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  • First off, I am well aware that there is already a thread for showcasing writing.  However, I decided to create my own thread because I write quite a lot, and don't want to completely swamp the showcase thread.  If the powers that be disagree, please let me know.  Thanks!
    WARNING: (Yes, amazingly this IS necessary).
    It is the nature of my writing that my religious, ideological, moral, and political views show through.  If you are likely to be offended by any of the above, it is suggested that you do not continue.  My apologies, but my poetry is worthless when censored. 
    Ok, now that all that official-sounding stuff's out of the way, here's a small sample of my work:
    No matter how hard I try
    It always ends the same
    Me alone outside looking in
    While you're deep in pain
    It's been a long road
    And the end is nowhere near
    This road winds on
    Leading me far from here
    Away from what I want to be
    And away from what I am
    Treking plains and crossing seas
    Who knows where I will land?
    -The Key-
    When I'm down
    At my worst
    I remember the words
    Of the verse
    You wrote for me
    To set me free
    In you I have found
    The key
    Here we go
    All over again
    This time I swear
    I'll be the friend
    You need me to be
    To set you free
    Together we'll fly
    Away from here
    Together we'll fly
    Away from our fear
    We're free again
    We're free my friend
    For now we've found the key
    And now we're free
    -Wishing You Were Here-
    As the morning wakes
    And the night dies
    I look over
    To where you lie
    Peaceful at last
    A content smile on your face
    The only beautiful thing
    In this damned place
    Carefully, lest you wake
    I place my arms around you
    Your cool skin
    Warmth now courses through
    Slowly the fog clears
    And wishing you were here
    -Bloody Rain-
    Tears of the sky
    Etching this pane
    Falling through the dying light
    Bloody rain
    These drops keep falling
    Washing away my pain
    Driving you away
    And driving me insane
    Comments, criticism, etc, all appreciated!


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    Sounds good, even though I don't like to read poetry. Keep up the good workface-icon-small-cool.gif. On one of the tests I took in high school one of the readings is poetry. The ones they use (In my opnnion) are not good and they are ussualy boring.

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    That's because poetry doesn't work unless it's timely. The point of poetry is to put words together in such a way as to get more meaning from them. Poetry also tends to use symbols and references a lot. Here's where it breaks down; old poetry is based on a set of symbols and references that has much less meaning now, so it's harder for us to interpret it. Doesn't mean that the poetry wasn't amazingly-written for its time, or that the emotions in the poem aren't still relevant today. Back on-topic: Ace, I love these poems. The first one I especially understood. I like your idea of a road; in a recent English assignment (making a coat of arms; symbols to encapsulate ourselves) I chose as my central theme a staircase, ascending towards my goals, which are social, academic, and athletic. I feel most strongly about the social ones, though: "me alone outside looking in" really fits my current state.

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  • *dig* *dig* *BUMP*

    -Transmission Intercept Log-

    <x-link open: 1890_747_9720>

    <x-transmission begins>

    From: "Xiani" UAC: 1890_747_9720

    To: Planetary Outpost "Extent" UAC: 1802_196_5892

    Date: 04142506 (Military Calendar)

    I have seen no proof you deserve to live

    And much that you do not

    Your existence remains at my whim

    Anger me, you ought not

    <x-transmission ends>

    <x-link close>

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  • Two years previously...

    <x-link open: 0027_179_1537>

    <x-transmission begins>

    From: "Cassius" UAC: 0027_179_1537

    To: Research Station "Osiren", UN American State UAC: 0101_036_4253

    Subject: "Explorers Be Warned (Longest Day Trip Ever)"

    Date: 01222504 (Military Calendar)

    You cling, now, to the edge of the Abyss. Do you not think it wise to hold still? Bear in mind, those who journey into the void do not often return. Much less as victors of whatever battles they may find.

    In my dreams I have seen the ends of the Abyss. I have tread the path at its base; traversed the gateways that returned me here. It was not all too pleasent an experience. I do not think that your feeble bodies would survive it. Wait. Gather your strength so that your first stroke may reward you with your enlightenment; so that you must not face an eternity of vaccuum.

    All is not what it seems. The Abyss, even more so.

    If you choose to jump into that perilous maw, remember this: once you have, you cannot return. It is permanence; the iron clasp of infinitude. You and your prodigy will suffer the same fate. Be warned, lest your arrogance be your downfall.

    Unless you really feel that lucky.


    <x-transmission ends>

    <x-link close>

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