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No Need to Bulldoze Stations Track Checker Removal Mod (beta)

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I finally got tired of all those little green track checkers on my rail lines. I tried the No Track Checker Mod here on our STEX and that didn't seem to affect them the least little bit. So then I tried the one by @rsc204 which is attached to this post. It didn't work for me either which really surprised me knowing the creator as well as the post following his stating it worked for them. (I even zzz'd the name and checked with DataNode to see if it was being overridden.)

Next I extracted the trains.lua (FF30D1B5) myself (like that first mod mentioned uses) and did some tweaking. Among other things I tried I found setting the max count = 0 produced a zillion of them:

Too Many Track Checkers.jpg

Anyhow, after quite a lot of tweaking and testing I've created one that seems to work. Would some peeps test this in a sandbox city and let me know if it works for you and would it be worth tossing on the STEX? (Or has anyone already hosted a working blocker somewhere?)

No Track Checker by Cori.dat

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After experimenting I've made a few observations...

Testing in a new empty tile I first ran a control test without any custom content. I built a rail line across to the edges, then plopped several Maxis passenger and freight stations. This then caused the track checkers to be instantly spawned as would be expected. Next I installed your mod and performing the same test I can confirm it prevented any of the checkers from being generated. I also did the same in one of my current cities with an existing rail network (in active use), and they likewise didn't appear.

What's interesting is I happen to be a long-time user of that original "No Track Checker Mod". Since doing so I don't recall seeing any, and if there are no conflicts with loading order overrides, this made me wonder whether there are perhaps certain circumstances where it doesn't function.

Checking the comments of the existing Checker on the STEX, I noticed a couple of replies referring to how they'll still appear unless re-plopping the stations. So I decided to try and replicate the results and I ran with an empty Plugins folder once more. I established a tile and built a passenger and freight station.

As follows:

Control Test with Checkers

Track Checker Test 01.jpg


As highlighted, 2 track checkers (one per station) were spawned upon plopping them. From that point it appears they get locked in sequence and new ones appear thereafter at timed intervals. With this established, I paused the simulation, saved the tile and exited SC4. Then I installed NoTrackChecker.dat and gave it a go. Upon re-entering the tile I immediately noticed the 2 checkers were still in picture. Resuming the simulation and they proceeded to move down the line. Then keeping the game on Play, I noticed how additional checkers were still generated. It was only until bulldozing both stations from where they no longer appeared with the original mod installed.

Next onto your mod...

I exited without saving, removed the original out of my empty Plugins folder, and added No Track Checker by Cori.dat into there. Loading the same tile in the identical state, I initially noticed the 2 checkers on the line in the exact position as pictured. However, upon resuming the simulation this time, I didn't notice any more checkers being spawned. I ran in Cheetah and Rhino also and at no point did any show up. Based on this I'm able to confirm that your mod does do a superior job of preventing the checkers in tiles with stations already built. Also I found when saving the tile, that must be saved as a preference since even removing the mod and there weren't any checkers. The fact the they were only shown when saving the tile with them in focus suggests the position of automata is cached in the saved city file.

So overall at least based on my findings, I'm inclined to say this is indeed a much improved version that works. *:yes:

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Looks like a job well done Cori. Put it in my plugins, fired up the game for 20 minutes, no track checkers. When I tried the other track checker a while ago, it did not work for me.

Thank you, I can take that one off my list.

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  • Original Poster
  • 7 hours ago, tigerbuilder said:

    I wonder what else is in that LUA file, did you experiment with anything else in there?

    That particular one is rather short and I did play around with all of its contents until finding this particular code which worked for me.

    Back in March and April I did do quite a bit of LUA script testing by removing all of them from SimCity_1.dat and having them as external files in Plugins so I could test and tweak. I wrote a little trace debugger which outputs a log file when I was working on the city reports. There was minimal interest in said report so I moved on to other things.

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