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Nubie...yes I read...lol

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  • Hi ...New to this ....Yes the dependencies thing is a pain to a new guy..

    ITs kinda like a Quest thing now

    ......I Have found that the tools that you guys give us to use are awsome......

    Sc4tool is one of these I am using it to find the files that I am missing..

    Have found a bunch...But I seam to be running into some Snags.

    For instance alot of the Industrial Bldgs Seam to be missing a file....BSCBATProps Gascooker vol06.dat...So i search...I find said file...extract it

    The file is listed in ....C:\Documents and Settings\Dark\My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\BSC\BSCProps....

    Yes I have rescaned the directery with sc4tool.....closed it and reopened it ...to no avail it still shows as a red X......

    ? I guess the ? I have is does this matter unless I have a problem ..

    Also Almost all files on the left side have a Red dot and only a few have a Green dot....does this matter....

    First a thank you to all the posts that have Helped me get this far!

    And You guys and Gals Rock!

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    Which files do you mean by "alot of the Industrial Bldgs"? I can't retrace your steps without any examples. Generally speaking, you should only rely on the actual scan, and not on the information that is listed in the LTD file, since it often contains false entries - this always happens when the dependency files are renamed or merged into other files after the lot editing. In addition, the LTD file (called "LD file" in the Reader) doesn't list any texture DATs at all. So, a red X in this section doesn't matter, as long as no X's are showing up in the scan section.

    The green, blue and red dots indicate if the building exemplar file is located in the same file as the lot exemplar file, in another file (usually the SC4Desc file) or if it isn't found at all (this happens when it is located in a prop pack, for instance). If more than one entries show up in the list on the left, pick the one with the green dot. In most cases, it doesn't matter if the dot is green or blue, since SC4Tool tries to detect the missing files on its own. You can also disregard the red dots, since they don't contain dependency-related data.

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  • See like i said you guys rock.....

    The X's are on the right pane in the LTD file listing

    ONE of the lots in ? is.....1x2_bls_fuel_depo

    I Am not positive but I think these are part of a reward chain thing?

    I guess to make things clearer I started to try to find these things ....Drum ROLL...........As Nubie I went and downloaded a Crap load of things ....installed Lots and Props And textures...thinking I had it covered.... Well MY game would not load...at all.....Good one I know...lol

    I Have since found the offending file.....Dont remember but have it put aside....Something diagional fixer something....lol

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    Well, if the LTD file is concerned, you can safely ignore it.

    Often enough, when a lot maker has some plugins in his plugins folder while he is assembling a lot, the LE will for some reason (I don't want to go into lengthy details here) automatically list these lots as dependencies although the new lot doesn't use a single item from these "fake dependencies".

    When in doubt, just look at the picture of the building in question and look at it when it grows in your city: If the lot looks awfully bare, chances are you're missing something. If it looks complete, everything's ok.

    As a general rule: Add stuff slowly. It's the $%&^! mistake #1: Overwhelmed by all the great stuff, you download like a maniac, slap it all into your plugins some how, start the game and wonder why it crashes. Take your time. 2.gif

    A good plugins folder requires care and maintenance. Organize your stuff. Try to understand how things work. Ask yourself: "If I found duriong a look over my city that I don't like building xyz after all, would I find all of its files in my plugins folder so I can delete it?" If the answer is "Probably not", then take a rainy weekend to work out a kind of order that will suit your needs and enable you to keep track of your custom stuff. Unzip the lots one by one, copy the files where you want to have them.

    I urgently suggest keeping an archive on another HD partition where you store readme, screenies, and all the files you need and from which you will be able to copy together a new customized plugins folder in minutes. Make a backup of that archive, too.

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  • Thanx t-rex....so The answer .....{in simple terms}...would be yes the red X can be wrong........kewl......So if I find a red X .....say floral something or other.......locate file on exchange.

    Install File and The red X is then gone = great that WAS really missing!

    Install File and the red X is still there = crap waste of time that was probly false?

    Yes I save all downloads on seperate drive .......plugin floder Is all seperate folders.

    Most pics and readmes are now stored in that STEX download folder.... I still Have more work to do Cause of the Farming thing....Not sure yet but mostly allI am getting is the Maxis ones only a few Others.

    Thanx again Guys...

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