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Hello guys!


I'm looking for semi-seriours people to play SimCity 2013 this week.

Let's play guys!!


Send me your origin id


my nhrj

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    • By hrobi2
      So i have decided to come back to this game since 2010?11?ish a long time ago. I have the game on stream already so i can play on win10. I remember the basic beginning but i dont know what i need to do to get to skyscrapers. And im also interested in mods and buildings. And is there a reliable way to do multiplayer yet and if not it there a stable way or something? I do know that NAM existes and i will play with it (also can i have that in multiplayer too if my previous question is possible). Is there anything i should have or need to know. thanks 
    • By SUGCTeam

      SUGC’s ModPack For SimCity 2013
      To help promote SimCity SUGC have compiled the most current mods that have been created into one downloadable and simple to install package.

      Installing Instructions:
      The Installer will take care of the uninstallation of the old packs/mods.
      If you installed SimCity to the default Origin folder you can start installing right away. If you installed SimCity to a custom folder you need to browse to your \simcity folder and start installing there.
      Some mods need a game restart after you have created a new region for them to work.
      Also some mods needs a bit of background explanation how they work so if you don't get
      how a mod works, please visit the respective page.
      Cities of Tomorrow Expansion pack is needed for some mods.

      Does not work on pirated copies of the game. Simtropolis does not support pirating in any manner.

      Added: December 2014
      Credit for each mod goes to the individual author's and teams who created them.
      If you like our work please visit our Facebook page:

      This modpack includes mods which have been tested for compatibility with each other.

      Electronic Arts (EA) does not pre-screen, endorse or officially support SimCity mods and you use this product at your own risk.
      Notes: If you are having troubles with crashes on the launcher try installing without the old worldtradecenter plaza mod.
      Staff Edit: Minor revision to description.
    • By Harmanoff
      Lot Editor and Plug-in Manager Forum Archive 2013
      This thread contains all of the stray topics created in 2013 in the Lot Editor and Plug-in Manager forum. This thread serves to condense those topics into one topic before merging into the new SC4 BAT & Lot Workshop forum.
      However, all of the posts from the original threads are merged chronologically, which means that if two threads were posted in during the same time span, their posts will be mixed together, making it harder to read. To help with this, the title of original thread has been edited into the original first post of each thread.
      editting names
      i am intrested in changing some of the ploppable building names of the power plants i downloaded and schools colleges and such...how do you change the name of it in the game?
    • By jmak
      Over the last few weeks I have been developing a multiplayer region system for SimCity 4, which I have named Poppy Multiplayer Regions (PMR). Now that it has reached the Release Candidacy stage, I would like to share it all with you.
      You can register for an account and download the second release candidate of the PMR Launcher at http://getpmr.com/
      Of course, you probably do not trust programs from unknown developers. So, I have also provided the Python source code at https://github.com/cizmic/pmr-client for you to review and run.
      What makes PMR different from Dropbox regions?
      Primitive multiplayer regions have been explored in SimCity 4 for quite some time in the form of shared Dropbox directories. While they worked most of the time, these regions had three major flaws:
      No city permissions. There was no real way of protecting one's saves from others, since Dropbox regions were typically configured to handle permissions only at the directory level. As a result, most regions were strictly private. Adjacent save overwriting. In every save operation, SimCity 4 doesn't just modify the current tile, but also the adjacent tiles. Because of this, it was previously impossible for two players to play in adjacent cities at the same time. Complicated setup. This isn't such an issue for powerusers, but configuring SimCity 4 to run from the Dropbox path was tricky for many newer players. PMR overcomes all of these issues by having a server and launcher that are specifically designed for SimCity 4 regions. I have attached a diagram that shows how the saving system allows for city permissions and adjacent playing.
      How to try PMR out
      If you want to try out Poppy Multiplayer Regions, just follow these steps:
      Register for an account at http://getpmr.com/join Download the launcher from the PMR website, or download from the STEX Install and launch the client. Then, connect to a region and log in with your PMR account. The PMR Launcher does all of the synchronization and launching for you. You can view the Readme file that installs with the launcher for more information.
      How permissions work in PMR
      PMR uses what is known as a claims system. In this system, you can only edit cities that you have claimed. All other saves will be ignored by the server. To claim an unoccupied tile, just save it; you can find unoccupied tiles in the Launcher Map that pops up whenever you connect to a region.
      Choose wisely -- you can only claim one tile per region, and you can't abandon a claim.
      What's next?
      PMR is still a work in progress -- the launcher is still a Release Candidate. I've ironed out most of the kinks, but there still might be some small bugs and errors. I'd greatly appreciate it if you could try out the launcher and give me feedback to improve it.
      So far, there is only one region ("Anise") that consists of 36 large tiles. I'm not sure how quickly this will fill up, but when it does I will expand it or add another region.
      A note on plugins
      PMR synchronizes plugins, and I've included my Underwater Ferry Connectors in the Anise plugins set to demonstrate this. Since redistributing others' plugins requires explicit permission, I am wondering if anybody is interested in having their plugins added to the Anise region.
      Thanks, and have fun!

    • By jmak
      In order to use this launcher, you will need to register for a PMR account at http://getpmr.com/join
      Poppy Multiplayer Regions (PMR) is a new multiplayer solution for SimCity 4 that allows for save protection and adjacent tile editing. The PMR launcher automatically synchronizes regions and launches SimCity 4 for you -- all you have to do is choose a region and log in.
      To learn more about PMR, please see my post on the forums. There is also a Readme that is installed along with the launcher.
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