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    Well, it's time for a new City Journal for me. I think this one will be "the one", I put that down in my last one and it was.... a put down.

    This one will be diffrent, I actually like the region! I promise this one will be better and I'll try to make an interesting story, I don't want to drag-on much about what it will be, but I must mention I'll need your support to try my best.

    I'll try not to get tempted to install RCT2 again 4.gif

    Here is a break-down of Modds, Cheats, B.A.T.s, and anything else...

    - NetWorkAddonModd
    - Radical Ordinances
    - Bridge Hight Modd
    - No One-Way Arrows Modd
    - CycleDoggs Terrian/Trees
    - PEG Rock Modd/Water Modd
    - Etc. (That's all I can think of right now)

    - God-Mode from Mayer mode Cheat
    - Weakness Pays, Rarely
    - You Don't Deserve it, When I enter city Play
    - Tasty Zots, To clean up City/Screen Shots

    - 0.98 GB worth of B.A.T.s
    - Over 4,500 Files
    - I'll mention them as we go...

                                       The Region of Cadornea

    A few things to Remeber...

    - Ignore the City of Nemedeous, it will be called Milliken from here on...
    - The Snowy Mountains are called the Maple Mountains...
    - The River below it is the Maple River, The Township of Maple above it...
    - The Place Called 'Lippincott' is actually the Island and the Lake, and includes the Township of 'lippincott Bend'...
    - Barcella includes the Island and River 'System' Around it...
    - The Upper-Left mountains are the Wynten Mountains...
    - The Mountain in Wynchwood is called Wynchwood Mountain....
    - The Mountains behind Lauron are the Lauron Moutains, and include Lauron Pond(pretty big for a pond...)
    - Milliken is actually the Name of the River, and is why this whole story was created, and is also home to the city that started it all(Milliken/Nemedeous...)
    - If you haven't noticed, Cadornea is a city too, It is named after the Cadorneian Sea, Which is named after the Planet(Not another Space CJ...)
    - I think that's it, I'll get into the Story a bit more in the next Update...

    Pretty Stupid Cliffhanger, But the next update will be enjoyable, as will all other updates that will follow... all three of them(Joking, I hope)

                                                oooh, Ahhhh

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  •                                      Cadornea, Update 1

    The first update will showcase a special city, the first city, the city that popped up out of know-where, the city of Milliken...

    Now a bit of Back-ground...

    Milliken was the first city in the region of Cadorna(Named after the planet, later got the E taken out...) It lines the banks of the Milliken river and is home to a strange phenomenon known as "Tropicas", Meaning that Tropical Foliage grows along the Sandy beach's in Milliken. We'll get into this later and find out where else it grows.

    In the Meantime, lets take a look at milliken...
    Isn't it beautiful, in a few years time, this will be a sprawling Metropolis...



    This is the strange Tropical Phenomenon that everybody talks about, they think it has something to do with the water rapidly getting warmer in this area or something, this part of the region is warmer, with the exception of the Maple Mountains which is a Glacier...

    This is where it all started, where Captain Milliken Dragged his ship up on the banks and built a Roundabout for our Children, and there Chridren to see for many years too come...

    Then the Farms came... Millikens Flat Rolling hills were perfect for all kinds of crops, and caused the city to grow and think fatser then anyone anticipated because of a few strange Ordinances the Parlement put forth...

    Just incase your wondering, the whole Planet is ruled by one Parlement or Alliance as some call it, they are very civilized and are great rulers, the end.

    The city's fast growth caused them to build Industry other then farming... as in factories... and they don't pollute thanks to the Alliance and there Tech Genius...
    The Area is connected by Rail, Something built A few years ago by the Ragion for the Region, the Highway came a few years later and was built for the future.

    There is also a lot of High-Tech Industry, which has come in the past few years and really boosted the outlook for the region...
    Here is a close-up of a High-Tech plant and it's surroundings, very cool looking building, in a strange, nerdy, beatnik kind of way...

    Back to the city now, we will see a few shots of buildings and areas which will change drastically in the next decade or so...
    This is a cool house just outside of downtown, if you look closly, you can see a guy fall into the fountain... guess there not so smart after all...

    This is an Older area of he city on the River Bank, it's a very nice nabourhood that had some traffic problems, but now quiet because the lovely roads...

    This is the Train Station just outside of that Nabourhood, it services this side of the city...

    This is a bit of a suburb just outside of Downtown, it hasn't grown much during the past few months, but that's just a few months...

    This is water tower, it was recently built, but the city is debating if it should be moved further from the city's core... That red buildings a Firestation if you didn't know...

    That's it for city shots, I think I'll display a few charts now, to see the city in depth...
    A bit of a surplus of cash flowing in, the city itself has low taxes and gives plenty of money to it's services, making the people happy...

    High Land Value means lots of city growth...

    High Land Value combined with these Demands means the city is expected to grow massivly over the next few years...

    Atleast the younger generation is smart... Health is the same(very high). You see Cadorneians are very diffrent then humans, they are like Super Humans, Also because they have greater technology then us, which they have just started to use, but it will get them into trouble later on...

    This will be the goodbye shot, for now... untill then...
    I think this highway goes somewhere, big...

    Stay Tuned for Update Two, Comments are Welcomed and I Thank You for Reading, GoodBye...

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    Hi screamomatic (great 'nic, btw!)

    What in heaven's name is bringing in ten grand a month under your ordinances (13th pic down in your last update)?  Your city's taxes seem to nicely balance the expenditures, so who's getting the extra cash...

    The tax point:  what are your rates, and if they are in fact low, are you using any 'multiplier' mods?  I'll be addressing my take on the issue over at my CJ in the next few weeks, but I'd be interested in hearing about what it is that you are doing.

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  • Hey, dedgren... The 10,000 a month is a Radical Ordinance called " The Godfather Project" and it is very handy...

    The taxes are 7.0 for everything except farms which are 1.5 taxes, the alliance has put these numbers down in every citi across the region...
    Anyway, Thanks for the reply!

    Thanks for the reply jacqulina!, glad you like it.

    The next Update should be later Tonight... Real Later 3.gif

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  •                                  Cadornea, Update 2

    Well, thanks for the replies, you are all too nice. Before I post any pictures I want to link to a Transportation Map... http://img160.imageshack.us/img160/9281/transport9yw.jpg

    Anyway, Tonight we visit a place that has grown immensly over the past few years, and is very surprising because it's one of the newer citi's to set up shop in the region.

    It is called, Mohogany/Lauron... It has two names because it was actually two town's that have merged due to massive city growth, but they are still two very diffrent palces, yet are the same. Let us explore a bit more, shall we?

    Welcome to Mahogany/Lauron! Pop. Over 22,000! As you can see there is still plenty of room to grow, farms still are present, but that might change soon I think..

    This is the Citi Centre of Mohogany... Surprisingly, not as big as Lauron, even though Mahogany was here first(As Mohoganians would argue...)

    These Farms lie just out-side of Mohogany, I think the flowers look very pretty, I think Mr. Azaleas owns the flower farm, don't tell me how I know that...

    These Farms are just out-side of Lauron, it seems the same thing grows in this part of the region, possibly one of the reasons for building a city no-where near a river or anything... some people's children, tsk, tsk.

    This Interchange is the real reason this city was founded, besides the rail lines... The future holds a lot of traffic on this small Interchange...

    This Downtown Lauron... I guess Mahogany was here first, but Lauron has grown a lot in the past few years, thanks to raising education levels and long life expectancies... Lauron is home to the tallest building in the whole region(for now)...

    This is that Tallest Building, it's called the Cobb Royale... He is a very good Architect. The building is visible coming into Mohogany/Lauron from any direction and is seen from as far away as Cadornea City! Which is funny because there's a large hill blocking the view...

    Well, as with every citi in the region with the exception of One, this citi has grown out of Farms and into the wonderfull world of Industrial Factories...
    Which has opened the doors to many things... I can't really think of any...

    A few High-Tech Factories have moved into town as well, Bringing... something...

    Anyway, enough with the Talk, lets look at some beautiful Graphs! I think you can make your own captions.





    Well, thats the end of this Update, Tommorow will showcase a City by the Beach, I wonder what City it will be?

    Comments are welcome, don't be afraid to do a critique or whatever, your opinion is wanted, any suggestions... Something you want me to get rid of, just ask.


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    well.. em... when will people learn to pres the darn [g] button befor makin' the pics??

    btw, nice update!


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  • Wow, thanks for all the replies.

    First I want to fix a mistake, in the last update I put every citi so far has factories but one, actually, only two citi's have factories.(Mohogany/Lauron, and Milliken)...

    I have time to address a few questions...

    Oly_Ontario - In the very first post in the middle there is a Link to a Large Map, that should show you the entire region, don't forget to read all the little details, it might help you understand the story a bit more...

    sloppet - What do you mean by the [g] button? If it has to do with new Forums, I haven't gotten used to them yet, so some things may be screwed up.

    To All - Thanks for your replies, they are very kind.

    Anyway....                    Update 3, Cadornea City

    Often called the Sea Side City, or Beach City by locals, this City is right on the Coast of the Cadorneian Sea and is the Second Largest City in the region with a Population of a little over 4600.
    It is Home to the other, other Tropical Phenomenon, and has many beautiful Beach's which give the city it's classy look and feel.  Despite this, it is still quite small and just now beginning to rely heavily on Commercial, Farms are still present, as with every Citi in Cadorna... for the moment...

    An Overview before we begin our tour, Beach's are this citi's main attraction, although, if you have a good off-road vehicle, you can go to the nabouring township... A harbour and dock will be built in this area in the years to come, an immediate dock/marina has been planned for a long time, but was never built, no one cares...

    w00t, Farms... Yeah, moo.

    Even though this place still has Farms, it has large Commercial Buildings too.

    This shows some expensive houses, and  areally nice plaza at the top.

    Construction is an on-going project in this town, it has grown a lot in past year, because of it's star attraction.

    w00t, BMW dealer I don't see any MINI's though... More construction visible in this shot...

    I'd better mention the fact that Milliken isn't the only City with Tropical Plants, it's pretty obvious that these grow here because of the warm Cadorneian Sea...

    This is just another Overview to calmly bring us to Our charts and graphs session...

    Younger = Smarter in this City...

    It also menas there smart enough to find a good work route, with a little help from a Ordinance or two...

    High Demand = Massive city Growth...

    Not going to go into the Red anytime soon...

    That concludes this update, Next We'll visit the two Smallest and Newest cit's in the Region... much fun.

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  • Guess i'm going to have to bump my own topic...

                            Update 4, Olinda/Bacella City

    Olinda and Barcella city are the smallest and newest city's in the region,  they are small farming communites and display how life used to be... simple and peacefull.

    They are nice places to live; have a really cool "Small Town" feel to them, Barcella is smaller, it will be displayed in part two of this update...

    This is an Overview of Olinda, it is still a farming town...

    Still, it has a Population of over 1,000, enough to supply farms with workers, lots of middle class workers...

    Lots of farms, they are good for supplying food for the region, that's it. Most of it gets exported to nabouring regions and there larger citi's and from there to Cardonea's nabouring planet... which share's the "Goldylocks Zone" of this system... We might get into that a little later...

    The farming community is so strong, the Bureau of Farm Mangment set up shop in Olinda...

    A large train station for a small town...? Planning for the future...

    Yeah, More farms, And the Overview that leads us to the graph part...

    Very High, Due to known reasons...

    RCI is all over the place...

    w00t, Atleast there won't be any Pot Holes...

    That Ends this update, I'll be back in about 30 minutes with the next one... Stay Tuned...

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    (what do we call you for short?  I don't even want to hazard a guess)

    I don't think you should feel bad about bumping CaDorNeA in the manner that you have.  I have read the guidance mayormommy and MrC have so helpfully provided, to include the "don't bump your own thread" part, and I think that those rules, when followed, make this particular corner of the ST Forums a really agreeable place to be.  As it is said, though, most rules are made to be broken.  I've always added, when I've said that, "within reason."  I also note that I don't make the rules here, and that I come late, as it were, to the world of CJs as an author (I've been a reader for several years).

    I think it's generally pretty clear (I'm not naming any names here, but I have particular examples in mind) when a CJ author is bumping a thread just to keep it on the first page of the topic list as opposed to posting new material because she or he has something to legitimately add to the journal, such as a genuine update or a particularly timely response to a commenter's remarks.  I note my own situation- I started Three Rivers Region with a plan, which very quickly ran off the tracks because of image issues, then by the time I'd got it back on I'd thought of about 15 additional things I wanted to address before I really got down to business.  I'm still working, well into page 2, on describing the mods I use (Ent?  Who, me?).  I'd like to think I'm putting up high quality content whenever I sit down to do a new post.  Bumping never has crossed my mind until I saw you express your thought about that here, which caused me to reflect on what I had been doing.

    There are high quality CJs in this forum and then there are others.  CaDorNeA is well-up the list in that first group.  As far as I am concerned, it's always a pleasure to see you, among some others, post new material whenever you do.  Maybe don't think about what you've done as "breaking" the rule as to bumping- you are just using a legitimately available exception because you have great new material ready to go.  Why should your readers have to wait?

    That's my 2c.  If I'm wrong, I would hope that someone would let me know. 

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  • Ooops, looks like I was gone a little longer then wanted, it was a fun outting though...

    Hi, dedgren, Thanks for your input, I guess I wasn't so much bumping my topic, but more like worrying about Double posting, which my pet peeve... Nice bit of Ranting (I guess) There, Hopefully it'll keep me outta trouble 3.gif

    Thanks for the reply jacqulina!

    Well, I guess i should move on to Part 2 now... Shall we?

                                      Barcella City (Island)

    Barcella City is a small, real small, town that is new to the region. It is built on a Island and is a very pretty place with hills all over and a nice place to explore. It's close to the mountains too which give the city a nice back drop...

    Overview... Still a small town... It looks so peacefull...

    The Farms look kinda boring...

    This is just a Random close-up...

    This Gazebo was built by a local farmer, it's now a popular Teen hang-out to do you-know-what, while having the farmer chase you out...

    I think it's that time again...

    The general Population is young...

    Too Bad there all Stupid, must be the cool Barcella air...

    And of course, the budget... something unimportant right now...

    I believe that ends this Mini-update, The next set of Updates will be soon, And it will be a big surprise... 'Till next time...

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