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I have tried and tried for years to get a proper tree controller working. A few days ago I decided to play this game again for the first time in two years.

The Cascadia Tree Controller never worked for me despite carefully checking for dependencies and fruitlessly downloading files over and over again.

Keep in mind I have never successfully used a seasonal tree controller, so I dont't think there are any conflicts running abound here

Today I tried three separate controllers which require similar files, including the Central Europe, Cascadia and Arden.  I tried my best to figure out the solution but I am about at my wits end on this issue. For context I have decided to attach a couple screen shots. This is with the Central European Controller. It appears I have far more trouble with the lower rather than higher elevation.

I really do not believe I am lacking any dependency as I have downloaded almost every item more than once carefully installing it into the folder. I am starting to think there is a massive glitch I am not aware of.  You can also see the dependencies in my plugins, I put all of the ALN files into one big folder.

Any help is appreciated.  

Screenshot (13).png

Screenshot (12).png

Screenshot (16).png

Screenshot (15).png

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That is, without any doubt, missing dependencies.

But in your case, there is a twist: you have the required dependencies on your folder, but you haven't installed them properly.

Step Zero, really important one. Move everything on this folder to the Simcity 4/Plugins folder on your My Documents location. You shouldn't install plugins on the program files' folders, as you run the risk of damaging important files and making the game useless.

Now, change your folder properties to show the files' extensions. That way, you will note that, aside from the desired *.dat and *.sc4* files, there are some *.exe files there (the ones with an orange and blue icon)

Those are auto-installers for some of the files you downloaded. Move all the *.exe files out of the plugins folder (I recommend to create a dedicate folder for SC4 downloads) and execute them. They will install the lacking files and your trees will stop being boxes, at last.

Try it and tell us what happens.

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  • Original Poster
  • I appreciate your response,

    I was in the mistaken belief that I had to maintain plugins within the program files or otherwise they would not work,

    As I could see the catskills and the larches should had been installed, however their installation did not solve the problem unfortunately.

    Any ideas on what I am missing or what is misplaced?



    Screenshot (18).png

    Screenshot (20).png

    Screenshot (19).png

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    First: you still have lots of files on the plugins folder that shouldn't been there: they are making your game slower and maybe even overriding files. Start by moving away everything that is not a *.dat or *.sc4* from there (if you want, keep the readme files inside, in case you need to know how to fix specific things).

    Now, I cannot recognise which trees you are still lacking, as I haven't used those tree controllers (my computer would explode if I try). Did you try to hover over the boxes to see if the name of the required tree appears? Then you could try reinstalling that specific tree instead of going again with all of them.

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  • Original Poster
  • Good point, ill remove the extra files.

    As a matter of fact I tried the mouse over trick, and it does not seem to work with plants made from god mode. 

    Maybe moving some extra files will improve my chances 

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  • Original Poster
  • This time, after moving files out,

    there was no tree controller when I attempted to use the tool no trees of any kind came out.

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    Weird. Did you move the folders too? From what I see, the controller is on a folder.

    By the way, do you have OneDrive syncing your folder? Then you shouldn't have OneDrive open when using the game, as it can block access to the plugins. And in any case, you could end consuming all your free space with plugins

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    These are the listed Dependencies for the Cascadia Tree Controller:


    There are several dependencies for this tree controller.  If you use flora MMPs at all you likely have all of these already.  Yes there are a lot.  No I don't care, because there isn't some magic alternative where they're bundled together; it's this or nothing.  Make darn sure you have the latest update of these files; many have been updated since their initial release.

    Flora by CP: 

    BSC Mega Props CP01  

    BSC Mega Props CP02

    VIP flora: 

    VIP Rural Pack

    VIP Fagus

    VIP Aesculus

    Flora by Giraffe:

    Feather Grass








    Subalpine Firs


    Common Spruce



    Noweigian Maples



    Flora Tuning Parameters by Lowkee.  As mentioned, if you already use Lowkee's or Gobias' terrain mods you DO NOT NEED THIS because it comes bundled within their terrain mods.

    Are you absolutely sure, that you have them all? And your Plugins folder organization is a nightmare btw. You should really take care of that and organize it. Maybe you should take a look here:


    I'll save you a lot of trouble, if you keep your Plugins organized right from the beginning.

    Kind regards!

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    In any case, Alexander is using the Central European Tree Controller, so that list could not match precisely (even if several trees repeat from one to the other).

    BTW Alexander, did you checked for *.exe files inside folders? Those should also be put away and installed to work

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    @alexanders100, as @matias93 mentions, you are definitely missing dependencies, specifically models.  Missing (or inaccessible) models are the only cause of brown boxes.  If that last screenshot represents your current plugins folder, looking at the dependency list for the East European Tree Controller, (unless I'm missing them) I don't see Chestnuts, Maples V2, Daisies, or Sparaxis.

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