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My city has been in financial trouble for too long. I wish to send you a copy of my city and fix it.

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Before anything else, note that if you're using any customized buildings from the STEX, people might have trouble running your city.

For the troubleshooting aspect:
What's your average residential income?

Not very many people mention it but your sim wealth distribution has an enormous impact on your revenues. Remember, sims (like real people) pay taxes based on their income. Scenario:

R$$$ family of 5 pays 10$ in taxes. They consume 5$ worth of utilities (education, electricity, water, etc.). Revenue = 10$ - 5$ = +5$

R$ family of 5 pays 2$ in taxes. They consume 5$ worth of utilities. Revenue = 2$-5$ = -3$

The point is that each Sim (as far as I know) uses basically the same amount of utilities per person. However, poor sims have much less ability to offset your utility expenditures, compared to R$$ and R$$$ sims.

Important: Should I then grow my city so that it's full of R$$$'s? The answer is an unequivocal NO. Attempting this will lead to disaster (dilapidated buildings and the like), since there are few R$$$ jobs available. Remember the real world: there are only a few CEOs, presidents, vice-presidents in a certain amount of your population.

Important: You can easily build a high-revenue city by making the middle class (R$$) as the largest segment of the population. Ilustration:


Note the huge number of R$$'s that make up my office workers and the like (~80% or so), and the small number of R$'s that make up janitors, clerks, etc.. At only 45k population, I was making 5-7k in revenue per month, and this included full water/police/fire coverage, parks, a municipal airport, etc; on top of just 1% taxation for Co$$$ and Co$$.

1. Restrict R$ growth through taxation. Use something reasonable, like 9.5% or so. I tend to play with the values over time, so I won't suggest any single rate.
2. Build jobs that provide a lot of jobs to R$$'s. See chart below:

____\_Jobs Provided

Note that I-A, I-D, and CS$ provide absolutely zero R$$ jobs. In contrast, Co$$$ and I-H provide a lot of R$$ jobs PLUS employing a lot of R$$$'s that will help your taxes. To help your C/I demand, drop your I-H, Co$$$ and Co$$$ taxes. You can decrease CS taxes too, if you wish.

3. You'll never make R$$'s (and R$$$'s more so) without good education.
4. R$$'s aren't as picky as R$$$, but they still want parks and other YIMBY structures. In addition, they will ride buses and other MT quite easily so you need this too.
5. Use your Jobs and Population graph to track your wealth distributions. Many people tend to ignore this crucial tool. If you're R$$$'s are hitting like 20% or higher, time to trim them with taxation.

1. Do NOT attempt to restrict R$'s in your FIRST city because this will lead to disaster. A virgin city without neighbors will generate I-D first, which employs 100% R$'s. Only build your richer city once you've built up at least one slum (I-D) city.

2. Do not go overboard and tax R$'s to, say, 18-20 percent. Looking at the chart above, even Co$$ employs nearly as many R$'s as R$$'s. In the real world, you still need clerks, bus drivers, and janitors right? A healthy city still needs R$'s. In a city with too little R$'s, businesses tend to stagnate so watch out.

If you still wish to pursue a pure R$$+R$$$ city, it's still quite feasible. Just make sure you can source your R$'s from a neighbor. A slum I-D city will provide you a good source of R$'s.

On the matter of utilities, always use the higher-capacity buildings when they're available. The idea is that they provide more bang-for-buck, which means that each simoleon spent serves more people. A clinic might be cheap but a hospital is far more efficient in treating sick sims. The same goes for the rest of the civic structures.

Revenue-generating buildings
On the matter of revenue-generating structures/ordinances like casinos, toxic dumps, etc, I NEVER accept them (well, maybe aside from the prison). For example, the Legalized Gambling ordinance increases your crime rate by a whopping 20% for a measly 100 bucks. All the other revenue-rewards hurt your city desirability in the long run (decreased R$$'s and R$$$'s), so never accept them unless absolutely necessary.

If I think of other things, I'll post them here. 2.gif

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It sounds interesting to fix a city in trouble... pretty much like a scenario...

Peorth asked some important questions, though: Are you using any STEX items? Especially civic structures are important! Not having a house or a park from the STEX will result in a brown box, but not having a civic building can cause real chaos.

Besides, what size is the city (small/medium/large map), how many inhabitants & jobs does it have, and can it be sustained all by itself, or does it rely on neighbouring cities?

I'd like to give it a shot if it's not too much trouble... hint: You can upload the file to a site like www.yousendit.com and save the download link to a text file on your PC. Then you can send people who are interested the download link via PM. 2.gif

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Could you post some screenshots of your budget?

There are some adjustments you can make to balance your budget:
- Check if your tax rates are too low.
- Consider placing some tollbooths.
- Use mass-transit with caution, place stations were really needed, avoid the very expensive stations. MT can be a cash-cow.
- Accept business deals (yes!).
- Health and education: a lot of money can be saved (without degrading H & E quality) by properly adjusting ambulanace and bus funding. If you have some dense areas you should use the Large versions of hospitals and schools, you can set ambualance or bus funding to zero (the coverage radius is still large enough). You have to do this individually rather than globally.
- Do not overdo with police, jails and fire.
- Do not overdo with landmarks, parks and plazas, cosider using more trees (they have no maintenance).
- Utilities: check if you have ageing utilities, sell the excess production (except for the power plants, they must be operated at 75%-80% of the capacity at max). Absolutely do not use recycling centers (they are by far the most expensive form of garbage processing), landfills are expensive too, better use W2E plants, incinerators or export deals.
Anyway, send me your city at cogeos@yahoo.com and I will have a look.

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OOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! GIMME!29.gif44.gif3.gif  I LOVE doing this sort of thing!  The plugins problem may be a bit of a problem, but we can sort it out, I'm sure.29.gif  I'd say take T's advice, upload it to www.yousendit.com , and then PM him and myself the download link.44.gif  Perhaps we could have a race to see who could get it back into the green the fastest. (sim years, not real time, to make it fair.)3.gif  Let me know, Meister out.10.gif

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In reltaion to what Peorth mentioned try using one big hospital instead of many small ones. just dl 1 of many giant hospitals from stex and demolish all the small ones. this will save you a fortune in expanses. as a principal in big cities always go for big facilities (schools hospitals police etc') as they give you better capacity - cost ratio.

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  • Original Poster
  • Here's what I have from STEX;

    Ninja Boulevard Station (1x4 station that does bus, taxi, and subway w/ capacity of 25k people)

    Akin's Air Purification Plant (it appears that its power source is pollution. It feeds off of pollution to power the plant, so the byproduct is sterile air.)

    I used to have an Air Force Base; too much land, no income, removed it.

    Then there's the mod that downloaded a LOT of extensions to roads (avenue-over-rail, turn-left intersection lanes, light-rail (trams), pedestrian squares. I think if you look through my previous posts, they'll talk about such things. There were also roundabouts for roads, Y-Intersections for avenues and/or highways, and much, much more new flexibilities to the transportation system. It came in one mod, but I forgot the name.)

    Oh well, here's my city. Please let me know how it is to you.

    Update: PM sent. Did you receive them?

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    That mod would be the (drumroll please) Network Addon Mod (NAM).

    A further note about education and health care - just because the map is in the red doesn't mean that you need to increase funding. You should only fund so that each building's capacity is just above the number of patients/students (i.e., so that the building rating is maximized). The red on the map will fade to green with time. Ambulence/school bus funding only influences the radius of coverage, not the quality, so I usually leave this alone and plop the buildings in a pattern that gives me full, or nearly full, coverage. There is no bebefit to being covered multiple times by the same building type.

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    On top of what's been said, you might want to group your R zones and put a space in the middle for your civic buildings. This is the most-cost efficient method of zoning residential lots, but of course it's too late for your already-established city. You can do distributed zoning too but make sure your R zones are fairly clustered and not randomly spread around like shotgun pellets. 2.gif

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    ask onlyplace4 for his special park. Somehow he included it in a wild west bat, and when i was downloading his stuff i ended up with it. I made sure it was his.

    The park : you spend -400 000 000 000 $, so you gain that much. Cheap but works.

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  • Original Poster
  • Blah, that park is too cheatsome.

    Now, where can I find the giant hospitals and which ones do you recommend?

    Btw, should I post the yousendit URLs for my city (and neighbor cities)?

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