged installer free.
  12. Site Updates & Announcements

    SC4 Maxis Files Page Updated After much anticipation, I've now finally renovated the page to include the full collection of official SimCity 4 content. These files were originally freely available on the official SC4 website (simcity.ea.com), of which has long since gone offline. Each is now hosted locally on the ST server. Included are the additional buildings, game patches and the custom content tools: BAT, PIM and Lot Editor. The buildings are available individually, and also for the sake of convenience they've been combined into a zipped 57MB archive. The New Page https://community.simtropolis.com/sc4-maxis-files/ (The old URL will automatically redirect to the above.) For everyone searching for them, hopefully this will assist with the effort of making the Maxis files more accessible. Also a special mention to catty-cb and CorinaMarie for helping source the files.
  13. Show Us What You're Working On

    The show us what your working on thread is the vital core, the heart and soul and mind, the body of the work. As usual I am working on greatness, greater than the greatest, and even greater still. This is a preview of mega greatness beyond all greatest greatness! Be great and enjoy. Goodness gracious!
  14. Show us your Rush Hour / Traffic Jams

    What on earth..
  15. Alpine Sublime SC4 Region Map

    Aprecio tu amabilidad.
  16. IPS Prop Pack

    May the force to be with you!
  17. OK I fixed it, it turns out that the colour mask needs to be reverted – white means that the area is left untouched, black means it should change colour. It’s counter-intuitive and I’m fairly sure I read somewhere it’s the opposite, but it works now! The performance question still persists.
  18. Il Pianeta Verde - The Green Planet

    Pretty good writing, and true to the art form of storytelling with the opening sentence: "A bright falling star crosses the night sky..." I think the 2nd sentence is not necessary. "It’s not falling, though!" The excitement is being expressed by you, the narrator. I think its better to let the characters in the story 'express'. The narrator (you) is there to present the drama, not partake in it.
  19. Increase font size

    Thank man I'm getting old, so I need this
  20. I finished my new tree, but I have a problem with colour variations. I’ve noticed that vanilla trees and most workshop trees have varying brightness and I saw a setting for it in the asset editor, but it doesn’t work for me. I set minimum to 0.1 and left maximum at 1 to test it out (so it should go from basically black to the original colour), but it always shows the original brightness. It’s the same without changing any settings. I have a colour mask that contains only black and white (the leaf part is white and trunk is black as I don’t want it to change), however not having it doesn’t change anything. Every file is properly named. Is it possible that there’s a mod that breaks it? It doesn’t look bad now, but it’d be much better if the brightness were random. Size variation works fine. I’ve also noticed that it puts more strain on performance than other trees for no obvious reason. I have two versions, one with 2586 tris and the other with 1086, both with 1024x1024 textures, and while I can understand that the high poly one is heavy for my graphic card, I don’t really get that the lower poly one lags too. I have workshop trees that have the same texture size and much more than 1000 polys and they cause less lag. Did I do something wrong somehow?
  21. Show Us What You're Working On

    In this moment, I'm working in a Asiatown near the Financial Center in my city Anchalk:
  22. Paeng's PEG-PPOND Tahoe Three Pontoon Boats

    Love it! Thank you!
  23. Back to Rural Again!

    The STEX has a subcategory PLEX that have many of the old PEG items repackage by someone else.
  24. Custom Regions

    I just downloaded the Tar Valon map. The first thing I noticed is that the given scale in miles is out of proportion with the representation of the land and the settlements, unless the beings who inhabit this land are giants, the length of a mile is about 4 times less than what a mile would be in our world. Tar Valon appears to be about 1/4 mile in width at most. In a large SC4 city tile you have 16 square kilometers to work with. A large SC4 tile is 2.48548 miles square, roughly 6.25 square miles. Many major cities in our world are upwards of several hundred square miles in greater regional area.
  25. Show Us What You're Working On

    Tour of the triagon highway system
  26. Here you go, as you seem to use Blender: https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/modeling/meshes/editing/normals.html
  27. mipro

    Brief update (click for full size). I'm sure there'll be another later tonight.
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