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Graphic breaks down after a while

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  • Hallo there, it's Gamble again,

    having a graphic-proplem now:24.gif
    After reinstalling windowsXP and reinstalling all software I have in one turn (I bought more RAM, and the system went badly), from now on the graphic crashes after playing SimCity for some houres.37.gif
    I've got RushHour, Traffic-Bonus, windowsXP incl. ServicePack2, the newest directX available at microsoft.de, and a computer that is supposed to manage to run the game fast (2.4Ghz, 1GBteRAM).
    By the way, the LotEditor crashes after secondes. At least, it seems to be the same probleme:
    The graphic changes in some white, blue and magenta trash. It even stays, when SimCity is aborded.6.gif When the computer is restarted the symboles on the desktop keep to be kidding, but the software underneeth works well 46.gif(the LotEditior, if crashing, isn't causing the error on the desktop at all, only SimCity does so).42.gif
    When I start the game again, the city I played while the crash happend, still keeps having the probleme, the rest is doing good. The city has to be restarted and to be saved again, and everything is prepaired to wait for the next crash I just told you about.39.gif
    I started out to build a new city, several downloads are installed, but no builing is built, yet. I've learnd about downloaded files effecting each other, but what about a region with nothing in it?
    What could cause this problem?
    Is it microsoft-stuff, directX, or some hardware probleme?
    Did anybody have this probleme before?
    I seriously need help for this. The game is unplayable this way, and I only tried to make things better by buying more RAM and by getting the system to work smoother.41.gif
    Thank you for listening.

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    OK, here are a few things that may or may not help.

    • A description of your machine as it is now would help
    • How long does the game run before crashing?
    • Lot editor will crash if it runs out of space to buffer your plugins.
    • The colour patches are symptomaic of a bad install

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  • Original Poster
  • Yes, here are some informations about the computer as it is now:

    It's a Pentium4 2.4Ghz with 1.0GB RAM, windowsXP version 2002, ServicePack2, directX, DVD-dirve + DVD-burner
    The game:
    SimCity4, RushHour, Traffic-Bonus
    The options: (translated freely, I'm runnig german language)
    Graphic effects            high
    Cars & Sims                high
    Shadows                     low
    Loadingspeed              high
    Texturequality             high
    details                        high
    no fog/clowds and no coloured cursor
    32 Bit Quality
    Graphicmodus: Hardware
    no sound, no musik
    The plugin-folder fills several MB, got NAM, the darkbluish-water-patch and plenty of buildings, mods and addons installed, I found on this page. All by all about 320MB.
    The game used to run, even when using all the plugins. Only the loteditor crashed sometimes (mostly when scrolling through the file- or proplists for long).
    The system had problemes running other software, so windows got reinstalled. The computer had 512MB RAM only, so I ordered another 512MB.
    After reinstalling SimCity, at first nothing went right as long as no sound-equipment was installed. I've fixed that.
    The graphic-probleme is the only one remaining, I hope.
    The loteditor shows up the probleme the most heavyest way. The program starts, it keeps some minutes to find all lots available. The loadinglist appears. After about three seconds the graphic crashes: Everything shows up as a chaos in white and magenta, and you can't read a line anymore.
    SimCity holds out one or more houres before crashing, obviously in the same way.
    The graphic keeps looking that way after ending the programs. The symboles on the desktop do not show up correctly. When SimCity itselve has caused the error, the symboles on desktop even keep kidding when the computer got resarted, but everything is working.
    When I save a city after crashing, it's needed to load the city I crashed in one more time, and to save it again. Otherwise only this city remains to be showen incorrectly and vague, it looks like me needing glasses, you know.
    By now, more and more MegaBases are becomming uploaded, here. Are they able to cause problemes like this, perhaps if the old files are not replaced completly?
    I had no problemes running SimCity even with about 320MB of data filling the plugin-folder, it was working slowly but made no mistakes. You should never change a running system, but I did.14.gif
    As far as all other software isn't effected I suppose the game or the loteditor causes the probleme. For example the chess-software I've got is doing well.
    What else can I explain, to make you see the probleme? I'm no expert in computer-stuff, just an user.
    Hope it' usefull, see you later...

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    The only things I can think of off the top of my head are:

    1. Your graphics card is not working properly. Possibly a loose connection in the board slot. It may have a hairline crack in the board that fails after a while or under certain stresses.
    2. Your graphics card is too sophisticated for this game. Try turning off any features like anti-aliasing.

    Have you tried running the game in software mode? This is settable in the games graphics controls, or, if you prefer, look at the support readme file for command line options.

    With the lot editor, try moving the items you don't want to edit to a separate folder away from plugins, and only work with the ones you need. Move them back, later.

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  • Original Poster
  • Yes, at least it's possible that the graphic-card runs to it's final gate. Don't know, seriously.

    What about different downloaded buildings, patches, props and stuff like that causing this thing, is it an easly solution, is it crap, at least?
    I will try out changing the plugins-folder to use the LotEditor, like you said. What about setting the LotEditor using a different folder then SimCity reads out while starting? Is there a file setting this? Would be easier than changing the folders hundreds of times, wouldn't it? It's nasty much work to change all this all the time, I think.
    And at least:
    What is anti-aliasing? I'm german, you know? I checked my books, nothing was found. Please discripe a bit, or even give me the germen translation, please. It's something about gameoptions, and so on?
    Thank you for listening

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    Anti-aliasing Article Sorry, I can't give you a German equivalence as my vocabulary doesn't include this tech stuff.

    I still think you should try with Software rendering. If the problem goes away, this narrows the problem to your hardware graphics system.

    If the Lot Editor is overflowing, splitting your plugins in half ought to be enough.

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    Hello Gamble.

    I know just a tiny bit of german.
    Ich spreche etwas von deutsch.
    There isn't a German word for anti or alias, alone or together.
    the closest would be this: Anschlag-falscher Titel
    Thanks N_O_Body, the article will actually clarify the meaning the best possible way.
    I would like to ask you, mein freund;
    what brand videocard do you have?
    when you purchased your new Ram, who installed it, you or another person?
    Could someone have touched or bumped the videocard, while they were installing the Ram?

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  • Original Poster
  • Here I am.

    I've got no idea which brand my videocard is made by. I've got a Geforce4.
    The RAM was insalled by professionals, not by myself. I even wouldn't know what to do, might be easy, but I never tried and don't want to break the computer. 35.gif This means, finaly I can't tell whether anyboby has touched things you shouldn't touch. 42.gif All other things are doing fine, like photos, chess, internet, expacting everything concerning SimCity4.
    What do you think, 391MB plugins-folder...
            ... much to big, or suiteable for the game? Are there limits and frontiers to care about?
    I will try out to use the LotEditor with less pluged in. Gonna see what comes out.
    By the way, I found out, SC4Tool is kidding either, today. It can't start because of an incorrect initialistion7.gif0xc0000135).28.gif
    What's that all about?
    Is anti-aliasing an option included in SimCity, or windows?33.gif
    The words anti and alias are similar in german, but the word Antialiassen doen't exist, I will keep on finding out.
    So long

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    GeForce4 has an Nvidia chipset, Gamble. That is very good news, GeForce is an excellent card. 391mb of plug-ins should not be too large for you. Actually that is not too large at all. My plug-ins folder is near 700mb now and I also have well over a gig of mp3 music, that loads up with the game. I have 1gigabyte of ram just like you.

    It sounds suspicious to me; that all was working well, before you had the professionals install your ram. Here in USA we have a problem with professionals, who will switch your videocard for a broken one, just so you will have to come back for more professional repairs. I do not mean to sound insulting, but maybe they are being dishonest, or maybe they bumped it loose by accident? All it takes is a bit of oil from your skin or hand, accidentally brushing against the circuit boards, to short out or cross a circuit. I would try taking your PC to a different professional to have it checked over.
    Then again, One other thing could be very possible; you have gotten a bad ram stick installed. That would explain why things are shutting down that way. Ram is installed in equal pairs and you probably have four Ram sticks total. So if one is bad, then two of them will not function properly, which kills half of your Ram memory off.
    However I am not a professional, just a hobbiest and my knowledge of computers is only average.

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  • Original Poster
  • I've found the probleme the LotEditor had.

    The program doen't run under colourquality at 32bit. I've changed this thing at windows and it works, now.
    I think I was missunderstood. Maybe because I'm talking bad english.
    The computer did allready have problemes. That's why it got in hands of professionals. By the way I ordered more RAM and they gave me... half as much as I payed. I reclaimed. frndofyaweh, you are right to say that you have to check everything by yourself, even if professionals are at work.
    Can you tell me why SC4Tool is still kidding? The computer reclaimes a bad initialisation (0xc0000135) .
    What does this mean, basicly? My computerskill is low, you know?
    It's good not to feel alown with this kind of problemes.

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    Gut abend, Gamble.

    If the SC4 tool is giving you an error message, try downloading it again, and reinstall it.

    Maybe you could make more clear your term 'kidding'. Did you mean crashing (which is stopping improperly).

    Auf Wiedersehn.

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