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How much education do you need to have in SimCity 4, and how to develop high-tech industry?


сколько образования вам нужно иметь в SimCity 4, построили высокотехнологичную промышленность?


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Added Google translation to English.

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Hi there @MasterHallowed1,

To help those with the knowledge to best answer your questions, I've added an English translation to your post. Also I think since this is a generic topic related to SimCity 4, it will be more visible if moved to the SC4 General Discussion forum as I've now done. *;)

In terms of your question (which I hope is translated properly), I'm personally not an expert at this specific area of the game.

However, I'm aware sufficient demand is needed to develop high tech industry. This is achieved when a city's population increases and sustains its EQ level. It can be assisted by maintaining low pollution and crime in the surrounding areas, which then improves the desirability for high tech. This will become easier over time as a city progresses and is educated with schools and colleges. Another consideration is to have an adequate number of R$$ or R$$$ residents, since high tech buildings offer higher paying jobs. I also suspect commute times contribute to the efficiency, so I suggest placing plenty of bus stops to provide your Sims with more options for travelling to work.



Чтобы помочь тем, у кого есть знания, наилучшим образом ответить на ваши вопросы, я добавил английский перевод на ваш пост. Также я думаю, что поскольку это общая тема, связанная с SimCity 4, она будет более заметна, если перейти на форум общей дискуссии SC4, как я уже сделал. *;)

Что касается вашего вопроса (который, я надеюсь, правильно переводится), я лично не эксперт в этой конкретной области игры.

Тем не менее, я знаю, что для развития индустрии высоких технологий необходим достаточный спрос. Это достигается, когда население города увеличивается и поддерживает уровень EQ. Этому может способствовать поддержание низкого уровня загрязнения и преступности в прилегающих районах, что затем улучшает желательность для высоких технологий. С течением времени это станет легче, так как город прогрессирует и получает образование в школах и колледжах. Другое соображение состоит в том, чтобы иметь достаточное количество резидентов R $$ или R $$$, поскольку высокотехнологичные здания предлагают более высокооплачиваемые рабочие места. Я также подозреваю, что время коммутирования способствует повышению эффективности, поэтому я предлагаю разместить множество автобусных остановок, чтобы предоставить вашим симам больше возможностей для поездок на работу.


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15 hours ago, MasterHallowed1 said:

How much education do you need to have in SimCity 4, and how to develop high-tech industry?

To answer the first question, how much education you need depends on your goals, I suppose.  A while back I did an education experiment where one of the towns had no educational facilities at all, and there were other towns that had progressively more educational facilities in other towns (I think the thread is still here on simtropolis). I didn't really "play" the towns, but just let them run for ~20 game years. If I recall correctly, the town with no education still developed, just not very much R$$$, or high tech industry, but you could make a fairly successful town with no education at all, again of course, depending on your goals.  However, if you wish to develop high tech industry, there are some factors that are very important:

  1. Zoning:  HT industry can only develop in medium density industrial regions.
  2. Water: the area has to be watered (6 or fewer tiles from a water pipe that is of course connected to a water source such as a pump).
  3. Education: this has to be at a very high level to develop much HT industry.  I suppose you could google around to find out how high it has to be, over 150, over 190, whatever, to attract very much.  I highly recommend all of your residential areas be covered by an elementary school, a high school, a library, a museum and a community college.  If you have the space, I also recommend putting in the University.  If you play the game with money cheats like the infinite money park, the schools can be funded 100% from the very start.  If you prefer to play without the money cheats, just keep the funding just over the number of students you have.  For example if you have a school that has 80 students, set the funding for just a little over 100 students, and when it grows to have more students than 100, set its funding for 120 students, or as close as you can using the sliders.
  4. Pollution: has to be kept low, so it might be helpful to plant a lot of trees, place parks, or if you don't mind using mods, might even want to put some thing like an MCP water and air purification plant
  5. Taxes:  this is not a requirement, but diddling with the taxes helps as well.  Setting the taxes for agriculture, dirty, and manufacturing to 20% (the highest it can be set) kills the demand for these things.  Since Industry produces relatively little tax revenue any way, you might consider setting the high tech rate to 0%.
  6. Ordinance: again, not a requirement, but some of the ordinances help with HT demand, I think the power conservation act and the clean air act.

There are probably others, but these are the "biggest" factors that I have found.

Brian Christiansen

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7 hours ago, brianc1327 said:

Zoning:  HT industry can only develop in medium density industrial regions.

Do you remember what your source for this piece of information is?  I don't ever recall reading that, which doesn't necessarily mean it's not out there somewhere.

Zones that any lot will grow in are determined by the LotConfigPropertyZoneTypes property in each Lot Exemplar.  All the default Max I-HT lots are configured to grow in both Medium- and High-Density zones.  CAM 2.1.0 changes some of these to grow only in High-Density zones to correspond with the extended number of industrial Growth Stages.  All of the custom I-HT lots I have are configured to grow only in High-Density zones

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Now that you mention the medium and high density difference for industrial, I seem to recall @T Wrecks's Industrial Revolution Mod does magical things with separating things into different densities to provide a more cohesive appearance to industrial areas. That or another mod might be the source of the assumption. I know in the vanilla game (no mods installed) high tech will grow in either medium or high density as long as there is water and the other factors such as demand and land value are acceptable to it.

For the question of average EQ, I believe it's around 160 when the high tech demand moves up consistently.

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11 hours ago, twalsh102 said:

Do you remember what your source for this piece of information is?  I don't ever recall reading that, which doesn't necessarily mean it's not out there somewhere.


Hmm...no I don't, and I can't seem to find it either.  Maybe an "experiment" is in order.  I am building a city that has AG, D, and M industries essentially zoned out (via tax rates).  I also have lots of parks, low pollution, and high education resulting in a fairly high demand for HT industry.  Perhaps I should convert some or all of my med-density industrial to high density industrial to see what happens.  For example, do super Max's Microchip factories get built rather than regular Max's Microchip factories, with the "super" referring to the size of the plant, 800-some jobs in the "super" as opposed to 200-some jobs in the "regular," not to the facility making "super-microchips" as opposed to "regular-microchips."

Perhaps wherever I read it just had it wrong for some reason.  Perhaps whoever wrote it meant that big D or M plants were more likely to develop with dense industrial zoning, this crowding out the HT plants.  Perhaps the person who wrote it had the mod that corinaMarie mentioned, and he either didn't mention it, or I just missed it.

Brian Christiansen

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It is my understanding that lowering your tax rate below the neutral rate of 9.0 percent before your city reaches ~130K Sims only causes a very brief bump in behavior, but does nothing lasting to make something more attractive in the long run. In other words, they will be just as likely to develop ongoing hi tech industry at 9% as at 0%, though you might get a flurry of it started at 0% for a few months. After that, you might as well reset it to 9%. So I've read around somewhere.

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@Synergy67, Hopefully you've also read that as your population grows, the neutral tax rate gets lower.  Since you can set tax rates for each individual developer type and wealth level, this would imply that the neutral tax rate applies separately to each developer type and wealth level, and is based on the population level of each particular developer type and wealth level.  If you aren't using CAM, the neutral tax rate can drop to 4% at a population level of 6 million.  If you are using CAM 2.1.0, the neutral tax rate drops even more precipitously.  At the same 6 million population level, the neutral tax rate is 3.33%, and drops to 3% at a population level of 7.2 million (at least using the corrected .dat file recently posted here:

If you are using CAM, and either haven't manually fixed CAM_2.1.0_Main_Controller.dat, or downloaded the fixed version (posted June 24), you will see some very interesting things happen when your population hits a level 615,000.  Make sure you read the changes at the bottom of the description on the above page.

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Ah, I found the article I was looking at here on tax rates before, linked below:

The summary chart with the pertinent info, originally offered by Cogeo. Clearly you can leave a developing city's tax rates untouched for a very long time to no ill effect.

Here is the neutral tax rate as a function of city population:

Population (≤) Neutral Tax Rate

150000 9.0%

450000 8.9%

600000 8.8%

900000 8.7%

1050000 8.6%

1350000 8.5%

1500000 8.4%

1650000 8.3%

1950000 8.2%

2100000 8.1%

2400000 8.0%

2550000 7.9%

2700000 7.8%

2850000 7.7%

3000000 7.6%

3150000 7.5%

3450000 7.4%

3600000 7.3%

3750000 7.2%

3900000 7.1%

4050000 7.0%

4200000 6.9%

4350000 6.7%

4500000 6.6%

4650000 6.5%

4800000 6.4%

4950000 6.2%

5100000 6.1%

5250000 5.9%

5400000 5.8%

5550000 5.6%

5700000 5.4%

5850000 5.1%

6000000 4.8%

>6000000 4.0%

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The exemplar that governs the Neutral Tax Rate is the Demand Simulator exemplar (TGI 6534284a - e7e2c2db - 4a1f3ce6).  The data given by Cogeo  is close to what the original Maxis exemplar includes, but is not quite correct.

There is always an ill effect caused by having a tax rate higher than the current Neutral Tax Rate - a decline in demand (which is also governed by the same exemplar).  So the issue really is "how much ill effect are you comfortable with?"

There is an override for this exemplar included in CAM 2.1.0 that not only extends the chart, it also changes the curve for how fast the Neutral Tax Rate declines as a function of rise in Population.  It also changes the curve for difference between the current Tax rate vs. the current Neutral Tax Rate (above or below).

In The attached spreadsheet, the first worksheet shows both the original Maxis Neutral Tax Rates, and those used by CAM 2.1.0 (derived directly from the appropriate exemplars).  The second worksheet show the numbers used to determine the positive or negative  effects on demand the a current tax rate over or under the current Neutral Tax Rate may have.  Of note in the CAM chart, if you set your tax rate to 0%, you should gain a 100% jump in demand according to the exemplar.

Let me know if you have problems opening the attached file, and I'll upload as a .csv file

SC4 Neutral Tax Rates.xlsx

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