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  • I like to set up my zones so that sims do not have to travel far to get to work, hwoever they end up doing so, because they are dumb.
    I go
    but, I think this looks a little to generic so I want to see how everyone else does there's and maybe blend it to make my cities better.
    [i did do a search and found nothing of this nature]

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    Depending on the city or area (I like to combine a bunch of "cities" to make one large city) you have a bunch of possibilities.  In small, low density neighborhoods, a few shops in a central intersection is nice.  In your dense CBDs, you might want to cluster a bunch of C zones in the center and sprinkle some R buildings around the edges. Your medium-density midtowns could have commercial along avenues, with your residential on either side of the commercial. Just be creative and look at real-life examples.

    Your biggest issue, however is your transportation system. With a decent transportation network, zoning isn't a major issue.  Make sure there are enough mass transit stops, especially leading away from the R zones. I won't debate whether or not using grids will help or hurt (too many posts already) but what I do is have a grid with the larger roads in the city centres and thin them out (with more random placement) as the city gets less dense and more prone to sprawl.

    BTW, are you using any rail/subway/etc.?

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  • I use Subway, in my original city I had used el-train, but trains are an outdated source of transportation so I scratched it when I remade my cities into smaller city things (because it had originally been a big city lot)
    The problem I see with sprinkling residential is that the people will get long commute times, if that's what I'm thinking it would look like
    C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C   <----- Middle [Finacial/business district]
    I'd like to see an example, if you have any cities like taht please post it.

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  • The problem with that is the only reference I have to a downtown is my home town Tampa.
    Which is a bad example because, No one lives in downtown tampa, yet...
    Everything down there is commercial.
    once you leave the downtown and enter Harbour Island, Davis Island, and Hyde Park there's residential, but other than that, there isn't any yet.
    There are like 9 projects under council and 4 of them have been aproved, being Trump Towers Tampa, and another condo complex and 2 apartments.
    So that's not really good.
    If I knew what all the things in New York City were that would help, however I don't

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    Originally posted by: storms991

    just make it realistic like in real lifequote>

    Could be better put but you've got the idea.  Don't obcess yourselves with grids to maximize performance; you're missing the whole point of simcity!  Simcity isn't a game to be beaten or mastered; it's a game to play around with.  Concern yourselves with making cities that you think look good; worry about perfection later.

    But, if I had to generalize:  My downtowns are usually half commercial and half residential.  Beyond that, out in the suburbs, I keep my commercial on the main roads and place residential everywhere else, leaving lots of open space.

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