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5 questions about things in my city

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  • Hello!

    I've been managing a city for a while now, and it has grown quite big. My current population is around 170.000.

    The first question I have, should be quite simple:
    How big can my city get (population)?

    Then, not so easy, perhaps:
    I have about 90.000 commercial jobs. How come i still haven't got any of the tallest commercial buildings in my downtown area (which is a good area for commercial buildings. It has got police coverage, fire coverge, no garbage, low pollution etc.)
    The demand for high-wealth commercial office in my city never reaches a high level because they start building smaller office-buildings all the time, dragging the bar slightly down... It's bugging me.

    I have a small international airport in my city, and it is a large crime-magnet! Side by side with this airport, I have placed 3 deluxe police stations and two small police stations, yet the crime just dos'nt go away. Is this normal?

    When I had a small landing strip, the capacity got filled up quite fast. Then I was asked to upgrade it to a medium landing strip. Later, when the medium one was full, I upgraded it to a large landing strip.
    Will this ever happen to my International airport? It's capacity is far from full. There's about 55.000 travellers.

    Finally (at last3.gif):
    Is my commercial demand affected by the population in my city? I mean, can I have a population of 200, and 40.000 commercial jobs?

    hope somebody will help me1.gif


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    1. Your city's population can be as high as you want it to be. I think the most anyone has managed to cram into a large city tile is in the neighborhood of 2 million sims. However, you have to balance this against the crime and traffic that comes with that many people.

    2. Even with 90000 commercial jobs, you may not see true skycrapers (I bet you have a few Wren Insurance buildings though). Although you are entirely within the threshold for Stage 8 buildings, you would probably only get one. I think that Stage 8 buildings can only be 3-4% of the total buildings in the region. So the short answer, build more cities in your region with low- and mid-rise offices. You can also download the Stage Limits Mod by Toroca.

    3. I have also noticed that airports tend to be high-crime areas. They are also big pollutors. I have a feeling that this is simply the game's way of showing the NIMBY effect of an airport, but I have noticed the crime spilling into neighboring zones.

    4. Eventually, you will receive a message to upgrade your International Airport, it just might take a while (think C population of 200000 or so).

    5. Demand in Sim City 4 is a funny thing. You can have a city like the one you mentioned (200 R pop and 40000 C pop) as long as you have adequate neighbor connections with other cities that do have large R pops. Hence, you can create true bedroom communities as long as the commute doesn't get too long. You can also separate your industry from your commerce, which helps both to develop.

    I hope this helps. PM me if you have any more questions.

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    Hello Max-Emil!

    first question: I remember seeing a CJ from somebody trying to get his city (region) as big as possible. By that time he was around 70.000.000!! So no need to worry the first time.
    second: do you have the SC4 patch installed? In the original version there was a bug that didn't allow you to get the tallest commercial buildings at all. There was a lot of protest about it. To my knowledge a patch from electronic arts fixed this. It can be downloaded from the official Simcity site
    third: yes, normal. Also in my cities they belong to the most dangerous places to be. Some city ordenances do seem to help a bit.
    coolotter85 already answered th fourth question
    last one: normally the commercial demand is proportional to the population in your city ( and many other factors) but you could have 200 citizens in a city and much higher job demand if a neighbour city (with a large population) is asking for it.
    Hopes this helps a littlebit, succes!    Leena
    Apperently tchaos and me have been typing at the same time, he was quicker than me. I complete agree with his answers as well

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    Your population is basically dependent on two things: 1) how much R zones you have 2) the density of these zones. Some people have been able to pack up to 800,000 sims or so in a medium map; these kinds of cities might be purely residential with virtually all jobs sourced from neighbors.

    Regarding those elusive uber-skyscrapers, you need a combination of population AND demand to get them. Since a large population naturally generates a large demand, then that's the easiest way to go. At a certain population level, the highest skyscrapers won't really pop-up. As a case in point, I was doing an experiment recently wherein I had a 132k city and I drove the Co

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    Thanks for asking these questions. I've had some of them for a while now but for one reason or another never asked the folks here.

    I've got one that's somewhat related to your last question. How does intercity demand work? For instance, I've noticed that I'll build one city, then start another one in the tile next to it. At first, the majority of new residents commute to the first city; they find jobs outside the 2nd city. But at some point, they stop looking for jobs outside the city and instead, when they can't find jobs, they start popping up NJZs everywhere. Why does that happen? Does the game keep track of demand in adjacent cities?

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    The game definitely keeps track of demand in other cities. Here's an easy-to-do experiment to illustrate that: If you have a single or a couple of interconnected cities, try building a city composed purely of IHT and residential zones (no C at all). Build it up to at least 30-40k, you should generate at least a couple of R

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    I think you get actual Sky Scraping towers after you hit 1,000,000 pop. I get very un lucky with Sim City it seems. Ive built 3 cities before my current one, which is my 4th. All prevous three were lost in reformating. However I have 700,000 pop region right now, and I do believe once you get 1,000,000 regional pop youll see larger buildings. My largest city 250,000-Meduim size.

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