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Los Antos A City By The Sea

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  • Here is my first real CJ. This is the city of Los Antos a large city on the coast of a Calafornia styled area. You should all know i cheat alot and alot with the radical ordinaces and the money park. Plese Comment

    Los Antos's Statistics are at the moment:

    POP: 311,278

    COM POP: 258,084

    IND. 7,954

    Los Antos is a large banking and Finacial center on the coast with mountains futher inland.

    Here are those Pictures:


    Thsi is just an intersection in the downtown area of Los Antos with a skyscraper going up next to it.


    A small pic of downtown at night. I'm sry but i can't seem to resize it can someone help?


    Here we have the newly opened 12 lane Los Antos expressway also know as I-76


    Same place in the Daytime.


    Next we have the newly completed Los Antos Int'l Airport


    A smaller close-up view of part of downtown.


    Los Antos Central Train Station.


    Here we have the Large Train Yard outside of the Cenral Train Station that is hevily congested during rush hour.

    Maximum image size is 800 x 600 - MM
    And the last Pic for this update will be of the SNS. Equinox and the SNS. San Fredidrorro

    Next time There will be somerigion shots and Suburbs

    Plese comment.

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    Wow, impressive work! 44.gif You know, you don't have to put thumbnailed images in here. You can go up to 800x600. If you need help making images w/out thumbnails, message me.

    I love your city. Nice downtown, nice waterfront!! 44.gif

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  • Unfoutuneatly tragity has struck. I added the Rain mod to my city and it will not let me back into the city now. The good news is that about a week ago i made a copy of the region just in case but this copy only had 43,000 people so i will have to rebuild the city.

    Here is the new update:
    POP: 186,678
    Com: About 200,000
    Ind: 5,643
    Here are the new pics and that region view. (Note Region view is from before diaster struck)
    dsfdaw width=512>
    Here is the region view I'm sry the cities don't have names i just realized that.
    Thats all for now let me get some more pics
    Plses comment.
    Next update will include: Bycicle Pond park, Rebuilt Los Antos, And other cities from region

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  • Well i was locked out of simtrropolis.com until about 2 min ago so heres a long update.

    And i use infranveiw to resize now thanks to mikeaut1

    here is the stats.

    Pop- 490,764
    Com.- 522,986
    Ind.- 12,896

    and here are the pics

    district areas

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  • i'm sry but the stupid website thats hosting my pics is shrinking them from 800x600 so just give me a sec ok

    And thank you for all your commnets they realy have encourged me to continue on this region

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  • Well i have fixed the problem and here is the update i was going to do lastime

    naval yard
    This is the 13st naval Yard
    Here are the destroyer docks which remind me of San Diego
    This is one of the only drydocks in the world that can hold an aircraft carrier.
    This is the Los Antos History Museumin the upperright conner you can see Dimondback stadium
    This is the specialy desighned Bicycle Pond Park(yes those are bicycle paths sorounded by peg ponds). Plese note that this is an old pic and the park is completly surounded by devlopement now
    here is a close up of one of the pathways around the ponds
    Here we have one of the four cathedrals near downtown
    This is Chinatown
    Here is the earlier mentioned dimondback stadium
    This is an overview of the area with the districts labled
    This is the hockey area near downtown
    Here is a part of Midtown
    Here is another pic of mistown
    Here is the four Seasons Hotel overlooking the Park. Dam i'd like to stay there

    here are the suburban pics you want


    Here is a wallmart and a food lion

    Thanks you more updates soon with close up city shots

    plese comment

    also  i am starting a commie like region anytips

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    Wow! That's awesome.

    I absolutely love that naval base (all except the water colour), and some of the work with the ponds and parks is superb.

    First time I've seen this CJ. Great job!

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    what a great update, the cdb looks awesome and very dense too, about the harbor it looks great too.

    keep on the great work.


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  • Thank you to all for for your comments.
    Unfoutunatly i'm going to be on vacation this whole week so i can't update i  can however still read your comment via my laptop so plese continue.

    Also as i said before any tips/suggestons for a commie region(i have looked at Rodina what a great commie region)?

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  • Thanks for the comments everyone

    Alot of you were saying how you don't like the water color i'm going to change it to tropical or somthing but the stex has been down for the last couple of days but it will get changed.

    I would expand upon the naval base but i don't have the room next update will have shots of the new airport.

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  • Here is a quick update of the city next to los antos

    What happened to the comments

    to those who did comment thank you very much for alll your comments they have enspired this region

    This is the downtown district
    And this is the dry canal that cuts the city in 2 if you have any inprovement you suggest on this canal thanks i need them

    And now another city in this region  Greenville

    Here is the tram crossing the St. Mary River

    This is where downtown currently is the downtown is now a heveily built up area

    And now on to a new city Good Haven Int'l Airport

    This is the fiished airport
    here are some C-130 cargo planes
    Here is the airport trainstation

    Thats all for tonight plese comment

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