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How to make a 1x1 diagonal transit enabled rail lot.

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  • Hello there,

    I managed to make a 1x1 diagonal transit enabled rail lot.
    Normally transit enabled diagonals would require 2 tiles.
    It's pretty simple to make.
    You start from a 1x2 lot in the LE. (it does not seem to work with 2x1, I don't know why)
    I started from Tropod's diagonal transitenabled rail lot.
    Make sure all props and overlay textures are in the upper tile.
    The lower tile (closest to road) should only have a base texture identical to the base texture of the upper time.
    Save this lot and transit enable it for diagonal rail. (I use the SC4Tool for that).
    Now with the iLive Reader open the lot exemplar and change the LotConfigPropertySize to 1x1.
    You can use these lots to make fenced rail for example, to use in zoned areas.
    This would be the result of that:
    I used PEG's diagonal coral fence for that.
    It would be possible to make a fence on both sides, but I couldn't find any diagonal fences that work (yet).
    To make a set for straight and diagonal I would need:
    - a diagonal fence that spans (half a) lot.
    - the same diagonal fence with an offset of 16m down.
    - a straight fence that spans (half a) lot.
    - the same straight fence with an offset of 16m right.
    If anyone can help me get these props I would be happy to make a set and place them online.
    Hmmm... not much response... have I posted in the wrong thread? 34.gif
    Or maybe I'll need to give more info.
    I need the offset fences because the game moves everything from the lower tile to the upper tile when the LotConfigPropertySize is changed, except the transit layer.
    So offset props are the only way to make fences on the other side of the tracks.
    You can download the testlot in the picture above here: http://www.savefile.com/files/9639764

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    I only see one problem with what you want to do: you cannot place two transit-enabled lots next to each other. So filling in the opposite side will be impossible to do with transit-enabled lots. However, using network lots this could be done. Network lots are what make the various props appear on the networks. They are also known as network tiles, Type 21 Exemplars, or intersection tiles.

    Network tiles are like lots but they do not have references to buildings or textures in their LotConfig properties. They also do not have settings for transit-enabled tiles, foundations or retaining walls.

    The way I have created them in the past is to layout the props on a mock-up of the tile I want to place the props onto. Then I copy one of the game's Type 21 Exemplars to edit. I delete the existing prop lines (the lines that start with 0x00000001) and copy the ones from my mock lot to the Type 21 Exemplar. Then I Re-Index the LotConfig to make sure the props will load properly. The lines are numbered sequentially in LotConfigs for the objects. Then I enter the number of the FSH image of the tile (you must enter the image number that ends in 0). I then give the tile a unique ID.

    If you are making only one Type 21 Exemplar, the Instance ID of the FSH Image will work just fine. Any others I make usually are incremented from that one, if it is the same network image. I have my own numbering system that doesn't interfere with any known Instance IDs of the Type 21 Exemplars. The neat thing about Type 21 Exemplars is that you can have flora on them (the growable trees). Transit-enabled lots do not allow flora on the transit-enabled tiles.


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    OoOoh. I like how you managed to remove the 'jaggies' with that. I don't know the first thing about the lot editor (so I don't know if this is beyond the game's scope), but it would be truly awesome if it were possible to create 'triangular' lots which can overlap any diagonal networks like this. I'm sure many people including myself would consider it a must-have.

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