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Hi Guys.

I have a problem with roads.

1. I can't connect two ends of roads together if they are on diffrent terrain levels. Whe one of them is a little bit higher or lower they won't connect. (Pic1)

2. When i build a road and terrain is changing, for egzample is lower then road is makeing someting like bridge, to stay on the same level. It won't fit to terrain like sreets or avenues.(Pic2)

3. And smethinmes when terrain s changing (probably is higher than road) it turns red and telling me "filed smoothing terrain". (Pic3)

SimCity on my older computer doesn't have this problem but  have there older version of NAM (maybe 2014?). Now i have my new laptop and i started SimCity and NAM on December 2017, so it's probablu newest version of NAM.

Please help. I don't want to have no roads in my city. :(

Very thankful Paul:) 

SC4 1.png

SC4 2.png

SC4 3.png

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This isn't really a NAM issue, so I've moved this topic to a more appropriate place.

These errors occur when the game is unable to terraform areas automatically to allow roads/streets etc. to connect. Since the differences in terrain here aren't really big, it looks to me like this is the result of installing a very restrictive slope mod. You can try to remove the roads leading up to such intersections, flatten a few tiles (3x3 should be fine), build the intersection first, then connect the roads. This should allow for the slopes to work normally. Otherwise remove the slope mod in order to build these networks without such restrictions.

When I said it's not a NAM issue, that's because the NAM does not include such slope mods which affect this behaviour.

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  • Original Poster
  • Thanks. Probably I'd must download some MOD as a depedency of something other stuff. It's sad, becouse I probably won't find it in my plugins. Maybe someone will find me solution how to find something like that in my plugins or what Mod could it be?
    Thanks anyway. :)

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    On 7/11/2018 at 11:17 AM, mormon100 said:

    Maybe someone will find me solution how to find something like that in my plugins or what Mod could it be?

    You could search for the following file names in your Plugins:

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    Without changing whatever you've got in your plugins, I'd do this to get those roads connected:
    1. Remove the road coming down the hill several tiles back up from where it ends now, maybe even all the way to the top of the slope.
    2. Run the road at the bottom from right to left to the tile where you want it to join the road running down the hill. On the hill side of that tile, make one road dot to flatten the tile next to the road where the hill road will run across just before it joins the left right road. By road dot, I mean hover only over that one tile and drop one road dot onto it. This should not connect the road dot to the left right road, but exist as a separate piece of road next to your road. Doing this will make that tile the same height as the road tile next to it, and will level it also. (This is a great way to level out swaths of terrain precisely and control how intersections will connect. You can extend that flat plane as far as you can, making more such sequential dots tile by tile in any direction from that point. You won't be doing that here, though, just the one dot.)
    3. From one spot up the hill from that flattened empty tile now run a rail line up the slope to one or two tiles away from whatever point you removed the hill road back up to. Especially if you have a slope mod installed, the rail line should create a nice smooth, even grade up the hill between your two intended connection points.
    4. Delete the rail line.
    5. From bottom to top, run your road. it -should- create one flat spot at the bottom where you already flattened one tile, and follow the nice smooth rail line up to the top.
        You can tweak more than once how far up the hill you run the rail line to smooth it to get the result you want, and then drop your road into that spot.

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