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I think something like this will only happen on Windows computers, but now it's happening to me :

Yesterday , I was upgrading my iPhone 6 from iOS 10 to iOS 11.3 , before the update was completed, the iPhone suddenly went black, and when I rebooted it, it was stuck on apple logo .

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I'm no expert on iPhones, but what you describe sounds like a device being bricked. When you flash/update firmware, if that process fails to complete successfully, you can be left in limbo, because the device no longer has the software needed to boot. Worse still, you can't resolve it, since without the software working, you can't access any functions needed to fix the problem. Long and short, you'll need to take it to an Apple store and get it fixed. I hope it's under warranty in this case.

Actually, whilst a computer may fail to update, because it has an underlying BIOS, you can almost always recover a PC from a failed update. In fact, for years now it's commonplace to have two BIOS chips on a motherboard (not all, but good ones generally have this). That way if the BIOS fails, you can switch to the other chip to recover things.

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  • Thanks , i am not an iPhone expert ,and my iPhone 6 has been working for 4 years,The warranty is expired .

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        For those who haven't heard yet, Apple announced at this year's Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC) that it was going to be phasing out support for 32-bit applications for macOS in 2018.  The main points of the announcement are as follows:
        Beginning January 2018, no new 32-bit applications will be allowed on the Mac App Store. Beginning June 2018, all apps on the Mac App Store must have 64-bit support. macOS High Sierra (10.13) will be the last version of macOS to support 32-bit applications "without compromise".
        As SimCity 4 is a 32-bit application, and it is very, very unlikely that Aspyr would invest in conversion to 64-bit (it would require a complete re-work of the original source code from EA), this would appear to put the future of the Mac port of the game in doubt, particularly once macOS 10.14 is released.   Since EA also built SC2013 as a 32-bit application, it would also be subject to the same.
        If so, this is a pretty huge blow on Apple's part, and even more damaging to SC4's Mac userbase than Microsoft's changes were for Windows users.
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        Apple Store Fifth Avenue
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        (Maxis Night and DarkNite)

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        This is a standalone lot, and can be placed anywhere in your city. It could be used as a lone park, a buildings forecourt, or where ever you see fit.
        This lot also includes the ponds, a green row of trees, and the seats and tables that occupy the outside space. All of these have been rendered in HD to show the all the details that were included in the model.

        Its a 4x2 lot, which comes in either Maxis Night or Dark Nite, chose which one you want as you download. The lots base textures fit better with the medium wealth sidewalk textures, but the buildings purpose fits better in high wealth, so there is an option to also download a medium wealth lot if you want the sidewalk textures to match the lot textures.
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        There are none, everything is custom made.

        I have plans to release more apple stores, as it is a section that is missing in the STEX. Until then,
        Hope you enjoy Apple's Flagship Store 
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        Original Mod: Soldyne
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        Apple has opposed a judge's order to unlock the encrypted phone of the San Bernardino "terrorist" shooter. 
        Donald Trump has come out in criticism of Apple's decision. Most people seem to be behind them, though. What do you think?
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        COMMENT REPLIES:House of Cards - ctOS
        Kim Sunwoo:the antennas transmit everything from television programs to phone calls because data are interconnected with each other


        Welcome to the month of may know what that means? The SUMMER HOLIDAYS ARE COMING so here is a very popular summer destination is very popular destination Torre Canne. When you are on the Interstate is 1 you see a beautiful countryside with power lines then you are in Torre Canne.

        Here's to you lousy EHM nice highway exit of Torre Canne

        Meanwhile in Vice City

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        There is also a IKEA store (ok I'm doing a bit of surreptitious advertising but who cares)

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        And with this news bomb, is now closing! See you next week
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