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I am a new noob in sim city 4 i need help with my city

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 Welcome to Simtropolis RCM!

I typically leave the default taxes in place unless I'm going for a specific type of development.  The only exception to this is dirty industry, which I almost always raise to 20% (I don't like my sims to be coughing from all the pollution in the air) 2.gif
You say that you're having problems, but you don't really tell us what the problem is.  If you could give us specifics or post an image of what's going on it might make it easier for someone to help you out.

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You should progressively expand your city with more zones. Do not provide them with civic services immediately. 28.gif

Once your Tax Income is sufficiently high, then you should slowly start introducing services like Fire Stations, Water, etc. 1.gif
Check out the  Omnibus for tutorials on starting cities. The taxes that you have shown look good for starting a city. 1.gif

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I rarely touch my tax rates til I have at least 15-20 cities built...as for services..only put them in when you need them and lower their funding...exept for fire and police services....remeber to micromanage civic services and power...lower the spending in them til they just cover what you are using wait til you get a red alert (or start seeing no power zots) pause the game and then raise it a little...just enough to cover the demand...plus about maybe 10-15%....if you fund your civic buildings at max in small towns you will go broke very quickly, as most of them at full funding are ment for very large cities

to micromanage the buildings use the que (aka the ? icon) and set the spending on the building using the slider bar, this will save you much needed money, speacially at the start of cities when money is tight...if you have a surplus of water or power or extra room for garbage...strike city deals and make money off of you excess...as small cities rarely use more than they can produce (watch you power, water and garbage graphs closely  so you don't stagnet a city because the utlities are being sold
let the city run for a while and build up a big piggy bank roll before  expanding, when you expand you may have to cover costs of civic and power til the city zoned areas fill in and taxes from them exeed costs, so keep some money in reserve, 
and don't listen to the advisors unless it's a red alert...they want everything all the time...if you follow their advice most of the time, or place thing as soon as they are availiable....you go broke that way too

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