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Crash to Desktop when opening city tiles

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Hello everyone. So recently I came  across an issue. I was playing the game yesterday and realized I needed to build a nice waterfront area. So as usual I came to Simtropolis to DL some cool things, I ended up DLing some things from the CDK by pegasus. However, not sure what the issue is. When i try to enter a city, any city, the game will CTD. I deleted the files I recently added and still CTD. The game has been working well for months, without any issue until now. Any idea of how to fix this ?

I have a windows 7, and I am 100% sure the game is updated fully. 

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While I'm not one of the tech savy guys- I will share a couple of steps you can do to help speed up the process;

  1. Whenever the game crashes, it will create an Exception Report - located in a dedicated folder in your SimCity4 folder. Share the first 20 lines (or so) with us (this is the only useful info)
  2. Start the game without any custom content (plugins). If this works it's not computer related.
  3. Add your main graphic plugins like terrain mods, water mods and bugfixes and the NAM. If it still works - the problem is probably not graphics related
  4. Add your other plugins using the half by half method. This will check to see if there are any conflicting plugins

Wait for the experts to dive further into the problem if none of this fixes the issue

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  • Original Poster
  • Exception time: 07/04/2018, at 10:34:53.
    Exception code: 0xC0000005 (-1073741819) ACCESS_VIOLATION.
    Current thread ID: 6264 (0x00001878).
    Version information:
    Application/module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe
    Application/module version name: SimCity 4
    Application/module version: 1.1.640.0
    System version: Windows NT 6.1
    System memory: 4096 Megabytes total, 2368 Megabytes free.

    Exception module:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe.
    Exception address: 0x00747da5. Section:Offset: 0x01:0x00340da5.

       EAX: 00009dd6
       EBX: 00000020
       ECX: 00000000
       EDX: 00000000
       ESI: 17488e14
       EDI: 000000c0
       CS:EIP: 0023:00747da5
       SS:ESP: 002b:0018fa40  EBP:00000000
       DS:002b  ES:002b  FS:0053  GS:002b
       Flags: 00010246

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        Had a problem with SC4 Deluxe crashing to Desktop when I scrolled the view using the wheel on my mouse or used the + and-. Tried all of the step’ from STEX to no avail. I decided to uninstall the game and redownload it from GOG.
         When I first got SC4 from GOG I downloaded the game under GOG Galaxy, this time I downloaded just the game (2nd option).
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        SimCity Exception Report 2018.03.28 22.41.19.txt
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        Not sure what to make of it. Any Ideas?
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        Can you create a short step by step guide of full installing of the game?
        During playiing even with original game with widescreen resolution, the game was crashed sometimes without save. And now, after installed some of addons, textures of some buildings didn't appear, for example, I don't see textures of the Fiesta de Turistica hotel and 2 others buildings at Commercial sectior, and when I have downloaded a separate building of Fiesta de Turistica recently, it still doesn't shows itself, and I have just rebuilt it by myself. And the game became more often crashing even when I am trying to make a save during the pause.
        Now I am thinking, maybe it would be much better to create a hot short guide of step by step game installing? Or it has already done? For example, a guide can contain something like this: 1) Install the original Rush Hour game; 2) Set the widesrceen resolution. 3) Download these packs of mods/addons firstly, and those pack  secondly. 4) And if you wanna more trains, buses, download this for thirdly.
        Oh! And maybe, the next step would be beautiful (if its possible), for example: 5) And finally, if you wanna to reformat a map/cities to 3D, in GTA San Andreas Universe, only for riding, without build progress, but if you wanna ride at all the cities at the whole map, just do some things..., and if you wanna to join your cities with GTA SA cities, do this... (I am looking for GTA SA dimension becuase its not resoursable for computers, and it has the unlimited map; maybe, GTA Vice city also would be beautiful but its map had borders, and vehicles comes back to the center of the map automatically. For example, its possible to reconvert GTA IV to GTA SA, so, maybe if it will be something  possible between SC4 and GTA dimensions?). 
        Thank you!
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