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This is about the 7th time I've installed on a new computer over the years. When is someone going to make an easier installer? All this clicking through pop up windows to install an item. Just once I'd like to just drop my content into plugins and play but no, I've got about 3 weeks of clicking just to install content before I can play. It's a good thing this game is so enjoyable and will still be around for another 15 years. Maybe some day I'll break down and buy a recordable BR disk and burn my plugins folder so I can just dump it back in when I reinstall again.

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I'm puzzled why you haven't already saved your plugins and put it in your new computer. It needn't be a BR disk - a USB memory stick or SD card will be fine. You will  still need to install SC4 on the new computer and reinstall NAM, assuming you use it, and any mods which don't simply save to plugins, but content in your old plugins can simply be used on the new one.

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7 minutes ago, glazert said:

.....It needn't be a BR disk - a USB memory stick or SD card will be fine. You will  still need to install SC4 on the new computer and reinstall NAM,....

I got a hard disk enclosure and kept my computer's harddrive so I could still retrieve anything I'd forgotten to move to the new computer ... also have backups on a couple of portable drives

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Same here. I keep a separate download archive where I store:

  • The actual files (so I can use them any time)
  • Readme & screenshots (so I know what it is)
  • The original installer for downloads with several options so I could go back and install a different option should I choose to do so

This archive is what I use to assemble my plugins folder.

I did it this way because I feel your pain - installers are really a plague. Sooo many clicks, and if you are like me and prefer to stick to your own plugins organisation scheme, you have a lot of locating and copying stuff to do as well.

As for your question "Why so complicated?": AFAIR, content creators used to say they were drowning in support requests from people who can't handle manual extraction and manual organisation, so they switched to dumbed-down installers that require you to do nothing more than click "Next" a few times and accept the results - and indeed, the support effort is said to have diminished considerably. *shrugs*

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11 hours ago, platinumranger said:

Just once I'd like to just drop my content into plugins

So why don't you? Better yet, copy a backup of your entire SC4 tree under documents. That'll give you back all regions, docs, downloads, plugins etc (except the very few things that reside under program files).

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  • Original Poster
  • I just felt like ranting, Truth is my computer runs 24/7 and over the last few years I've lost several 2 and 3 TB drives from power issues like cars hitting poles and storms. I lost 6TB's,  3 computers and 2 cell phones last year alone when a cheap backup Gen surged before it blew from running too long during a major storm outage. (Thanks Harbor Freight) Seems like it always happens before I have time to backup my files. This new comp currently has 12TB's of storage over half full of recorded Movies and TV shows. I never seem to have enough time to burn backups before disaster hits.

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    Well, obviously you need to set up a routine backup which will backup automatically to another disk or USB drive - before you need it. Windows has a built-in means for doing this.(Or you could use a special backup program.) Mine is set up to backup once a week, but you can set yours up for however frequently you want.

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    There's certainly nothing wrong with a rant.  I'm certain everyone feels like ranting from time to time (I certainly do!).

    Not meaning this to sound like a lecture, but in this case you're really ranting at yourself.  I think this situation falls under the old maxim (that has probably been around since the time of the pharaohs)(and I'm sure this is a paraphrase):  'There is never enough time to do things right the first time, but always enough time to do things over!'


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        Conclusion: Make my own!
        So... after doing a bunch of research on SimCity, SimCity 2000, SimCity 4, urban dynamics, Will Wright, pathfinding, etc. etc. etc. I have the beginnings of a new city simulator!
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        The game is written in Kotlin and is fully supported on Windows, MacOS and Linux. It's open source and will be free for the community.
        See https://github.com/kotcity/kotcity/wiki/Roadmap
        Would love to hear thoughts, comments, complaints... want to chip in? Join the project on GitHub! Don't want to do anything? Hang around and we will eventually release!

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