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The City of Apve

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  • The City of Apve

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    I tug on my jacket nervously during the bus ride to work. Today is my first day on the job as city manager for the City of Apve. Today is my first day on the job--as a city manager. For years I worked in other municipalities as a city planner, mostly for small cities, many of which still had their fortifications intact. Apve though is the big time. The chance for me to either prove myself, or to crash and burn.

    Apve is a beautiful old city that has been flush with cash for most of its nearly 800-year history. It sits near the ocean along the small Apve River. Early in its history a relief channel was dug for flood control and defense against invading armies. Also a large channel was dug for an inland harbor. Trade was the primary business of the city, but much of that activity has dropped off as shipping routes have moved to more lucrative markets.

    Despite its beauty, active nightlife, and low crime, the city is not without its problems. Mismanagement has yeilded an out-of-control budget and the harbor is horribly polluted. The city can no longer support many of the services it has provided in the past.

    First, an overview of the city.

    Apve like many other cities in the country had a dense city center with a confusing arrangement of streets suited more for walking rather than driving. The previous city manager implemented an ambitious project that gutted all the streets from the city center in favor of pedestrian plazas and streets. This allowed more land to be used for commercial development.

    The harbor, however, is horribly polluted. The water is foul and rank. In my briefing I have been informed that on some days the odor is so bad that the city enforces work cessation in the bordering industrial sectors. There are two large piers, both of which are underutilized.

    There is also a massive train yard along the south bank that sits mostly unused. There is very negligable freight traffic and a modicum of passenger traffic.


    I have a lot of work ahead of me. It is ambitious of me to make any proposals at this stage, but I walk into work with a presentation package under my arm. I plan to decommission and demolish Pier No. 1 on the north bank of the harbor in addition all the industrial development in the sector. I want to turn the entire island into an upscale residential development with an office park.

    Also I have plans to clean up the industrial sector on the south bank. I want to demolish the trainyard retaining the mainline and discontinuing passenger rail service. My plan also involves developing wide boulevard along the south edge of the industrial sector. Dense residential along the south side of the boulevard, dense commercial along the north side to act as a buffer to the industrial sector in the north.

    It is probably career suicide to present two ambitious civil reengineering projects to the city elders, but I hope by giving them a choice they will definitely give me the green light on one.

    I stand at the door to the conference room, straightening my clothes before entering. It's make or break time.

    Update: I came on and saw the pictures missing. I think I fixed the problem.
    - obliq

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    Great start, beautiful pictures but you need to change them to jpeg.  If you don't, you run the risk of them being deleted.  Keep up the great work.


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