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Ion Cannon

Odd Block Plan

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  • New idea for city building with only one main city and one city for power/garbage/water

    so that the main city will have residential commercian and industrial pictures follow:

    seems i cant actually paste pictures on here?
     i thought u used to be able to argh man this is infuriating!
    ill have to attach them instead ugh its such a pain such a pain...

    PART 2:

    as u can see if u look at the attachments im building the entire city in one step before running it, the problem is the computer, which is a xp, is alredy overwhelmed by all the roads and monorails that it takes forever to do anything on the city itself anymore

    i need to find a way to get sim city to run a EXTREME LOW DETAIL i need it to be "lower" then low detail! but i have found no way to do so even at low detail it runs slower then a snail! if it continues to get slower ans i start the zoning phase when i actually run the city i think the computer might just crash! i need to do something bout this

    also wat u think of the design plan?

    ugh the file attachment system is horid its not semming to work arrgh i hate it every time i try to do anyting sim city related on the internet its a PAIN!!!

    like i download the BAT tool and i find out i gotta download a g max thingy, problem is that u cant download "gmax" anymore!! geez this kind of this just gets on my nerves!!! it took 2 hours to downlad it and i cant install it!!!

    its just like when i tried for a YEAR to upload a sim city 3000 city i made onto the internet!!! it completely failed!! and the city was a work of art! arrgh it still infuriates me!

    sigh, i got one picture attached atleast if it actually is looked at all try to get to u the closer veiws ones too

    everything always seems to be a pain when i try to use the internet for sim city purposes, why!

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  • Original Poster
  • did i even sucsessfully attach the one file?
    i cant figure it out and i try so hard to get help but its almost like impossible to show a picture now? i dont get it....

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    Hello, Ion Cannon.

    In order for you to have a picture show in your post, you will need to host it off the ST site using any number of the available picture hosting sites such as Image Shack, Photo Bucket, etc.

    If you Google ==>> Picture Hosting <<==, you'll come up with quite a number of choices.

    Once you've uploaded your pictures to a hosting site, write your message in the forums and then use the [*IMG] code your picutre hosting site generates to "insert" your picture into the message. (Note that the * was added so that the code would not be executed.)

    As an example:


    was inserted from the picture sharing site I use by copying and pasting the [*IMG] code for the graphic.

    You can also insert a picture by clicking on the framed picture icon at the top of the message box and typing in the url (Web address) of where the picture is located.

    Hope this helps.



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    I would like to take your idea one step further. So here's my idea:

    City of Living: contains as needed or desired: water, fire, police, school, health, R, C and I-HT, as well as parks/plazas deemed needed and other amenities/rewards

    City of Working: contains as needed or desired: power, garbage, I-D and I-M, fire

    How it works:

    water:      L --> W
    power:      L <-- W
    garbage:    L --> W

    This way, you can pollute the heck out of the water and have highly polluting power, and the highly polluting waste to power plant, and never have to be seriously concerned about pollution vis a vis building a water treatment plant, replacing your coal with solar, etc.

    Other Notes:

    The waste to power plant will dispose of 500 tons of garbage a month, so you can't import any more before you build another plant. This means that your industrial/waste/power area has to be pretty profitable.

    You can't buy power from coal in increments smaller than 1000 megawatts, and until the res city has a demand nearing that, buying power will not yet be available. So build wind power- when and about you are going to build your 5th windmill, you can instead buy 1000 megawatts for about 43 simoleons a month... so what I do is leave 1 or 2 of them, so I am still below capacity and am saving around 60 simoleons a month from where I was before.

    The industrial area will not need water for a while, and uses a ridiculous amount! So I usually won't sell it until I have a water pump (not tower) in the residential area. Also depending on the circumstances, water may be unneccessary. For instance, if your demand can't fill the whole area with industrial at medium density (non-water using density) then you should not add water. It will just run up your bills!

    If garbage becomes a problem and you are certain that you will soon overload your disposal system, use the waste paper reduction program.

    You can also build a recycling center, if you have a huge, huge city (like 100s of k's) To help shave off a few tons of garbage. Also, Though I don't have figures, certain structures produce more garbage than others, so if it becomes an issue you might look into it.

    I want to see your initial plan, but I'll show you mine (in text)

    Living City starts: 1 wind power, res and commericial.

    Working City starts: 1 coal (I don't lower funding, because usually growth is fast enough, and underfunding a plant for a long time causes it to age faster = produce less power over time) 1 waste to power (zero fund it. It will never be used to make power!) and some industrial zoning.

    I don't underfund anything but the waste to power, unless I know for certain that growth will be slow because I am doing some kind of weird experiment.

    I try to, as soon as possible, export garbage from the L city to the W city. Usually it can be done almost immediately. There is not any reason that you should be sending the maximum garbage amount unless 1. you can afford it and the working city needs the money 2. You know growth is going to be explosive, so rather than having to adjust it later, you can just set it high now to cope with later usage or 3. you are trying to get rid of a giant mound of garbage (like, um, 20000 tons or something 2.gif)

    That's the way I play it... Then I sell power as soon as I'm able and save up money in the W city for new power plants (waste to power is 25k! ugh!)

    When you do get those Images up, I'm looking forward to seeing them!

    P.S. A third type of 'city' is the F city... the farming city! It has nothing but power and farms! (heck, it could buy power if large enough.)

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    anyways, i would suggest you burn everything simcity related like the installers for bat,LE,sc4batupdate,plugin manager, etc, along with gmax and the registration key to a cd so if something ever happens or if you come back 5 years from now and want to play around with sc4 custom stuff again you will be able to.

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    To anyone discussing using multitudes of wind plants:

    Dudes, why not just download the "Powerful Windmill" mod in the STEX... It gives you 9000 power AND water for the same plop cost and $50 monthly. Heh, actually makes wind power cost efficient!

    ~ Ian

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    Cheaters... Just kidding! I'm a money lots user myself (although I could never bring myself to saying it until now...) GMax is still available but you have to sign up with the site to download it 4.gif

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    Funny but after all that fussing he never even came back online to see all the people and their great help.. 4.gif No wonder when he tries to do anything on the internet it fails or take a year.. lots of fuming and then never even looks back.. LOL.. Next time he comes on he'll talk about how it took a YEAR to post a pic on ST.. ;-)

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