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  2. So keep C:S around and play KotCity on the side! The world is more than big enough for one... we just need that SC4-ish feel back in a modern(ish), live game.
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  4. Show Us What You're Working On

    @tariely it’s actually really simple once you learn it. So if your referring to maxis files, start the PIM (I’d recommend having a clean plugins folder, or, at most what dependencies your going to use) and make sure the folders in which your game is stored are selected. What you do is click on standard models (on list on left) and it will open up every model you have in your plugins into the list on right (why you should have clean). Select the model you want to use from the list, and drag it to the category you want to make it (can make landmark eye candy, Growables, etc.). This will create a Desc file, which you will name and click the save button. The desc file will now be in your plugins. You can now move your mouse over all those values you see under the desc file name, right click, and select “create a [growable/ploppable, etc] using this building”. Select the size you want the lot, then, with the lot file you just created selected, move your mouse over the values you see below, right click, and open lot editor. There are more things that can be done but that was as simplified as I could get. Refer to the PIM user guide which has a lot of good information, which is a separate download. The section at bottom on lot editor will give you more specific information regarding this. I hope that explanation isn’t as terrible as I think it is. And to not just make this a brick of text, here’s very slight progress/proof of concept. I think I’m going to make custom non-TE alleyway lots where rsc’s new streets that will help put some more trees in between lots. Cheers
  5. Show Us What You're Working On

    @scotttbarry : are those relots still only growable ? I did relot one commercial, just to get the feel of it and it works well, I can plop it with the lotplop cheat, but I would like it to be grow AND plop. I guess I will have to tackle the "How to make a growable into a ploppable lot" part of the Reader (or PIM ?) readme !
  6. Show Us What You're Working On

    Just when I was thinking "if the query is blank, it might be something Japanese" (I've encountered that before) and I was going to look in my Japanese stash, as I might well have them ! I won't have to look too long now, thanks for the shortcut !
  7. It would take a fairly long time for roads to fall apart entirely, basically if a pothole got large enough that it completely separated the road with an inaccessible dirt hole, and that would only put that lane/section of road out of commission, and even then citizens may end up taking care of it themselves (it's not unheard of even in United States metro areas for neighbors to fill in potholes with rocks and gravel). Of course, terrible roads can cause traffic to crawl along at 15-20 mph and who wants that? I think that there should also be two choices to build roads: concrete and asphalt. Asphalt is cheaper to build and cheaper to maintain, but requires maintenance more often (in the long run becoming more expensive), whereas concrete is more expensive to build and maintain but rarely requires maintenance (in the long run being fairly cheap). For bridges, I'm not sure it's the same thing. Probably what would be a better way to handle it is have the bridge (or continuous viaduct pieces) have some internal number that starts counting down when it is built, and at the end of that a box would pop up and tell you that you have to either "make necessary repairs" or "abandon the bridge". If you choose to repair it, the number is replenished slightly, and abandoning the bridge means it is inaccessible to vehicular traffic. It won't collapse unless it is hit (like a train derailment, or something). This "hidden number" goes down faster if you don't maintain the bridge, and can also go down when the bridge is damaged (18-wheeler from below, disaster). That's how I would do it, at least. Anyway, best of luck to you! I do like the idea of 2D (assuming the art style is aesthetically pleasing), seems when we made the jump to 3D simulations we left a lot of the cool, behind the scenes stuff in favor of eye candy, even if C:S and SC2013 introduced some neat concepts. I must admit I'm torn between "I want a comfy and nostalgic SC4/SC2K-tier title" and "I want to satisfy my road and rail autism", even if my ideals combine both aspects.
  8. AndisArt's BAT cookery

    Oh, I'm going to as soon as I has a spot to plop both buildings that doesn't look out of place.
  9. SC4 Terraformer Installation

    It doesn't work whatsoever!! :@
  10. Killed the city building genre? Nah, if anything it proves there's a market for it. Game's got its flaws, but it's manage to reignite a certain want for city builders. CO had limited resources, and given how many indie games with similar ambitions and resources crash and burn they did pretty well. Steam Workshop is also a much better way to do mods than the old SC4 way IMO, it's just less of a pain, though quality controls are also low - but that's less of a problem in the long run as big time modders have by now established themselves and their products. Yeah it's not "always offline" but it wards off piracy, if you pirate the game you get a subpar experience with no workshop, also the DLCs ensure there's a trickle of money back in the dev's account - basically almost a DRM method that's both effective and fair to the people who play the game legitimately (and none of that SC13 crap, ya?). Also as someone who's been through 4 copies of SC4 because of heavy CD use (and perhaps improper care ^^) I don't see the problem with Steam, it's all of the convenience with none of the crap and Steam accounts are fairly well protected. Also what's the deal against modding? Fan beloved "best city building" SC4 outright sucks without mods. People do need to take their rose tinted glasses off and look at SC4 without the NAM and such. It sucks. I couldn't play SC4 without the NAM, and I don't think I would like it much without other mods, either. People who make CJs or Youtube channels about CSL also aren't trying to "trick" you into buying a far less good looking game, they've just modded it and they use it as a user program more than a game. I fail to see how that's false advertising, *especially* since you can get those mods for yourself and build neat stuff, too. They do also take the game beyond what it's intended to do - so it's not the dev's fault if you hyped yourself for a game based on what people are doing to it outside of the game's parameters. I'll agree that the design choices aren't great - I hate default graphics and I hate the sound ambiance in this game, compared to SC4 or even SC5 it's pretty subpar, even if it's mostly design choices and it also comes down to the lack of resources - but they're by no means making the game unplayable. And yeah the game is poorly optimized, but did you play SC4 at launch? My PC couldn't cope with it, I had to upgrade before I started modding. But at least on a technical point of view, Cities Skylines is barebones on purpose - it relies on modding, at least from what I can see. And that's not a bad thing, SC4 relies on the NAM just as much! But if you want CSL to look and feel better, well, you're gonna have to pitch the idea to someone with far more resources and it's unlikely they'll agree, especially with all the bs around "live services" and phasing out the very notion of a "game" (there's a reason CSL is one of my last game purchases I've ever done, and why I'm not upgrading my consoles or anything) I'd point out my PC poorly copes with CSL these days, but it's a limitation I adapt around and I feel like I have a lot more fun around that than if I could just cover the entire 84 tiles in streets and buildings. But I agree 100% with everyone who complains at the small size of cities - SC4 allowed to build far more sprawling metropolis, but CSL doesn't, and that's also good for modding, since with less space to build stuff you can instead focus on detailing your city more closely, and make it yours. Now I get where you're coming from on the city building perspective, airports don't realistically grow, it all feels a bit fake and the agent simulation is pretty shallow, well...it's true, and perhaps a hybrid system would work better, but I can't help but feel like you're asking excessively much from CSL or hell any city building game. No game, especially a game without a AAA budget, is going to try and simulate that much. Even SC4 didn't simulate that much, even if it did simulate things better in some respects by having a statistical model. And many games that do try to add all these extra features end up bogged down by them - anyone can probably recall a game with a thousand options and a thousand variables, except in the end it becomes quickly apparent that only a few really matter and the rest is just completely subpar. So while I get where you're coming from, I feel like it's all a little unfair - and a little beyond the scope of CSL along. It also sounds like you don't really have much experience with city builders yourself - you talk about the spaghetti 4-deep roads, and I know what you mean it's a pain, but it also sounds to me like you randomly place roads and expect the game to look good around that. You could also make ugly cities in SC4. I hope they make a sequel, absolutely, and I hope they learn from what they've done and improve - but I also feel like you expect too much on the mechanics point of view, and you have a problem with the notion of modding entirely, and that while it all sounds neat on paper to have an unmodded experience that's very deep in everything it does while looking and playing great - it's nearly impossible to balance a game around some of the things you propose, and it's certainly hopeless with the kind of budget CO can actually spend. tl;dr the game has issues, but perhaps you also have too big an expectation for this genre in the current economy
  11. Very interesting! What do you think the effects of the potholes should be? Should the roads eventually fail entirely? I did think about modeling building "condition", where unprofitable buildings would fall into disrepair and affect land values. Profitable ones would be assumed to be getting "reinvestment" and would keep excellent condition. This same concept could be extended to the municipal buildings like schools, fire departments, city hall, etc.
  12. SC2k's roads only did that because there was no real way to differentiate between road and no road. If you set transportation to zip in SC3k, there would be just be potholes everywhere, and same with SC4. It then became a good way to save money when starting out. I would hate to see to see roads "disappear" in a forward-thinking city sim and have that not just be temporary until a more permanent solution was made (since SC3k was also based on SC2k's code base). Another SC2k problem that SC3k fixed was loans and bonds, where SC2k's system had a bond system with a fluctuating interest rate and SC3k had loans with a definite payback and interest. It was very easy to get financially screwed over in SimCity 2000 due to this system, probably why they changed it (one of the few times where simplification is better). Maybe there shouldn't be. The former Dallas High School (built in 1907) is one such case, where it eventually became a technical school before closing in 1995. By 2004, it was a creepy, boarded-up building right outside a major train stop. It was a source of contention among many--some wanted to see it restored and saved from demolition, but some were more pragmatic and thought the asbestos/outdated features would make restoration financially unfeasible, and the building went through several votes and discussions before in 2016 when restoration FINALLY began. 90 miles away the Waco High School was a similar situation. The downtown school closed in 1971 in favor of a new campus and the district finally moved out entirely in 1990. The building was then shut until work began in the late 2000s to renovate it into low-income housing. Maybe they could remain "off" indefinitely (but have a slight value increase, like maintenance increases by x% every year, so at some point you'll have to make a decision on it). A way to renovate buildings (schools might be graded poorer if they were in obsolete 1970s/1980s states, for instance) might be also good, but first things first. Commercial buildings and houses, on the other hand, have a definite cap as to when "for lease/sale" becomes "abandoned". Just look at Detroit!
  13. KotCity 0.44 Hey folks! We are keeping it going! Now featuring police and crime, some tweaks to our economy, bug fixes, and more! The next release is going to be really exciting because we should finally be able to show you some level 2 - 5 buildings, with land value, upgrading, abandoned buildings, and more. https://github.com/kotcity/kotcity/releases/tag/0.44 Changes in this release Green terrain Buildings now build properly in the most desirable areas Police stations and police coverage Contracts / Economy reworked to avoid "swinging" in economy Improve layout of query window, title screen and map gen Zots display properly now Fixed bug where user could pan outside map and crash the game Pathfinding uses all cores now Contracts void themselves if their source is out of goods Buildings obtain up to 3 contracts with suppliers, to fill in when they run low on goods Next up! Upgrading of zones to level 2 - 5 buildings Pollution Land value
  14. Member of the Month: February 2018

    Congrats to both of you.
  15. Show Us What You're Working On

    Currently, I'm working in this park, inspired in Central Park, localizated in Downtown of my city:
  16. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    Pizza is the order of the day. My preferred toppings are bacon, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers on a hand-tossed crust, although I do love me the occasional Chicago-style. How do you take yours?
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  18. Show us your - Region

    Really nice!
  19. Member of the Month: February 2018

    Congratulations everyone! High fives all around!
  20. AndisArt's BAT cookery

    Thanks dear <3 glad you enjoy it Yes me too, show me then hehe, that's nice! your welcome So about the car props pack, @Urban Constanta commented I should make them also Mayor-mode ploppable (MMP), which I would be interested in doing. I just have never done this and can't find a tutorial (at least none that is still intact). I assuem I would want to make it so that it is one icon in the menu with option to scroll through the different models with a button press. Any ideas?
  21. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    @adsii1970 There's an actual Big Dig set on SC4D if you haven't seen it yet: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=942 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=943
  22. Iris Bay

    Thanks for bringing such a cool and unique looking building into SC4! Fantastic modeling and lighting.
  23. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Search on simtropolis mostly, short time database articler elated, well simple search isn´t very sufficient ! Google the king of the world search engines Out of town this is most likely trnasitoon pack In town you are looking for this pack ! Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  24. Congratulations to the February MOTM winners!  *:party:

  25. Graphics broken

    Latest driver on AMD and an rx480 no graphical glitch however I can't maintain 60fps even on low... My gtx 660 was handling the game without any problem...
  26. SC2013 got into this a bit. I did like it when budget were tight. I don't think they had a cap on how long you could have a building "off" for... but it makes sense. Roads did VERY similar in SC2k. They would disappear faster and faster the lower you set your transportation tax.
  27. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Maybe I am just stupid trying to use the STEX search feature, but there once was a set of "tunnels which converted roads and avenues into subway tunnels and back so you could have something similar to Boston's "Big Dig" project. And I cannot seem to find them...
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