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Where do i get the plugin # 1840941864

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you city is missing a lot or bat or possible even a dependancy that was previously in the city when it was saved...off hand I don't know of anyway of hunting down the file via the # the game gives you42.gif...not even sure how it comes up with the number to tell you the truth47.gif

if this happens to me, and it happens often...I look for buildings or lot with brown paper package...que the building with the ? icon...see if it will give you any information on the lot,(name of the building, hopefully the maker... if so you can try and hunt down this particular lot with that information...doesn't always work though...sometimes if the file is completely missing...you get no information cuz the game doesn't even know what the lot is....7.gif
if you do find the lot and no information about the lot is availiable...bulldoze the lot and save the game and the message will go away,
but this method won't help you hunt down the lot or bat...it will just remove it from the city save file and the message will diappear19.gif

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  • Thanks for the reply.  I downloaded a lot of files (1500+)  from Sim citys 4s website and I did notice a lot of the files were from the same author.  Since coming to this forom I have and will attempt to get his prop files so that those buildings will display.  Meanwhile I will move those files via querry to a safe directory till I can resolve them.  sometimes I bulldosed those lots and the file came right back.   Only until I removed them out of the plugins folder did most dissapear. 
    I had a lot of problems with Vanderaap and Nyhus6  I will attemp to find his prop files
    georgiantownhouse textured 0x5ad0e817_0x4d329c00_0x90000.SC4model
    project 'In the gutter' _6dbba29b.SC4lot

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    if your using files from the official site exchance...my advice...delete the whole lot...most are bad copies from files found on ST....many clones ( the exact same file over and over again) or over write files (files that replace the original maxis files) and many lots that just plain don't work properly
    my experiment in the spring with 567 res buildings...i found 24 (11 only made the list cuz they actually worked) worth keeping after eliminating clones , overwites and bad lots...I doubt i shall ever return to the official site...it's a waste of time
    i say start a new and clean out your plugins folder of the official sites garbage lots and go with ST or the other fansites it is aflliated with (simbrazil,SCC Pegasus etc etc)
    but that a personely opoin though

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    I have to agree with Tolomar again,( sorry Tolomar, I'm not followin you around, it's just that I've seen this problem before on my own system)

    The people who submit stuff at the Official M**** website have a strong tendency to plagiarize other people's work and usually do not check to see what they are plagiarizing. They always forget the dependencies. The advice given to dump all of that stuff and get the real stuff is valid. 98% of the stuff on the Official site is crud. It doesn't work, or is a clone of something that doen't work, or just plain looks dumb.

    The game reads the Plug-in# from the LD file in the lot. The LD file stays with the saved game. An example of this can be seen by taking an already plopped lot, open and change the props around in the Lot Editor, restart the game, then notice how the lot stays the same until you bulldoze and replop it.

    More advice; if you use Raphealninja's blank lots, read the read-me files carefully. The intructions say to use the blank lot generators in the Lot Editor program only. You must delete them when starting the game program, otherwise, strange stuff happens in the game if it doesn't outright CTD.

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    ehm... I could only agree wiht tolomar. the only things from the official site you can actually use are the official (maxis made) contents.

    everything else is... lets call it a waste of time.

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