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Dirty play or the Hard way Poll

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  • Do you play the game with cheats, the dirty way, or do you strive for the glorious city based on the way the game was actually based(Hard way), without and downloads that enhance your gameplay? I play dirty.

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    I like to play the hard way. I do download and use lots and mods, but only ones that are reasonably balanced. My best city is a grid of 4x4 large tiles started off as a water map. In each tile, I started off on the hardest setting and raised a little bit of land from the in-city landscaping tools to make a little island usually no more than 100-200 grid-squares in size (4k-20k in cost). I start my city as a small island town, and as my town expands, I raise a little more land to grow into. As the city progresses, and the land fills out, I have to carefully plan bulldozing and rebuilding parts of my city to acommadate the increasing population and traffic problems. So when I play, I have to play against my budget, against a lack of land, against a lack of future planning, and against easy sharing of neighbor connections. And if I can, I try not to carry a balance of more than $500k in my bank account and no more than $1000 a month in the black. I feel the gov'ment should be spending that money on parks and schools than stockpiling it. Ocassionally I throw a disaster at my city and usually do a fair amount of damage. It's not that I want to punish my citysims, but I love the results from rebuilding afterwards, it usually looks very organic and has the effect of creating interesting neighborhoods. The land has nearly filled in the four middle tiles and major chunks of the outside 10 tiles. It's taken about 2 years to do so, playing a few hours a weekend and a few hours during the week. The end result is I feel I have an intimate knowledge of every corner, nook and cranny in that city, and because I earned it, it means that much more to me. I like the challange. Sandbox play gets too boring for me.

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