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    • By Simmer2
      It has come to my attention that Caribou's website went down back in 2016 and after scouring the internet there is no trace of any of his work.
      Since I have his work stored in a secure offline vault, I feel that in the spirit of preservation, his work should be available to the public once again.
      These lots and models were made by Caribou and are provided AS IS, nothing in the Zips has been changed by me.
      Since he never provided any pictures I took it upon myself to plop all the lots in game for the purpose of taking snapshots in order for everyone to peruse them before downloading.
      Anyone in the future who would like to create new lots from these models can now use these uploads as a dependency.
      There are 5 lots in this zip
      1) caribou fence long type a
      1) caribou fence long type b
      1) caribou fence of railway
      1) caribou fence short type a
      1) caribou fence short type b
      Many Thanks go to Tyberius06 for bringing this matter to my attention.
      Kind regards
    • By paeng
      This set will make it possible to construct a double-sided perimeter fence around special industries, airports, prisons, secret facilities or anything else you want to protect.
      The set has seven pieces:
      1x1 straight 2x1 straight 1x1 outer curve 1x1 inner curve 1x1 inner gate (access to inner area) 3x2 main gate (eyecandy) 2x1 main gate (transit enabled) Also included is a set of four path textures - concrete (default), asphalt, red stone and plain dirt.
      Choose one of the textures only (or rename the one you want to use with the prefix 'z_...', i.e. 'z_asphalt.dat'). You can exchange the texture for another one any time, no need to re-plop the lots.
      Make sure the 'keep_this_texture.dat' is installed all the time, as it contains the custom overlays.
      Of course you can also change the path texture with anything you please using LotEditor.
      The eyecandy gate can be used for any buildings that don't need direct road access. For all others you can use the transit enabled gate.
      * PEG_ChainLinkFence_RESOURCE
      needed file: PEG_ChainLinkFence_RESOURCE.dat (313 Kb)
      * SNM Security Fences
      needed file: SNM_SecurityFencingv2_props.dat (72 Kb)
      * SFBT Essentials (orientation-arrows while plopping)
      needed file: SFBT_ArkenbergeJoe_Props.dat (188 Kb)
      The lots are completely neutral (no park or landmark effects), are cheap to plop and costs a monthly fee of 1§, except the gates - they cost between 10§ and 25§ a month. They are located at or near the end of the 'Parks' menue and have custom icons.
      Thanks to everybody making resources available!
      And Merry Christmas to everybody!

      -Cori Edit: Fixed formatting and updated linkys.
    • By SUICO
      Your sheep will never run away from your farm nor the next door sheepwill come to eat your carrots plantation after you install those onyour farm!
      The lot is eye candy only and it will be found at the end of your park menu.
      The set includes an option to each kind of farm exsting on original game.
      Hope you enjoy it.
      Bugs requests and anything else please just leave a comment.
      CastleSet.dat included in Longfellow Castle
      Thanks to all the members who helped me on www.simcitybrasil.com.br
      -Cori Edit: Updated dependency linky.
    • By Simmer2
      SM2 Dry Stone Walls  (Muro Secco)
      Are a type of wall made with stones found locally and assembled without mortar thus the name Dry Wall (Muro Secco)
      They are mostly found in European countries. Unfortunately they are the remnants of a lost art. No one makes them anymore.
      These walls were used to "fence in" properties and also to provide shelter for livestock.
      I tried to provide almost all possible combination in order to make just about any shape you may need.
      Orthogonal, diagonal, round corner, sharp corner, diagonal to orthogonal, broken walls, overhanging diags and orthos, open gates, closed gates, even gates on diagonals and more!
      There are also a few stone structures to complement the set and one special transition piece which will allow you to follow heights differences of 7.5 meters. (slope friendly). Please use the road lifter tool in the NAM menu to set height to 7.5 meters when using the transition piece for best results.
      Included are 4 lots (Orthogonal only) that will make it possible to create EDGE to EDGE scenes.
      And last but not least, I have included 2 MMP files based on the model and texture of the wall, for those hard to reach areas. They are slope friendly and you can even place them under water if you wish.
      I created a custom icon set with clear and easy to recognize symbols, You will find all 42 lots in the park menu.
      No cost to plop, maintain and bulldoze. Neutral lots. The lots have no base textures. Just plop them and dress them with your favorite MMP.
      No Dependencies.
    • By Abrams124
      Overgrown stuff, common in my city.
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