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Saint Andrew

A few questions...

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  • Hey I have a couple of things that have been on my mind for a while so here we go:

    1- Where is the Rural Highway Modd? Is it on the STEX or am I having trouble finding because of the site's temporary malfunctions???

    2- Where can I find train/trolley/monorail and bus skins and how do those work?

    3- I'm looking for a good water texture mod to make the rivers and lakes look more realistic. Could someone suggest good modds that are mostly bug-free and look good?

    4- Is there a tutorial or guide to making bridges over plazas and walls like in the following pic because I was never able to do this?

    Thanks a lot!

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    hi Saint Andrew,
    the rural highway modd is not jet on the stex (as far as I know atleast). I suggest you take a look at their threat in the modding section. maybe you can ask the guys who made the modd if you can beta test it.
    skinns for your infrastructure can be found on the stex a lot. Vester DK made a lot of cool GLR skins. for bus-skins I recommend Oppies files on the SimcityCentral forum. if you want a monorail skin you'll can search for "monorail" on the stex. you'll find at least one skin (the one I made3.gif). for train skins you can search for "train". you simply install the files in your plugin folder and you'll see it works9.gif
    I think the best water textures are made by Pegasus. I can really recommend them.
    making bridges over plaza's is a pretty cool trick. you'll only need the extender part of the seawall and put it under a the bridge. yust play a bit with the seawalls and use every single tile and you'll find out. the extender part is 2 and 3 tile width. I'll hope this helps you. if you got further questions about working with the seawall, please ask them.

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    Yeah whatTag said.

    sorry about this, it basically is spam, but I was curious as to why I am a junior member all of a sudden so i picked a thread to post in to see if I could change it....so maybe it's not spam after all?

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