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  • Maybe is from a pack I not know... anyone know about this Fire station, seems great becouse have 31 fire engines and I not know the dependency file in fault...

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    I've poked around in Reader, changed the 2nd two entries in the ResourceKeyType1 field to: 0xBADB57F1 and 0x0585000 and then used the LE to add the 0x25A32000 parking lot. So, I've manged to get it to look like this in the game:

    FullCityFire Fix Attempt4.jpg

    You can remove the current file and give this a try: FullCityFire_3840b119-Cori-Tweaked.SC4Lot

    (It now references the building directly so no deps are needed.)

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    6 hours ago, nos.17 said:

    As I suspected and according to this postPlugin_RCI_Buildings_Prop_Modd.dat should have been replaced by bldgprop vol 1 and vol 2. However, running the lot with those dependencies still produced a brown box for me, so :lost:. This one may be a victim of the time.

    Herein lies that problem that I'm not sure anyone realized at the the time the SC4D post was created (or possibly doesn't realize even now).

    While Plugin_RCI_Buildings_Prop_Modd.dat does in fact contain all the same content as bldgprop vol 1 and vol 2, all the IIDs are different.  Once you mentioned the file name, my memory came back about problems I had run into with lots created by member @NiagaranEagle.  All of his work was created in the 2003/2004 time-frame.  He(?) used a process for creating new buildings without the necessity of having to actually create models.  He would start with an existing building or landmark that had the approximate size LOD he wanted, and then would stack small and medium-size building props like Lego bricks around that building to create his new building.  Very ingenious for the time!  This same process was not necessarily uncommon at the time.  Other content creators similarly created buildings by stacking or combining building props (although usually around blank buildings), but I don't think anyone else built skyscrapers using this process as NiagaranEagle did.

    I know that his creations created up to about Feb. 2004 included the above mentioned prop file (which would tend to imply that he created the file).  I don't know if it ever existed as a separate download, but it still exists as part of his uploads here on the STEX.

    I remembered reading the SC4D post referencing dumping this file before actually downloading any of his creations.  Then when I did download some of his creations, I dutifully deleted this file.  However, I always ended up with a building other than what was expected from the screenshots on the download page.  I would end up with something like the Statue of Liberty with the Pyramid of Giza perched atop the flaming torch, instead of what was supposed to be the Gizan Building.  Out of desperation, I eventually added Plugin_RCI_Buildings_Prop_Modd.dat back into Plugins and all his buildings magically appeared as intended.

    Nothing else of its kind its kind existed when he created this file.  Once someone downloaded one of his creations, and that file became part of their Plugins, other content creators obviously used it.  I would guess that many of the content creators disappeared from the SC4 scene before the SC4D post was created.  It's obvious it was still part of some content creators' Plugins folder as late as the end of 2009, when this fire station was created.

    Plugin_RCI_Buildings_Prop_Modd.dat has a creation date of 7/3/2003.
    Bldgprop vol 1.dat has a creation date of 8/4/2003.
    bldgprop vol 2.dat has a creation date of 2/16/2004.
    The reference post was created by BarbyW over at SC4D on 11/05/2006.

    You can do the math to determine the likelihood that there are probably more buildings on the STEX and and possibly elsewhere in the same boat as this fire station.  Luckily, the majority can probably be changed the way @CorinaMarie did, so they work correctly without Plugin_RCI_Buildings_Prop_Modd.dat.

    However, if anyone wants to use any of NiagaranEagles creations, one will need this prop file in their Plugins folder, unless one is prepared to change the IID of upward of 1000 prop entries in the Lot Exemplar to match the IID of the corresponding prop(s) in bldgprop vol 1 or vol 2.

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    Thanks for all the background info, Tim. *:)

    I remember reading somewhere about the process of building up buildings by building them with props, but I either missed the part about that .dat file or it wasn't mentioned. Anyhow, I've now found it: Plugin_RCI_Buildings_Prop_Modd.dat

    Edit: There are two others. Some files have all three included.


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  • Hello and thank you very much... I out the file dat in my plugin folder but not work and i have another problem... sorry my English and my little understand... how i can use the reader, if you can explain me simple, thanks and saluts...



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    4 minutes ago, VitroOliveira said:

    I out the file dat in my plugin folder but not work

    1. Remove the original FullCityFire_3840b119.SC4Lot from your Plugins. (If you have it buried in there more than once, remove them all.)
    2. Add my FullCityFire_3840b119-Cori-Tweaked.SC4Lot to your Plugins. <-- Click linky to download it.
    3. (You may have to bulldoze existing ones you have plopped, but in my test that wasn't needed.)

    And that should solve the problem with the City Wide Fire Station. *:)


    7 minutes ago, VitroOliveira said:

    and i have another problem

    For the Plugin Pack 1453775486 error, I do not know. *:(

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