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I have spent months building my ideal megacity. The last three weeks I did an incredible amount of detailing, then I did a disk clean up and lost the last three weeks of saves.

I have a short attention span so it is now dead to me, on to the next thing. Here is what I have left to show; The city is based on Shinjuku concept. Three rail line terminals on the western fringes of a large city. That grew to be a second CBD. Architecturally it is a New York style brick city. Except for the Westgate city area. I love working in historical development. So Westgate was industrial/ train yards that were turned into a modern high tech hub starting in the 90's.





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  • This is the last photo I took before I lost it all. It shows how the historical facades of buildings have been kept when the major development happened. They sometimes do this well in my home town of Melbourne. 



    From the top picture/ birds eye view the station is broken into three terminals. they are connected by elevated walkways which i then covered using walkways from Vasimr 22's airport pack. All interconnecting massive malls.



    Nearly all the rolling stock is by R3V0. I had a special mission to use Ronyx69's suspended monorail. 

    Now realising I have no pictures of the detailing around the station entrances I am rather upset and don't want to try and explain the layout or the details of what rolling stock ran where. So instead, here is all the pictures I have.




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  • I spent a lot of time trying to figure out a way to have inter city passengers come into the network effectively. If I ran them straight into the central terminal the lines would get jammed from all sides. I've tried a train hub on the outskirts of the map, outside lines running to an isolated station that only connects to a passenger train and every thing in between.

    The conclusion is I am still confused by the dynamics of it. Things work for a while then completely drop off. Dont get it.






    And thats all she wrote. 



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