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Terrain Height Defaults to Max

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  • Has anyone solved this issue yet? Last year I posted that one of my many plugins is causing all new terrain to default to the max height, thus ruining any attempt to create my own terrain or merge city boundaries. I figured it may have been a terrain modd I added, but I can't even find the plug-in. At the time, many users had similar problems, so... has anyone figured it out?


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    Terrain mods generally only come into operation when rendering a new map - either one created yourself or one downloaded from the STEX. To establish wether it is a mod thats doing it, try moving ALL plugins to a different folder, and load a bare region. Hopefully Mallow the cloud will find this post and give a better answer, as he is the expert on terrain mods 44.gif

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    Well, there's really not much I can add to what Justin said. I'd suggest the same thing with your plugins to see if it is indeed a problem there. If you want to get more specific, check plugin by plugin until you find the problem.... though that would probably be REALLY time consuming.

    If you have Cycledogg's Terrain Mod, that does indeed cause problems while rendering.

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    The series of terrain mods that create sandy and scrubby deserts will do this very thing. I believe this is called the 'THL Terrain Mod'.

    Here's what I experienced (It didn't destroy anything, but it was mondo weird.)

    I created a new region (blank, SC4 default.) When I would go to create a new city in a blank plains spot, when it finished loading the city, it would be at max height (with the terrain mod applied.)

    If this is happening it should not effect rendering maps using 'Ctrl-Alt-Shift-R + selecting a jpeg' but will mess with you starting with a blank config and creating all maps by hand.

    Like J. and Mallow have said, remove all of your plugins. Make sure of...
    1. No plugins in the 'plugins' dir.
    2. No plugins directories are present inside the plugins dir.
    3. SC4 Startup Manager has all plugins disabled for the region you are working with (if you are using it.) I have had a bug in SC4 startup where it will not load a plugin even though I have it selected. This happened with the Rural Roadways Mod. The reverse could occur, I'd imagine.

    The solution was to make a new named dir and copy the plugin into it.

    If you aren't using the startup manager, this hopefully does not apply to you.

    Remember that there is also a plugins directory in your ..games dir../SimCity4/plugins ... its going out on a limb, but this might contain the culprit plugin.

    When all else fails, check both of these directories WHILE you are playing the game (alt tab out when in fullscreen.) This will tell you for sure if the plugins are being used.

    Woo. I hope this helped you, and anyone else with a similar problem who searches for this in the future =)

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