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No Job Icon = Vacancy, Due to Commute Time

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Some of the residential buildings I've built are appearing as the "no job" icon and I was wondering how to fix it. Taking the hints from other abandoned buildings I built more bus stops, subway connections, and highways to hopefully help the Sims get to their job quicker and I've even built newly demanded commercial zones near their homes but they still render, the "No Job" Icon. Does anyone have an Idea of how to fix this? 

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The game is interconnected in many ways so it could be the Sims you have aren't able to find the right jobs for their wealth level. We'll prolly need a screenshot of the area and then we'll ask more questions to try to narrow down the cause. *;)

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As a casual observation it looks like there is quite a bit of medium and/or high density residential zones. What might be happening is that as jobs become available the demand for residential increases and some buildings upgrade resulting in more Sims and that is outpacing the number of jobs available.

Go to the graphs and check your Jobs & Population. Since you are in year 24, set it to 10 years. Does it show a steady increase and then a pretty much flat line for the green lines (residential)? I've personally found growing a city slowly and keeping those lines steady leads to a balanced population. If you have large up and down swings in the population it means too many Sims are moving in and out.

Here's a sample of one of mine showing a 50 year time span:


As drastic as this will sound, in your city you could bulldoze and dezone each building which is showing the no job zot while time is running. Keep an eye on the Population graph and continue eradicating residential until the population becomes stable. 

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27 minutes ago, DBJisDa1 said:

Ive evicted about 7000 Sims and nothing has changed

And you dezoned their buildings so they can't re-grow? (Not just bulldoze them.) Are you seeing other buildings then sprouting up larger? It's real easy to have way, way too many higher density zones and then they keep growing and out pacing the available jobs.

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16 minutes ago, DBJisDa1 said:

I dezoned the spots with the No job icon

Cool. Then run time and continue doing that until you get a steady, straight line in the graph for residential that lasts for 5 to 10 years. This then shows you the amount of Sims the current city tile can support based on all factors such as available jobs and commute time to same. Once you get it stabilized you can then use the route query tool on various industrial and commercial and see how many Sims work there. Compare that to the available jobs in the regular query of that building. Note that the first number in the jobs of a regular query is the quantity available now and the second number is the total quantity that building could ever support. Many times they are nearly the same. It's most important to realize the regular query numbers are not the number or workers vs total possible, but jobs available now vs total potential.

When you find the route query shows way less Sims working somewhere compared to what the building can currently support then you know where residential should be zoned. In other words near enough for them to get to that building. Keep in mind too that many buildings offer jobs to each wealth level of Sim so if you see only a handful working at a building which should support more follow the path shown by the route query back to their homes to see what wealth level is working there. Then create the right circumstances to grow the other wealth levels which aren't working there.

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  • Original Poster
  • Thanks for the help, I don't get the " No Job" icon I only evicted about 11,000 Sims but they are coming back slowly

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    Hows traffic congestion? Is there a bottleneck between sims and their jobs? Commute time can be too long when the only route exceeds 300%.

    Also, how powerful is your CPU. Sims can fail to find jobs when the CPU can't give much time to the route-finder. Other factors like low RAM and software rendering can exacerbate the problem. Running time at the slowest speed helps (more CPU cycles per game-time unit means more chance for the route-finder to work before a sim loses patience).

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      • By KrispyKayak
        I have a city that has about 150K people in it, and is starting to be zoned for medium and high density buildings. My city is in a mostly grid-like pattern with zones well-mixed so nothing's too far away. I have a bus station every other block or so on main streets (5x8 squares large, lined with commercial and industrial), with about 3 blocks of residential in between each main street - no Sim in my city should be more than two blocks away from a bus stop. I also have a subway and El system throughout my city, in addition to a beltway and other highways for busier areas. Despite all my efforts to mix up these zones and make my city easy to live in and commute around, my medium and high density residential buildings are being abandoned en masse due to "long commute". It has nothing to do with desirability, which is all they way up on the RCI chart. In fact, my city is still building apartment buildings, which are often abandoned as soon as construction is finished.
        As you can imagine, this is incredibly frustrating, as no city looks good with tower after tower of abandoned residential all over the place. I searched the forums before posting this for answers, but most of the solutions given were things that, to my knowledge, I am actively doing. For example, take a look at the screenshots below of two different parts of my city:
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        Now, here are pictures of the RCI of these areas (sorry for low-quality pics):


        I feel like these zones should be sufficiently mixed up; yet apartment buildings keep being abandoned. Any tips on what I can do to stop this from happening, and to get people to move back into these apartments? It's really sucking a lot of joy out of the game for me. Thanks for your help, and let me know if you have any questions!
      • By arthurjr98
        Okay, I have been using this mod as a quick fix to residential zones getting dilapidated due to long commute times.
         This mod forces residents to work from home rather than to use transit networks to get to work. This is supposed to be a quick workaround to prevent the ZOT icon from popping up, but also preventing homes from looking like crap. Only problem is that I don't get to see my roads and transit networks being used. Aside from mostly freight trucks, a lot of roads just look empty, especially my highway networks.
        Obviously I could just improve my knowledge and skills by creating more efficient transit layouts. But I'm more interested in creating cities and regions for aesthetic appeal rather than proper functionality. I also don't know if I even have the patience to sit through countless tutorials about laying out road and highway networks. Does anyone know of any mods that are similar to the one posted above? Anything that helps reduce traffic congestion and commute times, but doesn't prevent the transit networks from actually being used. Thanks.
      • By Darkstar30
        Hey y'all,  So I went and got a couple of mods.  Usually I install one at time but this time I didnt.  I have 4 here that all have various issues.  I am 99% sure I got all the dependencies.
        The Bio mass power has invisible buildings
        Trump tower looks fine but does not come with any jobs when plopped.
        The cooling towers get brown boxes when the view angle is just right.
        Everyone of the gas stations has a brown box
        I posted a picture of what the files are doing.  Like I said I have looked through all the dependence and read me files but I cant figure out why they would be doing this.

      • By OrSpeeder
        I am making a mod NOT related to transit...
        But it DOES mod the bonus (or penalty) for desirability that is affected by commute time.
        SC4 calculate the bonus by converting the actual commute time to a number from 0 to 255, then on vanilla it gives a -10 penalty for long commute, and 10 bonus for short commute, this shows in the interface when you query a residential tile (even one not developed yet!) it shows "Commute Time" and displays "Short, Medium, Long" as appropriate.
        But I cannot figure how on earth it calculates that... I even made a city without neighbours to see what would happen, but had no success, in the neighbourless city, I managed to bring the citywide average commute time to 2 hours, and set NAM maximum to 10 hours (it is NAM default by the way, but I also played with other values), yet all residences show "long" commute...
      • By Wveth
        So like the title says, I always have this issue and I can't figure it out.  I have the NAM mod, my streets are clear of traffic, my budget is fine, but whenever I start zoning up to medium-density residential, those darn jobless zots just start popping right up.  And then they get abandoned due to commute time.  Will they get abandoned due to commute time if the problem is that there are no jobs?  I may be allowing too many medium and high-wealth Sims without enough low-wealth.  Anyway, here's a pic of my city.  Maybe someone can tell me what the issue is.

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