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Tram in avenue with HSR over

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Or is that HSR over tram in avenue, I figure you'll get my drift.

Can 't find puzzle piece or can't drag hsr over tram in ave. tried everything I can think of.

I know I must be missing somethng here but for the likes of me can't think of it.

Somebody clue me in please?

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  • Original Poster
  • 5 hours ago, rsc204 said:

    I don't think such a piece exists, the base monorail is supported which would work functionally, although it won't look great.

    Oh well, well at least I wasn't losing my marbles


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      • By rsc204
        Please note that this upload is not mine, all the works in this download were created by Kazuki which were originally hosted here. Since those files are no longer available, they have been recovered here on the STEX, so people can continue to download them.
        This package includes a single lot that allows you to transition from the G-HSR (Ground High Speed Rail) of the NAM (Network Addon Mod)
        to the Subway network. It costs $400 to plop and can be found in the Misc Transport menu.
        The model used is part of the NAM, which can be considered a dependency for this lot. Similarly you need to have installed it's HSR plugin to make use of it.
      • By Nilo7
        Greenbelt Metrorail Station
        BATted and MODDed by Nilo7
        Tested by Mithokey

        Please take a moment to read the following paragraph:

        This station is dedicated to the victims and families of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, who will never be forgotten; as well as the courageous men and women that serve our country each and everyday in any form, they are what has kept and will keep this nation going.

        Greenbelt Metrorail Station is a GLR station based off Greenbelt Metrorail Station in Greenbelt, Maryland; one of the many stations on the DC Metro.

        Installation Instructions:
        Extract and move to "My Documents --> SimCity 4 --> Plugins"

        Size: 1x8
        Capacity: 25,000
        Transit Switch: .02
        Functions As: GLR station, Landmark.
        Jobs Created: 10 R$ and 5 R$$
        Plop Cost: 250
        Monthly Cost: 100
        Bulldoze Cost: 125
        Power Required: 10
        Water Required: 0
        Pollution: 0

        Track Textures for Cogeo GLR Stations 20110918 1.zip

        (I am now linking to the download "Track Textures for Cogeo GLR Stations 20110918 1.zip" in Ebina's Mediafire account. It is the same textures as the old dependency; it will work fine.)

        Special thanks to Blue Lightning, Meister1235, Redscope53, Xyloxadoria, and of course.. Tigerbuilder for answering lots of questions!


      • By cogeo
        *** Updated June 27, 2008 *

        Purpose of these lots: all GLR stations posted on the STEX till now act as tram stops, only converting GLR to and from pedestrian traffic. In contrast, this pack contains stations that offer parking facilities as well. As a result they can serve larger, less dense areas and not just the housing within walking distance from the station, utilising the game's "park and ride" feature: sims park their cars at the station and get the train to their workplaces. So they can be used successfully in suburban areas, enjoying a good usage. You can create a realistic transport system, like in many real-world metropolitan areas, that is subways downtown, expanded to GLR at the suburbs (you will need to use the GLR to subway transition). You can also combine the stations with bus routes; in this case fixed-track networks (like GLR) tend to act as "trunk" lines, while the buses as "local" or "feeder" lines.
        The pack contains four GLR stations with parking, with straight and split track (side or island platforms), with and without a bus stop. The main station building as well as the platform and bussign props are configurable by the player. Some of the props are included in the SC dats while some others are included in BATs posted on the STEX earlier, which you will have to download and install as dependencies. Please check the readme for detailed installation instructions.
        Lot Size 5x2 Plop Cost $800 ($1000 for stations w/ busstop) Maintenance $40 ($50) Capacity 5000 (6000) plus 3000 allowance for the through GLR traffic Power Consumed 8 (10) MWh/mo Water Consumed 10 (10) cu.m/mo Pollution (A/W/G) 4/4/4 (5/5/5) Jobs (all $) 8 (10)
        - Many thanks to vester_DK for his GLR split-track textures.
        - Many thanks to frogface, ill tonkso and ralphaelninja for granting permission to use their models in the package.
        - Morifari can no longer be contacted (his model is not contained in the package anyway).

        * June 27 2008 Update:
        - Added a patch for left-hand driving installations. Unless you have a LH-driving installation, do not forget to remove this!
        - Fixed a bug with the transit switchings, concerning stations' placement. If you have installed the Draggable GLR Patch for these stations, please remove it (it contains the same bugs). Refer to the documentation for details and instructions on how to connect to draggable GLR track.

        The most important dependencies are the NAM and

        Some other dependencies are prop-specific and you will need to download and install them only if you configure the package to use them (ie you don't need all of them, only the ones you like and you wish to use). These dependencies are:
        - London Underground Walford East station by frogface
        - Tonkso GLR Station by ill tonkso
        - Russell Square Tube Station by ill tonkso
        - Ninja Boulevard Station OR Ninja Boulevard Kiosk by RalphaelNinja
        - Morifari Tram Station by morifari - Please get this new version!

        Related Download:
        - GLR Track Mod Addon Pack 1 by ebina

        View my other lots on the STEX
      • By gshmails
        This is the first of three new GLR stations for your city.  All three are similar but different to give variety and continuity.
        Plop: $250
        Monthly: $10
        Bulldoze: $100
        Capacity: 5000
        Lot size: 1x3
        Dependences:  The latest NAM
      • By gshmails
        UPDATED:  The entire station has now been reworked, including LODs, transit enabling, custom icon, and readme file. 
        All credit for the update goes to Andreas Roth, who took the model and reconfigured the entire lot around it.  Thanks Andreas!  Special thanks also goes to Coego for his zebra crossing (the texture is included in the folder)!
        By request, here is an avenue version of my GLR station. Here are the stats:
        Plop: $300
        Bulldoze: $100
        Monthly: $20
        Capacity: 6000
        Lot size: 2x3
        Dependencies: The latest NAM is required.
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