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  2. Hello. I trying to build sunken Walls. I have drawn a model in Sketchup and it looks well in the asset editor, but i can't sink it into floor. I have try many solutiions, the NO BASE script, sunken templates, I have even made a script to change mesh bounds value. Nothing at all. I have read a lot of post in differents fórums. Nothing at all. I'm missing something and I don't know what it is. Helpplease (excuse my english).
  3. Look at a reference from real life and see what the terrain colors are like, then figure out how each part of that can be achieved using the map theme you chose. Then you can paint it ingame or as an image and use the script + psd template I made recently to import a natural resource texture for fertile/sand/oil/ore/forest.
  4. By the way it looks in blender, if the pivot is in the center of that grid, makes sense for a 2x3, you can change it in the editor so I don't see why it's a problem. As for why it looks like a 2x4, that's the backyard for props or something, many growables have it and you also have an option to switch to a front yard, I guess it appears based on how much free space you have in your zoning.
  5. Guess Who's Next V2

    sorry maybe next?
  6. Show us what you're working on!

    Right now work is focused on the right side of the below screen. Adding a second train station along with a ton of industry
  7. Guess Who's Next V2

    Nah! Raynev?
  8. Serenity Valley - Boreal

    Is this where the browncoats lost the war?
  9. Today
  10. Good or Bad??

    Good Obadiah.
  11. I'm so old that ...

    I so old that my families first computer was a Commodore 64K.
  12. Why should the person above you be banned? V2

    Banned for being moody.
  13. How is the person above you going to die?

    You died because all the devotees drank the kool-aid.
  14. The Word Chain

  15. The Next Person...

    Hazel actually. TNP would rather be too hot in July than too cold in January.
  16. Corrupt a Wish Game (v4)

    Granted, but people keep slamming the doors in your face. I wish humanity could terraform Venus.
  17. 3 word story

    cowboy of past...
  18. Prepping my First Region

    You've zoned a lot of commercial. Maybe it's just me (and my mods, such as CAM), but my commercial demand and development always craters if I zone any commercial at the start. What does work for me is if I wait until some traffic develops and then zone some commercial lots along busy avenues (actually TLA-5's from the network widening mod). Comm lots with high customers are happy comm lots, and their jobs draw even more traffic. Comm demand can snowball from there. In towns where my comm demand cratered, I've had to bulldoze all comm lots that had low customers. Even then, it takes time and a few CS$ lots with high customers for any comm demand other than CS$ to maybe turn positive (and my results are still mixed, so I am still learning comm dynamics myself). The lesson I've taken from my comm struggles is that I must always keep customers high (maybe I need a mod for a marijuana dispensary).
  19. Guess Who's Next V2

    How'd you guess? Abrams in the first, second and fourth order.
  20. Word Association Game v3.0

  21. Change a Letter Game v2

  22. BAT - Getting Started Guide / FAQ / Resources / Help

    thank you so much! ♥
  23. Nearly empty lots

    What I changed were the zoning assignments (between dense and medium industrial) and/or pollution levels for about 60 industrial lots. Do either of those require the re-index step? I did not add or remove anything on the lots (I did not use the lot editor). Is there a tutorial somewhere that I should read about this pitfall before going back into iLives? I'll try searching for more info on the re-index function so I can grasp what it is doing (and what triggers the need for it). After cleaning up my custom plugins, do you think the lots will magically work, or should I expect to go on a deletion hunt? (should I note the locations of all broken lots I am finding?)
  24. SC4 Future Planning

    I future plan my districts in excel. I'll first divide everything out into phases. my current region is split in half by a large bay and the phases work out like this: phase 1-2 post wwii housing phase 3-4 modern housing phase 5-6 pre-wii housing phase 7-8 industry & seaport phase 9 medium density phase 10 downtown phase 11 stadium district phase 12 seawalls I first layed out the grid network for phase 1 to 4. One grid contains green avenues, the other red TLA-3's. From there I screenshot the area for phases 1-6, paste in excel, transpose the grid into excel and assign the tileset. Background color denotes the tile, black the roads, gold the highway so it looks like this: For the later phases (7 to 10) I know where the rest goes (... visual memory ). I use excel to plan out the diagonal lots, Now I do play with many cheats and parks with jobs and cap relief so I can build res first. Lot plopped the industry phase, and so far for phase 7 to 8 I've created around 130 lots. Phase 1 to 6 took 6 months. Phase 7 to 8 I'm entering month 6 but almost done. Phase 9 to 11 will take atmost 2 months. Its phase 12 that terrifys me, but I am starting to prototype the sea wall.
  25. Hi modders. I'm trying my first map and I am looking for some tips on how to add the oil, minerals, and fertile land areas. I'm trying to do a realistic Stockholm east, Sweden. Here is the basic topography: I'd like to add the resources but I have no idea how to approach this. Should I manipulate an image and use a script? I tried to paint them kinda haphazardly and they always looked terrible. How can I add them in such a way that the map looks more realistic? another pic with trees and a few roads added: thx in advance for any advice
  26. Gertrude Apartments

    Got all those dependencies & textures but still have brown box.
  27. BTE ag rewards issues

    @rsc204 Thanks for all the thoughtful info!! And your answer on SC4D led me to Keka, so I take it as helpful. and yes - shortcuts. That's the proper term. Regarding purging out the junk files after juicing, is there benefit to keeping wav, icc, or mpg files? I assumed wav and mpg files had to do with sounds and animations, but wasn't sure if the icc files needed to be kept for color. These don't appear all the time, just for some dependencies once in a while.
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