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  2. I used the mesh info. For the vehicles it was more try and error, because the number of the vehicles around your city also seems to count on the total weight of a custom vehicle. So a emergency car is less mem consuming than a truck that is used hundrets of times in your city.
  3. Hi all. So I have had a great deal of fun playing SC4 the last couple of months. But I have a somewhat hard time dealing with this supply/demand thing. I recognize that you need to balance your ratio of citizens and jobs due to the differences in income. However, it seems like a natural rule of law that in order for the city to grow quickly, one must build a lot of dirty industry and thereby create many low-income jobs. I have also figured out, that as the game progresses, I can delete the dirty industry and create more manufacturing and hi-tech industry, and thereby create more demand for higher income citizens. But, somehow the dirty industry is almost in high demand all the time. So here I have two options: If I satisfy the demand for dirty industry and therefore also for low-income jobs, my city turns into some kinda industrial hell-hole full of pollution. And not to mention the ugliness of the dirty industry buildings. These ugly complexes does not fit very well into a clean metropolis. On the other hand, If I do not satisfy the demand for dirty industry and low-income citizens, a lot of my beautiful buildings will turn dark og abandoned due to the low demand. So, it seems like I'm out of options in order to create the city I want. The optimal conditions would be a city without any dirty industry at all. A little bit of manufacturing industry is something I can live with. And high levels of high-tech industry is of course something I admire very much. Can somebody please enlighten me on what I am doing wrong? Education and health leves are usually very high, crime rate is low and my mayor rating ig generally very high. EDIT: Another question: How come, that ALL my high-income AND high-density residential skyscrapers ALWAYS turn black and abandoned after 5 minutes? It's pretty annoying that they just won't stay nice and clean.
  4. Show Us What You're Working On

    Just something very quick (It was a distraction from another project) Here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3554
  5. Site Suggestion Box

    Yes, I have been vocal in that regard, and make no apologies. Now, I am goddam furious. Just look at this: https://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/32007-kogyo-waste-services/ I don't even know how long Mushy-Mushy worked on this. Hours and hours and hours. Not like where I just whip something up in a few moments when I get home from work. Mushy-mushy's bat was a true labour of love. Endless tweaking, endless modelling, endless texturing and endless revisions to get everything perfect. Even more perfect than perfect. This is that individuals first 'grunt of communication' - a rating of '4 stars' on perfection - in so far as rating a file. Not everyone deserves a voice. And most importantly, the effort involved for a nobody to click on stars to 'express their voice' is so utterly disproportionate to the effort involved in creating custom content that it borders on offensive. I again repeat my first call to call to remove the rating system: Do with the request as you will. But it was done for the competition uploads and can be done very easily again.
  6. Advice on out of memory crashes?

    I don't think I've gone nuts on vehicles, but I've added a few passenger cars/SUVs and then grabbed a pretty good number of trucks. To me the trucks stand out a bit more, and perhaps an argument could be made too that the vanilla trucks are even worse than vanilla cars. The screen cap below is probably pretty representative of what I'm using, and most of those look like custom assets. Anyway, if vehicles have an outsized impact on memory use, then perhaps I could trim down those subscriptions and/or favor ones that look good w/o taking up a lot of memory. Can I use the file size as a proxy for memory use while running? Or best to use that Mesh Info mod you mentioned?
  7. Do you use many custom cars. Theses are somtimes a pain in the ass concerning mem. Oh, so you start the game when coming home, have a lunch then and when youre back the game is half loaded. :-)
  8. Advice on out of memory crashes?

    Oh dear. I might as well complete my embarrassment by saying that I'm running an Atari 400 with 8 kilobytes of memory...but I have the external tape drive, so my system rocks. I'm sure I'm in the same boat as others who experience memory issues with CS - I've largely already gone through my assets to eliminate ones that I don't care to have/use. In fact, I'd love to have more maximum level high density residential, office, and commercial buildings, so that when the engine decides to give me skyscrapers, I can have less repetition among the taller ones that stand out from the crowd. By the way, I did my memory upgrade for the sole benefit of CS - since I stopped playing World of Tanks, I don't think I have anything else that really puts my current build through its paces.
  9. Kogyo Waste Services

    Hey MushyMushy, great work, thanks for sharing! Since I prefer lot editing and moving props around: I'd really love to see those sanitary vehicles as single props, what do you think?
  10. First I hiope you have 16GB and not MB. :-) Assets are mostly responsible for memory issues. Use loading screen mod to see how much GB the game uses. Also you can use the Mesh Info mod to see how heave your assets are. I'm currently looking for a 96GB machine to replace my 24GB one - just because of the mem usage of CS. With 2.2K assets the game used up to 20GB of mem - depending on the map I was playing.
  11. Hi All, I had been running the game with just the 8 MB of memory that I had when I bought my current computer in 2013, but I started getting loading times that were too long to tolerate. I upgraded the current machine myself to 16 MB maybe two or three months back and have been celebrating not breaking my machine ever since by downloading too many great assets. Anyway, of late, if I've tabbed out of CS to another application (like Firefox with one or more Youtube pages open), I've have Windows tell me that I'm running low on memory, then seemingly give me the option to close the CS application. In reality, by the time this happens, the CS application is already too unstable to allow me to even save my progress, so my two options are to allow Windows to close the CS or deny it permission and then have to use the Task Manager to force the shut down. My load times are quite acceptable, so by that one (albeit simple) measure, the computer seems to be able to handle the assets and mods. However, I'd like to be able to move back and forth between Firefox and CS so that I can get inspiration from someone's Youtube series and/or Google Maps. Does the behavior described above sound like anything other than subscribing to too many assets and mods? Any advice other than scrapping assets and mods? Thanks in advance for any help! John
  12. Mushy's Random BATs

    or going completely insane and making a replacement for all maxis car props, but that would literally take years to a single modder, given the number of props involved (combinations of cars, not only standalone vehicles)
  13. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I think the one you are looking for is on the newer NAM, as a draggable option too, but I'm not sure. I remember that both @Tarkus and @MushyMushy were making textures for them, so they could know better...
  14. Me encantaron las texturas de la acera del edificio de arriba a la derecha! ¿Cómo los estás configurando? ¿monumentos para el menú o con funciones? Se me ocurre que ese mismo edificio podría funcionar muy bien como un casino...
  15. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    Hi and thanks to @Cyclone Boomand @CorinaMarie Yes cleared my history and cache yesterday as I thought that might be causing the problem. Not sure what "script blocked" means and where to find it to check in settings. ? That's a bit above my tech level.... I disabled restrictions inSafari as well thinking that might be a problem but it didn't help. And I can't sign out as the simtropolis search box blocks the sign out tab. I'll see you all later on my pc laptop hehe.
  16. Show Us What You're Working On

    The stable on the left is the PEG Riding School -- and the other barn may have been part of the download.
  17. Show Us What You're Working On

    Taking a break from city building and going back to my lotting projects, first order of business: more latin american historic buildings.
  18. @huzman @Angry Mozart @Jorginho Ochoa Muchas gracias por sus comentarios! Espero poder seguir contribuyendo en esta comunidad. Bueno, pensaba retomar alguno de mis proyectos desde el mes pasado, pero me distraje desarrollando una ciudad y arreglando plugins. Ahora que tengo todo en orden, es hora de regresar al Lot Editor. Les presento un pequeño teaser de mi próximo proyecto, el Pack de edificios históricos número 2. Es un pack pequeño y debería estar en el STEX antes de diciembre.
  19. Show Us What You're Working On

    Maroon Bay Cowland my late CJ aswell hosted horse riddng schools. Horses and details wheren´t as detailed as these pictures. Plopable horses I searched without result, time consciderations. That adjacent barn matches very nice with the school; relot, know the creator ? Well done !
  20. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Stretched road to avenue transtition ! Some time I use the standard road to avenue draged transtition. Some pictures showed me a more stretched plopable alternative. Any one know about those alternative pieces or are they part of NAM ? A GLR plopable avenue to road excist. Isolated situation with lot of room those dragable look so clumsy, any one know thank you ! kschmidt
  21. Hong Kong

    Pretty amazing.How long does this even take you to do?
  22. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    Thanks for reporting. Looks like the URL target was empty, causing the current page to be loaded. I've managed to locate the correct file and re-attached it to the article. And here it is for convenience: icon_base.zip If not caused by scripts blocked as Cori mentioned, it could be due to the storage mechanism for these images. The site has recently switched to a new server setup (the location which points to: simtropolis.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com). We've noticed intermittent performance issues with this which will require further investigation. Most recently yesterday evening I noticed these images were slow to load, and this does include profile pics and attachment images. Something else I can suggest is a cache refresh on your iPad's browser. Residual local data can occasionally cause display issues.
  23. Mushy's Random BATs

    Those car props look fantastic! I'm thinking about a couple of mods like the SFBT street mod and the SAM 1 override that could benefit from them.
  24. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Well you guys are amazing! Thanks so much!
  25. Hong Kong

    Well well, for having built Hong Kong for so long In SC4 it's really good, well done! It's always refreshing to see someones approach on the city, and you captured it very well indeed There are some differences between the actual city and the rendition, but those are not important, because the atmosphère is well captured As the quote by Rem Koolhaas, a dutch architect goes "It's a weird city because the uglier the weather, the more beautiful the city. And the uglier the buildings, the more coherent the city."
  26. Es más fácil tener los plugins en la carpeta de Documentos, yo en la de "GOG/SimCity 4/...." solo tengo un fondo de ciudades alternativo junto con los .dlls de extra trampas y para arreglar el problema de los lots transitables. Y sí, con PIM-X puedes guardar un lot sin texturas para lograr la transparencia, (LE no te deja salvarlo, así que tienes que remover la textura manualmente en Reader) ojo, para que el truco funcione hay que guardar el lot sin ninguna textura, no sólo de base, si no, se causa el bug de transparencia al usar las vistas de datos.
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