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Dragonxander's Earthworks Tutorial A-2: Main Road into Town Across Rolling Terrain

Feedback on second Earthworks Tutorial entry  

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Welcome everyone! Today I want to present the second entry of my earthworks tutorial series! Today we're covering the basics of building a main, two-lane road into a town across rolling/undulating terrain!


I would appreciate if forum members could give me some feedback on the tutorial entry's format. This time I'm posting a slideshow video, as it was easier to make than wrestling image hosting sites with a huge upload that was gonna have about 70 screenshots.




For general discussions and polls on this tutorial series, visit:


Mods featured:

* Network Addon Mod 36:



* BRF Tunnel and Slope Mod:


* CPT Meadowshire Terrain Mod: 



* CPT Meadowshire Coast Tree Mod: 



* B98 Beach Extend Mod:



* RVT Coast Mod 2009:



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      I just discovered an interesting way to provide huge income for growing small towns. Check out the town "Arnek" shown in the attached images, for example. It's a tiny, sleepy agricultural town, with about $250/month tax income and $1500/month in expenses. Normally it would go bankrupt in a big hurry. But this town is actually profitable, even with taxes set low! And it didn't do a deal with Dr Vu (waste dumps, missile ranges, Area 5.1, etc). Instead, it's funded by monorail!
      Normally, a monorail in a tiny sleepy town would be a boondoggle. But, if you establish a regional monorail system stringing many towns together, preferably with just one monorail station per town (preferably a high-capacity plugin station, not the low-capacity one that comes with the game), and have some towns be mostly residential (more people than jobs) and others be mostly commercial and industrial (more jobs than people) then sims will make heavy use of your monorail lines, and the income from each monorail station will far exceed it's expense. This can actually fund an entire small town, giving it money for services that it couldn't otherwise afford (police, fire, medical, schools, transit, landmarks, etc). See the purple line in the attached region linking "Lud", "Arnek", "High Desert Plateau", "Alpine Moor", and "Calla Bryn Sturgis". That line is being used by up to 43,000 sims each day in some areas! And every town along the route reaps the rewards from the transit ticket sales.
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      -Cori Edit: The question in this post is completely outdated due to a much newer version of NAM being available. Skip down to the question by @Eusebio Ptolomeu and the replies by @jeffryfisher and @rsc204 for the most up to date information.

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      - Better Pathfinding
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      - Better Pathfinding 5x Capacity
      - Perfect Pathfinding
      - Perfect Pathfinding 2x Capacity
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      And which setting would be optimal for the Colossus Addon Mod?
    • By Dragonxander
      Greetings to all fellow mayors and Simtropolitan citizens!
      I want to present you a series of tutorials revolving around a very immersing part of the game: earthworks!
      Why? Because it's a very fundamental aspect of any construction in real life and can add aesthetic and functional depth to your cities.  I came up with a series of tutorials I'll be developing for this purpose, ranging from the most fundamental aspects to highly demanding applications of in-game earthmoving to shape the destiny of your city.
      Perhaps the biggest gain players can get from mastering earthworks is making rugged terrain regions all that much more enjoyable. It may be tempting to always go with a very flat region to make building easy, but that approach makes players miss the opportunity of a challenging terrain resulting in a thrilling and wonderful landscape. I'll be making these based on my main ongoing region, the Sinnoh Region, as the one fundamental geographic element that defines it are its mountains.
      One favor I ask followers of this series is to avoid posting on the tutorial threads until they have been constructed. Their completion will be announced here and in the meantime, the corresponding comments can be made here.
      Finally, before we start, I would like everyone's feedback on which category should I tackle next after completing the fundamentals tutorial.
      Network Addon Mod, latest version (currently the 36, versions 34 and 35 will still be adequate). In particular, make sure to have the NAM hole digging lots, these are super important to do a lot of the required steps I'll be showing.  
      Slope mode of your choice (in my case, the BRF Tunnel and Slope Mod). I recommend this one in particular because it's one of the most strict slope mods available for SimCity 4. I currently use an older version which still did not include a dedicated Real Highway (RHW) slope, but that isn't a problem for me as you'll all learn during the tutorials.  
      Region with hilly, rolling and/or mountainous terrain--anything that isn't a super flat expanse of nothingness will do.  
      God Terraforming in Mayor Mode (or if not your thing, use the cheat to activate God mode terraforming tools in Mayor Mode  
      T U T O R I A L   S E R I E S :
      A. EARTHWORKS FUNDAMENTALS: (in the making)
      Starting a town (Emeragrove): now available! Main local road (Emeragrove): screenshots available, pending writing Bridge across river (Emeragrove): upcoming Power lines (Emeragrove): upcoming  
      Rural Freeway Segment (Route 203) Rural Freeway Interchanges (Route 203) River Diversion (Jubilife) Urban Freeway Retrofit (Jubilife) Median Mass Transit (Jubilife) Suburban Freeway Retrofit (Route 204)  
      C. MOUNTAIN MADNESS (future)
       Difficult mountain crossing (Oreburgh-Pal Park) Mountain Railway (Oreburgh-Pal Park) Dam and reservoir (Pal Park) Mine expansion (Oreburgh) Tunnels across mountains (Route 216)  
      D. COASTAL CHALLENGE (future)
      Seaport (Jubilife Port) Power Plant (Jubilife Port) Beaches (Hotel Grand Lake) City straddling the sea (Sunyshore) Building a linear breakwater (Seabreak Path) Building an island (Flower Paradise) Underwater tunnels (Jubilife)
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